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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter

Isaac Lain Cemetery: Notes

Isaac Lain cemetery

This long-abandoned and neglected family plot is in an overgrown copse of trees in the middle of a field. Only two stones are left standing, most are broken and partially obliterated by time and weathering. Unlike some cemeteries, this one did not appear to have contained many more burials than can now be read.

An excellent reading was done a few years ago by Keith Riche, and confirmed by the compilers with the assistance of Patricia Bootes.


Isaac Lain Cemetery: Burials

Buckelew Elizabeth A. [Riche] 1854 May 6 [B1830]; wife of Peter Buckelew [& daughter of Thomas C. & Hannah Riche]
Hall Hannah 1827 Apr 25 D ae 87; wife of William Hall
Kinney Sarah [Lain] 1846 Jul 8 D ae 49/1/6; wife of John Kinney [& daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Lain]
[Lai]n  ---d [         ] [D ae] 12; son of [         ] [fragment of broken slate stone adjacent to Clark C. Lain]
Lain Clark C. 1834 Jan 9 D ae 21/9/25
Lain Elizabeth 1841 May 27 D ae 66/1/21; wife of Isaac Lain
Lain Isaac 1807 --- 7 D ae 43
Lain John 1828 Sep 12 [B1800; son of Isaac & Elizabeth Lain]
Riche Hannah [Lain] 1850 Jan 5 D ae 44/6/20; wife of Thomas C. Riche [& daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Lain]

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