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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VIII: Cemeteries in the town of Starkey

Bennettsville Cemetery: Notes

Bennettsville cemetery

Bennettsville, or Bennett's Settlement, centered around the tavern at the intersection of what is now the Dundee-Himrod Road and Shannons Corners Road, was one of the earliest settlements in what is now Starkey. It antedated Dundee, but rapidly declined when that larger crossroads community began to grow.

This small neighborhood burying ground is all that remains of the settlement. It is located in the woods behind the houses near the corner, invisible from the road, neglected and abandoned. There is some evidence that dumping of trash and fill has obliterated the front part of the cemetery. The town has been petitioned about maintaining the plot but at this writing no steps have been taken in this direction.


Bennettsville Cemetery: Burials

----  Jan-e-? m D ae 42 [broken stone]
B[eam] E[ave Inscho] [1851 Mar] [D ae 87; 2nd wife of Peter Beam] [footstone; Beam plot]
Beam Jane [Smith] 1843 Mar 4 D ae 41/7; wife of Peter Beam [Jr.] [Beam plot]
Beam Peter 1841 Jun 16 D ae 76/2; Revolutionary War: [Capt John Meade's NJ Regiment] [Beam plot]
Beam Peter [Jr.] 1864 Oct 26 D ae 67/10 [son of Peter Beam; born in NJ] [Beam plot]
Beam William R. 1835 Feb 19 D ae 1/3/9 [Beam plot]
Coolbaugh John # 1860 May D ae 66 in Starkey; born in Pennsylvania [mortality schedule]
Coykendall Emanuel [1827] Jan 3 D ae 64 [stone partially buried]
Coykendall Mary [Struble] 1839 Jan l D ae 67; wife of Emanuel Coykendall
Dunn Anna 1855 Aug 19 D ae [2/2/23]; daughter of Warren & Clarissa [Swarts] Dunn [stone partially buried; Beam plot]
I--- E--- m [Footstone, adjacent to another that is illegible]
Leslie M--- # 1860 May D ae 1 month in Starkey [mortality schedule]
Losey Anna # 1860 Apr D ae 83, born in NJ [Anna Smith on 1850 census] [mortality schedule]
Losey C. A. # 1860 Mar D ae 22 in Starkey; male [mortality schedule]
Moore Elizabeth [Randolph] 185? Nov 8 D ae 49/3/?; wife of John Moore [& daughter of Jephthah & Jane Randolph]
R[andolph?] E--- F--- m [Footstone adjacent to Jephthah F. Randolph]
Randolph Jephthah F. 1850 Feb 12 D ae 37/10 [son of Jephthah & Elizabeth Randolph]
Raplee Erasmus D. 1820 Jul 17 D ae 8 months 5 days, son of Stephen Raplee
Raplee Sarah [Adams] 1829 Sep 12 D ae 53/5; wife of Stephen Raplee [& daughter of Uriah Adams] [two stones]
Raplee Stephen [1867] Jan 20 [B1774, son of James & Byer Raplee] [broken stone]
S--- E--- m [Footstone, adjacent to Margaret Swarts]
S--- J--- S--- m [Footstone in Beam plot]
S[chenck] J[ane] [1850 Jun 29] [D ae 31/8/23; daughter of Daniel Schenck] [footstone]
Sutphin Polly [VanMater] 1830? Jun 30 D ae 68?/3; wife of Richard Sutphin
S[utphin?] R[ichard?] m [Footstone]
Swarts Anna 1843 Jun 3 D ae 94/9/4
Swarts Baltus # 1830 Apr 13 D ae 81/1/15
Swarts George 1832 Jun 5 D ae 24/2/7 [son of Tewalt Jr. & Margaret Swarts]
Swarts Margaret Dean # 1848 Nov 23 D ae 66/10/15; wife of Tewalt Swarts Jr. & daughter of Micajah Dean
Swarts Margaret Mariah 1839 May 21 D ae 5 months, daughter of Hulsey & Phebe [Corbin] Swarts [Beam plot]
Swarts Margaret 1824 Aug 31 D ae 46; wife of Tevall Sworts
Swarts Tewalt Jr. 1857 [Mar 19] D ae 79 [son of Baltus Swarts]
Walling D[aniel?] 1867 D ae [71]/10/3 [son of Samuel & Susannah Walling] [Walling monument, name partially buried; footstone]
Walling Samuel 1869 Ju1 4 D ae 88/3/6 [born in NJ] [Walling monument]
Walling Susannah [Swarts] 1842 Jun 17 D ae 58/23 days; wife of Samuel Walling [& daughter of Tewalt & Elizabeth Swarts] [Walling monument]
Wilson Susannah [Buchanan Hulburt] [1822] [First] wife of Thomas Wilson [broken stone]
Yost Adeaann 1831 Dec 24 D ae 52/9/8; wife of Nicholas Yost
Yost Adia Ann 1832 Sep 30 D ae 3/1; daughter of John & Pata Ann Yost
Yost Jacob 1833 Mar 12 D ae 88/4/26
Yost Mary 1832 Mar 7 D ae 80/1/7; wife of Jacob Yost
Y[ost] N[icholas] [1860] [D ae 81/11 days; born in NJ] [footstone]
Yost Sally 1832 Dec 8 D ae 22/11/18; daughter of Nicholas Yost

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