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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VI: Cemeteries in the town of Potter


Abiel Thomas Cemetery: Notes

Abiel Thomas cemetery Though in its current form this could easily now be taken to have been a family burial plot, it was probably once a neighborhood ground for the area known as "Moontown" or "Hoard-town". When the compilers read it, it was overgrown with trees and brush and full of woodchuck holes and prickers, but the town has since undertaken a cleanup.

The farm was once owned by Benoni Moon, and Cleveland states that his young son "filled the first grave in the neighborhood," so presumably this was the site, which afterward was used by other nearby families. Many of the markers were broken, fallen or both when the compilers read them. The plot is clearly visible from the highway and has a short driveway leading to it from the road.

It should be noted that two of the stones now in this plot were moved here from a farm on the north side of Voorhees Road a mile or so to the west sometime during the 1950s. No one the compilers talked to about this could recall what the names on the stones were, but the fact of the removal itself, undertaken to protect the stones from damage when the fields were worked, is undisputed.

Abiel Thomas Cemetery: Burials

---- Abiel W. m Son of ---- [stone partially buried]
Ga--- Lucy 18-- Jun 30 D ae 27; wife of Henry C. Ga--- [broken stone]
McMasters John R. 1843 Jan 30 D ae 18/8/4; son of D[avid] J. McMasters
Moon Benoni Sr. # 1810 m
Moon Warren # 1800 about Youngest son of Benoni & Lois Warren Moon; first grave in the neighborhood
[Perry?] ---- m [Stone partially buried, near Maria Perry; perhaps her husband]
Perry Edgar B. 1850 Apr 10 D ae 3/?; son of F[ranklin] D. & M[aria] Perry
Perry Maria [Barber] 1850 Jul 10 D ae 26/14 days; wife of Franklin D. Perry & daughter of Jeremiah [& Anna V.] Barber
Perry Rowse 1842 Sep 19 D ae 23 [son of Edmund & Virtue Thomas Perry]
[Randall?] ---- m [Slate stone matching Pauline Randall, no inscription left; perhaps her husband]
R[andall] Pauline [1827] D ae 56/9/ [4]; [wife] of Ichabod R[andall] [slate stone, most of inscription gone]
Taylor Jefferey 1828 Sep 29 Son of Giles & Martha Taylor
Thomas Abiel, Esq. 1851 Dec 29 D ae 78
Thomas Jeffrey R. 1826 Aug18 B1806 Aug 5; died age 20/13 days, son of Abiel & Lois Thomas
Thomas Lois [Randall] 1846 Mar 16 D ae 67/5/24; wife of Abiel Thomas, Esq.
Thomas Lucy  18[2]8 Aug15 D ae 19/3/[4]; daughter of Abiel & Lois Thomas
Thomas Peleg 1877 Oct 11 B1810 Apr 10; [son of Abiel Thomas]

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