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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter

Gardner and Perry Cemeteries: Notes

Gardner & Perry cemeteries

The Gardner cemetery is on the farm once owned by Robert Gardner, in the hedgerow near the road. It is abandoned and neglected. Most of the stones are down, broken or both; some are partially buried.

The plot appears on some lists as being on the Mabel Fitch farm, and also on the Frank Gardner farm.

The Perry cemetery was likewise located on the Perry farm, but all the Perry family burials were reinterred in Rushville, leaving only one remaining stone to be read. The compilers however could not find it.


Gardner Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [One pair of uninscribed fieldstones, possibly a child]
---- ---- m [Large broken and buried marble headstone]
Gardner Benjamin H[enry] 1854 Feb 9 D ae 26/4/15; son of R. B. & E. M. Gardner
Gardner Caroline # [1855-60] B1832; daughter of Robert B. & Eunice Gardner
Gardner Electa Ann 1831 Nov 21 D ae 16/8; daughter of R. B. & Eunice M. Gardner [double stone with Evelen A. Gardner]
Gardner Etta Ann 1853 Dec 13 D ae 18?/11/12; daughter of R. B. & E. M. Gardner [broken stone]
Gardner Eunice 1842 Jun 19 D ae 49; [1st] wife of Robert B. Gardner
Gardner Eunice 1845 Feb 18 D ae 84/1/10; wife of Caleb Gardner
Gardner Evelen A. 1831 Sep 23 D ae 11/?; daughter of R. B. & Eunice M. Gardner
G[ardner?] H? E. m [Footstone]
Gardner Harriet 1826 Apr 10 D ae 7; daughter of Robert & Eunice Gardner
Gardner Harriet I. 1851 Feb 1 D ae 1 month; daughter of Robert H. & Susan Gardner [monument with James H. Gardner]
G[ardner?] I--- m [Footstone]
Gardner James H. 1853 Dec 22 D ae 2/1/8; son of Robert H. & Susan Gardner
G[ardner] M? E. m [Footstone]
G[ardner] R[obert] B[axter] [1883 April 11] [B1791 d ae 92/6 in Potter, son of Caleb & Eunice Gardner] [footstone only]
Gardner Robert Harvey # [1860-65] B1826; son of Robert B. & Eunice Gardner
Gardner Sarah # 1880 Jul 17 D ae 89/6/17 in Potter; 2nd wife of Robert B. Gardner


Perry Cemetery: Burials

Closson Elizabeth # 1829 Feb 17 D ae 94 wife of Ichabod Closson

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