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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter


VanZandt Cemetery: Notes

VanZandt cemetery

This family plot, now one of the town's?lost?cemeteries, was said to have been located on a knoll in the field. Broken stones were found by earlier readers in an adjoining hedgerow, and two footstones were reported in later years in the area.

The burials were supposed to have been reinterred in Nettle Valley Cemetery, but no records exist of this happening, and no marked graves exist anywhere in the town for the members of the family said to have been buried here.

It is often called the Barber or the VanZandt/Barber cemetery.


VanZandt Cemetery: Burials

Barber Anna VanZandt # 1848 Daughter of Nicholas & Ida Sutfin Vanzandt & wife of Jeremiah Barber
Barber Jeremiah # 1860
Barber Elijah # 1818 Apr 21 D ae 2 months; son of Jeremiah & Anna VanZandt Barber
Schenck William # 1822 Aug 30 D ae 1/1/28; son of John & Maria VanZandt Schenck
VanZandt Charity Stout # 1849 Nov 20 D ae 57/9/6; wife of Garret VanZandt
VanZandt Cyrus William # 1843 Jan 22 D ae 1/22 days; son of Henry & Mary VanZandt

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