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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter

Nettle Valley Cemetery: Notes

Nettle Valley cemetery This is an active association cemetery, one of the largest in the county. A church once stood in the triangle, but the cemetery was there before the church was built, and remains still, long after the building was moved to Kinney’s Corners.

The Hobarts were among the earliest settlers in the part of Potter called Nettle Valley; the Bordwells and other families joined them and were buried mostly in the oldest part of the cemetery, on the knoll to the left of the driveway, under the biggest trees.

The cemetery is well-maintained by the association that owns it, but some of the oldest markers have fallen victim to weathering and age. A few have fallen or broken, though the vast majority are still upright and legible.

Nettle Valley Cemetery: Burials, Part 1

---- ---- m [Small broken marble headstone]
---- ---- m [Partially buried fieldstone]
---- ---- m [Tall slate stone, inscription obliterated]
---- ---- m [Tall slate stone; inscription obliterated]
---- ---- m “Mother” [adjacent to the Oviatts]
---- ---- m [Broken and partially buried marble stone near the Ruggs]
---- Isaac 1879 Feb 10 D ae 72 [stone broken; near George Hawley]
Abbott [Anson] William [1923 Aug 30] Civil War: Co. F, 122nd NY [MWF: born 1 May 1845 in Montville, died in Potter, age 78/3/29; son of William Anson Abbott, born in Montvilee; husband of Hattie Abbott]
Algar Clara M. 1950 B1879; wife of Newell J. Algar
Algar Ettie 1902 Nov 15 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 53]
Algar Newell J. 1944 B1877
Allington Charles D. 1888 Mar 12 B1883 Aug 18 [Allington monument]
Allington Daniel 1891 Sep 20 B1827 Apr 22 [Allington monument]
Allington Frank J. m B1857 Apr 3 [Allington monument]
Allington Hannah A. Hobart 1893 Feb 2 B1828 Jan 16; wife of Daniel Allington [Allington monument]
Allington Jennie-Belle Benedict 1912 May 8 B1858 Jan 8; wife of Frank J. Allington [MWF] [Allington monument]
Almy James D. 1869 Sep 5 D ae 78/1 [War of 1812]
Almy John S. 1867 Apr 7 D ae 53/8
Almy Mary 1853 Nov 28 D ae 102/4/15; wife of Elisha Almy
Andrews George W. 1850 Mar 20 D ae 22/9/15; son of Peleg & Jemima Andrews
Andrews Isabella M. 1855 Aug 14 D ae 1/2/24; daughter of Samuel T. & Reliance Andrews; died at Waterloo, Seneca Co., NY
Andrews Jemima [Hunt] 1856 Jun 6 B1796 Feb 21 at North Kingston, Rhode Island; died age 60/1/13 at Seneca Falls; wife of Peleg Andrews
A[ndrews?] P[eleg?] 1881 Jun 1 B1793 Jul 6 in Rhode Island; son of Samuel & Waity Brigga Andrews [footstone only; adjacent to Jemima Andrews]
Andrus Adelia E. 1864 Aug 25 D ae 15/1/18 daughter of Stephen P & [Lucina] Andrus [Andrus plot]
Andrus Amelia S. 1861 Jul 12 D ae 21/11/1 daughter of Stephen P & [Lucina] Andrus [Andrus plot]
Andrus Lovina L. 1853 Mar 26 D ae 2/11/3 daughter of Stephen P & [Lucina] Andrus [Andrus plot]
Ansley David D. 1917 Nov 13 B1844 Sep 10 [Civil War] [MWF: born in Potter, died in Willard, age 72; son of John Ansley]
Ansley George A. 1864 Mar 5 B1833 May 17 d Hampton Hosp Ft Monroe [VA] Civil War Co F. 148th NY [also on John Ansley monument in Rushville Cemetery]
Ansley M. Eliza 1853 Feb 2 D ae 46/9/16; wife of John Ansley
Ansley Margaret M. 1928 B1838 [Wheeland monument]
Ansley Mary Halstead 1910 May 11 B1836 Jul 1; wife of Wm B. Ansley
Ansley William B[outon] 1908 Jun 14 B1834 May 19 [MWF: died in Potter, age 74; son of John and Mary Ansley]
Avery Samuel D. # 1875 May 5 D ae 6 in Potter, born in Steuben Co., NY [mortality schedule]
Bain Marjorie H[alstead] 1979 B1906; daughter of George & Nellie Halstead [G. G. Halstead monument]
Baggerly Mary # 1905 Mar 7 [MWF: died in Potter, age 75; married]
Banaszak Francis 1982 Mar 19 B1911 Apr 3
Bancroft Gordon Elmer 1988 B1916
Barber Asa # 1875 Feb 22 D ae 86 in Middlesex, born in NJ [mortality schedule]
Barber Charlotte 1897 Sep 2 B1816 May 29; wife of Culver S. Barber [Theodore Barber monument]
Barber Culver S. 1875 Feb 22 B1816 Jan 19 [Theodore Barber monument]
Barber Eben A. 1907 Jan 30 B1855 Feb 6 [Ira Barber monument]
Barber Elizabeth 1893 Dec 30 B1824 Feb 2; wife of Ira Barber [Ira Barber monument]
Barber Gertie 1870 Mar 9 D ae 1/10/2; daughter of J. & S. E. Barber
Barber Ira 1907 Jan 26 B1819 May 7 [Ira Barber monument]
Barber Jonathan [S.] 1902 Mar 24 B1826 Jun 29 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 76; funeral ordered by Bart Smith]
Barber Louisa Legg 1920 Oct 1 B1847 Jul 22; wife of Theodore Barber [Theodore Barber monument]
Barber Sarah Ann 1909 May 27 B1830 May 8; wife of Jonathan Barber [MWF: born in N.Y. state, died in Potter, age 79; daughter of John Price]
Barber Submit # 1875 Feb 12 D ae 83 in Middlesex, wife of Asa Barber; born in Vermont [mortality schedule]
Barber Theodore 1915 Jun 22 B1842 Sep 28; Civil War: Co. H, 58th NY [MWF: born in Potter, died in Rochester, age 76] [Theodore Barber monument]
Bardeen Anna Walker 1932 B1874; wife of George B. Bardeen [Geo. Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Charles m B1870 [Charles Bardeen plot]
Bardeen George B. 1958 B1880 [Geo. Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Glenn B. 1916 [Jul 1] B1904 [MWF: born in Penn., died in Potter, age 12 and 15 days; son of Bert (born in Potter) and Ann Walker (born in Penn.) Bardeen] [Geo. Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Lewis m Civil War: Co. C, 22nd NY Cavalry [Charles Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Lucy Rhodes 1938 B1852 [Charles Bardeen plot]
Bardwell William H. 1823 --- 25 D ae 9/2/9; son of Consider & Calista Bardwell
Barkley Grace # 1903 Dec 26 [MWF: died age 82 in Potter]
Barrett Hannah M. 1875 Apr 20 D ae 43/10 days; wife of Josephus Barrett
Barrett Josephus 1884 Dec 25 B1813 Mar 22
Barrett Maggie 1864 Oct 5 D ae 3/10/12; daughter of H. M. & J. Barrett
Barrett Minnie 1870 Dec 26 D ae 6/12 days; daughter of H. M. & J. Barrett
Barrett Reuben # 1864 Oct 11 D ae 84 in Potter, born in Dutchess Co., NY [mortality schedule]
Bartleson Willis 1988 Jan 23 B1911 Jan 3; “The Bee Man”
Basom Margaret J. 1902 Mar 23 B1836 Apr 15; wife of Samuel Basom [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 66; funeral charged to Mrs. H. Whitcomb] [Samuel Basom monument]
Basom Mary Eliza 1830 Feb 23 D ae 3/20 days; daughter of Peter & Sally Basom
Basom Peter 1870 May 23 D ae 70/1/15 [Samuel Basom monument]
Basom Sally W[yman] 1883 Sep 18 D ae 77; wife of Peter Basom [& daughter of Samuel & Betsy Wyman] [Samuel Basom monument]
Basom Samuel [W.] 1886 Oct 20 D ae 56 [Samuel Basom monument]
Bates Emeline # 1850 Mar D ae 19 in Potter [mortality schedule]
Becker Martin 1845 Feb 9 Son of Henry & L? Becker
Bedient Ella m B1909; wife of Vincent Bedient
Bedient Vincent 1988 B1910
Beebe Iza 1984 Jun 17 B1896 Mar 15
Bell Charles 1841 Dec 22 D ae 50/6/26
Benedict Alva P. 1941 B1857 [son of John Benedict] [John Benedict monument]
Benedict John H. 1910 [Nov 10] B1835 [died age 74/10/28; Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY; son of Daniel & Sarah Housel Benedict] [MWF: died in Potter] [John Benedict monument]
Benedict Louisa J. 1910 B1835; wife of John Benedict [John Benedict monument]
Benedict Clarissa, Mrs. # 1910 May 29 [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Potter, age 75; married]
Benedict Rose L. 1928 B1870 [daughter of John Benedict] [John Benedict monument]
Bennett Mary Elizabeth 1870 Sep 9 [Wife or daughter] of William Bennett [broken stone]
Bergman? infant # 1899 Sep 3 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 4 months; child of F? Bergman?; funeral charged to Libbie Dyer]
Bergstreser --- 1862 Dec 30 D ae 2/2/24; “Little Frankey,” only child of Christopher & Cyntha E. Bergstreser
Bergstreser Cynthia E. 1868 Mar 17 D ae 31/10/16; wife of C. Bergstreser [buried with the Bordwells]
Bernard Billy R. 1981 Sep 17 B1933 Jan 18
Best Adah Housel 1985 B1908; wife of Albert H. Best, married 1926 Dec 27
Best Albert H. 1984 B1906
Best Beulah Truax 1980 B1886 [C. L. Best plot]
Best Bryan E. 1984 Apr 12 B1947 May 12; Vietnam War: U.S. Army
Best Catharine C. m B1881 Nov 19
Best Cathy m No dates [Best Children monument]
Best Charles m No dates [Best Children monument]
Best Clarence H. 1957 B1879
Best Claude Jr. 1986 B1918
Best Claude L. 1960 B1884 [C. L. Best plot]
Best Cora C. 1957 B1921; wife of Claude Best Jr.
Best Fred 1957 B1881
Best George C. 1870 B1860 [J. J. Best plot]
Best Henry 1912 [Jan 30] B1849 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 62; married]
Best Howard Blodgett 1931 [Same stone as James Davis Best] [C. L. Best plot]
Best Howard C. m B1929
Best James Davis 1935 B1934, died age 8 months [same stone as Howard Blodgett Best] [C. L. Best plot]
Best John J. 1902 [Mar 29] B1831 [MWF: died in Potter, age 71] [J. J. Best plot]
Best Kate # 1917 Nov 22 [MWF: born 19 Nov 1830 in Columbia Co., died in Potter, age 87 and 2 days; daughter of John and Betsy Best, both born in Columbia Co.]
Best Lavina 1917 B1827 [J. J. Best plot]
Best Maggie M. 1927 B1851; wife of Henry Best
Best Mary E. 1941 B1885; wife of Fred Best
Best Nellie E. Rector 1936 B1881; wife of Clarence H. Best [adjacent to William & Edith Rector]
Best Rose M. 1978 B1936; wife of Howard C. Best
Best Sandra m [Best Children monument]
Best William D. 1903 [Apr 15] B1874 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 31 (by drowning)]
Binkley Amy B. 1962 B1885; wife of Charles D. Binkley [Binkley monument]
Binkley Charles D. 1918 B1883 [Binkley monument]
Binkley Harry W. 1922 B1905; son of Charles D. Binkley [Binkley monument]
Bird Frank A. 1974 B1888 [Loren Read monument]
Bird Madeline R[ead] 1970 B1896; wife of Frank A. Bird [Loren Read monument]
Bishop James # 1875 Mar 1 D ae 49 in Potter, born in Seneca Co., NY [mortality schedule]
Boardwell Agnes Wagar 1917 B1866; “Mother”
Bogert Catharine 1887 Dec 8 B1812 Jan 16 [Catharine Bogert monument]
Bogert Charles M. 1915 Jul 31 B1838 Nov 17; Civil War: [Bugler, Co. F, 1st U.S. Sharpshooters] [MWF: born in N.Y., died in Potter, age 76; widowed, son of George (born in Columbia Co.) and Sarah Bogert] [Catharine Bogert monument]
Bogert Rillia 1911 Apr 20 B1837 Sep 6; wife of Charles M. Bogert [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Potter, age 74] [Catharine Bogert monument]
Bogert Robert 1862 Sep 28 B1833 Dec 28; Civil War: [1st U.S. Sharpshooters] [Catharine Bogert monument]
Bootes Alice A. 1959 B1876
Bootes Charles H. 1923 Sep 8 B1853 Oct 22 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 69/10/17; married, son of George Riley and Mary Warner Bootes, both born in Potter; husband of Elizabeth Jones Bootes] [Riley Bootes monument]
Bootes Elizabeth H. 1930 Mar 1 B1853 Aug 6; wife of Charles H. Bootes [Riley Bootes monument]
Bootes Hazel F. 1895 Apr 14 B1895 Feb 8 [Riley Bootes monument]
Bootes John M. 1965 B1879
Bootes Mary 1897 Mar 20 B1831 Apr 15; wife of Riley G. Bootes [Riley Bootes monument]
Bootes Riley G[eorge] 1912 May 17 B1827 Sep 22 [MWF: died in Potter, age 85; widowed] [Riley Bootes monument]
Bootes Virginia Lee # 1943 B1942
Booth Calvin A. Sr. 1974 B1913 [Calvin Booth plot]
Booth Genevieve Lafler m B1913; wife of Calvin Booth Sr. [Calvin Booth plot]
Booth Roger K. 1969 B1946 [Calvin Booth plot]
Boots Benjamin 1839 Feb 7 D ae 54/7
Boots Daniel E. 1839 Jul 5 D ae 5/9/16; son of Benj. & Susannah Boots
Boots John Wesley 1834 Jun 11 D ae 14/8 days; son of Benj. & Susannah Boots
Boots Nancy A. 1903 B1827 [James M. Strobridge monument]
Boots Susan 1871 Dec 29 D ae 83/7; wife of Benjamin Boots
Bordwell Angeline 1894 Aug 27 B1815 Sep 25
Bordwell Bessie M. 1945 B1886; “Mother” [Jay Bordwell monument]
Bordwell Charles 1851 Dec 5 D ae 1/17 days; son of Chester & Angeline Bordwell
Bordwell Charles L. 1858 B1818 [son of Consider & Calista Dyer Bordwell]
Bordwell Consider 1850 Feb 5 B1784 Feb 12, at Shelburne, Mass.; died in Potter, age 66
Bordwell Damon J. 1915 [Nov 30] B1849 [MWF: born in Potter, died in Canandaigua, age 66; son of Charles (born in Potter) and Fidelia (born in Mass.) Bordwell]
Bordwell Delilah R. 1822 Jan 25 D ae 9/2/7; daughter of Consider & Calista Bordwell
Bordwell Effie 1858 Mar 11 Daughter of C. L. & Fidelia Bordwell
Bordwell Ella T. 1895 B1851; “Mother” [Henry Bordwell plot]
Bordwell Emily L. [Hobart] m B1834 Jan 17; wife of James R. Bordwell [& daughter of John F. Hobart]
Bordwell Ernest H. 1955 Dec 12 B1909 Sep 27; WWII: NY, tec/5, U.S. Army [Jay Bordwell monument]
Bordwell Fidelia [Bordwell] 1889 B1821; wife of Charles L. Bordwell
Bordwell Henry A. 1913 [May 8] B1844; “Father” [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 64; widowed, son of Chet and Sarah Bordwell] [Henry Bordwell plot]
Bordwell Herbert N. 1869 Mar 15 D ae 27/7/5; son of J. D. & H. Bordwell
Bordwell Herbert N. 1893 B1883; son of H. A. & E. T. Bordwell [Henry Bordwell plot]
Bordwell Herbert R. 1841 Jun 12 D ae 13/8/17; son of Consider & Calista Bordwell
Bordwell James M. 1845 Jul 25 D ae 3 months 15 days; son of Chester & Angeline Bordwell
Bordwell James R. 1887 Apr 7 B1825 Jul 30
Bordwell Jareb D. 1879 Apr 25 D ae 68
Bordwell Jay O. 1957 B1885; “Father” [Jay Bordwell monument]
Bordwell Jay Wesley 1981 May 30 B1923 Apr 30; WWII: U.S. Army
Bordwell Louisa A. 1887 Dec 10 D ae 53; daughter of C[hester] & A[ngeline] Bordwell
Bordwell Lucy A. Smith 1916 [Oct 17] B1852; wife of Damon J. Bordwell [MWF: born in Potter, died in Canandaigua, age 64/2/16; daughter of Peter and Betsy Bordwell]
Bordwell Marjorie J. m B1922; wife of Jay W. Bordwell, married 1946 Jun 30
Bordwell Rachel R. 1851 Dec 22 D ae 17/1/27; daughter of Chester & Angeline Bordwell
Bordwell William W. 1851 Oct 31 B1823 Mar 24; son of Consider & Calista Bordwell
Bragan Freddie B. 1889 Oct 13 D ae 2 months 21 days; son of Michael & Carrie Bragan [Michael Bragan monument]
Bragan Alice # 1900 Sep 15 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 1 and 3 months; funeral charged to Mike Bragan]
Bragan Mabel L. 1893 B1892 [Michael Bragan monument]
Bragan Michael J. 1916 [Sep 27] B1856 [Oct 15] [MWF: born in Albany, died in Potter, age 59/11/13; married, son of John and Lucy Bragan, both born in Albany] [Michael Bragan monument]
Bragan Sarah L. 1900 B1899 [Michael Bragan monument]
Brayton Fanny 1930 B1850 [Brayton monument]
Brayton Sweet 1901 B1836; Civil War: Co. K, 107th NY Regt. [Brayton monument]
Brayton Wallace 1891 B1884 [Brayton monument]
Briggs Abel 1899 Nov 15 B1827 Apr 23; Civil War: [15th NY Engineers] [MWF: died in Potter, age 72 and 7 months; funeral ordered by J. Smith]
Briggs Byron J. 1852 Dec 14 D ae 2/30 days; son of S. W. & Eleanor Briggs
Briggs Caleb # 1849 Sep D ae 86 in Benton, born in Rhode Island [mortality schedule]
Briggs Della J. 1866 Apr 4 D ae 2/5/15; daughter of Stephen W. & Eleanor Briggs
Briggs Flora I. 1856 Oct 21 D ae 5/1/21; daughter of Peleg & Sarah Briggs
Briggs Franklin S. 1852 Mar 11 D ae 2/2/18; son of Peleg & Sarah M. Briggs
Briggs Georgie H. 1862 Mar 12 D ae 5 months 7 days; son of Peleg & Sarah M. Briggs
Briggs Ida E. 1863 Jan 13 D ae 5/2/3; daughter of Peleg & Sarah M. Briggs
Briggs John [Jr.] # 1850 Jan D ae 67, born in Rhode Island; son of John & Elizabeth Bailey Briggs [mortality schedule]
Briggs Mary E. Smith 1896 Oct 2 B1835 Jan 22; wife of Abel Briggs
Briggs Richard I? 1856 Oct 28 D ae 3/4/3; son of Peleg & Sarah Briggs
Brinman James R. # 1864 Jun 15 B1822 Oct 29; Civil War
Brooks Judith F. 1879 Oct 19 B1823 Aug 30 in N.J., died in Potter; wife of G. W. Brooks
Brown Sylvia B. 1966 B1938
Bunn Edith L. 1932 B1888 [wife of James Bunn]
Bunn James 1964 Aug 24 B1890 Feb 14; WWI: Co. I, 348th Infantry
Butler Charles # 1898 Feb 12 D ae 29 in Jerusalem; son of Therman & Ellen Butler [town record] [MWF: born at Friend, died in Jerusalem age 29; record says he was buried in the Friend cemetery]
Butler Thurman m Civil War: Co. B, 126th NY
Campbell Charles H. 1962 B1892 [Frank Campbell monument]
Campbell Emma 1920 B1856; wife of Frank M. Campbell [Frank Campbell monument]
Campbell Frank M. 1923 B1852 [Frank Campbell monument]
Campbell Georgia B. 1983 B1903; wife of Charles Campbell [Frank Campbell monument]
Carey Henry Abel 1844 Mar 27 D ae 1/6/14; son of Alanson & Olive J. Carey
Carey Phebe F. 1853 Dec 11 D ae 3/10/17; daughter of J. L. & Olive J. Carey
Carr Caleb # 1837 B1750; Revolutionary War; father of Reuben Carr and 21 others
Carvey Elizabeth [Hawley] 1847 Apr 24 D ae 69; wife of William Carvey
Carvey Isaac 1848 Mar 16 D ae 36/5/25; son of Wm & Elizabeth Carvey
Carvey William 1848 Mar 24 D ae 70
Casey Betsey 1863 Mar 13 D ae 68/10/10; wife of Jesse D. Casey, Esq.
Casey Jesse D., Esq. 1864 Mar 7 D ae 7l/3/25
Casey Nancy Jessina 1839 Aug 1 D ae 3/2; daughter of Jesse & Betsy Casey
Champlin Michael 1858 Jul 5 D ae 63/1
Chapman Richard # 1864 Sep 2 Civil War: Co. B, 148th NY
Clark Albert W. 1914 [Jun 2] B1838 [Apr 26]; Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY [MWF: born in Jamestown, died in Potter, age 76/1/7; married, son of Orlando and Anna VanDyne Clark, both born in Potter]
Clark Anna [Vandyne] 1879 Apr 17 D ae 66/4; wife of Orlando B. Clark; “Our Mother”
Clark Ashley m B1915
Clark Edward # 1850 Apr D ae 31 in Potter [mortality schedule]
Clark George L. 1971 B1898
Clark Harry R. 1958 B1874 [Harry Clark monument]
Clark Hazel M. 1977 B1900; wife of George L. Clark
Clark James Douglas 1971 B1969
Clark Maria C. [Bruzee] 1915 [Nov 25] B1843; wife of Albert W. Clark [MWF: born in Columbia Co., died in Potter, age 73/4/21; widowed, daughter of Tunis and Eunice Decker Bruzee, both born in Columbia Co.]
Clark Marjorie L. 1970 B1917; wife of Ashley Clark
Clark Nellie B. 1933 B1879
Clark Robert A. 1968 B 1876 [Harry Clark monument]
Clark Sammie # 1874 Dec 24 D ae 9 months in Potter [mortality schedule]
Coats Matilda B. 1871 Feb 10 D ae 45; wife of William S. Coats
Cole Abraham M. 1862 Jan 8 D ae 54/1/6
Cole Hannah # 1869 Jun D ae 58 in Middlesex; wife of Abram M. Cole; born in Mass. [mortality schedule]
Conley Alice # 1865 Apr 18 D ae 1 month in Benton [mortality schedule]
Conley Anna B. # 1922 Mar 20 [MWF: born 10 July 1835 in England, died in Jerusalem, age 86/8/10; parents born in England; widowed]
Conley Bartholomew 1882 Jul 29 B1813 May 27 [son of Luke Sr. & Polly Conley]
Conley Charles 1988 B1914 [adjacent to Roscoe Conley]
Conley Charles E. 1891 Sep 27 B1834 Sep 14 [Charles Conley monument]
Conley David R. 1872 Jan 8 D ae 56 [son of Luke Sr. & Polly Conley]
Conley Direxa [Wilson] 1847 Oct 4 [First] wife of David R. Conley [broken stone]
Conley Elizabeth M. 1936 B1869; wife of Joel M. Conley
Conley George # 1899 Feb 1 D ae 63 in Jerusalem; son of Luke & Maria Conley [town record]
Conley Hannah 1921 Sep 22 B1843 Mar 15; wife of Charles E. Conley [Charles Conley monument]
Conley Harriet # m B1909; wife of Oscar Conley
Conley Inez A. 1973 B1879; wife of Roscoe Conley
Conley James, Esq. 1889 Jan 19 B1822 May 15 [son of Luke Sr. & Polly Conley]
Conley James N[orton] 1913 [Jul 21] B1841 [MWF: died in Potter, age 71 and 10 months; married, son of William Conley]
Conley Jennie Quackenbush # 1914 Oct 27 [MWF: born in Gorham, died in Potter, age 56; married, daughter of Abner and Elinor Swarts Quackenbush, both born in N.Y. state]
Conley Jerome H. 1864 May 3 D ae 25/5/25; son of David R. & Direxa Conley; Civil War: Co. K, 15th NY Engineers
Conley Joel M. 1938 B1865
Conley John J. 1911 May 6 D ae 66; Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY
Conley John W. 1913 [Sep 5] B1837 [MWF: died in Potter; married]
Conley Luke 1867 Jan 10 D ae 58 [son of Luke Sr. & Polly Conley]
Conley Luke [Sr.] 1855 Sep 18 D ae 82/1/3
Conley Mary 1882 Mar 16 B1818 Feb 20; wife of James Conley, Esq.
Conley Mary C. 1872 B1839; wife of John C. Conley
Conley Mary [Robinson] 1844 Jul 4 D ae 61/4/26; wife of Luke Conley [& daughter of David Robinson]
Conley Michael B. 1856 Aug 18 D ae 32/3 days [son of Luke Sr. & Polly Conley]
Conley Nancy [Jayne] 1904 Apr 18 D ae 89/2/25; wife of William Conley
Conley Nora B. 1881 May 12 B1869 Nov 4; daughter of C. B. & Hannah Conley [Charles Conley monument]
Conley Oscar 1990 Sep 10 B1910 Jan 7; WWII: U.S. Army
Conley Purlona Almy 1888 Dec 22 B1820 Mar 31; wife of Bartholomew Conley
Conley Samantha Race 1927 Apr 16 B1852; wife of James N. Conley & daughter of Levi & Emeline Race
Conley Roscoe 1941 [May 13] B1881 [Feb 6] [MWF: born in Jerusalem, died there at home, age 60/3/7; married, son of Oscar (born in Jerusalem) and Inez Pulver (born in Yates Co.) Conley]
Conley Samantha # 1904 Apr 18 [MWF: born in Conn., died in Potter, age 89; widowed, daughter of William (born in England) and Nancy (born in Canada) Conley]
Conley Sarah [Hobart] 1851 Jun 19 D ae 35/5/24; [2nd] wife of David R. Conley [& daughter of William L. Hobart]
Conley William 1875 Mar 9 D ae 64/9 [born in Allegany Co., son of Luke Sr. & Polly Conley]
Cook Emily [Warner] 1913 [Mar 29] B1850; wife of George Cook [MWF: died in Potter, age 63; married, daughter of James Warner]
Cook George [E.] 1926 [Feb 9] B1841 [Dec 13]; Civil War: Co. D, 150th NY [MWF: born in Dutchess Co., lived and died in Potter; funeral service held at home of J. Lafler]
Coon Elizabeth 1984 May 8 B1896 May 31
Corey Richard M. 1870 Jun 22 D ae 17/9; son of Silas & Betsey Corey
[Costello] Carrie H. Hermans 1955 Feb 9 B1859 Aug 27 [wife of M. E. Costello & daughter of Edwin J. & Adelia S. Wyman Hermans] [Hermans plot]
Covert Harry L. 1905 Oct 16 B1821 Jul 5 [MWF: died in Potter, age 86; married]
Covert John # m Civil War: Co. L, 14th NYHA
Covert John 185? Aug 27 D ae 66 [War of 1812] [stone broken and partially buried]
Covert Martha Jane Basom 1913 Feb 18 B1826 Feb 5; wife of Harry Covert [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 86; widowed, daughter of Peter and --- Wyman Basom]
Cowan Margaret Belle 1984 B1891
Criss Addie Dinehart 1898 B1874 [A. J. Criss monument]
Criss Andrew J. 1917 [Nov 14] B1831; Civil War: Co. B, 122nd NY Regt. [MWF: died in Potter, age 86/1/7; son of Stephen and Susan Criss] [A. J. Criss monument]
Criss Charles W. 1937 [May 24] B1879 [MWF: born in Jerusalem, died at home in Potter, age 58 and 28 days] [Charles Criss monument]
Criss David [P.] [1891 Aug 16] [D ae 72 in Penn Yan, son of Susan Wilcox Criss] Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY
Criss Elida 1881 Jun 20 D ae 44: wife of David Criss
Criss John G. 1852 Jun 29 D ae 6/8/15
Criss Leslie B. 1929 B1918 [Charles Criss monument]
Criss Lizzie 1881 Nov 6 D ae 5/2/4; daughter of David & Elida Criss
Criss Melissa A. 1954 B1882 [wife of Charles W. Criss] [Charles Criss monument]
Criss Norma J. m D ae 4 months [Charles Criss monument]
Criss Sylvia Stearns 1929 B1846; wife of Andrew Criss [A. J. Criss monument]
Crocker infant # 1898 Sep 3 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 2 months]
Crouch Joseph S. 1864 Oct 28 D ae 45/2/18 at Fort Monroe, [Va.; Civil War: 148th NY & 85th NY]
Culver Josephine Lounsberry 1920 Aug 18 B1836 Aug 27; wife of Lyman Culver [adjacent to W. E. Lounsberry] [MWF: born in Middlesex, died age 82/11/18; widowed, daughter of James and ---- Ferguson Lounsberry, both born in Mass.]
Culver Lyman 1901 Jul 9 B1835 Apr 9 [Civil War: 79th NY] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 85]
Daines Leon E. m B1932
Daines Marlene A. m B1936; wife of Leon E. Daines, married 1957 Feb 10
Danes Cyrus 1870 Nov 29 D ae 53/10/23
Danes George R. # 1974 B1903
Danes Jane Stout # 1902 May 21 D ae 77 in Rushville, widowed daughter of James & Margaret Vanzandt Stout [town record] [MWF: born in Potter, died in Rushville, age 77/9/21]
Danes Mary M. # m B1909; wife of George R. Danes
Davis Clarence R. 1982 B1913
Davis Marjorie K. m B1913; wife of Clarence Davis
Dawley Hester [Reddout] 1848 Dec 19 D ae 41/7/11; wife of Job Dawley [& daughter of Abraham & Elizabeth Reddout] [buried in Reddout plot]
Decker ---- 1845 Feb 9 D ae 5 months; son of Henry & L[ucinda] Decker [adjacent to Benj. Thomas monument]
Decker Lucinda Hobart Thomas 1872 May 26 D ae 65/11/21; wife of Henry Decker & relict of Benj. F. Thomas [daughter of William L. & Sally Wyman Hobart] [Benj. Thomas monument]
Demelia Thomas 1989 B1911 [funeral marker]
Densmore Charles A. 1845 Aug 12 D ae 2 months 8 days; son of John & Eliza Densmore [John Densmore monument; surname spelled Dinsmore on his own stone]
Densmore David H. 1925 [Apr 29] B1841 [Apr 3] [MWF: born, lived and died in Potter, age 84 and 26 days; son of John and Elizabeth Pryne (born in Cayuga Co.) Densmore]
Densmore Elizabeth 1901 Dec 4 B1807 Sep 27; wife of John Densmore [MWF: died in Potter, age 94/2/7] [John Densmore monument]
Densmore Frances E. 1988 B1900; wife of Leon Densmore
Densmore Gertrude Clark 1956 B1875; wife of James Densmore [James Densmore plot]
Densmore James 1932 B1873 [James Densmore plot]
Densmore James 1863 Jan 24 B1838 Aug 27 [son of John & Eliza Densmore; Civil War: cpl., 1st U.S. Sharpshooters] [John Densmore monument]
Densmore John 1883 Nov 21 B1804 Mar 7 [John Densmore monument]
Densmore Laverne O. 1939 B1930 [adjacent to Leon & Frances Densmore]
Densmore Leon J. 1970 B1898
Densmore Milford C. 1930 B1901 [James Densmore plot]
Densmore Minerva Loomis 1915 [Jan 2] B1847; wife of David H. Densmore [MWF: born in Middlesex, died in Potter, age 76; daughter of Nathaniel (born in N.Y. state) and ---- Fitch (born in Yates Co.) Loomis]
Depew Emily 1853 Oct 3 D ae 14/2; daughter of Hiram & C. J. Depew
DeRock Lucinda Simmons 1934 B1870
Devoe William 1984 May 24 B1935 Sep 22
Dickens Hazel # m B1908; wife of John L. Dickens
Dickens John L. # 1973 B1905
Dinehart Agnes C. 1915 B1851; wife of William S. Dinehart
Dinehart Eliza 1891 Nov 4 B1809 Sep 7; wife of Peter J. Dinehart
Dinehart Elizabeth Andrews 1919 Apr 29 B1840 Mar 11; wife of James Dinehart [& daughter of T. J. & Hannah Williamson Andrews] [MWF: born in Safford, Onondaga Co., died in Potter, age 79/1/18; father born in Rhode Island, mother in Otisco Valley; husband born in Potter]
Dinehart Grace M. 1961 B1885 [Leonard Dinehart plot]
Dinehart James 1920 Mar 20 B1836 Oct 1 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 83/5/19; son of Peter (born in Columbia Co.) and Eliza Covert (born in Yates Co.) Dinehart]
Dinehart John 1882 Aug 22 B1804 Jan 19
Dinehart John Calvin 1839 Sep 8 D ae 5/?/23; son of Peter & Eliza Dinehart
Dinehart John F. 1839 Jul 13 D ae 3/6; son of J. & L. Dinehart
Dinehart Laura J. 1897 Feb 3 B1810 Feb 8; wife of John Dinehart
Dinehart Leonard F. 1928 B1857 [Leonard Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Margaret 1865 Aug 27 D ae 90/10; wife of Peter Dinehart
Dinehart Margaret A. 1937 B1863 [wife of Leonard F. Dinehart] [Leonard Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Peter 1844 Feb 11 D ae 69/11
Dinehart Peter J. 1891 Oct 15 B1801 Dec 11
Dinehart William S. 1920 [Apr 3] B1842 [MWF: born 26 Nov 1859 in Middlesex, died at Vine Valley age 54/4/7; divorced, son of Adam and Lillian Hadsell Dinehart, both born in Middlesex; funeral service held at home of Fred Dinehart]
Dixon Esther M. 1991 B1920; wife of Everett W. Dixon, married 1939 Oct 6
Dixon Everett W. 1981 B1912
Dolph Susan H. [Bordwell] 1879 Oct 10 D ae 63; wife of Anson Dolph [& daughter of Consider & Calista Dyer Bordwell]
Donnelly Charles 1968 B1918
Donnelly Florence 1973 B1890; wife of Leon D. Donnelly
Donnelly Leon D. 1947 B1882
Dorman Ada T. 1947 B1893; wife of Frank J. Dorman
Dorman Annie H. 1927 B1861; wife of Joel F. Dorman
Dorman Frank J. 1971 B1880
Dorman Joel F. 1939 B1856
Dunn Homer 1858 Oct 7 D ae 25/1/25
Dunn Ruth B. 1973 B1892
Dyer Jada 1851 Oct 30 D ae 65; born in Canterbury, Conn.
Dyer Jareb, [Dr.] 1813 Feb 6 D ae 60
Dyer Susannah [Newell] 1827 Aug 9 D ae 69; wife of Dr. Jareb Dyer; born in Boston Mass.
Edwards Addie M. 1983 Feb 20 B1911 Oct 9
Eldred Daniel G. 1844 Dec 31 [Stone partially buried]
Eldred Olive 1841 Jun 27 D ae 53; wife of [H]umphrey Eldred
Ellis Lecia 1983 Jul 22 B1905 Jun 5
Feagles Marvin # 1920 Mar 21 [MWF: born 10 March 1845 in Benton, died in Potter, age 75 and 19 days; widowed, son of William and Mary Feagles]
Finch Ebenezer 1865 [Feb] B1827 [Civil War 85th NY d Annapolis MD]
Finch Mary F. Read 1928 B1831 wife of Ebenezer Finch
Fitch Malvina M. 1885 B1847
Fitzwater John 1853 Apr 12 D ae 71/2/28 [son of George & Hannah Davis Fitzwater]
Fitzwater Pecy [Botsford] 1866 Jun 8 D ae 82/2; wife of John Fitzwater [& daughter of Jonathan Botsford]
Flynt Jerrold M. 1972 Feb 28 B1929 Apr 17; Korean War: U.S. Navy
Forrester Clara M. 1990 B1924 [funeral marker]
Foster Flora A. Wyman 1925 B1851; wife of Martin W. Foster
Foster Martin W. 1928 B1857
Gapen Ethelyn L. 1985 B1903 [M. S. Lounsberry plot]
Geer O. 1992 B1900 [funeral marker]
Gleason Aaron 1925 Jun 24 B1837 Aug 8 [MWF]
Gleason Adelia [Gleason] 1920 Apr 21 B1842 May 25; wife of Aaron Gleason [MWF: born in Middlesex, died in Potter, age 77/10/21; married, daughter of John and Ann Fyson Taylor, both born in Orange Co.]
Gleason Alice B. 1886 Mar 31 D ae 7/6; daughter of Benjamin F. [& Alice Bordwell] Gleason [Benj. Gleason monument]
Gleason Alice Bordwell 1878 Oct 5 D ae 25; wife of Benjamin F. Gleason [Benj. Gleason monument]
Gleason Benjamin F. 1903 Aug 23 D ae 65 [Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY] [Benj. Gleason monument]
Gleason Dora R. 1869 Jan 19 D ae 1/8 [Benj. Gleason monument]
Gleason Emma Reed 1869 Nov 28 D ae 29 [Benj. Gleason monument]
Gleason Willie J. 1881 Dec 19 D ae 5/2/6; son of Aaron & Adelia Gleason
Goehrig Anna 1989 Sep 29 B1895 Jun 27; “Protestant”
Goewy Edna Mae 1983 Sep 3 B1906 Jan 19
Goldsmith Florence Lamoreaux 1898 Jul 16 D ae 27; wife of Burton Goldsmith & daughter of Wm & Amy Green Lamoreaux [town record] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 27; funeral charged to William Lamoreaux]
Goodsell Edith M. Roe 1941 [May 28] B1858 [Aug 15]; wife of William H. Goodsell [MWF: born in Cohocton, died at home in Rushville, age 82/9/13; widowed, daughter of Lemuel and Caroline LaShure Roe, both born in Pennsylvania]
[Goodsell] Grace M. 1973 B1900 [wife of Harry F. Goodsell]
[Goodsell] Harry F. 1949 B1899
Goodsell Jacob 1930 B1854
Goodsell Jacob 1890 Jan 1 D ae 59/11/11; Civil War: Co. G, 126th NY [& 15th NY Engineers]
Goodsell Nellie 1937 B1864 [wife of Jacob Goodsell]
Goodsell Sarah 1869 Jul 21 D ae 37/11/12; wife of Jacob Goodsell
Goodsell William H. 1923 [Dec 17] B1857 [Jul 7] [MWF: born, lived and died in Potter, age 66; son of Jacob G. and Sarah Helmes Goodsell]
Green Cyrus M. # 1927 Jan 22 B1857 Jan 26
Green Emma # 1914 May 13 B1866 Sep 11; wife of Cyrus M. Green
Green Jarvis 1839 Nov 23 D ae 25/11/15 [adjacent to Slitor monument]
Green Susie J. 19[24 Mar 10] B1834 [Feb 18] [daughter of Jarvis & Garietta VanZandt Green] [MWF: born in Potter, died in Atlanta, N.Y., age 90 and 20 days; single, her mother born in Potter] [adjacent to Slitor monument]
Greene George 1852 Jan 15 B1761 Nov 8, died age 90/1/29; Revolutionary War: Rhode Island Militia
Greene Sally [Waterman] 1841 Oct 1 D ae 77/1 day; wife of George Greene & daughter of Col. John & Sally Waterman
Grimble Mary 1989 B1916 [funeral marker]
Guiles Effie 1983 Feb 19 B1911 Apr 13
H-?-- David? 1884 Nov 19 D ae 66; Veteran —ainger Brigade [rusticated white cross, inscription partially worn away]
H--- M--- N--- m [Footstone]
Hall Charles 1907 May 10 B1831 Dec 27 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 75; son of John and Mary Hall] [Charles Hall monument]
Hall Charles [Jr.] 1905 Aug 3 B1857 Jun 6 [Charles Hall Jr. monument]
Hall Charles L. 1964 Aug 18 B1906 Sep 6; WWII: NY, H&S. Co., 263rd Eng., C Battalion [Charles L. Hall plot]
Hall Flora 1934 Apr 22 B1867 Jan 8 [Charles Hall monument]
Hall Hannah [Briggs] [Wells] 1902 Dec 18 B1833 Oct 15; wife of Charles Hall [& daughter of Hamilton J. & Mary Briggs; 1st husband was Joseph Wells] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 69; funeral charged to Charles Hall] [Charles Hall monument]
Hall Henry # 1905 Aug 3 [MWF: born in N.Y., died in Potter, age 48; married]
Hall John B. 1951 B1873 May 7 [Charles Hall monument & his own stone in Charles L. Hall plot]
Hall Saloma H. 1939 B1884 [wife of John B Hall] [Charles L. Hall plot]
Hall Sarah Excell 1961 Sep 5 B1866 Feb 10; wife of Charles Hall [Jr.] [Charles Hall Jr. monument]
Halstead Catherine A. McDonald 1897 Feb 25 B1845 Sep 30; wife of Franklin G. Halstead [Franklin G. Halstead monument]
Halstead Franklin G[eorge] 1896 Jan 29 B1838 Nov 20; Civil War: 1st sgt., Co. C, 4th Michigan [Franklin G. Halstead monument]
Halstead George Gilbert 1954 B1873; “Father” [G. G. Halstead monument]
Halstead Gertrude M. 1967 B1875 [plot with Franklin G. Halstead monument]
Halstead Helen M. # 1850 Jan D ae 7 in Potter [mortality schedule]
Halstead Jannett m B1853; wife of Morris Halstead [Morris Halstead plot]
Halstead John 1894 Feb 26 D ae 84/4 days
Halstead Louisa [Sawyer] 1868 Oct 10 D ae 57/6/6; wife of John Halstead [& daughter of Cornelius Jr. & Margaret Sawyer]
Halstead Morris 1899 [Apr 4] B1845 [MWF: born and died in Potter] [Morris Halstead plot]
Halstead Nellie Shutts 1945 B1866; “Mother” [wife of George Gilbert Halstead] [G. G. Halstead monument]
Halstead Servetus 1858 Feb 5 Son of John & Louisa Halstead [broken stone]
Halstead William F. 1926 B1872 [Franklin G. Halstead monument]
Halsted Anna 1841 Oct 31 D ae 3 months 6 days; daughter of J. & L. Halsted
Halsted Guy 1853 Aug 10 D ae 1/1/10; son of J. & L. Halsted
Halsted infant 1834 Jun 15 Son of J. & L. Halsted
Halsted Lewis m Civil War: cpl., Co. D, 194th NY [Morris Halstead plot]
Hamm Agnes 1986 Sep 21 B1907 Jul 25
Hammond Hannah 1897 Feb 22 D ae 46 [Hammond plot]
Hammond Henry M. 1890 Oct 2 D ae 64 [Hammond plot]
Hammond Nancy Jane 1942 m
Hammond Rachel 1854 Oct 29 Wife of Samuel Hammond [broken stone; Hammond plot]
Hamon Hellen E. 1862 Dec 22 D ae 9/1/9; daughter of ---- & ---- Hamon [Hammond plot]
Hamond Mary J. 1871 Feb 10 D ae 42/2/9; wife of Henry M. Hamond [Hammond plot]
Hart Caroline Rector # 1918 Sep 12 [MWF: born 5 Apr 1850 in Benton, died in Potter, age 88/5/7; widowed, daughter of Conrad and Mary Rector, both born in Yates Co.]
Harwood Hannah R. # 1897 Dec 22 [MWF: Born, lived and died in Potter, age 46]
Haushalter Amanda [Underwood] 1903 Jun 13 D ae 40; wife of Philip Haushalter [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 39; funeral charged to P. Haushalter] [Wm H. Underwood monument]
Hawley George 1872 Dec 6 D ae 41/1/22
Hawley Josiah 1849 Nov 9 D ae 43/1/29
Hawley Lizzie H. 1877 Apr 27 D ae 33/7/23; wife of George Hawley
Hayes Fred C. 1962 B1897
Hayes Sarah I. 1983 B1901; wife of Fred Hayes
Herington Morris F. S. 1842 Jim? 27 D ae 22/8; son of David & Amy Herington
Hermans Adelia S. [Wyman] 1887 Apr 10 B1832 Sep 8 [wife of Edwin J. Hermans] [Hermans plot]
Hermans Edwin J., Rev. 1896 Nov 7 B1832 Dec 20 [son of Dr. James & Eliza Hart Heermans] [Hermans plot]
Hermans Hattie M. 1883 Aug 27 B1862 Sep 8 [Hermans plot]
Hermans Mary A. 1942 Mar 9 B1859 Aug 27 [daughter of Edwin J. & Adelia S. Wyman Hermans] [MWF: born in Branchport, died at home in Potter, age 83/6/11; single, both parents born in Potter] [Hermans plot]
Herrington Charles R? 1845 May 20 D ae 18 months; son of Jacob & Emily Herrington
Herrington John C. 1839 Sep 2 D ae 11 months; son of Stephen H. & Eliza Herrington
Hersha Harriet C. 1853 Jan 27 D ae 21/6/29; wife of Jacob B. Hersha
Hersha Samuel T. 1853 Oct 2 D ae 1; son of J. B. & H. Hersha
Hey Flossie Dorman 1971 B1887; wife of George M. Hey
Hey George M. 1965 B1885
Hilczmayer Doris H. m B1916; wife of Julius S. Hilczmayer
Hilczmayer Julius S. m B1912
H[ill?] M--- N. m [Footstone near R. I. Hill]
Hill R[ansom] I. m Civil War: Co. E, 194th NY
Hobart Ann Eliza [Thomas] 1840 May 24 B1808 Dec 6; wife of John F. Hobart [& daughter of David Thomas] [John F. Hobart monument]
Hobart Anna M. # 1892 Jul 17 D ae 30/5 in Penn Yan [village record]
Hobart Arthur 1894 [Apr 5] B1856 [died age 38 in Penn Yan, son of Walter P. & Louisa Randolph Hobart]
Hobart Byron C. 1934 B1856 [son of Charles & Mary J. Wells Hobart] [Byron Hobart plot]
Hobart Cecil M. 1974 B1893; wife of Guy L. Hobart
Hobart Charles H. 1851 Dec 2 B1846 Apr 29; son of John F. & Sarah H. Hobart [John F. Hobart monument]
Hobart David L. 1877 Aug 25 D ae 45/7/20
Hobart Della M[eyers] 1923 Oct 12 B1858 Jun 11; died age 65/4/1 [MWF: born in Albion, Mich., died in Geneva; daughter of Orville H. (born in N.Y. state) and Caroline Strickland (born in Mich.) Meyers; wife of F. C. Hobart] [Frank Hobart monument]
Hobart Dolly [Smith] 1851 Oct 12 D ae 89/5; [2nd] wife of William Hobart
Hobart Eleanor M. 1863 Mar 2 D ae 65; wife of Joseph L. Hobart
Hobart Elizabeth Decker # 1921 May 24 [MWF: born 1 Feb 1834 in Potter, died there age 83/3/23; widowed, daughter of Henry (born in Copake) and Lucinda Hobart (born in Potter) Decker; wife of Jabez Frank Hobart]
Hobart Elizabeth A. [Wager] 1897 Dec 22 D ae 66/2/6; wife of David L. Hobart [& daughter of John E. & Julie E. Wager]
Hobart Frank C. 1925 Jan 25 B1837 Jan 16 [MWF: born in Potter, lived in Geneva, died at the Canandaigua Health Home, age 80 and 9 days; son of Flag and Eliza Thomas Hobart, both born in Potter] [Frank Hobart monument]
Hobart Frank Job # 1904 Aug 18 [MWF: died in Potter, age 70; may be the same man as Jabez F. Hobart, below]
Hobart George # m Civil War: cpl., Co. M, 148th NY
Hobart George H. 1933 B1848 [John F. Hobart monument]
Hobart Guy L. 1968 B1889
Hobart Harriet Ross Wyman 1889 Jan 2 B1835 Dec 13; wife of Frank C. Hobart [Frank Hobart monument]
Hobart Herbert H. 1906 B1874 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 32; son of George Hobart]
Hobart infant # 1903 Mar 4 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 6 months; funeral charged to father, Roy Hobart]
Hobart Jabez F. 1904 B1834 [Civil War]
Hobart Jerome F. 1864 Nov 10 D ae 2/8; son of F. J[abez] & P[hebe] E. Hobart
Hobart John F[lagg] 1879 Sep 11 B1808 May 14 [son of William L. & Sally Hobart] [John F. Hobart monument]
Hobart Kate [Eliza] B[aggerly] 1934 B1859 [daughter of Charles & Mary Antoinette Putney Baggerly] [Byron Hobart plot]
Hobart Mary W. 1906 B1830 [Byron Hobart plot]
Hobart Phebe E. 1921 B1838; wife of Jabez F. Hobart
Hobart Phebe Hall 1847 Dec 24 [B1794 in Mass.] died age 53/17 days; 2nd wife of William L. Hobart [& daughter of William Hall Sr.] [Wm L. Hobart monument]
Hobart Rachel [Clark] 1853 Jan 25 D ae 39/10/25; [2nd] wife of W[alter] P. Hobart
Hobart Sally Wyman 1813 Apr 24 [Born in Mass.] 1st wife of William L. Hobart [& daughter of Jonas Wyman] [Wm L. Hobart monument]
Hobart Sarah B[asom] 1921 [Feb 16] B1854 [Jun 18] [wife of George W. Hobart] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 66/7/29; married, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Bogart Basom, both born in Potter] [John F. Hobart monument]
Hobart Sarah [Thomas] 1903 May 7 B1822 Jul 30; wife of John F. Hobart [& daughter of David Thomas] [MWF: died in Potter, age 80] [John F. Hobart monument]
Hobart Walter P. 1875 Aug 31 D ae 75/5/9
Hobart William 1801 Jan 1 B1751 May 23; died age 52/7; Revolutionary War: Mass., chaplain of Col. Aaron Williams Regt.
Hobart William L. 1865 Jul 19 B1778 Dec 7 [in Townsend,] Mass., died age 86/7/11 [son of William & Patience Flagg Hobart] [Wm L. Hobart monument]
Hobert Henry Albert 1863 Dec 21 D ae 2/1
Hodge Jane Whipple # 1910 Jan 13 [MWF: born in N.Y. state, died in Potter, age 74; widowed, daughter of ---- Whipple]
Hollenbeck Morris 1839 Sep 12 D ae 4/4/13; son of Merril & Charity [Reddout] Hollenbeck
Hoose Erwin G. 1989 Sep 26 B1916 Jan 24; WWII: U.S. Army Air Corps
Hoose Ida Lafler 1984 B1906; wife of Erwin C. Hoose, married 1937 Feb 20
Horton Josephine P. 1948 B1869
Hovey Sarah M. # 1908 Jun 10 D ae 44/10 in Jerusalem; widow, born in England [town record]
Howard Mary Ann 1857 Jun 24 D ae 2/7/10; daughter of Jacob M. & Hannah R. Howard [adjacent to John S. Almy]
Hoyt C Emmett 1862 Dec 29 D ae 1/4/24; son of Charles O. & Electa Hoyt
Hoyt George W. Jr. 1971 Aug 31 B1896 Feb 23; WWI: NY, U.S. Army
Hoyt Hattie P. m B1852 Dec 10; wife of Mortimer J. Hoyt [Torrey monument]
Hoyt Iva O. 1982 B1887; wife of George W. Hoyt
Hoyt Mortimer J. 1904 Oct 27 B1836 Dec 12 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 68; married] [Torrey monument]
Hoyt Sally Olmstead 1893 Apr 30 D ae 92/4/13; born in Ridgefield, Conn.; wife of Samuel S. Hoyt
Hoyt Samuel S. 1869 Sep 29 D ae 70/2/24; born in Ridgefield, Conn.
Hughner Nora [Teter] 1936 [Aug 31] B1871 [December 24]; wife of Perry S. Hughner [MWF: born in Steuben Co., died at home in Potter, age 65/8/7; widow of Perry Hughner, daughter of Marcus (born in Schoharie Co.) and Lucy Russell Teter]
Hughner Perry S. 1934 B1862
Hulbert William # 1889 Oct 19 [D ae 65/9/19 in Rushville; son of Isaac & Lucy Hulbert] Civil War: Co. F, 117th NY
Hunt Elnathan B. 1891 Sep 8 B1817 Aug 3
Hunt George m B1793 Apr 25
Hunt Harriet R[oss] 1874 Feb 11 B1797 Aug 11; wife of George Hunt
Hunt Sarah Weare 1893 Apr 6 B1817 Sep 3; wife of Elnathan B. Hunt [& daughter of Gilbert & Lydia Coleman Weare]
Hurrin Clara H. 1920 [Feb 11] B1887 [Nov 3] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 32/3/8; married, daughter of Harry (born in N.Y. city) and Rose Lafler (born in Middlesex) Hilliard]
Husted Charlotte L. 1837 Aug 30 B1834 Dec 30 [Henry Husted monument]
Husted Clara A. 1865 Apr 20 B1843 Aug 23 [daughter of Henry & Susan P. Williams Husted] [Henry Husted monument]
Husted Cornelius # 1913 Nov 24 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 64; son of Henry and Sarah Husted, both born in England]
Husted Henry 1873 Jul 17 B1797 Apr 22 [Henry Husted monument]
Husted Julia Dinehart # 1920 Nov 19 [MWF: born 1 Nov 1852 in Potter, died in Lockport, age 68 and 20 days; daughter of Thomas and Julia Plumly Dinehart, both born in Columbia Co.]
Husted Mary E. 1909 Jul 29 B1837 Feb 12 [Henry Husted monument]
Husted Susan P. [Williams] 1888 Jun 3 B1812 Mar 15 [daughter of R. M. & Amy Hart Williams] [Henry Husted monument]
Ingram Alfred 1904 May 23 B1826 Jul 18 in Lincolnshire, England [MWF: born in England, died in Potter, age 77] [Alfred Ingram monument]
Ingram Arloa Ellis m B1931 Jan 21 wife of Geo. Ingram m1950 May 6
Ingram Bernice M. 1984 B1895, died at Nevis, West Indies; wife of William H. Ingram
Ingram Catharine Basom 1916 Jun 7 B1834 Aug 31; [2nd] wife of Alfred Ingram [Alfred Ingram monument]
Ingram Catherine 1889 Oct 23 D ae 35/1; wife of C[harles] A. Ingram
Ingram Charles A. 1895 Feb 11 D ae 47/11
Ingram Clarence W. 1880 Jan 22 D ae 1/3/9; son of George R. & Emma Ingram
Ingram Donald W. m B1920 Aug 29
Ingram Emma A. 1933 B1853; wife of George R. Ingram
Ingram George B. 1972 B1891
Ingram George L. m B1930 Apr 29
Ingram George R. 1908 [Dec 26] B1852 [MWF: born in Putnam Co., died in Potter, age 56; son of Alfred Ingram, born in England]
Ingram Joyce Ansley m B1922 Feb 11; wife of Donald W. Ingram, married 1946 Jun 8
Ingram Katheryn H. 1932 B1898
Ingram Lillian Fitzwater 1985 B1898; wife of George B. Ingram
Ingram Oliver C. 1944 B1889
Ingram Sarah Howlett 1858 Oct 10 B1830 Mar 22 [in England]; [1st] wife of Alfred Ingram [Alfred Ingram monument]
Ingram William H. 1962 B1883
James Adelia Howe # 1914 Aug 25 [MWF: born in Benton, died in Potter, age 72; daughter of John and Adelia (born in Prattsburg) Howe]
Johnson J[ames] Marion 1901 Jun 5 B1848 Feb 29
Johnson Mary # 1860 May D ae 63 in Potter, born in Rhode Island; wife of James Johnson [mortality schedule]
Jones Annis # 1860 Mar D ae 94 in Potter, born in Conn. [mortality schedule]
Jones Dora E. m B1868; wife of William H. Jones
Jones James E. # 1923 Jan 13 [MWF: born 27 Aug 1867 in Potter, died there age 55/4/17; single, son of Almerion (born in Potter) and Adelia Hamm (born in Columbia Co.) Jones]
Jones John m Civil War: Co. K, 15th NY Engineers
Jones William H. 1924 [Nov 7] B1864 [May 23] [MWF: born in Potter, lived and died there age 60/7/14; married, son of Almerion and Adelia Hamm Jones, both born in N.Y. state]
Joyce Jennie # 1896 Mar 31 D ae 4 in Potter; daughter of Abraham & Caroline Joyce [mortality schedule]
Jubenville E. 1988 B1929 [funeral marker]
Keech Frances 1972 B1900 [Keech plot]
Keech G[uy] Robert 1943 [Dec 6] B1925 [Jun 6] [MWF: born in Jerusalem, lived in Middlesex, died in Rushville, age 18 and 6 months; single, son of Guy (born in Belmont) and Frances Conley (born in Jerusalem) Keech] [Keech plot]
Keech Guy 1961 B1897 [Keech plot]
Keech Kenneth L. 1982 B1918 [Keech plot]
Kelley Flora E. Wakley 1926 B1852 [wife of John H. Kelley]
Kelley Freddie 1885 Mar 1 D ae 8/7/20; son of John H. & Flora Kelley
Kelley John H. 1905 B1850
Kelly James # 1875 Oct 22 D ae 44 in Potter, born in Ireland [mortality schedule]
Kennedy Harriet B. 1965 B1880 [Frank Lafler monument]
Kilpatrick Amy [Spike] 1913 [Oct 27] B1881; wife of Lee Kilpatrick [MWF: born in Ontario Co., died in Potter, age 32; married, daughter of Peter and Sarah Spike]
Kilpatrick Charles G. 1927 B1874 [adjacent to Nettie Housel Kilpatrick]
Kilpatrick Lee 1935 B1876
Kilpatrick Nettie Housel 1933 B1852 [adjacent to Charles G. Kilpatrick]
King Libbie 1872 Oct 3 D ae 20
Knapp Aaron # 1905 Dec -- D ae 88 in Potter, born in Ohio; son of John & Betsy Dinturff Knapp [town record]
Knapp Anna E[lizabeth] [Whipple] 1907 Mar 17 B1846 Apr 22; wife of John Knapp [MWF: died in Middlesex, age 61; married, daughter of J. and Mary Whipple]
Knapp John [S.] 1907 Oct 18 B1839 Sep 8 [son of Aaron & Elizabeth Knapp; Civil War: band master 50th NY Engineers] [MWF: born in Potter, died in Middlesex, age 68; widowed, son of Aaron and Betsy Knapp, both born in Potter]
Lacker Harry # 1898 Jun 11 [MWF: died in Potter, age 90; funeral ordered by J. L. Hobart]
Lafler Alice A. 1912 Jan 28 B1850 Mar 16; wife of John A. Lafler [MWF: died in Potter, age 62] [John A. Lafler monument]
Lafler Angeline 1931 B1844; wife of Ezra E. Lafler [Ezra Lafler monument; Lafler / Race plot]
Lafler Bertie 1885 Aug 19 B1867 Aug 14 [John A. Lafler monument]
Lafler Carrie 1964 B1868 [Floyd Lafler monument]
Lafler Claud 1978 B1901 [Floyd Lafler monument]
Lafler Dora Robeson 1910 [Apr 19] B1872; wife of Frank Lafler [adjacent to the William Robeson monument] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 38; married, daughter of William and Mary Robeson] [Frank Lafler monument]
Lafler Dorcas 1879 Jun 5 D ae 66/11/6; wife of Sidney Lafler
Lafler Elizabeth [Lathrop] 1920 [Jun 12] B1895 [Jul 30]; wife of Victor Lafler [MWF: died in Potter, age 24/9/13; married, daughter of Alonzo (born in Geneva) and Polly Ann Fitch (born in Benton) Lathrop]
Lafler Elizabeth M. 1863 Aug 17 D ae 19; daughter of Sidney & Dorcas Lafler
Lafler Ezra E. 1920 B1837 [Ezra Lafler monument; Lafler / Race plot]
Lafler Fanny Stewart # 1894 May 24 D ae 18/9/19 in Middlesex; married daughter of Alexander & Eunice Swann Stewart [town record]
Lafler Floyd 1951 B1870 [Floyd Lafler monument]
Lafler Frank S. 1963 B1868 [Frank Lafler monument]
Lafler George H. 1957 B1870
Lafler infant # 1898 Feb 25 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 1 1/2 months; funeral charged to George Lafler, who was the father]
Lafler Jennie S. 1942 B1877 [J. A. Lafler Jr. monument]
Lafler John A. 1906 Nov 12 B1840 Sep 25 [Civil War: Co. G, 85th NY] [John A. Lafler monument]
Lafler John A. [Jr.] 1946 B1872 [J. A. Lafler Jr. monument]
Lafler John F. 1907 B1861; son of Ezra & Margaret Lafler [Ezra Lafler monument; Lafler / Race plot]
Lafler John W. # 1906 Nov 13 [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Potter, age 66; married]
Lafler Mamie M. 1926 B1876; wife of George H. Lafler
Lafler Margaret A. Race 1864 Mar 20 D ae 25/3/20 b1839; “Maggie”; wife of Ezra E. Lafler & daughter of John W. & Margaret Race [Ezra Lafler monument & his own stone; Lafler / Race plot]
Lafler Marion E. 1929 B1903 [Frank Lafler monument]
Lafler Sidney 1876 Apr 5 D ae 68/5/17
Lafler Victor 1982 B1894
Lain Abram 1838 Oct 11 D ae 77/8/11
Lain Rachel [Wilson] 1848 Mar 1 D ae 89/3/6; wife of Abram Lain
Lain Rebecca # 1860 Mar D ae 26 in Middlesex [mortality schedule]
Laman Alonzo H. 1870 Jan 31 D ae 32; son of E. H. & W. A. Laman
Lamoreaux Amy [Green] 1897 Mar 4 B1838 Apr 5; wife of William Lamoreaux [& daughter of Jarvis & Garrietta VanZandt Green]
Lamoreaux Frank # 1931 May 8 [MWF: born and lived in Potter, died in Yates Co. Home, age 69; son of William and Amy Green (born in Potter) Lamoreaux]
Lamoreaux Lester # m War of 1812
Lamoreaux Martha J. # 1922 Mar 28 [MWF: born 15 Sep 1839 in Potter, died there age 82/6/13; single, daughter of Peter (born in Orange Co.) and Phebe Reynolds (born in Middlesex) Lamoreaux]
Lamoreaux William [1900 May 8] B1832 Jun 23 [Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY] [MWF: died in Potter, age 69; funeral charged to Frank Lamoreaux]
Lamphier infant # 1906 Oct 16 [MWF: born and lived in Potter, died at the Geneva Hospital, age 6 months; child of Ernest and Hattie Lamphier]
Lane Almira L. [Hobart] 1900 [Sep 21] B1822; “Mother” [daughter of William L. & Phebe Hall Hobart] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 79; record gives name as Amelia] [Leander Lane plot]
Lane Emily Donnelly 1942 B1919 [Donnelly plot]
Lane Jennie 1859 B1858 [Leander Lane plot]
Lane Larry R. 1968 Aug 29 B1952 Nov 13; died age 15
Lane Leander W. 1907 B1827; “Father” [Leander Lane plot]
Lane Willie 1852 Mar 3 B1852 Jan 9 [Leander Lane plot]
Lathrop Alonzo 1932 B1844; Civil War [112th NY]
Lathrop Birt 1956 Dec B1888 Apr 23; WWI: cpl., HQ Troop, 2 Division
Lathrop Carrie Belle # 1924 Feb 20 [MWF: born 17 July 1878 in Potter, lived and died there age 45/7/5; single, daughter of Alonzo (born in Geneva) and Polly Ann Fitch (born in Middlesex) Lathrop]
Lathrop Herbert R. 1978 Feb 15 B1896 Jan 8; WWI: U.S. Army [Herbert Lathrop plot]
Lathrop Nellie 1958 B1904 [Herbert Lathrop plot]
Lathrop Polly Ann [Fitch] 1915 [Dec 4] B1857; wife of Alonzo Lathrop [MWF: born in Potter, died in Canandaigua Memorial Hospital, age 61/1/20; married, daughter of James (born in N.Y.) and Sarah Gleason (born in Conn.) Fitch]
Lazarus Caroline B. 1891 Mar 26 B1819 Aug 26; wife of Geo. H. Lazarus
Lazarus George H. 1889 Mar 24 B1817 May 29
Leddick Emma J. Clark 1928 B1852; wife of George C. Leddick [Geo. Leddick monument]
Leddick George C. 1922 B1842; Civil War: Co. I, 134th NY [Geo. Leddick monument]
Leddick Guy W. 1933 B1872 [son of George C. Leddick] [Geo. Leddick monument]
Lee Joseph A. 1854 Sep 7 D ae 55 [adjacent to Peter J. Dinehart]
Lerch Elizabeth P. Barcliff 1980 B1906; wife of Kenneth Lerch
Lerch Kenneth 1936 B1905
Lewis Daniel B. 1906 [Dec 24] B1822 [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 84 and 9 months] [D. B. Lewis plot]
Lewis Emma S. [Northup] 1923 [Mar 23] B1836 [Feb 21]; wife of Daniel B. Lewis [MWF: born in Italy, died in the Memorial Hospital, age 87 and 1 month; widowed, daughter of Needham and Miranda Rounds Northup, both born in Conn.] [D. B. Lewis plot]
Lewis Grant W. 1932 B1864 [D. B. Lewis plot]
Lewis Idonia A. 1884 B1870 daughter of Daniel B. & Emma Lewis [D. B. Lewis plot]
Lewis Jesse 1858 Apr 6 D ae 67/1/20
Lounsberry Effie A. 1899 [Sep 11] B1865; daughter of Warren E. & Elizabeth Lounsberry [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 32; funeral charged to M. S. Lounsberry] [Warren Lounsberry monument]
Lounsberry Elizabeth [Bates] [1910 Jun 30] B1834; wife of Warren E. Lounsberry [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Potter, age 77; widowed, daughter of ---- Bates] [Warren Lounsberry monument]
Lounsberry Harold 1901 [Mar 23] Infant son of M. S. & N. B. Lounsberry [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 8 months; funeral charged to M. S. Lounsberry] [M. S. Lounsberry plot]
Lounsberry Melville S. 1949 B1864 [M. S. Lounsberry plot]
Lounsberry Nettie Baggerly 1963 B1869 [M. S. Lounsberry plot]
Lounsberry Ruth m B1904 [M. S. Lounsberry plot]
Lounsberry Warren E. 1901 [Aug 22] B1832 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 70; funeral charged to M. S. Lounsberry] [Warren Lounsberry monument]
Lown Amanda Stearns # 1849 Sep D ae 26 in Potter; wife of Henry Lown [mortality schedule]
Ludlow Clarissa Warner 1897 B1853; wife of Sibley Ludlow
Ludlow Louise James 1914 Aug 28 [MWF: born in Herkimer Co., died in Potter, age 82/10/20; daughter of Lawrence (born in N.Y. state) and Polly (born in Gorham) James]
MacDonald Albert 1906 B1850 [Albert MacDonald plot]
MacDonald Mary E. Salisbury 1934 Feb 26 B1860 Jun 5 [Albert MacDonald plot]
MacDonald Max W. 1897 B1892 [Albert MacDonald plot]
MacKay Mildred 1982 May 14 B1897 Oct 18
Macomber Hannah M. Robinson 1891 [Aug 15] B1841; wife of Lawrence B. Macomber [died age 54/4 in Middlesex, daughter of James & Ann Wells Robinson]
Macomber Lawrence B. 1902 [Oct 11] B1844 [Civil War: Co. F, 148th NY] [MWF: born in Gorham, died in Potter, age 58; funeral charged to Lester Macomber]
Marasi Alta G. 1986 B1903; wife of Dante Marasi
Marasi Dante 1979 B1898
Martin Carl M. 1985 Nov 11 B1902 Sep 5; WWI: U.S. Army
Martin Clarabelle m B1908; wife of Jay Martin
Martin Jay 1989 B1907
Matteson George J. 1944 B1897
Matteson J. Frank 1944 B1871
Matteson Sarah M. 1934 B1878; wife of J. Frank Matteson
Mattraw Geraldine 1988 Mar 15 B1911 Aug 14; “Catholic”

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