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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter


Edward Crafts cemetery: Notes

Edward Crafts cemetery This is an abandoned family cemetery, located in deep woods on top of the hill, a quarter mile from the road on private property. It is clear there were once several more burials, but only the ones listed remain.

When this plot was read the owners expressed a desire to maintain and even to restore it, but at that time it was in poor condition from long neglect.


Edward Crafts cemetery: Burials

Arnold Charlotte Crafts # 1830 Nov 9 B1804 Feb 9; wife of George Greene Arnold & daughter of John Crafts
[Crafts?] --an-- m [Broken marble stone]
Crafts Edward, Esq. 1812 Dec 7 D ae 47 [son of Maj. Edward & Eliot Crafts]
Crafts Edward, Maj. m ?Patriot of 1776, originally from Boston
Crafts Eliot Winship # 1832 Dec 7 Wife of Maj. Edward Crafts; buried in Auburn, Ohio
Crafts John 18[13] Feb 20 [D ae 45; son of Edward & Eliot Crafts; date of death may be 1818]
Crafts Zenobia 1805 Apr 8 D ae 3/11[/22]; daughter of Edward & [Dor]cas Crafts

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