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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo

Terry Owen Cemetery: Notes

Terry Owen cemetery This cemetery, which must once have contained some of the oldest graves in Milo, is now completely vanished except for references on deeds that persisted well into the 19th century.

The farm was owned before 1799 by Enoch Shearman, who shows up on very early Milo road surveys, when this was the main route to Bath from Geneva and was in fact known as the Bath Road. Terry Owen purchased it in 1811 and it passed down through his heirs and into the hands of Joshua Titus. A strong tradition among the Hollowell family places a log cabin on this farm, and the graves of some family members. It was. J. Lee Hollowell, now of Delaware, who brought the plot to the compilers' attention. A group of people known to have lived here, whose graves were otherwise unknown, was proposed for possible burial here.

Terry Owen, the founder of one of Milo's largest families, has an as yet unknown burial place, and was probably the last person buried in this plot; his wife, who survived him, is in Second Milo Cemetery. Enoch Shearman probably died in Oneida County, but his first two wives died here. His third, whom he married before 1809, was Abigail Hazard, buried at City Hill. Andrew Stone and the parents of Eleanor Hollowell were suggested by Lee Hollowell. It seems likely that at least some other neighborhood youngsters were buried here, and Mr. Hollowell suggested one.

In the 1960s Mr. Hollowell's brother John, while plowing the 10-acre field here, noticed a change in the soil indicating a possible burial ground. Family stories had it that one or more gravestones had been used in the foundation of a small house built on the site in 1843. Failing an archaeological investigation, it seems likely that none of the markers from this plot will ever be found.


Terry Owen Cemetery: Burials

Hollowell Mary # 1803 D ae 8 days; daughter of Joseph & Eleanor Smith Hollowell
Owen Terry # 1821 D ae 62
Shearman Esther Plimpton # 1807 about B1782; second wife of Enoch Shearman
Shearman Sarah Reynolds # 1803 Apr 12 D ae 48; first wife of Enoch Shearman
Smith John # After 1814 Father of Eleanor Smith Hollowell
Smith ---- # After 1814 Wife of John Smith
Stone Andrew # 1818 B about 1750

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