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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part III: Cemeteries in the town of Torrey


Brown Cemetery: Burials

Brown Cemetery

This is a small family cemetery lot on private property near where the James Brown homestead farm was located. There is now only one stone remaining.

Earlier readings were compared and the information confirmed with general sources. One very detailed reading, detailing the inscriptions, material and carving of the stones, is in the possession of the Yates County Historian. A Windnagle family Bible record in the Oliver House Museum collection was also used.

The remaining stone can be seen from the highway, but it is some distance away in the middle of a field.


Brown Cemetery: Burials

Brown Abigail Miner # 1816 Jul 18 Born 1768; first wife of Jesse Brown
Brown Cathaline J. 1851 Dec 20 Died age 48; wife of James R[odney] Brown
Brown George P. # 1843 Nov 14 Died age 75/7/21; son of James Sr. & Zeruah Brown
Brown James # 1825 Jan 16 Died age 87/10/3
Brown Jesse # 1855 Apr 14 Born 1764 in Connecticut, died in Torrey; son of James Sr. & Zeruah Brown
Brown Jesse Nelson # 1852 Nov 10 Died age 15; son of James & Catherine Brown
Brown Martha # 1864 Oct 6 Born 1780 in Massachusetts, died in Benton; 2nd wife of Jesse Brown
Brown Zeruah Packer # 1831 Dec 18 Died age 94/8/23; wife of James Brown

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