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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VIII: Cemeteries in the town of Starkey


Benjamin Reynolds Cemetery: Notes

Benjamin Reynolds cemetery

This is a small burying ground on a farm once belonging to Benjamin Reynolds, who came with his family from Rhode Island in the early part of the 19th century. Members of other neighborhood families were also buried here.

The plot is in a patch of woods at the back of a series of fields. It can be seen from the highway, but it is on private property and is inaccessible without permission. The cemetery has not been maintained and has suffered some damage from age and weather. It is apparent from the size of the ground that there must once have been more burials here.


Reynolds Cemetery: Burials

Backer John L. # 1898 Aug 18 D ae 87 in Starkey, son of David & Betsy Morey Backer [town record]
Backer Lucy Ann Reynolds # 1893 Dec 24 D ae 76 in Starkey, wife of John L. Backer & daughter of Benjamin & Sarah Westcott Reynolds [town record]
Beach Stephen 1853 Jan 7 D ae 23/12 days, son of Miles & Sarah Beach [stone partially buried]
Lockwood Elizabeth  [Dorcett] 1843 Feb 10 D ae 22/4/14, [1st] wife of Robert Lockwood
Lockwood Phebe 1844 May 17 D ae 12, daughter of James & Ann [Carpenter] Lockwood
Lockwood Sarah 1841 Mar 2 D ae 2/2/12 days, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Lockwood [stone partially buried]
Raplee Dorcas T. [Reynolds] 1826 Nov 28 D ae 20/22 days, wife of Rossell Raplee & daughter of Benjamin & Sarah Reynolds
R[eynolds] B[enjamin] 1858 Oct 29 Born in Rhode Island, died age 80 in Starkey [stone partially buried]
Reynolds Mary W. 1840  Apr 21 D ae 25/1/7, daughter of Benjamin Reynolds
R[eynolds] S[arah Westcott] [1870 Oct 17] [D ae 83/9/20, wife of Benjamin Reynolds] [footstone only]
Spink Elizabeth [Reynolds] [1862] Jul 31 [D ae 47], wife of George Spink [& daughter of Benjamin Reynolds] [broken stone]

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