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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VIII: Cemeteries in the town of Starkey


Benjamin Jones Cemetery: Notes

Benjamin Jones cemetery

This family ground is on private property and was not visited by the compilers. The reading as given here was made some years ago by an Eagle Scout candidate and has been checked as far as possible.


Benjamin Jones Cemetery: Burials

Jones Benjamin E. 1872 Mar 26 D ae 85/6 [son of Edward & Elizabeth Jones]
Jones Edea # 1864 Sep 18 D ae 4 in Starkey [mortality schedule]
Jones Hannah [Woodward] m Wife of Levingstone Jones
Jones Joseph m Civil War
Jones Levingstone m Son of Benjamin & Polly Jones
Jones Mary D. 1870 Aug 10 D ae 18/5/2, wife of Archibald Jones
Jones Mary [Jones] 1853 Mar 16 D ae 60/2, wife of Benjamin Jones
Jones Patience 1847 Jul 5 D ae 2 days
Jones Winfield 1851 Jun 28 D ae 6/28, son of Levingstone & Hannah Jones

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