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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VIII: Cemeteries in the town of Starkey


James Clark Cemetery: Notes

James Clark cemetery

This is a family cemetery that was read some years ago and is probably now lost.

The Clark families who used it lived for the most part across the road in what is now Schuyler County, though some information on those members who resided in Yates County was checked against census and land records in an attempt to confirm the reading.

The reading was done 13 June 1984 by Starkey town historian Shirley VanDyne, John Creamer of the County Historian's office, and Edwin N. Harris of Rochester NY.


James Clark Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Two  blank or broken stones]
---- ---- 1844 [      ] D ae 89 [broken stone; possibly Esther Clark, wife of James]
C--- B--- m [Footstone]
C--- E--- m [Footstone]
C--- J--- m [Footstone]
Clark [    ]mes m [Broken stone]
Clark Adeline 1844 Nov 8 D ae 7/4, daughter of Benjamin & Almariah Clark
Clark infant 1851 Jul 31 D ae 3 months 10 days, son of B. S. & Almariah Clark
Clark Mary 1857 Mar 11 D ae 82/1/2, wife of Seth Clark
Clark Rebecca 1846 Nov 28 D ae 18, daughter of James & Esther Clark
Clark Seth 1851 May 17 D ae 78/7/12
Clark Susan 1847 Feb 2 D ae 1/9/10, daughter of Benjamin & Almariah Clark
Davison Deborah Ann 1844 May 25 D ae 25/2/15, wife of Elmer Davison

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