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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter

Voak Cemetery: Notes

Voak cemetery This is now an association cemetery, well maintained and still used for burials today. For more than a century it has served the settlement of Voak, once centered on the Methodist church and public school located at the crossroads. The cemetery may have gotten its start as a burial ground for the numerous Voak family, but soon was used by many other families in the area.

Voak Cemetery: Burials

---- Frances m [Footstone; no surname]
Ackerman Clara 1950 B1878 [sane stone as Elizabeth Ackerman]
Ackerman Elizabeth 1954 B1872 [same stone as Clara Ackerman]
Ackerman Emily A. Corey 1916 B1842; wife of William G. Ackerman
Ackerman William G. 1885 B1844
Allen James E. # 1898 Jun 16 D ae 58/7 in Jerusalem, at the County House; son of D. & Lucretia Allen [town record]
Allen Nancy [A.] Voak 1923 [Jan 22] B1832 [May 7]; wife of Smith P. Allen [daughter of Josiah & Lucretia Voak] [MWF: born and died in Benton, age 90/8/15; widowed, daughter of Josiah and Lucretia Wyman Voak, both born in Potter; funeral services held at the home of Will Voak]
Allen Smith P. 1913 [May 4] B1826 [son of Samuel & Charity Perkins Allen] [MWF: died in Benton, age 86; married]
Andersen Elizabeth Voak 1961 B1888; wife of L Peter Andersen
Andersen L. Peter 1957 B1880
Andrews Benjamin 1869 Aug 29 D ae 44 [Benj. Andrews monument]
Andrews Eddie E. 1876 Nov 30 D ae 14; son of B. & E. Andrews [Benj. Andrews monument]
Andrews Elizabeth 1895 Aug 8 B1827 Jun 24; wife of Benjamin Andrews [Benj. Andrews monument]
Andrews Thomas W. 1886 Jul 16 D ae 30 [Benj. Andrews monument]
B--- W--- T--- m [Footstone]
Bain Lavina 1878 Sep 18 D ae 25/7/3; wife of Andrew N. Bain
Bain Peter P. 1852 Jan 8 D ae 60/7 days
Bates Mary I. 1846 Mar 6 D ae 9 months 23 days; daughter of Charles & Mary [Payne] Bates
Bennett Thomas 1849 Jul 13 D ae 53
Bloss Helen Ada # 1928 Mar 29 D ae 14
Bloss Janet 1989 B1883 [wife of William Bloss]
Bloss William 1947 B1885
Boyd Barrett A. 1921 Oct 24 B1844 May 22 [son of Robert M. & Mary Luther Boyd] [Joseph Briggs monument]
Boyd Mary J[ane] Briggs 1904 Oct 19 B1851 Oct 21; wife of Barrett Boyd [& daughter of Joseph Briggs] [Joseph Briggs monument]
Brayton Grace W. 1931 B1882; wife of Walter C. Brayton
Brayton Walter C. 1976 B1876
Briggs Asa[ch] Andrews 1899 Feb 24 B1804 Mar 9; wife of Joseph T. Briggs [& daughter of Samuel & Waity Briggs Andrews] [Joseph Briggs monument]
Briggs Birdsall 1912 Apr 9 B1843 Apr 25 [Joseph Briggs monument]
Briggs Caleb V. 1909 Feb 22 B1833 May 31 [Joseph Briggs monument]
Briggs Ermina C. Wells 1937 Mar 23 B1853 Jan 9; wife of Birdsall Briggs [Joseph Briggs monument]
Briggs George R. 1863 Nov 13 B1835 Apr 28; Civil War: Co. M, 7th Michigan Cavalry [Joseph Briggs monument]
Briggs Joseph T. 1886 May 31 B1804 Jun 15 [son of Caleb & Mary Jones Briggs] [Joseph Briggs monument]
Briggs S[amuel] B. 1919 Apr 28 B1831 May 30; Civil War [Joseph Briggs monument and his own stone]
Brink Ida Ellis 1933 B1857
Carr Alfred 1900 Aug 19 B1825 Jun 8 [Joseph Carr monument]
Carr Joseph 1893 May 25 B1821 Mar 12 [Joseph Carr monument]
Carr Mary Jane 1896 Mar 21 B1840 Aug 10; wife of Alfred Carr [Joseph Carr monument]
Clark Clarissa # 1865 Mar 30 D ae 77 in Potter, born in Vermont; wife of Gideon Clark [mortality schedule]
Clark Mary J [Stryker] 1860 May 11 [D ae 27]; wife of Dennis Clark & daughter of Abram & Mary Stryker
Cody Mary W. 1874 Aug 20 D ae 62/2/13 [born in Mass.] [Simon Newcomb plot]
Cody Samuel # 1849 Nov D ae 40 in Benton [mortality schedule]
Cole Nehemiah # 1860 Nov D ae 89 in Benton, born in Rhode Island [mortality schedule]
Corey Clara E. 1896 May 23 B1878 Feb 13; daughter of Edwin & Sarah Corey [E. L. Corey monument]
Corey Edwin L. 1916 May 14 B1847 Apr 7 [E. L. Corey monument]
Corey Frank P. 1918 Sep 11 B1872 Apr 22 [E. L. Corey monument]
Corey Myron B. 1903 Jul 16 B1874 Mar 20 [E. L. Corey monument]
Corey Sarah Andrew 1920 Sep l B1851 Jan 16; wife of Edwin L. Corey [E. L. Corey monument]
Emerson Arnold W. 1851 Nov 27 D ae 29
Evans Eleanor M. m B1913; wife of Maurice W. Evans
Evans Maurice W. 1990 B1914
Fatzinger Emma J. 1905 B1850; wife of George Fatzinger [Geo. Fatzinger monument]
Fatzinger Florence 1944 B1872 [Geo. Fatzinger monument]
Fatzinger George 1881 B1841 [Geo. Fatzinger monument]
Feagles Frances Smith # 1898 May 7 D ae 46 in Benton; daughter of Lewis & Emily Smith [town record]
Fellows Kenneth W. 1987 B1909
Fellows Marian V. 1981 B1916
Fletcher Horatio W[illiam] 1860 Apr 15 D ae 2/4/14; son of Joseph & Sarah [Stryker] Fletcher [with the Strykers; grandson of Abraham & Mary Stryker]
Fletcher Joseph H. # 1863 Feb 1 D ae 36; Civil War: 144th NY [mortality schedule; says he was buried in Benton]
Freer Frank L. 1972 B1889 [F. L. Freer plot]
Freer Lucretia Voak 1987 B1890; wife of Frank Freer [F. L. Freer plot]
Freer Mary Corry 1978 B1922; wife of William Freer [F. L. Freer plot]
Freer William O. 1960 Sep 3 B1917 Jul 16; WWII: Vermont, 71st Infantry, 44th Infantry Division [F. L. Freer plot]
Gilmore Mabel W. m B1905; wife of William Gilmore
Gilmore William R. 1973 B1901
Gover Donald S. 1990 Jul 9 B1903 Jun 20
Gover Lynda W. m B1904 Apr 15; wife of Donald S. Gover
Griffin Solomon # 1901 Jan 22 D ae 91 in Jerusalem, at the County House [town record]
Hall Alred W. 1988 Apr 25 B1917 Nov 7; “Beloved Father & Grandpa” [near Walter & Clara Hall]
Hall Clara B. 1971 B1898; wife of Walter B. Hall
Hall Dorcas 1882 Aug 16 B1796 Sep 10; wife of John Hall Jr.
Hall Hester A. 1921 Aug 3 B1833 Jul 3; wife of Robert J. Hall
Hall child # 1899 Jul 19 [MWF:born and died in Potter, age 1; child of Robert Hall]
Hall John Jr. [1875-80] B1787 Jan 4 [broken stone]
Hall Robert J. 1905 Jul 14 B1834 Feb 23
Hall Rosetta S. 1898 Jun 28 B1874 Jan 22; wife of Robert Hall [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 25, of childbirth]
Hall Susie May 1866 Jul 2 D ae 1/5/25; daughter of Robert J. & Hester Hall
Hall Walter B. 1976 B1897
Hall Willie Edson 1862 Oct 8 D ae 7 months; son of Robert J. & Hester Hall
Harrington Elizabeth Crouch # 1891 Sep 24 D ae 67/9 in Benton; widowed daughter of Artemas Crouch [town record]
Heckman Alphena I. Hyatt 1920 B1854; wife of John Heckman [John Heckman monument]
Heckman Freddie D. 1894 Oct 25 D ae 6/8/5 [John Heckman monument]
Heckman infant 1874 B1874; child of J. C. & A. I. Heckman
Heckman John C. 1891 Jul 21 D ae 41/2/22 [John Heckman monument]
Henderson Emma J. Hall # 1905 Aug 10 D ae 55/5/3 in Jerusalem; daughter of John & Amanda Hall [town record]
Holcomb Ebenezer 1854 Jul 12 D ae 86
Holcomb Henry S. 1854 Jul 14 B1800 Jun 12
Holcomb Maj[or] B. [1859 Jul] D ae 48 [broken stone]
Holcomb Sarah H. m B1838 May 30
Hollett Lydia [Voak] 1877 Feb 5 [D ae 87/9/5] wife of Rev. Peregrine Hollett [& daughter of John & Rachel Dyer Voak] [stone partially buried]
Hollett Peregrine 1859 May 10 [D ae 80/8/27] [stone partially buried]
Hoxter Sarah Styles # 1894 Apr 6 D ae 70 in Penn Yan; daughter of Isaac & Sarah Reynolds Styles [village record]
Hunter Erma A. Briggs 1958 B1894; wife of Lewis R. Hunter [Hunter plot]
Hunter Harold K. 1940 B1918 [Hunter plot]
Hunter Lewis R. 1933 B1889 [Hunter plot]
Kindelberger Emmett 1894 Jul 14 B1871 Feb 10 [Robert J. Hall monument]
Knapp Edna 1976 B1893; wife of Wesley Knapp
Knapp Wesley 1965 B1900
Lair Nancy # 1875 May 12 D ae 83 in Potter, born in Orange Co., NY; wife of William Lair [mortality schedule]
[Lane] --- m “Father” [footstone adjacent to Leander Lane]
[Lane] --- m “Mother” [footstone adjacent to Leander Lane]
Lane I. Milton 1904 B1833; Civil War [Isaac Lane monument]
Lane Isaac 1875 Dec 17 B1795 Feb 23 in Potter [Isaac Lane monument]
[Lane?] Leander m [Footstone]
Lane Mary Elizabeth [Rugar] 1912 B1838; wife of I. Milton Lane [& daughter of Moses L. & Margaret Rugar] [Isaac Lane monument]
Lane Priscilla 1881 Feb 20 B1798 Jan 15 in Mass.; wife of Isaac Lane [Isaac Lane monument]
Link Edwin # 1902 Dec 9 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 58]
Link John # 1915 Dec 27 D ae 59
Maddocks Fanny [Hall] [Vandevort] 1886 Jul 16 B1824 Mar 1; wife of Mathew Maddocks [& daughter of John Jr. & Dorcas Hall; 1st husband was William Vandevort] [next to Emma Vandevort]
McMillen Maud # 1875 May 22 D ae 5 in Potter, born in Ontario Co., NY [mortality schedule]
McMillen Wilson # 1875 May 17 D ae 8 months in Potter [mortality schedule]
Miller Mary V. Traver # 1895 Jul 14 D ae 51/2/29 in Benton [town record]
Miller Peter H. # 1899 Aug 31 D ae 79/7/27 in Benton; son of William & Hannah Miller [town record]
Mosher Edna Belle 1937 B1875
Newcomb Arthur J. 1931 Dec 5 B1860 Oct 15 [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Newcomb George H. 1904 Oct 15 B1833 Sep 27 [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Newcomb Harriet E. 1911 Jul 14 B1864 May 12; wife of Wilbur H. Newcomb [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Newcomb Ida Louisa 1893 Feb 23 B1839 Mar 15; wife of George Newcomb [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Newcomb infant 1862 Mar 28 B1862 Mar 23; son of James & Mary Newcomb [James Newcomb monument]
Newcomb James H. 1910 Jan 20 B1830 Apr 26 [James Newcomb monument]
Newcomb Lydia A. 1900 Sep 29 B1838 Dec 12 [Simon Newcomb plot]
Newcomb Lydia 1878 Oct 29 D ae 80/1/8; wife of Simon Newcomb [Simon Newcomb plot]
Newcomb Mary Effie 1897 Apr 18 B1861 Feb 9; wife of Arthur Newcomb [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Newcomb Mary M. Secor 1900 Jan 2 B1837 Jun 23; wife of James H. Newcomb [James Newcomb monument]
Newcomb Simon 1859 Nov 15 D ae 63/7/13 [born in Vermont] [Simon Newcomb plot]
Newcomb Wilbur H. 1938 Oct 30 B1862 Mar 19 [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Nielson Blanche K. 1927 B1904 [Nielson monument]
Nielson Edna B. Fiero 1937 B1875; wife of Soren Nielson [Nielson monument]
Nielson Jennie M. 1925 B1906 [Nielson monument]
Nielson Soren 1915 B1859 [Nielson monument]
Nielson William M. 1936 B1915 [Nielson monument]
Orcutt Francis A. 1894 Jan 22 B1829 May 17 [Chas Scott monument]
Payne Edgar S. 1933 B1886 [Edgar Payne monument]
Payne Fenton 1967 B1913 [Edgar Payne monument]
Payne Jennie M. 1952 B1887 [Edgar Payne monument]
Payne John 1874 Nov 18 D ae 85/5/9 [born in Rhode Island]
Payne Kathaleen 19-- B1913; wife of Fenton Payne [Edgar Payne monument]
Payne Mary Doris 1977 B1928 [Edgar Payne monument]
Payne Myrna 1940 B1938
Payne Sarah [Voak] 1871 May 14 D ae 76/7/29; wife of John Payne [& daughter of John & Rachel Voak]
Peck Jane Wilkins 1991 Feb 21 B1917 Feb 8 [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Perry Elizabeth # 1895 Aug 8 D ae 68/1/14 in Jerusalem, born in England [town record]
Presley Mary 1851 Sep 18 D ae 83; wife of Jeremiah Presley
Rector Emma 1920 B1848 [Emma Rector monument]
Rector Frank F. 1950 B1878 [Emma Rector monument]
Rector infant 1909 B1909; child of Frank & Laura Rector [Emma Rector monument]
Rector Laura B. Heckman 1917 B1879; wife of Frank Rector [Emma Rector monument]
Rector Mary S. Demerest m B1877; wife of Frank F. Rector [Emma Rector monument]
Rector Mildred F. 1909 B1900; daughter of Frank & Laura Rector [Emma Rector monument]
Reed James 1851 Feb 19 D ae 87/27 days
Reed Rebecca 1843 Aug 16 D ae 73/4/7; wife of James Reed
Reynolds Martin Wilbur 1848 Aug 6 D ae 4/3/6; son of H. L. & H. D. Reynolds
Rhodes B. F. m Civil War: Co. G, 14th NYHA [next to Holcombs]
Robertson Benona Gardner? 1847 Apr 8 D ae 1/8/16; son of George T. & Catharine M. Robertson
Robertson Catherine M[aria] 1894 Jan 5 B1821 May 19; wife of George T. Robertson
Robertson Emma S. 1863 Aug 31 D ae 9/11/13; daughter of George T. & Catharine Robertson
Robertson George T. 1885 Aug 12 B1815 Jan 3
Robertson Jo---a Rosetta m D ae 2/1/?; daughter of George & Julia Robertson
Robertson Mary Viletta 1863 Sep l D ae 5?/7 of diphtheria; daughter of George & Julia J. Robertson
Robertson Robert 1852 Mar 21 D ae 58
Robertson Sophia Y. # 1867 Jan 23 D ae 57; wife of Robert Robertson
Rodman Carl A. 1949 Jul 23 B1880 Aug 26
Rodman Frances M. 1960 Feb 6 B1886 Apr 16 [wife of Carl A. Rodman]
Rodman Lanah # 1923 Apr 20 [MWF: died at Willard, age 76; widowed]
Ross Josephine A. 1982 B1936; wife of Robert Lee Ross
Ross Robert Lee 1990 B1932
Rugar Essie Grow 1924 B1868; wife of Lewis M. Rugar Jr.
Rugar Fred E. 1982 B1900
Rugar Harry L. 1979 B1897
Rugar Lewis M. Jr. 1925 B1867
Rugar Lewis M. [Sr.] 1918 B1830 [son of Moses L. & Margaret Rugar] [Lewis M. Rugar monument]
Rugar M. Edith 1972 B1899; wife of Harry L. Rugar
Rugar Margaret L. 1898 B1860 [Lewis M. Rugar monument]
Rugar Margaret [Taylor] 1887 Nov 14 B1799 Mar 12; wife of Moses L. Rugar [& daughter of James & Elizabeth Thompson Taylor]
Rugar Mariah 1828 Oct 8 D ae 21; wife of Thomas Rugar, Esq.
Rugar Mary E. Comstock 1895 B1834; wife of Lewis M. Rugar [Sr.] [Lewis M. Rugar monument]
Rugar Moses L. 1884 May 17 B1799 Jun 15
Rugar Sarah A[nn Bain] [1853] [B1830; 1st wife of Elias V. Rugar & daughter of Peter P. & Polly Bain [broken stone]
Rugar Thomas, Esq. 1860 Aug 13 D ae 61
Rugar Viola A. 1966 B1901; wife of Fred E. Rugar
Ruger Sarah Ann 1851 Jul 2 D ae 9 months; daughter of Elias V. & Sarah A. Ruger
Scott Bert A. 1930 B1873 [Bert Scott monument]
Scott Bertha M[ay] 1970 Jun 28 B1889 Aug 22; wife of Roy A. Scott [Chas Scott monument]
Scott Charles H. 1926 Jan 8 B1846 Dec 18 [Chas Scott monument]
Scott Clara J. 1925 B1878; wife of Bert A. Scott [Bert Scott monument]
Scott Edward H. 1915 B1847
Scott Lloyd E. 1968 B1902
Scott Lucille K. 1990 B1907; wife of Lloyd E. Scott
Scott M. Leah 1909 B1909; daughter of Bert & Clara Scott [Bert Scott monument]
Scott Mary Adell Orcutt 1908 Sep 5 B1856 May 6; wife of Charles H. Scott [Chas Scott monument]
Scott Roy A. 1924 Aug 11 B1891 Oct 4 [Chas Scott monument]
Scott Sarah E. Voak 1907 B1848; wife of Edward H. Scott
Seager Edward H. 1933 B1905 [son of Sidney & Elizabeth Seager]
Secor David 1880 [B1801] [stone very worn]
Secor Elizabeth [Ackerman] 1885 B1819 [wife of David Secor] [Wm G. Ackerman monument]
Secor Isaac 1850 Feb 8 B1792 Nov 29
Secor Robert 1877 Oct 3 D ae 77/11/15 [broken stone]
Secor Sarah Reed [Bentley] 1885 Jun 13 B1798 Apr 20; wife of Isaac Secor & widow of T. Bentley
Shoemaker Caroline I. 1906 B1842 [wife of John W. Shoemaker]
Shoemaker Eliza L. 1891 Nov 7 B1869 Apr 3; daughter of John W. & Caroline I. Shoemaker
Shoemaker John W. 1884 Apr 15 D ae 43/9/20
Siedel Louis G. 1938 B1862
Siedel Lucretia Hall 1930 B1863; wife of Louis G. Siedel
Slaughter Albert Irvin 1863 Aug 11 D ae 4/7/11; son of Mary J. & John Slaughter Jr.
Slaughter Ann 1882 B1806; wife of Jeremiah Slaughter [Jeremiah Slaughter monument]
Slaughter Jeremiah 1897 B1808 [Jeremiah Slaughter monument]
Slaughter Julia A[raminta Winants] 1895 B1849; wife of Sheldon H. Slaughter [& daughter of James P. & Julia Dean Winants] [Jeremiah Slaughter monument]
Slaughter Mary 1861 Mar 9 D ae 80/11; wife of John Slaughter
Slaughter Sheldon H. 1930 B1831 [Jeremiah Slaughter monument]
Soles Freeman # 1884 Jul 18 D ae 71/2 in Benton, son of Abraham & Maria Hoose Soles [town record]
Stanley Jennifer Sue 1989 Feb 20 B1973 Oct 26
Stape Elizabeth C. m B1904 [James Watkins monument]
Stiles Armarilla 1856 Dec 20 D ae 25/2/20
Stiles Isaac 1861 Mar 3 D ae 31
Stiles Isaac 1851 Aug 2 D ae 61/6/1
Stiles Rachel # 1889 Nov 25 D ae 69/1 day in Penn Yan; daughter of Isaac & Sarah Stiles [village record]
Stiles Sarah 1870 Jul 23 Wife of Isaac Stiles
Stryker Abraham I. 1865 Aug 20 D ae 74/1/24
Stryker Ellen A. 1837 Feb 3 D ae 2/2/20; daughter of Abram & Mary Stryker
Stryker Jane S. 1843 [B1819]; daughter of Abram & Mary Stryker [very worn]
Stryker John F. 1840 Mar 10 D ae 18; son of Abram & Mary Stryker
Stryker Mary 1867 Apr 8 D ae 75/6/24; wife of Abraham I. Stryker
Vandevort Emma 1868 Feb 26 D ae 20/6/21; daughter of William & Fanny [Hall] Vandevort
Voak Abigail [Walling] 1850 Oct 30 D ae 43/5/21; wife of Joseph Voak [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Adah E. 1966 B1897; wife of Frank W Voak
Voak Carrie Oneida Wells 1917 B1864; wife of Dexter Voak
Voak Charles Asbury 1857 Jul 30 D ae 16/10/5 [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Charles Colson 1862 Apr 14 D ae 1/2/25 [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Charles Franklin # 1887 Aug 24 D ae 4 months and 2 days in Benton, son of William B. & Jessie R. Voak [town record]
Voak Charlotte A. 1944 B1884; wife of Clarence S. Voak
Voak Clara 1886 Dec 11 B1851 Oct 15
Voak Clarence S. 1969 B1887
Voak Clayson W. 1966 B1887
Voak Dexter J. 1943 B1862 [son of John & Rachel Scott Voak]
Voak Frank W. 1963 B1901
Voak Glenn B. 1984 Oct 26 B1927 Jul 29 [Chas Scott monument]
Voak Helen E. 1886 Sep 6 B1864 Jun 16; wife of Horace G. Voak
Voak Helen R. Scott 1986 Jul 25 B1894 Nov 22 [Chas Scott monument]
Voak Isaac F. 1864 Sep 13 B1834 Jun 2 [son of Josiah & Lucretia Voak; Civil War] [Josiah Voak monument]
Voak Isaac 1834 Jun 18 D ae 40 [born 1795 Mar 22, son of John Sr. & Rachel Voak]
Voak James 1874 Feb 20 B1791 Jan 16 [son of John Sr. & Rachel Voak] [James Voak monument]
Voak Jennie Abigail 1865 Aug 27 D ae 2/10/5 [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Jessie R. Allen 1925 B1862; wife of William B. Voak
Voak John [Sr.] [1849 Dec 26] [B1768 in New Jersey, died in Benton] [broken stone]
Voak John 1904 May 9 B1827 Jul 13 [son of James & Rebecca Hall Voak] [James Voak monument]
Voak Joseph 1884 Feb 11 D ae 82 [born 1801 Dec 10, son of John Sr. & Rachel Voak] [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Josiah D. 1901 Jun 20 B1809 Jan 1 [son of John Sr. & Rachel Voak] [Josiah Voak monument]
Voak Lucretia S. [Wyman] 1888 May 8 B1810 May 18; wife of Josiah D. Voak [& daughter of Stephen Wyman]
Voak Margaret N. [Scott] 1860 Apr 27 D ae 33/8/19; wife of A. Dennis Voak [& daughter of William & Margaret Scott]
Voak Mary R. 1878 Jan 7 D ae 26/2/26; daughter of John & Rachel Voak [James Voak monument]
Voak Mary 1834 May 4 Daughter of A. & M. Voak [stone partially buried]
Voak Myron Lindsley 1862 Jun l3 D ae 7/6 [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Nancy 1853 Apr 13 D ae 47/10/21; 2nd wife of Samuel Voak
Voak Olin S. 1889 Nov 28 B1851 Oct 2
Voak Palmer Walling 1842 Apr 25 D ae 7/27 days [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak Rachel [Dyer] 1845 Dec 1 [D ae 82] wife of John Voak [& daughter of Josiah Dyer Jr.] [stone partially buried]
Voak Rachel S[cott] 1885 Oct 2 B1824 Sep 24; wife of John Voak [James Voak monument]
Voak Rebecca [Hall] 1883 Apr 1 B1800 Mar 15; wife of James Voak [& daughter of Jesse Hall] [James Voak monument]
Voak Stanley R. 1961 Apr 15 B1889 Oct 11 [Chas Scott monument]
Voak Verna G. 1918 B1889 [wife of Clayson W. Voak]
Voak Wealthy [Owen] 1874 May 8 D ae 49/6/4; 2nd wife of Joseph Voak [Joseph Voak monument]
Voak William B. 1923 B1855
Voak Willis 1886 Dec 31 B1886 Aug 7; son of H. G. & H. Voak
Watkins Elizabeth Lewis 1905 B1850; wife of James Watkins [James Watkins monument]
Watkins James 1924 B1842 [James Watkins monument]
Watkins James S. 1951 B1894 [James Watkins monument]
Wayand Abby B. 1915 B1837; wife of Michael Wayand [Michael Wayand monument]
Wayand Alice [Seager] m B1902; wife of Michael Wayand
Wayand Andrew B. 1917 B1871 [Michael Wayand monument]
Wayand Laura Seidel 1948 B1872; wife of Andrew B. Wayand [Michael Wayand monument]
Wayand Leon 1934 B1872 [Michael Wayand monument]
Wayand Lora Hall 1960 B1875; wife of Leon Wayand [Michael Wayand monument]
Wayand Michael 1929 B1841 [Michael Wayand monument]
Wayand Michael A. 1974 B1897
Wayand Treva 1989 B1901 [Michael Wayand monument]
Wells Bertha E. 1962 B1872 [W. W. Wells plot]
Wells David 1889 B1820 [David Wells plot]
Wells Emma 1876 B1858 [David Wells plot]
Wells George Marion 1937 B1860 [David Wells plot]
Wells Louise M. Becker [1891] Sep 2 B1872 Jul 11; wife of Weston W. Wells [W. W. Wells plot]
Wells Miranda 1883 B1826 [David Wells plot]
Wells Roswell B. 1883 Sep 8 B1827 Nov 21
Wells Weston C. 1950 B1924 [W. W. Wells plot]
Wells Weston W. 1937 B1869 [W. W. Wells plot]
Wheat Arliny C. 1860 [Feb] B1858 [Calvin Wheat monument]
Wheat Calvin 1860 [Jan] B1819 [Calvin Wheat monument]
Wheat Corintha 1902 B1824; wife of Calvin Wheat [Calvin Wheat monument]
Wheat John S. 1854 Dec 9 D ae 58/?/11
Wheat Marsena E. 1847 Mar 28 B1845, died age 1/9 [Calvin Wheat monument]
Wheeler Justus # 1902 May 21 D ae 85 in Jerusalem, at the County House [town record]
Wheeler Stella Newcomb 1904 Nov 4 B1863 May 24; wife of D. B. Wheeler [James Newcomb monument]
Whitney James 1847 Jun 8 D ae 32/9/20
Wilkins Charles A. 1960 Mar 22 B1888 Oct 21 [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Wilkins Effie Mae 1958 Sep 12 B1887 Aug 28; wife of Charles A. Wilkins [Geo. Newcomb monument]
Winans Harry F. 1865 Sep 18 D ae 4/7/14; “Little Harry”; son of James P. & Julia A. [Dean] Winans
Winans James Augustus 1862 Oct 19 D ae 18/3/13 at Macon, Georgia; son of James P. & Julia A. Winans; Civil War [same stone as Harry F. Winans]

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