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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VIII: Cemeteries in the town of Starkey

Eddytown Cemetery: Notes

Eddytown cemetery This is the burial ground associated with the earliest settlement in Starkey, named after the original settler, the Irish immigrant William Eddy. The place was called after him until the turn of the 20th century, when it was renamed Lakemont.

The cemetery is easily accessible from the road, though it is abandoned and unmaintained. It is evident from an examination of the ground that there were once a great many more burials than are now marked, and many of the remaining stones are fallen, broken or both.


Eddytown Cemetery: Burials

Andrews E--- T. 1851 Sep 25 D ae 1/11/25 [broken stone & footstone]
Andrews William 1858 Aug 3 [D ae 50] [broken stone]
Booth Almina 1849 Sep 4 D ae 39; daughter of Andrew & Hester Booth
Booth Andrew [Sr.] 1828 Apr 10 B1745, died age 83; Revolutionary War: Mass., Capt. A. Babbit's Co.
Booth Ann M. 1838 Dec 25 D ae 23
Booth Hester [Hurd] 1842 Jan 22 D ae 62, wife of Andrew Booth [Jr.]
Booth Jerusha Kirby # 1835 B1745, wife of Andrew Booth Sr.
Brodrick Eliza [Kelsey] 1828 Jan 2 D ae 35/8/4, wife of Patrick Brodrick [& daughter of Enoch & Sarah Kelsey]
C--- R--- R--- m [Footstone]
Davis Martin A. 1844 Mar 4 D ae 5 weeks, son of John D. & Eliza L. Davis
Fields Chidsey 1882 B1800
Fields Margaret H[arrison] 1876 B 1803 [wife of Chidsey Fields] [& daughter of Andrew & Dorcas Harrison]
Fields Mary 1842 Jan 13 D ae 17, daughter of Chidsey & Margaret Fields
Frost Hyatt 1837 Dec 22 D ae 31/26 days
Frost Sarah 1847 Mar 17 D ae 65/4/27, wife of Sylvenus Frost
Frost Sylvenus 1849 Oct 16 D ae 71/2/9 [War of 1812]
Harrison Sarah D[orcas] [Calhoun] 1841 Apr 20 D ae 64, wife of Andrew Harrison
Haynes [Ma]ria [Wilson] 1848 Jan 20 D ae 63, widow of Frederick Haynes
Huntington James 1885 Aug 4 D ae 87 [son of Nathaniel & Mary Corning Huntington] [Huntington monument]
Huntington Julia 1834 Jan 29 D ae 1/2, daughter of J[ames] & J[ulia] Huntington [Huntington monument]
Huntington Julia Holden 1832 Dec 31 D ae 34, [1st] wife of J[ames] Huntington [daughter of Amasa Holden] [Huntington monument]
Huntington Mary A. 1837 May 3 D ae 5/8, daughter of J[ames] & J[ulia] Huntington [Huntington monument]
Hurd Abner [1812] [B1747], 2nd lieut., Revolutionary War: Vermont Militia
Hurd Abner F. 1879 B1808 [son of Timothy & Mabel Hurd] [Hurd monument]
Hurd George R. 1837 B1833 [Hurd monument]
Hurd Mabel 1898 B1842 [Hurd monument]
Hurd Mabel [Booth] 1842 B1778, wife of Timothy Hurd [& daughter of Andrew Sr. & Jerusha Booth] [Hurd monument]
Hurd Sarah T. [Reeder] 1894 B1810, wife of Abner F. Hurd [& daughter of Josiah Reeder] [Hurd monument]
Hurd Timothy 1848 B1775, [son of Abner Hurd] War of 1812: Capt., 3rd Regt., NY Artillery & Light Infantry [Hurd monument]
Kelsey Mary[Harrison] 1840 Feb D ae 41/[11/7], wife of William [R.] Kelsey [& daughter of Andrew Harrison] [broken stone]
Lanning Catharine 1852 Feb 21 D ae 2/14 days, daughter of Isaac & Lydia Lanning
Lanning Catharine [Swarts] 1847 Jul 1 D ae 53/10/27, wife of Isaac Lanning Esq. [& daughter of Tewalt Swarts Sr.]
Lanning Dorcas M. 1902 Dec 7 B1826 Aug 10 [daughter of Isaac & Catharine Lanning]
Lanning Isaac 1879 May 24 B1793 Jul 4; War of 1812: cpl., 3rd Regt., NY Artillery & Light Infantry [son of Richard & Martha Lanning]
Lanning James C. 1875 Feb 3 B1824 May 17 [son of Isaac & Catharine Lanning]
Lanning Lydia [Myers] 1853 Oct 30 D ae 47/6, [2nd] wife of Isaac Lanning Esq.
Lanning Martha [Bigger] 1843 Nov 10 D ae 81/3/25, wife of Richard Lanning
Lanning Richard 1858 May 11 D ae 37/10/21 [son of Isaac & Catharine Lanning]
Lanning Richard Esq. 1842 Dec 4 D ae 73; Revolutionary War
Leonard Merrilda A. 1828 Apr 28 D ae 27/10, wife of Harry C. Leonard
Lewis Relief P. 1857 Feb 7 D ae 27, wife of Edwin H. Lewis
Mapes Elizabeth 1838 Oct 2 D ae 68 [sister of Joshua Mapes & daughter of James & Elizabeth Hallock Mapes] [broken stone]
Mapes Martha [Baker] 1839 Jun 14 D ae 36, wife of Joshua Mapes [& daughter of Isaac Baker]
Mapes Roseanna [Rich] [Phillips] 1847 Jan 21 D ae 32/5/9, wife of Joshua P. Mapes
Millard Byron 1840 Dec 31 [D ae 2/1/2], son of Philow & Eliza A. [Lanning] Millard [stone partially buried]
Millard Myron 1838 May 9 D ae 3/4/5, son of Jay & Prudence Millard
Millard Tabitha B. 1877 Jan 7 D ae 75/11/17, wife of Joel Millard
Mitchell Lucretia 1850 Oct 13 D ae 50/1/1, wife of John Mitchell
Palmer Polly 1859 Mar 27 D ae 74, wife of William Palmer
Palmer S--- A--- 1854 --- 18 D ae 46 [probably daughter of William & Mary Palmer]
Palmer William 1856 Feb 15 [D ae 69] [stone partially buried]
Randall Jarvis W [Jr.] 1900 B1844; Civil War: Co. I, 148th NY
Randall Jarvis W [Sr.] 1885 B1822
Randall Mary H. 1895 B1834, wife of Jarvis W. Randall Sr.
Reeder Fanny [Seely] 1859 Dec D ae 75/1/11, wife of Josiah Reeder [& daughter of William Seely] [broken stone]
Reeder Josiah 1829 Mar 7 D ae 57/4/5
Reeder Morris B. 1837 Jun 8 D ae 25/2/25, son of Josiah [& Fanny] Reeder
Royce Berthena 1838 Apr 5 D ae 6/1/5, daughter of Simeon & Huldah Royce
Royce Harvey B. 1834 Jul 1 D ae 23/1/?, son of Reuben & Lucinda Royce
[Royce Lucinda Booth] m D ae ?/?/16 [wife of Reuben Royce & daughter of Andrew Booth Sr.] [broken stone, next to her husband]
Royce Mary H. 1842 Apr 5 D ae 1/1/21, d/o Simeon & Huldah Royce
Royce Reuben 1839 Jan 27 D ae 60/6/7; War of 1812: fifer, Benedict's Regt., NY Militia [dates on military marker are 1770-1830]
Seely Mark 1853 Oct 25 D ae 2/2/21, daughter of Henry & Sarah Seely
Seely Sarah [French] 1862 Nov 7 D ae 37?, wife of H[enry] D. Seely [& daughter of Levi & Elizabeth French]
Tupper James F. 1852 Jan 19 D ae 1/11/19, son of Henry H. & Lydia P. Tupper
W--- S--- T--- m [Footstone]
Wea? Alzada 1842 Jul 14 D ae 37, wife of Hugh M. Wea---
Worden Lavina 1839 Mar 24 D ae 3/10/20, daughter of Valentine & Jane Worden
Wright Harriet J[erusha] [Royce] 1837 Feb 27 D ae 20/7/22, wife of Alva Wright [& daughter of Reuben & Lucinda Royce]

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