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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter

Yatesville Cemetery: Notes

Yatesville cemetery This cemetery, though adjacent to the historic and beautiful Yatesville Methodist church is older than the church. It belongs now to an association which was incorporated in 1865, but served the local community many years before that. Some of the burials were reinterments from private cemeteries on local farms.

Yatesville Cemetery: Burials

Aldrich Marcy 1831 Oct 26 D ae 80/2/1
Beard Frank # 1905 Jun 1 D ae 49/11/25 in Jerusalem; son of William & Sarah Beard [town record]
B[eard?] M. m [Fieldstone with initials only; adjacent to Wm Beard monument]
Beard Mary A. 1856 B1815; wife of William Beard [Wm Beard monument]
Beard Sarah German # 1907 Sep 26 D ae 85/9; daughter of Lewis & Louise German [town record]
Beard William 1886 B1810 [Wm Beard monument]
Beard Willie D. 1882 B1878 [Wm Beard monument]
Boswell Daniel W. 1889 B1814 [Boswell-Wheeler monument]
Boswell Martha D. 1902 B1816 [Boswell-Wheeler monument]
Botsford Aurelia [Stone] 1871 Jun 20 D ae 90/5; wife of Elnathan Botsford [& daughter of Asahel Sr. & Anna Sherwood Stone]
Botsford Benajah 1802 Sep 11 D ae 39/7/28 [son of Elnathan Sr. & Lucy Stone Botsford]
Botsford Betsey E. [Wheeler] 1917 B1821; wife of Lorenzo Botsford [& daughter of Baltus Wheeler] [Lorenzo Botsford monument]
Botsford Elnathan 1850 Mar 11 [D ae 80; born in Conn.] [son of Elnathan Sr. & Lucy Stone Botsford] [broken stone]
Botsford Elnathan 1851 Jul 13 D ae 1/3; son of L. & E. Botsford [Lorenzo Botsford monument]
Botsford Jennie E. 1870 Jan 23 D ae 21 days; daughter of A. & L. Botsford [Lorenzo Botsford monument]
Botsford Lorenzo 1855 Aug 9 D ae 34/8 [son of Elnathan & Aurelia Botsford] [Lorenzo Botsford monument]
Brown Amanda [Hazleton] 1859 [Dec] B1822; wife of Henry H. Brown [Henry Brown monument]
Brown Henry 1870 B1789 [Henry Brown monument]
Brown Henry H. 1901 B1822 [son of Henry & Rachel Brown] [Henry Brown monument]
Brown Rachel [Clark] 1851 B1784; wife of Henry Brown [Henry Brown monument]
Brown Victoria 1849 B1848; daughter of Henry H. & Amanda Brown [Henry Brown monument]
[Burtch] Agusta 1941 B1853 [wife of Allen Burtch] [Burtch plot]
[Burtch] Allen 1928 [Feb 18] B1851 [son of Jeremiah S. & Deborah Burtch] [Burtch plot]
[Burtch] Allen [D.] 1894 B1872 [son of Allen & Agusta Burtch] [Burtch plot]
[Burtch Deborah Luther] 1895 B1817; “Mother” [wife of Jeremiah S. Burtch] [Burtch plot]
Burtch Jeremiah S. 1885 Jan 13 B1809 Nov 8; “Father” [son of Gideon & Annie Sabin Burtch] [Burtch plot]
Burtch Joel 1885 Oct 31 B1840 Sep 6 [Burtch plot]
Carroll William H. 1909 Mar 9 B1840 Sep 7; Civil War: Co. G, 12th Illinois [Henry Brown monument]
Comstock Achilles 1832 Nov 30 B1757 Nov 26, died age 75/4 days; Revolutionary War: for 7 years in the 5th Conn. Regt [son of Samuel Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Apphia 1866 Nov 17 D ae 81/4/27 [daughter of Achilles & Sarah Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Botsford 1886 Sep 11 D ae 63 [son of Israel & Jane Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Israel 1866 Jan 13 D ae 71/3/4 [son of Achilles & Sarah Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Jane [Sutton] 1884 Oct 2 D ae 86; wife of Israel Comstock [& daughter of Thomas Sutton] [Comstock monument]
Comstock John J[ackson] 1907 Jun 7 B1826 Jul 30 [son of Israel & Jane Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Martha 1866 Nov 27 D ae 77/6/6 [daughter of Achilles & Sarah Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Mary E. M[iller] 1899 Feb 16 B1828 Feb 23 [wife of John J. Comstock & daughter of Robert Miller] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Sarah [Botsford] 1845 Jul 16 D ae 78/8/19; wife of Achilles Comstock [& daughter of Elnathan Botsford Sr.] [Comstock monument]
Comstock Sarah L[etitia] 1899 Feb 20 B1831 Jan 13 [daughter of Israel & Jane Comstock] [Comstock monument]
Conklin Alonzo A. 1927 B1849
Conklin Susan A. 1895 B1850 wife of Alonzo A. Conklin
Corey Sarah E. # 1900 May 18 D ae 72 in Jerusalem, born in Rhode Island [town record]
Crouch Annetta Sanderson # 1900 May 25 D ae 47; daughter of William & Mary Burnett Sanderson [town record]
Danes Catharine [Saunders] 1872 Feb 9 D ae 58/8/7; wife of John Danes
Danes Eleanor # 1847 Feb D ae 18
Danes Elizabeth Hopkins 1868 B1812; [2nd] wife of George N. Danes [Geo. N. Danes monument]
Danes George N. 1905 B1845
Danes George N. 1898 B1814 [son of Stephen & Rachel Danes] [Geo. N. Danes monument]
Danes John 1890 Nov 16 D ae 79 [son of Jonathan Danes Jr.]
Danes Louise 1916 B1842; wife of George N. Danes
Danes Mary Hopkins 1852 B1815; wife of George N. Danes [Geo. N. Danes monument]
Danes Sarah Ann 1878 Jun 10 D ae 53/7/15; wife of George Danes
Dewaters Frank # 1912 Aug 2 D ae 65/4/1 in Barrington; widowed son of Frank & Elizabeth Holman Dewaters [town record]
Distance Hannah 1873 Jun 11 D ae 70; wife of William Distance; “Grandmother” [Sanderson monument]
Ellis Eva 1883 B1857 [Abram Stryker plot]
Fletcher Hiram Leroy m [Child’s stone; very worn]
Gardner Ezekiel W. 1875 Oct 10 B1814 Oct 30 [son of Ezekiel & Mary Gardner] [Gardner monument]
Gardner Ezekiel W. 1866 Apr 19 B1776 Oct 7 [Gardner monument]
Gardner Francis 1845 Apr 15 B1844 Nov 15 [Gardner monument]
Gardner Harriet A. 1916 Aug 15 B1833 Jan 6 [Gardner monument]
Gardner Isabella W. 1830 Jul 16 D ae 45/11 [Gardner monument]
Gardner John 1876 Nov 6 B1810 Aug 19 [son of Ezekiel & Mary Gardner] [Gardner monument]
Gardner Mary Niles 1868 Dec 18 B1778 Jan 13 [wife of Ezekiel Gardner] [Gardner monument]
Gardner Nancy F. [Havens] 1863 Jun 10 B1816 Aug 12; wife of Peleg Gardner [Gardner monument]
Gardner Peleg 1880 Jan 15 B1808 Nov 27 [son of Ezekiel & Mary Gardner] [Gardner monument]
Garfield Francis # 1845 Apr 15 B1844 Nov 15
Genung Amos 1895 Aug 1 B1811 Apr 14; “Father” [Genung plot]
Genung Flora Burtch # 1929 D ae 76; wife of Albert H. Genung & daughter of Allen Burtch
Genung [Lucy Botsford] 1891 Mar 1 B1816 Feb 8; “Mother” [wife of Amos Genung & daughter of Elnathan Jr. & Aurelia Botsford] [Genung plot]
Genung Newton G. 1923 B1837 [son of Amos & Lucy Genung] [Genung plot]
Genung Sarah L. [Gardner] 1890 Feb 9 B1845 Apr 18 [wife of Newton G Genung & daughter of John & Sarah Gardner] [Genung plot]
German James 1865 Apr 22 B1840; Civil War: Co. I, 148th NY
German Lewis 1865 Jul 18 D ae 86/9/23
[German?] Lois m Wife of [Lewis? German] [broken stone next to his]
Glann Almira 1874 Mar 30 D ae 65/8/12; wife of John M. Glann [in plot with A. B. & J. Sutton]
Gleason Edwin H. 1837 Feb 28 D ae 1/9 days; son of J. H. & E. A. Gleason [John H. Gleason monument]
Gleason Eliza A. [Potter] 1866 Nov 21 D ae 57/5/1; wife of John H. Gleason [daughter of John & Nancy Wilkinson Potter] [John H. Gleason monument]
Gleason George H. 1831 Dec 24 D ae 1/7/24; son of J. H. & E. A. Gleason [John H. Gleason monument]
Gleason John H. 1886 Aug 17 D ae 87 [John H. Gleason monument]
Haight Edgar S. 1865 Mar D ae 19 [Haight monument]
Haight Elisha 1875 Jun 11 D ae 70 [Haight monument]
Haight Lydia 1893 Dec 30 Wife of Elisha Haight [Haight monument]
Haight Tobias # 1899 Jan 28 D ae 74 at Guyanoga in Jerusalem; son of Ambrose & Johanna Haight [town record]
Hamilton Alexander 1860 Sep 8 D ae 62/11/14
Hamilton Caroline D. 1840 Mar 20 D ae 12; daughter of Alexander & Mary Hamilton
Hamilton Mary 1840 Mar 22 D ae 2; daughter of Alexander & Mary Hamilton
Hartwell Betsey A. 1866 Mar 30 D ae 26/9 days
Hartwell Ruth Oliver 1865 Mar 10 D ae 15/10/29; daughter of Moses & Honer [German] Hartwell
Hobart Baxter, Col. 1879 Mar 20 B1790 Jan 25 at Townsend, Mass., died at Rushville; War of 1812: ensign, Col. Hugh Dobbins Regt. [son of William Sr. & Dolly Smith Hobart] [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hobart Clara Louise 1886 B1876; daughter of Melville & Helen Hobart [M. W. Hobart monument]
Hobart Dolly M. 1831 Aug 26 B1831 Aug 11; daughter of Baxter & Esther Hobart [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hobart Eliza Potter 1829 Aug 28 B1785 Nov 16 at South Kingston, Rhode Island, died in Potter; [1st] wife of Col. Baxter Hobart [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hobart Esther Clark 1895 Mar 9 B1805 Sep 29 at Candor, NY, died at Rushville; 2nd wife of Col. Baxter Hobart [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hobart Franklin B. 1817 May 12 B1817 Feb 2; son of Baxter & Eliza Hobart [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hobart Helen Gleason 1913 B1840; wife of Melville Wesley Hobart [M. W. Hobart monument]
Hobart Loania [M.] Randall 1907 Dec 8 B1828 [village record says she died age 80/2/15 in Penn Yan, daughter of James H. & Eunice Crosby Rosswell]
Hobart Melville Wesley 1898 B1833 [M. W. Hobart monument]
Hobart Rhoda M. 1830 Sep 5 B1825 Apr 8; daughter of Baxter & Eliza Hobart [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hobart Vera 1904 B1903
Hobart William L. 1836 Dec 18 B1834 Dec 17; son of Baxter & Esther [Baxter Hobart monument]
Hopkins David 1911 Sep 18 B1830 Aug 18 [David Hopkins monument]
Hopkins Hannah A. 1896 Nov 24 B1833 Jun 7 [David Hopkins monument]
Hopkins Lucy A. 1863 Apr 20 B1852 Mar 31 [David Hopkins monument]
Hopkins Marvin 1926 B1854
Hopkins Mary 1926 B1865; wife of Marvin Hopkins
Hopkins William m D ae 3 weeks [David Hopkins monument]
Hunt C[harlesl G. 1917 May 16 B1840 Jul 29 [son of George & Harriet Ross Hunt] [Gardner monument]
Hunt Mary L. [Gardner] 1917 Jan 5 B1840 Aug 11 [daughter of Peleg Gardner] [Gardner monument]
Hyatt Emma E. m B1855 Aug 11; daughter of James & Sarah Hyatt [Hyatt monument]
Hyatt James Henry m B1857 Mar 5; son of James & Sarah Hyatt [Hyatt monument]
Hyatt James L. m B1830 Dec 25 [Hyatt monument]
Hyatt Sarah E. 1909 Nov 6 B1833 Sep 11; wife of James Hyatt [Hyatt monument]
Kennerson Benjamin 1884 Jul 16 B1833 Oct 12 [Benj. Kennerson monument]
Kennerson Charles J. 1913 B1862
Kennerson infant # 1903 Mar 21 D ae 12 days in Milo, child of John & Grace Howland Kennerson [town record]
Kennerson Leon 1898 Jan 21 B1897 Jan 10 [Benj. Kennerson monument]
Kennerson Margaret m D ae 78; wife of T. J. Kennerson [Benj. Kennerson monument]
Kennerson Martha E. [Smith] 1912 Apr 14 B1834 Apr 15; wife of B[enjamin] Kennerson [Benj. Kennerson monument]
Kennerson Mary A. 1918 B1860; wife of Charles J Kennerson
Kennerson T. J. m D ae 78 [Benj. Kennerson monument]
Kidder Almon S. 1873 Nov 2 D ae 68 [son of Nathan L. & Mary Kidder]
Kidder Maria B[riggs] 1876 Jan 7 D ae 67; wife of A. S. Kidder [& daughter of Job & Susan Potter Briggs]
Kidder Mary [Stone] m Wife of Nathan Kidder & daughter of Asahel & Anna Stone [broken stone]
Malin Deborah [Wilkinson] [Botsford] 1850 Apr 15 D ae 86 [wife of Elijah Malin; 1st husband Benajah Botsford; daughter of Jeremiah & Amy Whipple Wilkinson]
Malin Elijah 1849 Jan 18 D ae 87
Mattice Edna V[iola] 1906 B1884 [J. W. Stryker monument]
McCann Kenneth # 1917 Oct 24 D ae 8; son of Edward & Martha McCann
McCann Oliver S. 1913 Apr 7 B1844 Jan 7; Civil War: Co. G, 14th NYHA
McCann Rachel 1904 Jul 18 B1845 Sep 8; wife of Oliver S. McCann
McCann Sarah [Briggs] Mawney 1878 Oct 28 D ae 72/10/15; wife of Lewis McCann [& daughter of Caleb & Mary Jones Briggs; 1st husband was John Mawney]
Miller John E. 1937 m
Miller Julia E. 1962 [Wife of John E. Miller]
Moore Charles 1986 B1907
Parker Anna Mae m B1921; wife of Fenton P. Parker
Parker Fenton P. 1986 B1912
Perry Frank E. 1888 Mar 11 D ae 15/10/12; son of D. & Mary Perry
Phalen Harriet m Infant [Gardner plot]
Pierce Asa 1827 Jun 16 D ae 12?; son of William & Menty Pierce
Pinneo Jannett M. 1882 Jul 16 B1830 Mar 19
Pinneo Nellie E. 1882 Sep 15 B1868 Feb 14
Race Elmira Wood # 1886 Jan 9 D ae 39/5/4 in Jerusalem, daughter of Stephen A. & Caroline Cole Wood [town record]
Race G. N. # 1906 Dec 13 D ae 72/11; son of Joseph & Almira G. Race [town record]
Race Hannah Beard # 1892 Jun 22 D ae 45; daughter of William Beard & wife of Charles Race [town record]
Rhodes Charles 1897 Jan 30 B1847 May 3
Rhodes Margelia M. m B1848 Feb 27; wife of C[harles] Rhodes
Sanderson Elizabeth 1887 Feb 22 D ae 51; wife of William Sanderson; “Mother” [Sanderson monument]
S[anderson?] G. U. m [Footstone in Sanderson plot]
Sanderson Mary A. 1867 Mar 19 B1823 Dec 10; wife of William Sanderson; “Mother” [Sanderson monument]
Sanderson Mary S. 1877 Jul 16 D ae 59; wife of William Sanderson; “Mother” [Sanderson monument]
Sanderson William m B1824 Jan 15 [Sanderson monument]
Shaw Jonathan F. 1872 Jul 7 D ae 60/3 days
Shaw Mary J. 1869 Apr 17 D ae 14; daughter of J. F. & R. A. Shaw
Shaw Rachel 1859 Sep 29 D ae 41/4/21; wife of J[onathan] F. Shaw
Shaw William 1862 Aug 24 D ae 20/6/1
Sisson Sarah P. Miller # 1895 Jan 13 D ae 43/1/13 in Jerusalem, daughter of Ephraim & Hannah Davis Miller [town record]
Snyder Frances L. 1896 Sep 14 B1896 May 26; daughter of L. & M. Snyder
Snyder infant m D ae 3 days; son of L. & M. Snyder
Snyder Lafayette # 1904 Jan 13 [MWF: died in Potter, age 44]
Sprague Hiram M. 1907 May 28 D ae 75
Stone Anna [Sherwood] 1851 Jul 16 D ae 91/5; wife of Asahel Stone [Sr.]
Stryker Abram 1881 Nov 29 D ae 54 [Abram Stryker plot]
Stryker Agnes F. 1889 B1869 [Abram Stryker plot]
Stryker Augustus C. # 1889 Feb 7 D ae 36 in Penn Yan; son of Abram & Matilda Perkins Stryker [village record]
Stryker Barbara L. Danes 1920 B1896; wife of Ward Stryker [Ward Stryker monument]
Stryker Earl 1955 B1899
Stryker Frank 1918 B1864 [Abram Stryker plot]
Stryker Fred 1936 B1873 [Abram Stryker plot]
Stryker Harry 1936 B1872
Stryker J. W. 1912 B1839 [J. W. Stryker monument]
Stryker Jennie Tucker m B1841; wife of J. W. Stryker [J. W. Stryker monument]
Stryker Mary Arvina 1920 B1918 [Ward Stryker monument]
Stryker Matilda J. [Perkins] 1906 Jul 3 D ae 74; wife of Abram Stryker [& daughter of Simeon & Sarah Northup Perkins] [Abram Stryker plot]
Stryker Sulva Sprague 1914 B1873; wife of Harry Stryker
Stryker Ward 19 — B1896 [Ward Stryker monument]
Sutton Almond B. 1867 Jan 11 D ae 39/7/7
Sutton Anna S [Botsford] 1851 Aug 19 D ae 45/9/3; wife of Daniel Sutton [& daughter of Elnathan Botsford Jr.]
Sutton Daniel 1876 May 5 D ae 74/8/15 [son of Thomas & Letitia Haines Sutton]
Sutton Juliaette [Mather] 1906 Sep 3 D ae 73/11/13 [wife of Almon S. Sutton & daughter of John & Almira Baldwin Mather]
Sutton Lewis Halsey 1828 Apr 28 D ae 19/?/16; son of Thomas & Leticia Sutton
Taylor Almira 1884 Nov 9 D ae 54; wife of John Taylor
Thomas Martha J. [Botsford] 1884 Dec 5 D ae 37; wife of E. Thomas & daughter of L. & E. Botsford [Lorenzo Botsford monument]
Voak Sheldon M. 1986 Aug 27 B1959 Feb 15; “Shelly”
Walker Levi 1853 B1812 [Walker monument]
Walker Maryette 1853 B1843 [Walker monument]
Walker Sarah m B1822 [wife of Levi Walker] [Walker monument]
Waterman Louisa M. 1834 Nov 19 D ae 20/6/8; daughter of John B. & Betsey Waterman
Wheat Amelia J. Hopkins 1915 B1850; wife of George A. Wheat
Wheat George A. 1913 B1851
Wheeler Carrie E. 1887 Jul 26 B1840 May 16; wife of William B. Wheeler
Wheeler Daniel B. 1928 B1859 [Boswell - Wheeler monument]
Wheeler Emma Hopkins 1923 B1863; wife of Daniel B. Wheeler [Boswell - Wheeler monument]
Wheeler Exscey 1877 Feb 3 D ae 66/6/23; wife of Samuel Wheeler
Wheeler Samuel # 1909 Apr 8 D ae 97 in Jerusalem, son of Baltus Wheeler [town record]
Wheeler William B. 1926 May 8 B1839 Dec 4
Wilkinson Preston P. 1871 Jul 4 D ae 77/8 [son of Stephen Wilkinson]
Williams Mahala German # 1892 Aug 26 D ae 63/4/25 in Benton, daughter of Lewis & Louise German [town record]
Williams Stephen H. 1865 Mar 13 D ae 15/14 days [son of William & Mahala Williams]

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