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Town of Potter

Record of Roads

The town of Potter was created in 1833, the date this book was begun. Prior to 1833 the town was the larger and eastern part of Middlesex; prior to 1808 the original town was formally called Augusta, but nearly as frequently, particularly in the old days, Potterstown. The roads already surveyed and recorded before the town's formation were finally written into the book, along with others that had been surveyed but never recorded or adequately described. The book is in good condition, and has been microfilmed for use. The index posted here was made from the microfilm.

A name and coarse subject index have been prepared for posting on line. Records of Roads are good sources for determining exactly where people lived, what routes they followed to commercial centers, and occasionally for other details such as what buildings existed at the time, what crops were raised, and so on.

The book contains several types of records, including actual surveys, which gave headings and measured distances from known landmarks; alterations of the route, usually upon consideration of a petition; discontinuances of "useless and unnecessary" roads, also usually after a petition was filed; petitions and proceedings concerning obstructions and encroachments on the right of way by neighbors; and occasional litigation. The format is that of minutes of meetings of the Commissioners of Highway, whose names and that of the various town clerks recording them appear most frequently. Following is a list of the contents of this volume:


Pages 1-106: Lists of overseers 1833-1883

Pages 107-225: Minutes of Highway Commissioners 1833-1869, including surveys, alterations, petitions, descriptions of roads used but never recorded, alterations of highway district boundaries, discontinuances and appeals

Pages 226-234: Descriptions of highway districts 1870

Pages 235-265: Minutes of Highway Commissioners 1870-1873, including surveys, appointments of overseers to vacancies, discontinuances

Pages 267-288: Descriptions of roads laid out prior to formation of town 1810-1826

Pages 289-293: Minutes of Highway Commissioners 1874-1877

Page 295: Additions to Highway District #6, 1888

Page 296: Refunds to two taxpayers, 1865