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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter

Shuman Cemetery: Notes

Shuman cemetery The cemetery is named for Jacob Shuman (most likely originally spelled Schumann), a man said to have been a Hessian soldier during the Revolution who was captured as a prisoner of war and never went home afterward. It is certain that he came to Potter from Pennsylvania and was joined by other ethnic Germans from the same state. Still later a large group of Alsatian families arrived and the whole neighborhood was known as the Dutch Settlement.

St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church had its origins with these people and its 19th century records were written in German.These records were used to enhance the reading which follows. The Record of the Elsasser Congregation documents the community and its people, containing baptisms, confirmations, marriages and lists of communicants, as well as deaths and burials, from 1842 to 1888; the record was transliterated, translated and then transcribed for the Yates County Historian. Some of the information has been abstracted here, but anyone interested in the community should certainly consult the record in its entirety.

The cemetery is today exquisitely maintained by an active association; a large number of the more recent burials bear the same surnames as those buried there in the 19th century from the Elsasser Congregation. It is particularly important to check all alternate spellings on this list, as many of these surnames have been changed (usually, but not always, simplified) in the intervening 150 years.

Shuman Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Slate stone in Clark plot, inscription gone]
---- ---- 1863? Apr 14 D ae 1 or 4 [stone very worn]
---- Fredrick m Son of Henry? ---- [a child, stone very worn]
---- Henry 1859 Feb 24 D ae 27/7/26 [broken stone]
---- Jacob 1836? Jan 11 D ae 1 month 8 days; son of Jacob? & --- ---
---- Mary 1846 Mar 23 D ae 15 days; daughter of -?- & -?- [stone very worn]
---- Michael 18?? --- 20 D ae 4 months 27 days [stone very worn]
Adam baby m [Stone with Fred & Caroline Adam, no dates]
Adam Caroline S[tape] 1916 [Feb 16] B1847; wife of Fred Adam [MWF: died in Potter, age 72/6/1; married, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Conrad Stape, both born in Germany]
Adam Eustace 1957 B1878 [Eustace Adam plot]
Adam Fred[erick] 1924 [Nov 21] B1840 [May 21]; [MWF: born in Germany, lived and died in Potter, age 84/5/7; widowed, son of Frederick and Louise Oswald Adam, both born in Germany]
Adam Frederick 1905 B1904 [Eustace Adam plot]
Adam Hattie 1966 B1883 [wife of Eustace Adam] [Eustace Adam plot]
Adam Mildred H. m B1914 [wife of Milford J. Adam]
Adam Milford J. 1962 B1910
Adam Thelma [Louise] 1903 [Sep 21] B1903 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 3; funeral charged to Eustace Adam] [Eustace Adam plot]
Ames Lillie M. 1990 B1910; wife of Nathan E. Ames
Ames Nathan E[dward] 1978 [Dec] B1913
Armstrong Elizabeth 1825 Jan 22 D ae 1/11/22
Baker Frederick 1918 Aug 12 B1846 May 20 [MWF: surname given as Backer; born on the Ocean 20 May 1846, died in Potter, age 72/2/23; married, son of Frederick Backer Sr., born in Germany]
Baker Mary Wettling m B1851 May 31; wife of Frederick Baker
Barber ---- # 1920 Oct 1 [MWF: died in Rochester, age 73]
Bassage Claude B. 1904 Apr 2 B1872 Dec 18
Bassage Dora S. 1966 B1881; wife of Claude B. Bassage
Bender Barbary 1859 Feb 24 D ae 27/7/26; wife of Henry Bender [broken stone]
Bender Caroline 1890 Apr 22 B1834 Feb 6; wife of George Bender
Bender George 1897 Mar 13 B1822 Jun 10
Bender George J[ohan] 1861 Sep 23 B1780 Sep 10 in France, died age 81/12 days [son of Johan & Dorothy Bauer Bender]
Bender Louisa 1857 Mar 9 D ae 17/4/2; daughter of Michael & Margaret Bender
Bender Margaret Warner # 1883 May 26 D ae 81/6/10; wife of Michael Bender & daughter of Samuel Warner
Bender Michael [Sr.] 1851 Nov 24 D ae 50/3
Bender Saloma [Hershinger] 1873 Feb 13 B1789 Jul 17, died age 83/6/27; wife of George J. Bender
Bergstreser Abraham 1857 Jul 26 D ae 15/17 days [David Bergstreser monument]
Bergstreser Catherine 1850 Apr 18 D ae 14/4 days; daughter of John & Mary Bergstresser
Bergstreser David 1882 Apr 13 D ae 72 [born in Seneca Co., NY; son of Christopher & Barbery Bergstreser] [David Bergstreser monument]
Bergstreser Henry 1858 Mar 13 D ae 21/13 days [David Bergstreser monument]
Bergstreser Jacob 1841 Aug 10 D ae 1/13 days [David Bergstreser monument]
Bergstreser Mary 1836 May 13 D ae 25/8/3
Bergstreser Moses 1906 Sep 2 B1847 Nov 2 [David Bergstreser monument]
Bergstresser Albert A. 1964 B1883 [son of Henry P. Bergstresser] [plot with H. P. Bergstresser monument]
Bergstresser Andrew 1891 Feb 2 B1811 Aug 3 [son of Christopher & Barbery Bergstresser] [Andrew Bergstresser plot]
Bergstresser Elizabeth A. [Hoeltzel] 1894 Dec 2 B1812 Sep 2; wife of Andrew Bergstresser [Andrew Bergstresser plot]
Bergstresser Elizabeth [Smith] 1898 May 22 D ae 80; wife of David Bergstreser [David Bergstresser monument]
Bergstresser George 1892 B1840 [Andrew Bergstresser plot]
Bergstresser Henry P. 1927 Feb 22 B1843 May 21 [H. P. Bergstresser monument]
Bergstresser Laura B. 1898 Jul 24 B1878 Feb 5 [daughter of Henry P. Bergstresser] [H. P. Bergstresser monument]
Bergstresser Margaret H. 1930 Oct 22 B1848 Jun 5 [wife of Henry P. Bergstresser] [H. P. Bergstresser monument]
Bley Barbara 1844 Dec 6 D ae 71/8; wife of J. Michael Bley
Bley George 1865 Apr 5 B1806 Mar 20 [in Alsace; son of Michael & Barbara Bley]
Bley George 1867 Jan 2 D ae 32/11/16 [son of George & Barbara Hetchler Bley]
Bley Henry 1845 Sep 8 D ae 5 weeks; son of Henry & Elizabeth Bley
Bley J. Michael 1834 Sep 24 D ae 63
Bley Sarah 1890 Jan 8 D ae 51/4/20; wife of George Bley
Bowerman Sally 1832 Mar 29 D ae 13/9/15; daughter of John & Barbara Bowerman
Bowerman Sarah 1828 Oct 7 D ae 1/13 days; daughter of Jacob & Mary Bowerman
Bradbury Dewitt 1946 B1881
Bradbury Maud 1947 B1895 [wife of Dewitt Bradbury]
Breidenbecker Elizabeth 1830 Sep 13 D ae 51/8/21; wife of M[ichael] Briedenbecker
Breidenbecker Michael 1834 Sep 30 D ae 58/10/5
Buckelew Margaret 1832 Apr 25 D ae 1/5/3; daughter of R. & S. Buckelew
Buckelew Sarah 1858 Jan 12 D ae 65/5/14; wife of Richard Buckelew
Buckelew William 1834? Aug 29 D ae 9 months 11 days; son of R. & S. Buckelew
Chapman [Margaret] Sophia 1939 B1851; wife of Walter S. Chapman
Clark Byron F. 1923 [Feb 13] B1859 [MWF: born 11 March 1860 in Potter, died there age 62/11/2; single, son of Orson (born in Jamestown, N.Y.) and Sybil (born in Potter) Clark] [Orison G. Clark monument]
Clark Carey 1830 Apr 17 D ae 98/4/23 in Middlesex
Clark Desire 1815 Feb 11 D ae 76; wife of Carey Clark
Clark Franklin Jerome 1836 Mar 21 D ae 3; only son of Sylvester & Polly Clark
Clark George 1841 Jul 14 D ae 72/6/19 [son of Carey Clark]
Clark John D. 1860 Sep 29 D ae 51/11/17 [son of George & Ruth Clark]
Clark Orison G. 1896 B1835 [Orison G. Clark monument]
Clark Polly [Strunk] 1864 Jan 2 D ae 61/7/3; wife of Sylvester Clark
Clark Rodman 1844 May 9 D ae 31 [son of George & Ruth Clark]
Clark Ruth [Taylor] 1847 Apr 19 D ae 63/1; wife of George Clark
Clark Susan Ann 1841 May 20 D ae 17/6/24; daughter of Sylvester & Polly Clark
Clark Sylvester 1845 May 11 D ae 47/9 [son of George & Ruth Clark]
Clark Sylvia J. [Clark] 1909 [Jan 23] B1834; wife of Orison Clark [& daughter of Sylvester & Polly Clark] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 75] [Orison G. Clark monument]
Clarke Elsie T. 1981 B1895 [wife of William W Clarke]
Clarke William W. 1981 B1903
Clauss Christian 1920 May 24 B1839 Mar 31; died age 81/1/24
Clauss Elizabeth 1892 Apr 4 B1845 Apr 28, died age 46/11/6; wife of Christian Clauss
Cook Dewitt Clinton 1843 Oct 8 D ae 21/7; son of Jesse & Harriet Cook
Davis Rose 1938 B1874 [wife of Warren Davis]
Davis Warren 1956 B1874
Dibbins Mary m D ae 90
Dinger Clayson E. m B1883 Sep 14
Dinger Harold C. 1923 Nov 25 B1923 Nov 18; son of C. L. & A. M. Dinger
Dinger Harry O. m B1880 May 24
Dinger Lillian M. m B1887 Mar 8
Dinger Lois A. m B1883 Apr 7
Dinger Magdalena 1923 B1851; “Mother”
Dinger William L. 1907 B1877; “Son”
Dinturff Daniel 1866 Aug 26 D ae 2 months 7 days; son of Philip & Nancy [Windnagle] Dinturff
Dinturff infant 1860 May 13 Son of Philip & Nancy Dinturff
Dinturff infant 1861 Mar 30 Daughter of Philip & Nancy Dinturif
Dunn Sarah 1841 Apr 7 D ae 7/3 days; daughter of [Abram & Charlotte] Dunn [stone very worn]
Dutch Barbrey [Hetchler] 1857 Jun 12 D ae 93/6/3; wife of Frederick Dutch [born 1763 Oct 9 at Elizabethtown, Penn.]
Dutch Frederick 1834 Oct 11 D ae 72
Erwin Robert W. 1974 May 20 B1906 Sep 17; [WWII:] tec/5, U.S. Army
Fatzinger Dorothy 1859 Apr 15 D ae 20/7 days; daughter of George & Mary M. Fatzinger [Fatzinger monument]
Fatzinger George 1859 Apr 12 D ae 56/4 [Fatzinger monument, erected by Sarah Fatzinger]
Fatzinger Mary M[agdalena] Ketterer 1875 May 13 D ae 72/2; wife of George Fatzinger [Fatzinger monument]
Faulstich Charles E. 1871 Feb 6 D ae 9/11/11; son of J. G[eorge] & Barbara Faulstich
Faulstich George H. 1868 Mar 16 D ae 17/18 days; son of J. G[eorge] & Barbara Faulstich
Faulstich Henry M. 1872 Apr 27 D ae 2/1/18; son of Philip & Caroline [Ketterer] Faulstich
Faulstick Caroline K. 1919 B1847 [wife of Philip H. Faulstick]
Faulstick Julia C[aroline] 1869 Mar 29 D ae 10 days; daughter of Philip & Caroline [Ketterer] Faulstich
Faulstick Philip H. 1913 B1845
Feagles Barbary A. # 1859 Nov D ae 21 in Potter; married [mortality schedule]
Fenner George 19[18 Sep 11] B1829 [MWF: born 2 Feb. 1827 in Germany, died in Potter, age 91/7/9; son of Peter and Magdalena Hey Fenner, both born in Germany]  [Geo. Fenner monument]
Fenner George H. 1901 Feb 15 B1864 Oct 27 [son of George Fenner] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 36] [Geo. Fenner monument]
Fenner Louisa [1864 Feb 9] B1861 Mar 18; daughter of George & Salomea Fenner [stone partially buried]
Fenner Magdalene 1872 Feb 23 D ae 83/4/24; wife of Peter Fenner
Fenner Peter 1832 Sep 21 D ae 18/7/21; son of Peter & Magdeline [Hein] Fenner
Fenner Peter 1838 Dec 11 D ae 52
Fenner Saloma Hey 1913 [Apr 14] B1833; wife of George Fenner [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 80 and 1 month; married, daughter of George and Saloma Hey] [Geo. Fenner monument]
Forbes Anna M. Tomion m B1914 Aug 9; wife of Ned Forbes
Forbes Ned 1985 Sep 27 B1917 Dec 29
Frey Benjamin # 1856 Apr 3 D ae 4 months 14 days; son of Ludwig & Salomea Frey
Frey Charles L[udwig] 1873 [Mar 26] B1872 [Nov 22; son of Louis & Salome Frey] [Louis Frey plot]
Frey Daniel 1862 Oct 11 [B1847 Jun 5] son of George & Magdaline [Haushalter] Frey [stone partially buried]
Frey Eugene O. 1890 B1860
Frey Jacob Carey 1865 Jan 5 D ae 22/11/11; son of George & Magdalena Frey; Civil War: Co. I, 98th NY; died in hospital at Point [of] Rocks, Virginia
Frey Lewis Philip 1859 Jul 17 D ae 8 months 26 days; son of George & Catharine Frey
Frey Louis 1905 B1835 [Louis Frey plot]
Frey Philip B. 1854 Apr 3 D ae 1 month 14 days; son of Lewis & Saloma Frey
Frey Salome [Schweickhard] 1921 [Feb 21] B1839; wife of Louis Frey [MWF: born 12 June 1839 in Potter, died there age 81/8/16; widowed, daughter of Benjamin and Saloma Hoeltzel Schweickhard, both born in Germany; funeral services at home of George Lazarus] [Louis Frey plot]
Gannon Abram 1865 Jun 2 D ae 21/5 days; son of Benjamin & Caroline Gannon; Civil War: [8th NYHA]
Gelder Estella 1919 [Jan 24] B1879 [wife of Fred Gelder] [MWF: born 27 July 1879 in Potter, died there age 39/5/28; married, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Tomion Reifsteck, both born in Potter]
Gelder Fred 1957 B1875
Gelder Hattie Mae m B1921 [wife of Herbert V. Gelder]
Gelder Henry # 1903 Jan 30 [MWF: died in Potter, age 84; funeral charged to Philip Reifsteck]
Gelder Herbert V. 1975 B1917
Gelder infant # 1915 Oct 1 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 4 months; child of Fred Gelder, born in Potter]
Giesy Barbara # 1856 Sep 25 D ae 42/6; wife of George Giesy
Green Elizabeth 1911 [Dec 21] B1823 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Gorham at the home of J. Kindleberger, age 88/10/14; widowed] [Jacob Kindelberger plot]
Green Flora Marie # 1917 Mar 13 [MWF: died age 4 weeks and 2 days; daughter of Lawrence B. (born in Penn.) and Grace Sullivan (born in N.Y. state) Green]
Hall Lois 1833 Jul 14 D ae 19/10/9; wife of Isaac Hall
Hall Phebe 1832 Oct 28 D ae 61; wife of Abner C. Hall
Harilaou Georgios A. 1982 B1942
Harilaou Mildred E. m B1948 [wife of Georgios Harilaou]
Hartle Justina M. 1987 Sep 5 B1982 Aug 26
Haushalter Barbary [Honig] 1859 Mar 3 D ae 43; wife of Michael Haushalter
Haushálter Catharine # 1854 May 31 D ae 13/7; daughter of Michael & Lea Haushalter
Haushalter Catharmne M[aria] 1867 Jun 17 B1787 Oct 29 in Elsalzus Canton, Hassommbourg?, France; wife of Michael Haushalter [& daughter of Johan George & Magdalena Lorenz Schweickhardt]
Haushalter Catherine [Magdalena] Lazarus 1849 Oct 29 D ae 25/7/24 wife of Jacob Haushaltér daughter of Jacob & Catherine Lazurus [b France] [two stones, one very worn]
Haushalter Christina # 1848 Nov 22 D ae 4/8/4
Haushalter Daniel # 1867 Jan 1 D ae 13/7 days; son of Michael & Lea Hetchler Haushalter
Haushalter Daniel Jacob # 1849 Nov 19 D ae 1 month [mortality schedule]
Haushalter Michael 1853 Apr 15 D ae 1/6/20; son of Michael & L. Haushalter
Haushalter Michael 1840 Oct 3 D ae 57
Haushaulter Daniel 1849 Nov 20 D ae 30 days; son of Jacob & Catherine M. Haushaulter
Hausholder Fredrich 1853 May 1 D ae 6/11/4; son of Michael & L[ayah] Hausholder
Hausholder Layah 1854 May 21 D ae 38; wife of Michael Hausholder
Hausholder Rachel 1853 Mar 29 D ae 17/3/4; daughter of Michael & L[ayah] Hausholder
Helarman Louisa 1860 Feb 19 [D ae 62/11/14, born in Switzerland] wife of Jacob Helarman [stone partially buried]
Herbert Raymond Lloyd 1972 Sep 5 B1909 Jan 1; WWII: st/sgt., USAAC
Herman Barbara 1892 Sep 27 B1831 Nov 6, died age 60/10/21; wife of George Herman [George Herman monument]
Herman Barbara Ann 1859 Jan 10 D ae 5 months 7 days; [daughter of George Herman] [George Herman monument]
Herman Caroline 1866 Jan 13 B1858 [Jul 28; daughter of H. & Louisa Haas Herman] died age 7/5/16 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman Clarence A. 1971 B1885
Herman Cora Adell 1884 Nov 4 D ae 20/17 days [daughter of George & Barbara Bender Herman] [George Herman monument]
Herman Frederick 1865 Dec 21 B1856 [Apr 19; son of Henry & Louisa Herman] died age 9/8/2 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman George 1890 Feb 3 B1826 May 14; died age 63/8/20 [George Herman monument]
Herman George 1929 B1854
Herman George A. # 1884 May 14 D ae 4/10 in Benton; son of George 2d & Mary Wyand Herman [town record]
Herman Henry 1857 May 12 D ae 73/11/2
Herman Henry m B1821 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman infant m [Adjacent to Philip H. Herman]
Herman infant 1865 Jul 14 [In plot with Louisa Herman monument]
Herman Louisa 1902 [Apr 25] B1824; wife of Henry Herman [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 77] [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman Magdalena m B1851 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman Magdalena 1871 Mar 6 D ae 81/7/1; wife of Henry Herman
Herman Mary 1930 B1853; wife of George Herman
Herman Michael m B1852 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman Philip H. 1890 Jun 8 D ae 40/8?/21
Herman Saloma 1865 Dec 31 B1860 [Apr 3; daughter of Henry & Louisa Haas Herman] died age 5/8/28 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman William 1866 Jan 18 B1863 [Sep 25; daughter of Henry & Louisa Haas Herman] died age 2/3/24 [Louisa Herman monument]
Herman Willie A. 1884 May 14 D ae 4 months 10 days; son of George & Mary Herman
Hersha Catharine 1857 Jun 3 D ae 24/1/27; wife of Jacob B. Hersha
Hertel Catherine [Bley] 1925 [Mar 10] B1836 [Jan 18]; wife of John N. Hertel [MWF: lived and died in Potter, age 89/1/23; widowed, daughter of George (born in Germany) and Barbara Hetchler (born in Potter) Bley] [Hertel monument]
Hertel George 1869 [Mar 8] B1867 [Jul 2; son of John & Catherine Bley Hertel] [Hertel monument]
Hertel Ida B[ertha] 1884 [Feb 25] B1864 [Dec 19; daughter of John N. & Catherine Bley Hertel] [Hertel monument]
Hertel John N. 1915 [Jul 28] B1830 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 85/6/7; son of Nicholas and Sarah Hertel, both born in Germany] [Hertel monument]
Hetchler Leah # m D bet 1800-1810; wife of Nicholas Hetchler
Hetchler Nicholas 1855 Aug 6 D ae 84/3/22 [born in Penn.]
Hey Albert P. 1969 B1881
Hey Berlin S. 1979 B1895
Hey Bertha S. 1959 B1879 [daughter of Michael Hey] [Michael Hey monument]
Hey Bessie M. 1984 B1899; wife of Berlin S. Hey
Hey Bessie O. 19-- B1890 [wife of Albert P. Hey]
Hey Carl M. 1898 May 12 B1876 Jul 8 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 22; funeral charged to Michael Hey] [Martin Hey monument]
Hey Dorothea 1912 [Nov 30] B1834 [wife of George Hey] [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 78; single, daughter of George and Saloma Hey] [Geo. Hey monument]
Hey Ernest H. 1971 B1892
Hey Ethel P. 1891 B1898 [wife of Ernest H. Hey]
Hey Frederick E. 1944 B1872
Hey George 1914 [May 11] B1831 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 82; single, son of George and Saloma Hey, both born in Germany] [Geo. Hey monument]
Hey Harriet 1898 B1863; wife of William Hey [Seidel plot]
Hey Julius R. 1898 May 9 B1883 Apr 16 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 15 and 22 days; funeral charged to Michael Hey] [Martin Hey monument]
Hey Lena Burg 1948 B1855; wife of Michael Hey [Michael Hey monument]
Hey Lewis # 1920 Jul 10 [MWF: born 4 May 1879 in Potter, died there age 41/2/6; married, son of Martin (born in Germany) and Louisa Wyand (born in Seneca, Ontario Co.) Hey]
Hey Louisa [Wyand] 1920 Mar 14 B1843 Jan 21; wife of Martin Hey [MWF: born 21 January 1843 in Seneca, Ontario Co., died in Potter, age 77/1/22; married, daughter of Andrew and Dorothea Fenner Wyand, both born in Germany] [Martin Hey monument]
Hey Lydia O. 1964 B1879 [wife of William G. Hey]
Hey Lydia R. 1937 B1887 [wife of Frederick Hey]
Hey Magdalena [Bley] 1917 [Feb 11] B1829 [wife of George Hey] [MWF: born in Germany, died in Geneva; married, daughter of George and Magdalena Bley] [Geo. Hey monument]
Hey Margaret # 1898 Feb 18 [MWF: born in Potter]
Hey Martin 1923 Mar 27 B1841 Sep 29 [Martin Hey monument]
Hey Michael 1919 B1848 [Michael Hey monument]
Hey William G. 1957 B1868
Hirleman Catherine 1908 Feb 20 B1838 Feb 29 [wife of Frederick Hirleman] [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 69; widowed] [Hirleman monument]
Hirleman Freddie 1874 Sep 26 B1866 Sep 16 [son of Frederick & Catharine Staep Hirleman] [Hirleman monument]
Hirleman Frederick 1895 May 2 B1828 Apr 26 [Hirleman monument]
Hirleman Henry G. 1895 Oct 1 B1864 May 26 [Hirleman monument]
Hobey Robert # 1905 Sep 9 [MWF: died in Potter, age 9]
Hoeltzel [Dorothy Sa]lome 1874 Jan 2 D ae 91/3/4; wife of Philip G. Hoeltzel [maiden name Breidenbucher] [stone broken]
Hoeltzel George # 1860 Jan D ae 84 in Potter, born in France [mortality schedule]
Hoeltzel infant 1833 Mar 30 B1833 Mar 30; son of --- & Susan Hoeltzel [Hoeltzel monument, very worn]
Hoeltzel infant 1838 Nov 22 B1838 Nov 22; son of --- & Susan Hoeltzel [Hoeltzel monument, very worn]
Hoeltzel Philip G[eorge] 1859 Jun 6 [D ae 83/7/5] [stone partially buried]
Holton Harvey # 1911 Feb 8 [MWF: born in Steuben Co., died in Potter, age 82; widowed, son of James and Sarah Holton, both born in N.Y.]
Holton James 1865 Sep 12 D ae 80/3; son of William & Mary Holton [Holton monument]
Holton Mary 1833 Sep 5 D ae 79; wife of William M. Holton [Holton monument]
Holton Mary L. 1887 May 9 B1825 Mar 27; daughter of James & Rachel Holton [Holton monument]
Holton Rachel 1875 Mar 23 D ae 77; wife of James Holton [Holton monument]
Holton Samuel 1869 Mar 25 D ae 82; son of William & Mary Holton [Holton monument]
Holton Samuel W. 1835 Jun 2 D ae 11/11; son of James & Rachel Holton [Holton monument]
Holton Thomas 1852 Nov 8 D ae 30/10; son of James & Rachel Holton [Holton monument]
Holton William 1832 Dec 12 B1751, died age 81; son of Francis & Mary Holton; Revolutionary War: 6th Battalion, Philadelphia, Penn. Militia [Holton monument]
Honig Daniel # 1855 Mar 22 D ae 76; husband of Margaretha Honig
Irwin Catharine 1818 Apr 27 D ae 34/10/21; wife of John Irwin
Johnson Barbara # m Wife of J. M. Johnson
Johnson Eliza Almira 1850 Oct 26 D ae 30/9/9; wife of Rev L. Johnson
Jones Angeline Wayand 1898 B1858; wife of Martin Jones [Wayand plot]
Jones Joseph S. 1889 Oct 17 D ae 79
Jones Martha 1896 Aug 20 D ae 85. wife of Joseph S. Jones
Jones Martin 1931 B1862 [Wayand plot]
Jones William H. 1973 Jun 28 B1889 Mar 11; WWI: NY, U.S. Army
Joyce Sarah J. # 1904 Feb 17 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 15]
Kaler Henry 1831 Sep 17 D ae 64/4/24
Ketterer Caroline # 1957 B1866; wife of William A. Ketterer
Ketterer Carrie L. 1925 B1862 [wife of George F. Ketterer] [Geo. F. Ketterer monument]
Ketterer Cordelia 1978 B1874 [wife of Henry M. Ketterer] [Geo. Ketterer plot]
Ketterer Elizabeth Martin 1922 [Mar 7] B1828; wife of George Ketterer [Geo. Ketterer plot]
Ketterer Frederick 1909 B1836
Ketterer George # 1864 Aug 17 B1842 May 20; son of George & Magdalena Ketterer
Ketterer George 1911 B1825 [Geo. Ketterer plot]
Ketterer George F. 1921 B1860 [Geo. F. Ketterer monument]
Ketterer Henry 1881 Dec 1 D ae 65/6/15 [born in Alsace, son of Philip Heinrich & Anna Maria Hey Ketterer] [Henry Ketterer monument]
Ketterer Henry M. 1933 B1858 [Geo. Ketterer plot]
Ketterer Irene 1898 B1897 [Geo. F Ketterer monument]
Ketterer John G[eorge] 1867 Apr 27 D ae 68/11/15 [son of Johan Jacob & Catharine Bastian Ketterer]
Ketterer Johnnie 1846 Mar 25 D ae 15 days [Henry Ketterer monument]
Ketterer Lillie Jane 1882 [Jun 28] B1867 [Apr 14; daughter of George & Elizabeth Martin Ketterer] [Geo. Ketterer plot]
Ketterer Magdalena [Grasfel] 1867 Dec 6 D ae 68/9/9 wife of John G Ketterer
Ketterer Margaret 1957 B1871 [Geo. Ketterer plot]
Ketterer Mary Ann 1873 Sep 10 D ae 81/6/15; wife of Philip H. Ketterer
Ketterer Philip H. 1869 Feb 11 D ae 80/3/13
Ketterer Raymond O. m B1893
Ketterer Ruth J. m B1902 [wife of Raymond O. Ketterer]
Ketterer Saloma 1897 Sep 22 B1820 Aug 15; wife of Henry Ketterer [Henry Ketterer monument]
Ketterer Saloma 1916 [Aug 23] B1834 [wife of Frederick Ketterer] [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter; daughter of John and Magdalena Ketterer, both born in Germany]
Ketterer William A. # 1943 B1862
Ketterer William H. 1872 Apr 3 D ae 18/8/8 [son of Henry Ketterer] [Henry Ketterer monument]
Kindelberger George Frederick 1897 Mar 1 B1820 Mar 14
Kindelberger Jacob 19[12 Nov 1] B1857 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 64; son of Joseph Kindelberger, also born in Germany] [Jacob Kindelberger plot]
Kindelberger Philip [Heinrich] 1922 Mar 4 B1859 Sep 22; son of George Frederick Kindelberger
Kindelberger Rose 1941 B1861; wife of Jacob Kindelberger [Jacob Kindelberger plot]
Kindelberger Rose E. 1983 B1898 [Jacob Kindelberger plot]
Kindleberger Frederick G. 1977 Dec 30 B1904 Jan 12; WWII: tec/5, U.S. Army [Jacob Kindelberger plot]
Knapp Frank W. 1888 Apr 8 D ae 12; son of John & Elizabeth Knapp
Koehler Albert H. 1893 Aug 6 B1857 Aug 9
Koehler Alma B[arbara Ann] 1885 Feb 15 B1884 Feb 26; daughter of Albert H. [& Marianna Hermann] Koehler
Koehier Barbara Windnagle # 1859 Feb 24 D ae 27/7/6
Koehler Barbary Ann 1859 Nov 27 D ae 21/7/27; wife of Henry Koehler
Koehler Clinton [L.] 1896 [Jun 20] B1871 [died age 25/22 days in Penn Yan, son of Jacob & Emily Bergstresser Koehler] [Jacob Koehler monument]
Koehler Daniel [1864 Jun 12] [B1847 May 26] son of Frederick & Margret [Lorenz] Koehler [stone partially buried]
Koehler Dorthea 1914 B1840; wife of Henry Koehler
Koehler Elizabeth 1853 Apr 14 D ae 1; daughter of F. & M. Koehler
Koehler Elizabeth [Christina] [Berg] 1872 Jan 14 B1842, died age 30/2/24; wife of George Koehler
Koehler Emeline 1894 B1851; wife of Jacob Koehler [Jacob Koehler monument]
Koehler Fred J. 1916 B1841
Koehler Frederick 1840 Sep 16 D ae 57/1/1
Koehler Henry 1904 Apr 14 B1833 Jun 2
Koehler Jacob 1900 B1849 [Jacob Koehler monument]
Koehler John # 1846 Jan 23 D ae 15 days
Koehler Julia J[ane] 1875 Jun 21 D ae 9/20 days; daughter of Henry & Doratha [Wayand] Koehler
Koehler Louise 1936 B1846; wife of Fred J Koehler
Koehler Margaret Laurence # 1899 Jan 22 D ae 84/10/22 in Dresden, daughter of Daniel & Magdalena Laurence [village record]
Koehler Mary Alice 1888 Jun 15 D ae 26/2/22; daughter of Henry & Dorothea Koehler
Koehler Philip H. # 1867 Nov 26 D ae 63/4/21
Koehler Saloma 1918 [Jun 3] B1835 [Mar 13] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 83/2/23; daughter of Frederick and Margaret Koehler, both born in Germany]
Koehler Saloma [Lazarus] 1868 Oct 21 D ae 87/10/24; wife of Frederick Koehler
Kohler Magdalena 1855 Oct 8 D ae 88/1/12; wife of Henry Kohler
Kunow Alfred 1895 B1894 [Kunow monument]
Kunow Clara S. 1895 B1890 [Kunow monument]
Kunow Emily 1937 B1860 [wife of Fred D. Kunow] [Kunow monument]
Kunow Fred D. 1926 B1863 [Kunow monument]
Kutzel Saloma Hirlemann # 1869 Jul 21 D ae 42; wife of Jacob Kutzel
[Lain?] --- m [Buried stone adjacent to Jacob & Janette Lain]
Lain Jacob 1844 Jan 16 D ae 75/7 days
Lain Janette [Holton] 1843 Feb 12 D ae 59/8/27; wife of Jacob Lain [& daughter of William & Mary Lieper Holton]
Lain Orpha 1834 Oct 3 D ae 19/11/26; daughter of William & Sophia Lane
Lain Sophia [Cole] 1860 Jun 6 D ae 59/9/7; wife of William Lain
Lain William 1863 Feb 20 D as 62/5/10 [son of Jacob & Janette Lain]
Lane Orin 1893 Nov 27 B1831 Aug 24 [died in Middlesex, son of William Lane]
Lane Rebecca Dintruff 1860 Mar 18 D ae 26; wife of Orin Lane & daughter of Jacob & Rachel Dintruff
Laurson Beverly A. 1937 Aug 10 [Wild plot]
Lazarus Cathrine [Hoeltzel] 1889 Apr 5 D ae 73; wife of George M. Lazarus
Lazarus Daniel 1897 Apr 22 D ae 69/6/18 [Daniel Lazarus monument]
Lazarus George D. 1922 [Jul 15] B1853 [MWF: born 4 April 1853 in Potter, died in Rushville, age 69/3/11; married, son of Daniel (born in Potter) and Saloma Buck (born in Germany) Lazarus] [Daniel Lazarus monument]
Lazarus George J[acob] l869 Jun 27 D ae 84 [son of Jacob Lazarus]
Lazarus George M[ichael] 1876 Oct 23 D ae 61/4/4
Lazarus Jacob # 1899 Dec 2 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 88; funeral charged to George Wettling]
Lazarus Magdalena [Schweickhardt] 1877 Jan 13 D ae 90, wife of George J. Lazarus [born in Alsace, 1786 Sep 29]
Lazarus Mary A. Frey 1933 B1857; wife of George D. Lazarus [Daniel Lazarus monument]
Lazarus Philip G[eorge] 1864 May 4 D ae 14/9/25; son of George M. & Cathrine Lazarus
Lazarus Saloma 1911 Feb 25 D ae 82/8/18; wife of Daniel Lazarus [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 82] [Daniel Lazarus monument]
Lazarus William 1930 B1857 [Daniel Lazarus monument]
Lazarus William H[einrich] [1856 Apr 24] [D ae 14 months 21 days] son of Daniel & Sarah Lazarus [stone broken and partially buried]
Lee Caroline O. 1963 B1869 [wife of Michael J. Lee]
Lee Florence K. l989 B1901 [wife of Frederick O. Lee]
Lee Frederick O. 1950 B1901
Lee Michael J. 1957 B1863
Licht Eleanor Short m B1934; wife of Richard M. Licht [Licht/Short plot]
I.icht Richard M. 1984 B1929 [Licht/Short plot]
Linehan Bernice M. m B1926 [wife of William R. Linehan] [Linehan monument]
Linehan Kathy A. m B1949 [Linehan monument]
Linehan William R. m B1921 [Linehan monument]
Lorenz Daniel # 1867 Nov 2 D ae 76/6/13; son of D. & --- Muller Lorenz
Lux Elizabeth 1850 Mar 27 D ae 2/5/12; daughter of G. F[redrick] & D[orothea] Lux
Lux Henry 1874 Oct 3 D ae 63/11/10 [born in Alsace, husband of Saloma Honig]
Lux William H. l831 Sep 11 D ae 2; son of G. F. & D. Lux
Madison Elizabeth Juliana # 1861 Jan 29 D ae 5/11/14
Mark Joseph 1808 Oct 4 D ae 56
Mastin Jesse G. 1938 B1884
Mastin Olga A. 1955 B1888
McCaig Carl Robert m B1920
McCaig Marjorie Brush 1990 B1929 [wife of Carl Robert McCaig]
McMaster Cora 1868 Sep 21 D ae 10 months; daughter of David M. & Emma McMaster [McMaster monument]
McMaster David J. 1878 Jul 14 D ae 79 [McMaster monument]
McMaster Laura 1859 May 21 D ae 59; wife of David McMaster [McMaster monument]
Melious Alfred Millard 1904 B1901 [son of Willett W. Melious] [Melious/Seidel monument]
Melious Eunice F. 1961 B1877 [wife of Willett W. Melious] [Melious/Seidel monument]
Melious Willett W. 1939 B1874 [Melious/Seidel monument]
Menges Frederick 1912 B1864
Merkel Hazel S. 1989 B1895 [J. B. Schweickard plot]
Mertz Eva Schweickhard 1921 [Jun 16] B1845; wife of Michael Mertz [MWF: born 27 Dec. 1845 in Germany, died at the Memorial Hospital, age 75/5/20; widowed, daughter of Balthazar and Magdalena Schweickhard, both born in Germany]
Mertz Michael 1902 [Jan 7] B1848 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Geneva, age 55]
Meyer Carrie S. 1901 Aug 4 B1866 Jan 29; wife of J. L. Meyer [MWF: born in Potter, died in Penn Yan, age 35] [Martin Hey monument]
Meyer John L. # 1917 Jun 18 [MWF: born 20 March 1862 in Ohio, died in Gorham, age 53/2/29; married, son of Leonard and Lorada Meyer, both born in Germany]
Moon Abner l878 B1824 [Abner Moon monument]
Moon Byron 1861 B1859 son of Abner & Mary Moon [Abner Moon monument]
Moon Cassius R. 1845 Feb 15 D ae 3/23 days; son of Leroy & Harriet Moon
Moon Jannie 1864 B1862; son? of Abner & Mary Moon [Abner Moon monument]
Moon Mary Windnagle 1893 D1828; wife of Abner Moon [Abner Moon monument]
Moon Sylvester T. 1849 Sep D ae 19 in Potter [mortality schedule]
Nageldinger John # 1917 May 16 [MWF: born 25 Sept. 1875 in Germany, died in Potter, age 42/7/19; married, son of John Sr. and Catherine Nageldinger, both born in Germany]
Oswald Agnes M[abel] 1916 [Oct 17] Infant [daughter of Frank & Rebekah Oswald] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 4 days; daughter of Frank and Mabel Koehler Oswald, both born in Potter]
Oswald Albert 1972 B1877
Oswald Allen 1968 B1881 [same stone as Llewellyn Oswald]
Oswald Andrew F. 1914 Infant [son of Frank & Rebekah Oswald]
Oswald Benjamin 1965 B1881
Oswald Caroline [Adam] 1921 Aug 5 B1852 Aug 8 [MWF: born 8 August 1853 in Germany, died in Potter age 68/11/27; widowed, daughter of Frederick and Louise Adam, both born in Germany]; wife of Philip Oswald
Oswald Caroline [Bergstresser] 1867 Feb 25 D ae 21/8/2; wife of Lewis Oswald [& daughter of Andreas & Elizabeth Hoeltzel Bergstresser]
Oswald Catharine M. Bergstresser 1934 B1849; wife of Frederick Oswald
Oswald Charles 1947 B1872 [same stone as Mary Ellen Oswald]
Oswald Dora F. 1979 B1886 [wife of Benjamin Oswald]
Oswald Elinor [Amelia] 1910 B1909 [daughter of Albert Oswald]
Oswald Ernest # 1914 Dec 2 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 4 days; son of Frank and Clare Seidel Oswald, both born in Potter]
Oswald Ernest A. 1980 B1883
Oswald Eva B. 1890 Apr 6 B1807 Sep 28; wife of Michael Oswald [Michael Oswald monument]
Oswald Eva S. 1949 B1875; wife of William H. Oswald
Oswald Frank E. 1972 B1881
Oswald Frederick 1920 B1842
Oswald Frederick H. m B1918
Oswald Helen H. m [Wife of Oliver F. Oswald]
Oswald Henry 1861 Jan 15 B1844 Oct 14 [Michael Oswald monument]
Oswald infant 1867 Nov 25 Daughter of Frederick & Catharine Oswald
Oswald Lewis 1902 [Sep 8] B1839 [MWF: born in France, died in Gorham, age 68]
Oswald Llewellyn 1961 B1883 [same stone as Allen Oswald]
Oswald Lois C. Hey m B1925 Mar 2
Oswald Mary 1982 B1888; wife of Ernest A. Oswald; “Mayme”; married 1912 Apr 10
Oswald Mary Ann 1946 B1847 [wife of Lewis Oswald]
Oswald Mary F. 1971 B1888 [wife of Albert Oswald]
Oswald Mary Ellen 1897 B1883 [same stone as Charles Oswald]
Oswald Michael 1899 B1828 [Michael Oswald monument]
Oswald Michael 1882 Nov 4 B1803 Jan 6 [son of Frederick & Magdalena Seidel Oswald] [Michael Oswald monument]
Oswald Oliver E. 1988 B1917
Oswald Paul A. 1982 B1887 [Frederick Oswald Lot]
Oswald Philip 1913 Oct 12 B1837 May 12 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 76; married]
Oswald Rebekah N. 1947 B1884 [wife of Frank E. Oswald]
Oswald Thelma Blake m B1923 [wife of Frederick H. Oswald]
Oswald Wendell C. 1964 Jun 5 B1911 Nov 5; WWII: NY, tec/5, 838th AAA, AW Battalion, CAC
Oswald William H. 1958 B1867
Oswald Wilson B. m B1921 Jun 4
Parshall George # 1903 Apr 24 D ae 75 in Potter, son of Ira & Alta Parshall [town record]
Parshall Ira 1851 Jun 30 D ae 57/10/25
Perkins Jane 1836 Jun 4 D ae 63; wife of Nathaniel Perkins
Perkins Nathaniel 1841 May 24 D ae 76/9
Putrnan Nancy Lee 1988 B1952
Race Gary L. m B1948 Feb 20
Race Jean D. Tomion 1989 May 16 B1963 Feb 20 [same stone as Gary L. Race]
Reifstick Adam 1882 Jan 19 D ae 37/29 days [son of George H. & Mary Magdalena Hermann Reifstick] [G. H. Reifstick monument]
Reifstick Elizabeth 1936 B1857; wife of Philip Reifstick
Reifstick Freddie 1873 Aug 8 D ae 5 days; son of F. & E. Reifstick
Reifstick Frederick Henry # 1862 May 12 B1860 May 23; son of Henry & Charlotte Faul Reifstick
Reifstick George 1863 Apr 23 D ae 24/21 days [son of Henry & Magdalena Hermann Reifstick] [G. H. Reifstick monument]
Reifstick George H[enry] m [B1813] [G. H. Reifstick monument]
Reifstick Magdalene [Maria Hermann] 1881 May 18 D ae 65/8/28; wife of George H. Reifstick [G. H. Reifstick monument]
Reifstick Michael # 1844 Feb 21 D ae 4 months 28 days
Reifstick Philip 1920 [Apr 6] B1852 [MWF: born 16 Dec. 1851 in Potter, died there age 68/3/12; married, son of Henry and Magdalena Herman Reifsteck]
Reissig Caroline M. m B1924 [wife of Frederick H. Reissig]
Reissig Dorthea Lang 1949 B1862; wife of Ernst Reissig
Reissig Ernst 1929 B1847
Reissig Florence L. m B1896 [wife of Frederick E. Reissig]
Reissig Frederick E. 1980 B1893
Reissig Frederick H. 1990 B1921
Reissig Herman F. 1985 B1899
Reissig Matthew R. E. 1987 B1971 [adjacent to Herman F. Reissig]
Richie Charlotte Duval 1920 B1836; wife of Parmer G. Richie
Richie Parmer G. 1883 May 19 B1834, died age 49
Rippey Mary # 1865 Apr 9 D ae 80 in Potter; single; born in Penn. [mortality schedule]
Sattler G. Edward 1927 B1862 [son of George Sattler] [Geo. Sattler monument]
Sattler George 1901 [Sep 25] B1826 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter] [Geo. Sattler monument]
Sattler John F. 1936 B1869
Sattler Julia A. Oswald 1955 B1873; wife of John F. Sattler
Sattler Magdalena Ketterer 1913 B1830; wife of George Sattler [Geo. Sattler monument]
Schmidt Catherine Schweickhard 1917 B1850; wife of Jacob Schmidt [Schmidt monument]
Schmidt Charles F. 1886 B1886; son of Jacob & Catherine Schmidt
Schmidt Jacob 1935 B1858 [Schmidt monument]
Schnapp Louis # 1897 Oct 6 D ae 42 in Rushville, born in Germany; son of George & Cora Schnapp [town record]
Schriver Alma K. 1963 B1889 [wife of John E. Schriver] [Schriver plot]
Schriver G. Raymond 1989 B1914 [Schriver plot]
Schriver John E. 1936 B1890 [Schriver plot]
Schweickard Albert 1863 Dec 26 D ae 4/7/13; son of George M. & Catherine Schweickard
Schweickard Amelia Hertel 1917 [Oct 17] B1855; wife of John B. Schweickard [MWF: born 15 August 1853 in Germany, died in Potter, age 62/2/2; married, daughter of John (born in Germany) and Catherine Bley (born in Potter) Hertel] [J. B. Schweickard plot]
Schweickard Annettie 1870 Apr 24 D ae 3/7/1; daughter of Geo. B. & Saloma [Ketterer] Schweickard
Schweickard Balser 1918 [Jun 24] B1837 [MWF: born 8 Sept. 1836 in France, died at the Yates County Home, age 81/9/16; single, son of Balser and Magdalena Schweickhard, both born in Elsace, France]
Schweickard Balthasar 1880 Oct 18 B1800 Mar 10 [Balt. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard Benjamin 1866 Jun 6 B1807 Sep 10 [in Alsace, son of George & Magdalena Lorenz Schweickhard] [Benj. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard Daniel 1922 B1833
Schweickard Daniel 1852 Jun 16 D ae 21/5/19 [son of Jacob & Emma Schweickhard]
Schweickard David 1854 Jun 16 B1854 Feb; son of Balthasar Schweickard [Balt. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard Edna M. 1920 [Nov 19] B1900 [Jan 29] [MWF: born in Gorham, died at the Memorial Hospital, age 19/8/24; single, son of William and Elizabeth Oswald Schweickhard, both born in Potter] [adjacent to Wm A. & Elizabeth Schweickard]
Schweickard Elizabeth 1968 B1877; wife of William A. Schweickard
Schweickard Frank C. 1951 B1874 [J. B. Schweickard plot]
Schweickard George 1832 Oct 16 D ae 10 months; son of Benj. & Sally Schweickard
Schweickard Ida I. 1974 B1891 [J. B. Schweickard plot]
Schweickard Jacob 1860 Apr 24 B1842 Mar 25 [Benj. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard John B. 1923 [Apr 17] B1847 [MWF: born 21 Dec. 1847 in Potter, died there age 75/3/26; widowed, son of Benjamin and Saloma Hoeltzel Schweickhard] [J. B. Schweickard plot]
Schweickard Laura A. 1873 B1873 [J. B. Schweickard plot]
Schweickard Magdalena 1884 Jan 21 B1808 Feb 20; wife of Balthasar Schweickard [& daughter of Samuel & Magdalena Warner Schweickhard] [Balt. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard Saloma 1879 Jul 20 B1852 Apr 29; daughter of Balthasar & Magdalena Schweickard [Balt. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard Saloma [Hoeltzel] 1896 Mar 15 B1810 Jul 15; wife of Benjamin Schweickard [Benj. Schweickard monument]
Schweickard William A. 1949 B1876
Seidel Alfred 1935 B1865
Seidel Benjamin 1834 Sep 3 B1831? Aug 11 [son of George & Catherine Seidel]
Seidel Christina 1923 B1845; wife of Henry Seidel
Seidel Frederick 1936 B1849 [Melious/Seidel monument]
Seidel George 1885 Sep 10 D ae 73
Seidel George 1867 Jan 18 B1793 Sep 20
Seidel George Jr. 1881 Dec 2 D ae 47[/2/4; son of George & Magdalena Schweickhard Seidel] [Geo. Seidel monument]
Seidel Harriet 1898 B1863; daughter of George Jr. & Saloma Seidel [Geo. Seidel monument]
Seidel Henry 1924 B1844
Seidel Lewis 1854? Nov 16 B1839 Jun 13
Seidel Lila J. 1912 [Jul 22] B1871 [daughter of Michael Seidel] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 41/4/22; single, daughter of Michael and Mary Seidel] [Michael Seidel monument]
Seidel Lydia A[delia] 1879 Feb 12 D ae 3/9/1; daughter of Henry & Christina [Lazarus] Seidel
Seidel M. George 1911 [Dec 21] B1877 [son of Michael Seidel] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 34/10/7; single, father born in Germany, mother in Potter] [Michael Seidel monument]
Seidel Magdalena 1886 Jun 27 D ae 74; wife of George Seidel
Seidel Magdalena [Schmidt] 1866 Feb 4 D ae 80/3/10; wife of George Seidel [born in Alsace, daughter of Michael & Magdalena Schmidt]
Seidel Mary M. Lazarus 1914 B1854; wife of Frederick Seidel [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 59/21/20; married, daughter of Michael and Catherine Lazarus, both born in Germany] [Melious/Seidel monument]
Seidel Michael 1918 [May 10] B1836 [MWF: born 11 Sept. 1835 in Germany, died in Rushville, age 81/9/29; widowed, son of George and Louise Seidel] [Michael Seidel monument]
Seidel Michael 1863 [Jan 19] B1793 [Jul., in Alsace; son of Michael & Elizabeth Seidel]
Seidel Saloma Lazarus 1924 B1838; wife of George Seidel Jr. [Geo. Seidel monument]
Seidel Sarah A[nn] [Wettling] 1908 [Mar 16] B1841; wife of Michael Seidel [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 66; widowed, daughter of ---- Wettling] [Michael Seidel monument]
Seymour? Emma? m D ae 2/4; “Our little ---“ [Silvernail plot]
Seymour lona 1844? May 14 D ae 10 months; “Our little Ona” [Silvernail plot]
Short John D. 1978 B1899 [Licht/Short plot]
Short Maude I Sattler m B1900; wife of John D. Short [Licht/Short plot]
Shuman --- # Bef 1810 Wife of Jacob Shuman [third burial in cemetery]
Shuman Jacob 1824 Apr 11 D ae LXIX [69]; Revolutionary War
Silvernail Ambrose 1837 Oct 14 D ae 7/6; son of William & Christina Silvernail
Silvernail Barnard 1845 Nov 27 B1823 May 12
Silvernail Catharine 1851 Dec 11 D ae 92/11/16; wife of Philip Silvernail
Silvernail Charles H. # 1897 Dec 11 [MWF: lived in Potter; funeral ordered by and Charged to David McMaster]
[Silvernail?] Charlie m [Stone in Silvernail plot, no surname]
Silvernail Christina 1863 Aug 20 D ae 65/1; wife of William Silvernail
Silvernail Clarissa Underwood 1892 B1825 [wife of William Silvernail Jr. & daughter of John S. & Abigail Underwood]
Silvernail Elizabeth 1827 Jan 9 D ae 25; wife of Daniel Silvernail
Silvernail James 1856 Nov 10 D ae 29/1/2 in Potter
Silvernail James B. 1882 Oct 7 B1856 Dec 8
Silvernail Martin 1837 Sep 3 D ae 9 months 5 days; son of Wm & Christina Silvernail
Silvernail Mary E. 1852 Oct 23 D ae 4 months 6 days; daughter of Wm & Christina Silvernail
Silvernail Philip 1843 Aug 20 D ae 13/2/4; son of William & Christina Silvernail
Silvernail Philip 1837 May 3 D ae 76
Silvernail William m [Stone broken and partially buried]
Slocum Charles E. 1981 B1898
Slocum Thelma E. m B1908 [wife of Charles E. Slocum]
Smith Catharine [Schweickhard] # 1917 Aug 26 D ae 74 in Potter; widow; born in Germany [mortality schedule] [MWF: born 6 July 1850 in Potter, died in Gorham, age 67 and 20 days; married, daughter of Balthazar and Magdalena Warner Schweickhard, both born in Germany]
Smith George A. 1847 Oct 22 D ae 3/6/22; son of Jacob & Elizabeth Smith
Smith Jacob # 1874 Jun 4 B1813 Apr 15
Smith Jacob D. 1847 Oct 8 D ae 1/1; son of Jacob & Elizabeth Smith
Smith Jesse C. 1841 Mar 18 D ae 2/10/2; son of John & Sarah Smith
Smith John 1838 Dec 8 D ae 4l/4/22
Smith John 1863 Jun 15 D ae 35/7/14
Smith Lewis l830 Sep 3 D ae 33/2/8
Smith Mary 1848 Aug 15 D ae 45/5/18; wife of Lewis Smith
Spangle John 1836 Jan 16 D ae 27/6/8
Spangle Polly 1850 Jun 26 D ae 46/5/19; wife of Zachariah Spangle
Spangle Zachariah 1851 Nov 7 D ae 72
Stape Elizabeth 1887 Mar 20 B1810 Mar 10; wife of Henry Stape
Stape Elizabeth Winants # 1919 Jul 28 [MWF: bor 5 Nov. 1871 in Jerusalem, died in Potter, age 47/8/23; married, daughter of Orael (born in Benton) and Mary Bergstresser (born in Potter) Winants; record says buried in Penn Yan]
Stape Henry 1860 Jan 2 B1813 Mar 1
Stebbins Susan Ann 1843 Mar 27 D ae 1/8/27; daughter of Michael & Annis Stebbins
Stricker Catharine 1840 May 9 D ae 36/7/10; [2nd] wife of Wm Stricker
Stricker Elizabeth 1834 Sep 15 D ae 38/7/15; wife of William Stricker
Stryker --- Before 1810 [Second burial in cemetery]
Sylvester Laura # 1898 Jul 24 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 21; funeral charged to C. Sylvester]
Thielen Justine # 1872 Aug 21 D ae 8 months 21 days; daughter of Johan & Magdalena Schweickhard Thielen
Tomion Albert J. 1979 B1885
Tomion Alice L. 1952 B1865 [wife of William H. Tomion]
Tomion Anna May m B1914 [wife of Howard A. Tomion]
Tomion Catharine 1868 May 8 D ae 20/11/3; wife of John Tomion
Tomion Charles # 1926 Mar 7 [MWF: born 30 March 1861 in Potter, lived and died in Gorham, age 65/11/9; son of Nathan and Saloma Bergstresser Tomion, both born in Henrietta]
Tomion Charles E. Jr. 1891 B1890
Tomion Charles H. 1987 Oct 17 B1935 Jun 1
Tomion Clarence W. 1938 B1887
Tomion Doris M. 1971 B1903; wife of Merrill W. Tomion, married in 1926
Tomion Ernest 1890 D ae 4 months [son of William & Alice Tomion]
Tomion Hester 1884 Mar 26 D ae 82
Tomion Howard A. 1961 B1912
Tomion infant # 1912 Apr 21 Child of Clarence Tomion
Tomion Jack m B1928 Jun 26
Tomion John A. 1897 Dec 6 B1873 Jun 2 [died in Penn Yan, son of Nathan & Saloma Tomion]
Tomion John W. m B1960 Jul 12; son of Wesley & Lorraine Tomion [W. A. Tomion monument]
Tomion Lorraine Drew m B1937 May 6; wife of Wesley A. Tomion, married 1956 May 19 [W. A. Tomion monument]
Tomion Lucy E. Clark 1945 B1886; wife of Albert J. Tomion
Tomion Marion Drew m B1935 Sep 29; wife of Jack Tomion, married 1955 Feb 12
Tomion Mark R. m B1957 Nov 29; son of Wesley & Lorraine Tomion [W. A. Tomion monument]
Tomion Merrill W. m B1906
Tomion Nathan 1901 B1866 [son of Nathan F. Tomion] [N. F. Tomion monument]
Tomion Nathan F. 1906 B1829 [N. F. Tomion monument]
Tomion Sally M. m B1936 Jul 14 [wife of Charles H. Tomion]
Tomion Saloma [Bergstresser] 1911 [Jul 15] B1834; wife of Nathan F. Tomion [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 76/11/15; widowed, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Bergstresser] [N. F. Tomion monument]
Tomion Samuel 1943 B1871 [son of Nathan F. Tomion] [N. F. Tomion monument]
Tomion Teresa K. m B1959 Apr 17; daughter of Wesley & Lorraine Tomion [W. A. Tomion monument]
Tomion Wesley A. m B1931 Dec 16 [W. A. Tomion monument]
Tomion William H. 1926 [Jan 13] B1858 [MWF: born in Potter, lived and died in Rushville, age 67 and 6 months; married, son of Nathan (born in Henrietta, Monroe Co.) and Saloma Bergstresser (born in Potter) Tomion]
Vanepps Seth Stanley # 1925 Mar 17 [MWF: born 12 October 1835 in Rushville, Ontario Co., lived in Middlesex, died at the Memorial Hospital, age 89/5/5; son of Daniel (born in Vermont) and Sally Ann Slover (born in Italy) Vanepps]
Vanriper Maria [1830] B1780; wife of Garret Vanriper [stone broken and partially buried]
Voak John [1812 Jan 30] B1806 Oct 4; son of John Sr. & Rachel Voak [stone partially buried]
Voak Mary 1813 Mar 12 D ae 8/11/23; daughter of John [Sr.] & Rachel Voak
Walter Alonzo 1932 B1849 Feb 1 [Alonzo Walter monument]
Walter Andrew, Dr. 1857 Apr 17 D ae 42/1
Walter Betsey 1846 May 13 D ae 55/10/21; wife of Dr. L. Walter
Walter Daniel 1892 Oct 21 B1881 Oct 18; son of Alonzo & Helen Walter [Alonzo Walter monument]
Walter Daniel M. 1879 Aug 14 D ae 56/1/8 [D. M. Walter monument]
Walter Helen Lazarus 1928 B1853 Feb 1 [Alonzo Walter monument]
Walter L., Dr. 1860 Jun 2 D ae 72
Walter Lorenzo 1851 Sep 23 D ae 2/7/22; son of D[aniel] M. & N[ancy] Walter [D. M. Walter monument]
Walter Margaret 1869 Apr 11 D ae 19/9/25; daughter of A[ndrew] H. & Melissa Walter
Walter Mary E. 1854 Sep 8 D ae 3/8/11; daughter of Andrew H. & Melissa Walter
Walter Maud C. 1892 Oct 10 B1883 Feb 9; daughter of Alonzo & Helen Walter [Alonzo Walter monument]
Walter Nancy T. 1905 Jul 22 D ae 81/11/15; wife of Daniel M Walter
Walter Uriel, Dr. 1848 Aug 25 D ae 64/5/20
Wayand Andrew 1872 Jan 5 B1812 Feb 19 [Wayand monument]
Wayand Carrie 1946 Jan 1 B1862 Jul 22; wife of William Wayand [Wayand monument]
Wayand Claud 1887 Apr 12 B1886 Dec 12; son of William & Carrie Wayand [Wayand monument]
Wayand Dorothea 1901 Apr 27 B1820 Feb 10; wife of Andrew Wayand [MWF: born in Germany, died in Potter, age 81/2/16] [Wayand monument]
Wayand Sarah 1880 Mar 27 B1844 Oct 29; daughter of Andrew & Dorothea Wayand [Wayand monument]
Wayand William 1937 Aug 20 B1860 Sep 21 [Wayand monument]
Wegmann Catharine # 1866 Dec 12 D ae 8/20 days; daughter of Wendel & Barbara Hoffmann Wegmann
Werley Barbara [Hershinger] 1866 Feb 4 B1792 Mar 5; wife of George Werley [daughter of Michael Hershinger]
Werley Magdalena [Fenner] 1864 Dec 29 B1822 Sep 3 [in Alsace]; wife of Michael Werley [& daughter of Peter & Magdalena Hey Fenner]
Werley Michael 1899 [Oct 30] B1818 [MWF: born in Germany, died at Voak, age 80/5/10; funeral ordered by Alonzo Walther]
Werley Susan 1930 B1862
Werly George # 1852 Mar 18 D ae 3/2/23; son of Michael & Magdalena Werly
Werly George L[udwig] 1861 Jan 20 D ae 2/7/27; son of Benjamin? & Margaret Werly
Werly Maude 1892 B1886 [wife of Philip Werly]
Werly Philip 1902 B1863
Wettling Bertha E[llen] [1874] Aug 11 D ae 1[/1]; daughter of G[eorge] & C[aroline Lazarus] Wettling
Wettling Caroline 1861 Jan 6 B1849 Feb 19, died age 11/10/17; daughter of Fredrick & Saloma Wettling [Fredrick Wettling monument]
Wettling Caroline 1932 B1843; wife of George Wettling
Wettling Fredrick 1891 Mar 6 B1812 Feb 25 [Fredrick Wettling monument]
Wettling George 1906 Jul 5 B1840 May 28 [Fredrick Wettling monument]
Wettling Henry 1853 Mar 15 B1843 Aug 22, died age 9/6/23; son of Fredrick & Saloma Wettling [Fredrick Wettling monument]
Wettling Henry M. 1868 Jan 20 D ae 2; son of G. & C. Wettling
Wettling Magdalena 1846 Dec 23 B1845 May 22; daughter of Fredrick Wettling [Fredrick Wettling monument]
Wettling Saloma 1889 Apr 30 B1813 Oct 27; wife of Fredrick Wettling [Fredrick Wettling monument]
Wheeler Dora M. Joyce 1943 B1889
Wild Bertha 1962 B1886; wife of Charles Wild [Wild plot]
Wild Charles 1957 B1882 [Wild plot]
Wild Lewis 1908 B1851 [Wild plot]
Wild Louisa J. Herman m B1857; wife of Lewis Wild [Wild plot]
Williams Allen 1858 B1857 [Williams monument]
Williams Charlie 1864 B1850 [Williams monument]
Williams Emma 1864 B1858 [Williams monument]
Williams Flora 1860 B1860 [Williams monument]
Williams Henry 1864 B1822 [Williams monument]
Williams Lizzie 1864 B1856 [Williams monument]
Williams Mary 1864 B1861 [Williams monument]
Williams Phillip 1874 B1798 [Williams monument]
Winans C. Orville 1887 Apr 25 B1846 Aug 18 [Winans monument]
Winans Mary [Bergstresser] m Wife of C. Orville Winans [Winans monument]
Winans William W. 1906 Oct 4 B1873 Sep 27 [Winans monument]
Windnagle Christena [Hetchler] 1867 Aug 22 D ae 58/10 day;s wife of Fredrick Windnagle [& daughter of Nicholas & Sally Kunkel Hetchler]
Windnagle Delila N. 1856 Apr 2 D ae 10 months 14 days; daughter of Geo. & Mary Windnagle
Windnagle Francis 1852? Apr 12 D ae 8/4; son of John & Sarah Windnagle
Windnagle George 1852 Mar 25 D ae 1/1; son of John & Sarah Windnagle
Windnagle George 1963 Jan 12 B1892 Aug 16; WWI: NY, 1st Regt, F. A. Repl. Depot
Windnagle George # 1864 May 21 B1829 Apr 15; son of Frederick & Christina Hetchler
Windnagle George # 1901 Apr 27 [MWF: born in Gorham, died in Potter, age 84/4/24; funeral charged to Ed Windnagle]
Windnagle George O. [1858 Oct 7] D ae 1/9; son of Geo. & Mary Windnagle [stone broken]
Windnagle Harriet F. [Matterson] 1877 Dec 26 D ae 27/1; wife of Nathan Windnagle & daughter of J. & R. Matterson
Windnagle Heinrich # 1873 Mar 11 B1873 Mar 9
Windnagle John m Infant son of F. & ---- Windnagle
Windnagle John 1892 Jul 10 D ae 72
Windnagle Mary, Mrs. # 1864 Sep 25 D ae 80 in Jerusalem, born in Penn. [mortality schedule]
Windnagle Nathan 1880 Mar 29 D ae 34/2/8
Windnagle Sarah 1878 Jan 7 D ae 59/13 days; wife of John Windnagle
Windnagle Sarah C. 1857 May 11 D ae 8 months 27 days; daughter of John & Sarah Windnagle
Windnagle William # 1911 Feb 5 [MWF: died in Middlesex, age 70; single, son of George and Mary Windnagle; funeral service held at home of Ed Windnagle]
Yautzy Emma M. 1958 B1887; wife of Louis Yautzy
Yautzy Louis 1977 B1888
Yeckley Alanson 1851 Nov 29 D ae 47/3
Yeckley Margaret 1838 Mar 14 D ae 1/5; daughter of Alanson & Martha Yeckley
Yeckley Martha # 1832 Apr 24 D ae 1
Yui Felix Chang 1978 B1904 [Chang monument]

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