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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo

Second Milo Cemetery: Notes

Second Milo cemetery The hamlet of Second Milo is named for the Second Milo Baptist Church on the northeast corner of the crossroads. However, the cemetery is somewhat older than the church and is maintained by an association.

The cemetery is on the southwest corner of Route 14A and Second Milo Road, but the driveway is off the latter.

The cemetery is in excellent condition, very well maintained; some older stones that were broken long ago have been set upright in concrete.



Second Milo Cemetery: Burials, Part one

---- ---- m [Broken stone against fence, illegible]
---- ---- m [Broken stone next to that of Eunice Ward, Illegible]
---- ---- m D ae ?/?/5 [broken stone]
---- ---- 1897 Apr 20 B1805 Oct 10 "Mother" [next to Martha Ayres Hooper]
---- Elis­-- m [Broken stone in bush]
---- Elwyn M m [Lot #43, no surname]
Ackley ---­- 1848 May 17 D ae 5/6 [child's stone, worn]
Ackley Charles C? 1842 May 11 D ae 9/8/13; son of John M. & Maria Ackley
Ackley John B? 1847 Apr 30 D ae 19/11; son of John M. & Maria Ackley
Allen Hannah 1883 Feb 26 D ae 73; wife of John Allen Jr.
Allen John Jr. 1856 Sep 13 D ae 56/2/19
Allen Mary B. 1973 B1876 [wife of William W. Allen] [Petersen plot]
Allen Mary G. # 1973 Dec 17 D ae 97; wife of Frank W. Allen
Allen William W. 1962 B1881 [Petersen plot]
Ames Frank S. 1946 B1890 [Ames plot]
Ames Iva M. 1943 B1891 [wife of Frank S. Ames] [Ames plot]
Ames June R. 1936 B1927 [Ames plot]
Anderson Leona S. 1985 B1897 [wife of Roy P. Anderson]
Anderson Roy P. 1973 B1894
Ansley A. Clark 1919 Oct 3 B1916 Jun 23 [Ansley plot]
Ansley A. Ray 1972 B1891 [Ansley plot]
Ansley Alma 1923 Apr 27 [Ansley plot]
Ansley Helen C[arrie] 1912 Mar 16 B1912 Mar 11 [Ansley plot]
Ansley Lucy A. 1972 B1890 wife of A. Ray Ansley [Ansley plot]
Arnold Dortha T[ravis] m B1917 Jan 22 [wife of Harvey Travis] [Harvey Travis plot]
Ayers Ernaline 1838 Jun 10 Dae 49/2/10; wife of Andrew Ayers [Ayres plot]
Ayres Hannah [1869 Sep 5] D ae 67/7/24; wife of Peter Ayres [stone partially buried]
Ayres Margaret 1844 Dec 23 D ae 76; widow of Thomas Ayres [Ayres plot]
Ayres Peter 1854 Mar 20 D ae 64/27 days [Ayres plot]
Babcock Abiram # 1924 D ae 82
Babcock Cordelia [Ketchum] 1888 B1819; wife of Job L. Babcock [Job Babcock monument]
Babcock Elizabeth 1864 B1848; daughter of Job & Cordelia Babcock [Job Babcock monument]
Babcock Job L. 1874 B1813 [Job Babcock monument]
Babcock Morris P. 1881 Jul 9 D ae 60/9/20
Bailey Anna m B1908
Bailey Emmett L. 1972 B1908
Bain Hugh m B1817 Oct 28 [McIntire plot]
Bain Maryette 1883 Feb 12 B1822 Nov 5; wife of Hugh Bain [McIntire plot]
Bain Sebastian 1853 Oct 21 B1852 Aug 1; son of Hugh & Maryette Bain [McIntire plot]
Baker Eliza Hedges 1913 B1847 [wife of Gilbert D. Baker] [Baker monument]
Baker Gilbert 1862 Jan 1 D ae 78/8/8; War of 1812 [Baker monument]
Baker Gilbert D. 1902 B1831 [Baker monument]
Baker Jane H. 1953 B1872 [Baker monument]
Baker Lizzie Wilder 1865 Mar 8 D ae 21/1; wife of Gilbert D. Baker [Baker monument]
Baker Lucinda M. 1912 B1820 [Baker monument]
Baker Margaret 1868 Sep 30 D ae 80/8/5; wife of Gilbert Baker [Baker monument]
Baker Sarah 1835 Oct 31 D ae 29; wife of Isaac Baker [Miles plot]
Baley Ann 1861 Mar 13 D ae 55/5/23; wife of Jonathan Baley
Baley Jonathan 1875 Nov 25 D ae 70/2/25
Baley Jonathan 18?? --- 23 D ae 71/9/15 [stone worn]
Baley Pamelia 1850 Sep 5 D ae 83/11/21; wife of Jonathan Baley
Barnard Raymond O. # 1959 Aug 21 D ae 62; son of John & Fanny Barnard [obituary]
Bartholomew Mary [Gardner] 1847 Mar 12 D ae 33/2/13; wife of John Bartholomew & daughter of George & Lydia Gardner [Geo Gardner plot]
Baskin Harriet 1840 Apr 17 D ae 33/3/3; wife of John Baskin [Baxter plot]
Bassage Charley 1871 Feb 20 [D ae 4] son of William & Susan Bassage [same stone as Benjamin Dean]
Bassage Eva T. 1945 B1862 [wife of John Bassage]
Bassage John 1927 B1852
Bassage Ralph T. # 1893 Sep 17 D ae 6 months; son of John & Eva C. Bassage [town record]
Bassage Susan [Cordingly] 1900 Apr 17 B1834 Aug 11; wife of William Bassage
Bassage William 1907 Nov 13 Bl836 Sep 18
Baxter Adella 1858 B1855; "Our Little Della"
Baxter Bessie E. 1965 B1892 [wife of William T. Baxter]
Baxter [Charity] 1859 Jul 20 D ae 48/3; wife of William Baxter; "Our Mother" [stone broken]
Baxter Ella L. 1919 B1855
Baxter Emeline 1919 B1832 [wife of Gilbert Baxter]
Baxter George W. 1862 Oct 13 D ae 23; "Our Brother"
Baxter Gilbert 1904 B1829
Baxter Gilbert H. 1895 Jul 12 B1846 Jan 21
Baxter Helen A. 1917 Sep 4 B1833 Sep 11
Baxter Isaac B. 1842 Dec 31 D ae 24/11
Baxter Lovinia 1854 Jan 30 D ae 68; wife of Thomas Baxter
Baxter Thomas 1864 Mar 9 D ae 84
Baxter Walter T. 1956 Jul 12 B1921 Oct 16; WWII: NY, 684 Ord. Ammo Co.
Baxter William 1854 Jun 17 D ae 43
Baxter William R. 1992 Son of William & Bessie Baxter; WWII
Baxter William T. 1924 B1867
Beard Hannah 1843 Aug 26 D ae 32/11/24; wife of Allen Beard; "Mother" [Beard plot]
Beard John B. # 1912 Aug 5 D ae 82 in Milo; son of Joshua & Martha Blake Beard [town record]
Beard Joshua 1864 Mar 28 D ae 78/1/13; "Grandfather"; War of 1812 [Beard plot]
Beard Martha 1852 May 23 D ae 61/9/12; wife of Joshua Beard; "Grandmother" [Beard plot]
Beard Susan # 1870 Jun D ae 36 in Milo; wife of John Beard [mortality schedule]
Beckwith Andrew 1934 B1857
Beckwith Ida 1950 B1859 [wife of Andrew Beckwith]
Bennett Adell 1922 B1847
Bennett Deborah 1833 Aug 13 D ae 2 days; daughter of David J. & Dorothea Bennett
Bennett Elizabeth [Baxter] 1895 [Dec 26] B1814 [daughter of Thomas & Louisa Baxter] [Stephen Bennett monument]
Bennett Elizabeth [Linkletter] 1833 Jan 14 B1802 Oct 1; wife of Thomas Bennett [Bennett / Smith monument]
Bennett Elizabeth Dusinberre 1883 Dec 23 B1801 Jan 1; 2nd wife of Thomas Bennett [Bennett / Smith monument]
Bennett George J. # 1850 Jan D ae 10 days in Milo [mortality schedule]
Bennett George L. # 1849 Mar 25 B1828 Feb 3
Bennett Hannah m [Scutt plot]
Bennett Isaac B. 1924 B1845 [Stephen Bennett monument]
Bennett Lee M. 1858 B1837 [Stephen Bennett monument]
Bennett Ruth A. [Townsend] 1897 [Jan 30] B1851 [died ae 46; daughter of Albert & Phoebe Townsend] [plot with Stephen Bennett monument]
Bennett Stephen 1856 B1808 [Stephen Bennett monument]
Bennett Thomas 1850 Jun 10 B1801 Mar 8 [Bennett / Smith monument]
Bennett Thomas # 1860 B1768; War of 1812 [probably buried in Old Himrod Cemetery]
Bills Phebe A. 1849 Sep 29 D ae 5/1/4; daughter of Abraham & Ruth Bills
[Bishop?] Harriet M. 1946 B1873 [Bishop / Stewart plot]
[Bishop] Waldo E. 1954 B1871 [Bishop / Stewart plot]
Bissell Aldridge D. 1858 Feb 21 D ae 70/2/27 [Bissell plot]
Bissell Beriah G. 1834 Sep 29 D ae 11 months 6 days; son of A. D. & Elizabeth Bissell [Bissell plot]
Bissell Elizabeth [1834] Wife of Aldridge Bissell [stone broken] [Bissell plot]
Bissell Mary Ann 1849 Apr 8 [D ae ? /1?/?] daughter of A[ldridge] D. & Elizabeth Bissell [Bissell plot]
Bonney Abigail 1875 Apr 16 D ae 78/2; wife of Jethro Bonney
Bonney Horace # 1836 Jun 15 D ae 7; son of Jethro Bonney
Bonney Jethro 1866 Oct 18 D ae 65/7
Bonney Levi # 1839 Aug 31 D ae 1; son of Jethro Bonney
Brady Flora m B1898 [wife of John Brady]
Brady John 1922 B1891
Brainard Frank E. 1965 Mar 18 B1889 Oct 6; WWI: mus. 1st cl., HQ Co., 108th Inf.
Brainard George H[erman], Rev. 1909 [Mar 22] B1868 [Oct 9]
[Brainard] Mildred [Hall] 1975 B1913 [adjacent to Frank & Roberta Brainard]
Brainard Pauline H[ayden] 1949 B1869 [wife of Rev. George Brainard]
Brainard Roberta E. 1952 B1891 [wife of Frank E. Brainard]
Brown C. Nelson m B1909 [Brown / Shipman plot]
Brown Eugene 1912 B1848
Brown Harriet J. 1897 May 5 B1828 Feb 11; wife of Peter Brown [Peter Brown plot]
Brown Hazel G. 1957 B1906 [Brown / Shipman plot]
Brown infant # 1896 Dec 10 D ae 1/2 hour; child of Will & Rettie Brown [town record; says buried at home]
Brown Iola A. 1975 B1917 [Brown / Shipman plot]
Brown Mercy Jane m B1848; wife of Eugene Brown
Brown Peter M. 1909 Oct 3 B1826 Sep 6 [Peter Brown plot]
Brown William 1892 Jan 31 B1830 Apr 28 [Peter Brown plot]
Bruce C[harles] M., Rev. [1908 Ju1 30] B1826 Feb 26
Bruce Rhoda C. 1890 Jan 5 B1827 Feb 13; wife of Rev. C. M. Brown
Bullock Andrew 1868 Nov 20 D ae 45
B[ullock?] C--- J---­ m [Slate footstone in Bullock plot]
Bullock Calvin 1868 May 27 D ae 56/6 [Calvin Bullock plot]
Bullock German 1849 Mar 5 D ae 20/9/6; son of David & Maria Bullock
Bullock Hannah 1849 Sep 28 D ae 32/5/26; daughter of David & Maria Bullock
Bullock Hattie 1891 Feb 25 B1851 Jun 10 [Calvin Bullock plot]
Bullock Kiamesia 1845 Sep 15 D ae 2/2/13; daughter of Walter & Mary Bullock
Bullock Lucinda 1882 Jan 22 D ae 65/8; wife of Calvin Bullock [Calvin Bullock plot]
B[ullock?] M--- m [Slate footstone in Bullock plot]
B[ullock?] M--- L­--- m [Slate footstone in Bullock plot]
Bullock Mary 1851 Jun 1 D ae 51; wife of Walter Bullock
Bullock Morgan # 1870 Feb D ae 63 in Milo [mortality schedule]
Bullock Reuben 1899 Mar 31 D ae 58/7/17; Civil War: Co. B, 126th NY [Calvin Bullock plot]
Bullock Walter 1879 Sep 23 D ae 74
Campbell Asher S. 1849 Apr 19 D ae 32/11/13
Campbell Hannah 1845 Apr 24 D ae 34/4/12; wife of Asher S. Campbell
Capell Alfred 1850 Aug 27 Son of John & Sally Capell [broken stone]
Capell Catherine B. 1913 Jan 3 D ae 85; wife of William P. Capell [Wheeler / Capell monument]
Capell George L. 1848 May 26 D ae 1/1/12; daughter of Daniel & Sarah Capell
Capell John 1849 Oct 28 D ae 71/2/29
Capell Sally [1863] [B1783; wife of John Capell] [stone broken]
Capell William P. 1882 Dec 20 D ae 60 [Wheeler / Capell monument]
Carey Frank A. 1971 B1874
Carey Marie Gaylord 1967 B1910
Carey Viola E. 1932 B1877
Carter Eliza H. 1939 Mar 17 B1879
Case Beulah # 1910 Jan 23 D ae 7 months in Milo; daughter of George & Ada Sanderson Case [town record]
Case Charles G. 1949 B1878
Case Tamie [Damson] Travis 1912 [Jan 18] B1854 [died ae 56/8 in Milo] wife of Joshua Case [& daughter of James & ---- ­Lee Travis [Joshua Case monument]
Case Grace 1888 B1880; daughter of Joshua & Tamie Case [Joshua Case monument]
Case Grace S. 1960 B1883; wife of Charles G. Case
Case Joshua 1922 B1852 [Joshua Case monument]
Case Lester J. 1950 B1903 [next to Charles & Grace Case]
Castner Adam 1844 Aug 20 D ae 4 months 24 days; son of John & Hiley Castner
Castner Electa 1865 Jul 8 D ae 19/1; daughter of John & Hiley Castner
Castner George 1862 Nov 4 D ae 22 at Suffolk, Va.; son of John P. & Hiley Castner; Civil War: Co. K, 1st Mounted Rifles
Castner Hiley [Hedges] 1851 Jun 8 D ae 44/2/9; wife of John P. Castner [& daughter of Isaac Hedges] [John P. Castner monument]
Castner John P. 1893 Mar 3 D ae 91/3/6 [John P. Castner monument]
Castner Julia 1893 B1856
Castner Morse, [Dr.] 1892 Mar 10 D ae 41/5/14 [John P. Castner monument]
Castner Samuel Bennett 1857 Mar 31 D ae ? /6/6; son of John P. & Sarah B. Castner
Castner Sarah B[ennett] 1893 Feb 23 D ae 83/7/12; wife of John P. Castner [John P. Castner monument]
Champlin Maria 1877 Aug 29 D ae 67; wife of Stephen Champlin
Chapin Alice Z. m B1926 [wife of Norman Chapin] [Cook / Chapin / Titus plot]
Chapin Francis m B1911 [Cook / Chapin / Titus plot]
Chapin Lillian [Cook] m B1910 [wife of Francis Chapin] [Cook / Chapin / Titus plot]
Chapin Norman m B1923 [Cook / Chapin / Titus plot]
Church Luke 1853 Aug 22 [D ae 52] [stone very worn]
Church Mary Ann 1845 Jul 22 D ae 39; wife of Luke Church
Clark Catharine Potts # 1904 Mar 18 D ae 76; daughter of James Potts [town record]
Clark Charles W. 1938 B1848
Clark Clarinda J. 1938 B1854 [wife of Charles W. Clark]
Clark Ida M. 1987 B1896 [wife of O. Ray Clark]
Clark O. Ray 1932 B1893
Cleveland Comfort 1831 Oct 23 D ae 39/3/26; wife of Lebbeus Cleveland
Cleveland Lebbeus 1852 Feb 24 D ae 62/10/23
Cleveland Mary Dains 1891 Apr 1 D ae 75/6; wife of Stephen Cleveland [& daughter of Jesse Dains Jr.] [Stephen Cleveland monument]
Cleveland Naomi 1832 Aug 30 D ae 17/10/13; daughter of Lebbeus & Comfort Cleveland
Cleveland Stephen H. 1865 Feb 9 D ae 48 [Stephen Cleveland monument]
Coleman Archibald # 1850 Feb D ae 68 in Milo [mortality schedule]
Coleman Archibald Jr 1848 Mar 18 D ae 21/1/7; son of Archibald & Priscilla Coleman
Coleman Christiana 1875 Mar 31 D ae 51
Coleman Vernon # 1898 Aug 9 D ae 5 months in Milo; son of Henry & Lida Cleveland Coleman [town record]
Connolly N. A. 1940 B1884 [J. W. Hatcher plot]
Conway Edward S. m B1858 [Conway monument]
Conway Frank B. 1949 B1884 [plot with Conway monument]
Conway Jennie E. 1930 B1862; wife of Edward S. Conway [Conway monument]
Conway Mary B. 1892 B1887; daughter of Edward & Jennie Conway [Conway monument]
Cook Alice J. 1940 B1866 [wife of Reuben F. Cook]
Cook Charles 1966 B1894
Cook Charles H. 1942 B1874 [Cook / Daines plot]
Cook Charles L. 1949 Oct 15 B1917 Oct 6; WWII: NY, s/sgt, Transportation Corps
Cook Daisey E. 1941 B1887 [Cook / Daines plot]
Cook Elizabeth 1930 B1848
Cook Esther [Athawes] 1915 B1845; wife of William Cook [William Cook monument]
Cook Ethel M. 1958 B1885 [wife of Fred Cook] "Mother" [Cook / Chapin / Titus plot]
Cook Flora B. 1886 Oct 27 B1885 Jul 4; daughter of William B. & Esther A. Cook [William Cook monument]
Cook Florence D. 1913 B1880; wife of Lee J. Cook [Lee Cook plot]
Cook Flossie 1966 B1898; "Mother" [2nd wife of Lee Cook] [Lee Cook plot]
Cook Fred W. 1975 B1884 "Father" [Cook / Chapin / Titus plot]
Cook Hattie E. 1937 B1874 [Cook / Daines plot]
Cook infant# 1912 Dec 28 D ae 5 days in Milo; child of Fred & Ethel Moore Cook [town record]
Cook James 1922 B1910 [Lee Cook plot]
Cook James # 1906 Jan 8 B England [town record]
Cook Lee J. 1942 B1881 [Lee Cook plot]
Cook Leona 1966 B1895 [wife of Charles Cook]
Cook Louise E. 1880 Aug 3 B1878 May 11; daughter of William B. & Esther A. Cook [William Cook monument]
Cook Ray F. 1975 B1902
Cook Reuben F. 1932 B1867
Cook Sarah 1929 B1856
Cook Walter J. 1881 Dec 21 B1880 Jul 21; son of William B. & Esther A. Cook [William Cook monument]
Cook William 1929 B1924 [Lee Cook plot]
Cook William 1931 B1854
Cook William B. 1905 B1843 [William Cook Monument]
Cook William C. 1972 B1922
Cook William G. 1893 [Dec 8] B1870; son of William [B.] & Esther [Ann] Cook [died in PY] [William Cook monument]
Cordingly Darla 1979 B1948
Cordingly Elizabeth E. 1932 B1844; wife of R. Cordingly [Cordingly monument]
Cordingly Evelyn 1992 B1916
Cordingly R. 1926 B1844 [Cordingly monument]
Cordingly Richard m B1908
Corey Almira Decker # 1910 Jun 10 D ae 68/9/23; wife of Joseph Corey & daughter of Abraham & Maria Shaddock Decker
Cornish Albert R. 1871 Oct 24 D ae 44/5/8
Cornish Albert R. 1943 B1869
Cornish Bertha M. 1884 B1882; daughter of Frank & Betsey Cornish [Cornish monument]
Cornish Betsey R. Jones 1913 B1857; wife of Frank B. Cornish [Cornish monument]
Cornish Elizabeth Hatcher 1931 B1881 [wife of Loren Cornish]
Cornish Frank B. 1932 B1859 [Cornish monument]
Cornish Lena D. Shultz 1931 B1872; wife of Albert R. Cornish
Cornish Loren A. 1932 B1879
Cornish Urania J. 1887 B1880; daughter of Frank & Betsey Cornish [Cornish monument]
Covert Clarence 1939 B1886 [Covert plot]
Covert Cora 1964 B1892 [Covert plot]
Covert Isaac J. 1938 B1921 [Covert plot]
Craig Josephine L. 1986 B1912; "Beloved Mother"
Cummings Calvin 1988 Mar 2 B1912 Feb 4; WWII: cox, U.S.N. [Calvin Cummings plot]
Cummings Margaret m B1918 [Calvin Cummings plot]
Cunningham Sarah Ayres # 1897 Apr 30 D ae 91 in Milo; daughter of John & Sarah Nichols Ayres [town record]
Dains Inez L. [Cook] m B1904 [wife of John M. Dains] [Cook / Daines plot]
Dains John M. 1988 B1904 [Cook / Daines plot]
Davenport Helen 1878 Apr 27 D ae 42; wife of Orlando Davenport [Tetar monument]
Dean Benjamin 1899 B1867 [same stone as Charley Bassage]
Dean Phillip A. 1841 Mar­ D ae 5/4/13; son of Elvin & Lucinda Dean
Decker Abram 1859 Dec 14 D ae 67 [War of 1812]
Decker Helen # 1850 Jan D ae 21 in Milo; married [mortality schedule]
Decker James # 1899 May 7 D ae 74/7 in Milo; son of Abram & Maria Decker [town record]
Decker Lucretia Phebe Pulver # 1908 Jun 8 D ae 78/1/2 in Milo; daughter of J. P. & Lucretia Keefer Pulver [town record]
Decker Mariah 1882 Jul 19 D ae 82; wife of Abram Decker
Decker Minnie E. 1967 Feb 23 B1872 Aug 22
Depew James 1888 Dec 30 B1825 Mar 4
Depew Mary B. Hutches 1867 Sep 4 B1834 May 24; wife of James Depew
Dillon Arthur P. 1956 B1904 [Dillon monument]
Dillon George 1933 B1930 [son of Arthur P. & Helen Dillon] [Dillon monument]
Dillon Helen 1949 B1908; wife of Arthur P. Dillon [Dillon monument]
Dillon Kenneth D. 1985 B1967 [funeral marker]
Doan Alice E. 1976 B1898 [wife of Lewis S. Doan]
Doan Lewis S. m B1899
Downing Charles E. 1922 B1837
Downing Harriet P. 1897 B1838; wife of Charles E. Downing
Dunn Susan # 1849 Jul D ae 87 in Milo; widow; born Md. [mortality schedule]
Durham Matie 1946 B1878 [wife of William Durham]
Durham Paul F. 1980 Nov 25 B1907 Aug 25; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army
Durham William 1940 B1876
Dusinberre Carrie 1911 B1859 [Dusinerre monument]
Dusinberre George 1901 Jan 19 B1819 Jun 28 [Dusinberre monument]
Dusinberre Harriet Jane 1891 Aug 21 B1825 Feb 13; wife of George Dusenberre [Dusinerre monument]
Dyke Ella 1937 B1881; "Mother" [wife of Harry W. Dyke]
Dyke Harry W. 1945 Mar 14 B1918 Oct 28; WWII: NY, Co. A, 394th Inf
Dyke Harry W. 1959 B1882; "Father"
Dyke Mable B. 1918 B1893 [wife of Owen Dyke]
Dyke Owen B. 1972 B1886
Elwell Alfred S. m B1903
Elwell Ella Elizabeth 1963 Apr B1963 Mar 12 [Elwell plot]
Elwell Ethel E. 1992 Mar 31 B1933 Jun 18 [wife of Howard Elwell] [Elwell plot]
Elwell Howard L. m B1925 Jun 13 [Elwell plot]
Elwell Inez L. Eldred 1988 B1900 [wife of Alfred S. Elwell]
Elwell Robert Ernest 1966 Mar B1965 Nov 24 [Elwell plot]
Elwell Sara Laura 1965 Nov B1965 Nov 24 [Elwell plot]
Eveland Cyrus T. 1980 B1913
Eveland Della R. 1931 B1862 [wife of Rev. L. Clark Eveland]
Eveland Hazel V. m B1918 [wife of Cyrus T. Eveland]
Eveland L. Clark, Rev. 1940 B1860
Eveland Leverett 1894 May 23 B1893 Dec 14; son of L. C. & D. R. Eveland
Eveland Margaret 1988 B1921
Eveland Maude B. 1948 B1884; wife of Raymond Eveland
Eveland Raymond D. 1946 B1883
Ferris Jonathan, Rev. 1823 Jun 17 D ae 45/1/21 [Ferris plot]
Ferris Rebecca 1834 May 13 D ae 32; wife of Allen Ferris [Ferris plot]
Ferris Rhoda 1820 Sep 5 D ae 39/22 days; wife of Rev. J[onathan] Ferris
Ferris Ruth 1827 Oct 27 D ae 70/6/27; wife of Israel Ferris [Ferris plot]
Fiero Charles 1853? Feb 23? D ae 2 months 2 days; son of W. H. & H. H. Fiero
Fiero Harriet H. [Youngs] 1859 Apr 8 D ae 34/11/8; wife of W[illiam] M. Fiero & daughter of George & Rebecca Youngs
Fiero Hattie 1857 Jan 3 D ae 4 months 17 days in Mich.; daughter of W. H. & H. H. Fiero
Fiero Herbert Youngs 1858 Aug 14 Son of William H. & H. L. Fiero [broken stone]
Fiero William m D ae 34
Fitzwater Hannah 1877 Aug 13 B1792 May 24; died ae 85/2/20; wife of Thomas Fitzwater
Fitzwater Thomas 1886 Nov 17 B1794 May 31; died ae 92/5/17
Fletcher Albert G. 1895 B1874 son of Charles & Locelia Fletcher [C. W. Fletcher monument]
Fletcher Charles W. 1926 B1851 [C. W. Fletcher monument]
Fletcher Ella 1892 B1880; daughter of Charles & Locelia Fletcher [C. W. Fletcher monument]
Fletcher Elmer 1880 Oct 20 D ae 8 months; son of C. W. & L. L. Fletcher
Fletcher Erden 1959 B1902 [next to Albert & Grace Knapton]
Fletcher Florina B. 1947 B1889 [wife of Floyd E. Fletcher]
Fletcher Floyd E. 1941 B1885
Fletcher Leon 1890 B1880; son of Charles & Locelia Fletcher [C. W. Fletcher monument]
Fletcher Locelia 1924 B1853; wife of Charles W. Fletcher [C. W. Fletcher monument]
Fletcher Oberle 1908 [Aug 26] B1891 [Jun 7]; [C. W. Fletcher monument]
Fritton Mark R. m B1916 [Ray Clark plot]
Fritton Nellie M. 1983 B1919 [wife of Mark R. Fritton] [Ray Clark plot]
Fry Kenneth R. 1973 Jul l B1933 Nov 3; Korean War: NY, dcfn, U.S.N. [R. B. Fry plot]
Fry Robert B. 1983 Oct 16 B1903 Nov 6; WWII: s/sgt, U.S. Army [R. B. Fry plot]
Fry Winifred H. 1988 Dec 15 B1903 Aug 4 [R. B. Fry plot]
Fullagar Jane 1990 Sep 29 B1936 Feb 7
Fullager Herbert B. 1989 B1904
Fullager Marie S. m B1905 wife of Herbert Fullagar
Gardner A. Elmer 1947 B1862 [Rowland Gardner monument]
Gardner Abner [Jr.] 1895 Nov 11 B1825 Mar 5 [Rowland Gardner monument]
Gardner Agness 1861 May 2 D ae 30/2/29; wife of George Gardner
Gardner E[mma] Dolly [Dorothy] 1897 Nov 9 [B1877] daughter of Rowland & Esther Gardner [another stone at City Hill]
Gardner Esther C[utter] 1908 B1850 [wife of Rowland J Gardner] [Rowland Gardner monument]
Gardner George 1866 Jan? 25 D ae 82/6/16 [Geo Gardner plot]
Gardner George 1901 B1826
Gardner Grace A. 1898 Jul 22 B1863 Jul 5 [Rowland Gardner monument]
Gardner Lois Louisa Dennis # 1905 Dec 14 D ae 20/9 in Milo; daughter of William H. & Frances Gardner Dennis [town record]
Gardner Lydia 1854 Jul 31 [D ae 83] w/o George Gardner [stone broken] [Geo Gardner plot]
Gardner Lydia Ann m [Geo Gardner plot] [stone broken]
Gardner Rowland J. 1933 B1850 [Rowland Gardner monument]
Gardner Sarah S[tone] 1912 Oct 21 B1828 Jul 3 [wife of Abner Gardner Jr.] [Rowland Gardner monument]
Gardner Stella E. 1944 B1870 [Rowland Gardner monument]
Genung Cornelius 1828 May 9 B1746 Dec 16; Revolutionary War
Genung Jemima 1847 Sep 3 D ae 80/3 days; wife of Cornelius Genung
Genung Jesse 1833 Jun 17 D ae 34/2/22; son of Cornelius Genung
Gibbs Charles E. 1984 Jun 19 B1916 Apr 19
Gibbs Glenn G. 1959 B1894
Gibbs Harry M. 1950 B1883
Gibbs John Allen 1965 B1962 [adjacent to Harry & Muriel Gibbs]
Gibbs Muriel F. 1956 B1887 [wife of Harry M. Gibbs]
Gibbs Nellie M. 1959 B1896 [wife of Glenn Gibbs]
Gibson Doris O. m B1915; wife of Kenneth G. Gibson, married 1934 Oct 9
Gibson Kenneth G. 1989 B1912
Goldsmith Floyd Charles # 1910 Jan 19 D ae 7 days; son of Glen & Violet M. Covert Goldsmith [town record]
Goldsmith William H., Pvt. 1918 Oct 3 B1887 Apr 9; WWI: 24th Co., 6th Br., 153rd Dep. Brig.
Gould Margaret Peeler 1874 Sep 27 B1778 Jun 7; "Mother"; wife of William Gould
Graham Edna E. # 1904 Aug 30 D ae 3/5/27 in Milo; daughter of Ichabert & Eva J. Eldred Graham [town record]
Graham Eva J. 1944 B1866 [wife of Ichabert Graham]
Graham Ichabert 1934 B1867
Graham Richard # 1907 Oct 8 D ae 1/2 in Milo; son of Ichabert & Eva J. Eldred Graham [town record]
Green [Worthy] 1856 Mar 20 D ae 85; wife of John Green [broken stone] [Green plot]
Green John 1857 Oct 21 D ae 86/6 [Green plot]
Green Margaret [Hedges] 1853 Feb 27 D ae 38; wife of John R. Green [& daughter of Isaac Hedges] [Green plot]
Greenfield Henry James 1984 Nov 8 B1894 Feb 4; WWI: U.S. Army
Greenfield Lorena May 1972 B1898 [wife of Henry James Greenfield]
Guile Alson M. 1936 B1850
[Guile?] Anna m [Adjacent to William L. Guile in Perry Guile plot; stone down & partially buried]
Guile Cecilia L. 1906 Jun 27 B1827 May 15; wife of Perry A. Guile [Perry Guile plot]
Guile Delmer 1864 Jun -- D ae 4/1/8; son of [Andrew J.] & Sarah Guile
Guile Frank A. 1944 B1855
Guile Hiley M. 1864 Apr 26 D ae 8/4/8; daughter of Andrew J. & Sarah Guile [with Mattie Guile]
Guile Lebbeus B. 1888 Mar 13 B1805 Aug 22
Guile Louise [Livermore] 1932 Jul 9 D ae 80; daughter of M. & L. B. Livermore [Livermore monument]
Guile Martha J. 1946 B1854
Guile Mattie 1864 Apr 26 D ae 8 months 8 days; daughter of Andrew J. & Sarah Guile [with Hiley Guile]
Guile Minerva C. 1892 May 15 B1808 Jan 13 [wife of Lebbeus Guile]
Guile Perry A. 1922 Aug 29 B1828 Aug 7 [Perry Guile plot]
Guile Rebecca Sutherland 1933 B1854 [wife of Alson M. Guile]
Guile William L. 1913 B1851 [Perry Guile plot]
Hall Bina Tuttle 1977 B1908; wife of J. Arden Hall
Hall Ethel M. 1982 B1904
Hall George I. 1969 B1888; "Father"
Hall Harry L. # 1913 Feb 6 D ae 2 months in Milo; son of George J. & Irene Gibson Hall [town record]
Hall J. Arden 1991 B1907
Hall Joel W. 1973 B1899
Hall Louise G. m B1903; wife of Joel W. Hall, married 1922
Hall Mary I. 1978 B1916 [wife of William A. Hall]
Hall William A. 1967 B1910
Hammond Carl A. 1976 Jun 5 B1956 Mar 12; U.S. Army [Carl Hammond plot]
Hammond Carl L. m B1922 [Carl Hammond plot]
Hammond Dale D. 1955 [Dale Hammond monument]
Hammond Edward O. 1957 [Dale Hammond monument]
Hammond Fannie M. m B1923 [wife of Carl L. Hammond] [Carl Hammond plot]
Hammond Michael A. 1956 [Dale Hammond monument]
Hannan Margaret B. 1968 B1942
Harmon Philip H. # 1902 Sep 2 D ae 65 [town record]
Harper Helen m B1915 [Calvin Cummngs plot]
Hatcher Charles 1937 B1879 in England [next to Mae Riddell]
Hatcher Elizabeth 1907 B1845; wife of William Hatcher [Wm Hatcher monument]
Hatcher George K. m [Wm Hatcher monument]
Hatcher Harry 1889 B1871 [Wm Hatcher monument]
Hatcher Hattie B. 1937 B1865 [U W Hatcher plot]
Hatcher Hazel P. 1964 B1901 [wife of Herbert Hatcher]
Hatcher Herbert 1967 B1905
Hatcher John W. 1935 B1866 [J. W. Hatcher plot]
Hatcher William 1909 B1840 [Wm Hatcher monument]
Havert Anna L Shultz 1965 B1886 [wife of Job O. Shultz & of ---- Havert]
Hazard Sybil Cleveland 1855 Apr 18 D ae 89/1/8; wife of Stuart Hazard [Lebbeus Cleveland plot]
Hedges Daniel 1876 Sep 1 B1798 Dec 20
Hedges Elizabeth 1858 Apr 4 D ae 84/6/8; wife of Isaac Hedges
Hedges Elizabeth 1880 Aug 26 B1812 Sep 16; [2nd] wife of Daniel Hedges
Hedges Isaac 1840 Jan 4 D ae 3 months; son of Thomas? & Eleda? Hedges
Hedges Isaac 1854 Aug 15 D ae 82
Hedges John 1839 Sep 13 D ae 3/6/1; son of Daniel & Mary Hedges
Hedges Lewis 1839 Oct 3 D 8/6/21; son of Daniel & Mary Hedges
Hedges Mary 1843 Feb 7 D ae 41/1/22; [1st] wife of Daniel Hedges
Height Alphonzo 1863 Jan 3 D ae 8/1/9; son of L. H. & S. A. Height [Height Children monument]
Height C. Frank 1948 B1859 [L. H. Height monument]
Height Edwin S. 1943 B1874 [L. H. Height monument]
Height Fred 1864 B1860 [Height Children monument]
Height Lewis H. 1883 B1830 [L. H. Height monument]
Height Lulu 1871 B1871 [Height Children monument]
Height Roselta 1863 Jan 16 D ae 4/5/22; daughter of L. H. & S. A. Height [Height Children monument]
Height Sarah A. [Priest] 1903 [Aug 3] B1831 [died ae 71/8] wife of Lewis H. Height [& daughter of Oliver & Sarah M. Gould Priest] [L. H. Height monument]
Henderson Witsell 1883 Jul 21 D ae 43/2/12; son of M. Henderson; Civil War: Co. A, 50th NY Engineers
Hewitt Almeda Miles 1896 May 25 B1826 Sep 13
Hewitt Lucius C. 1866 Apr 22 B1823 Nov 13
Hewitt Sarah H. 1853 Jul 31 D ae 20/615; wife of Alfred Hewitt
Hooper Martha Ayres 1926 Aug 26 B1846 Apr 30; "Mother"
Hopkins Donald E. m B1923
Hopkins Estella M. m B1924 [wife of Donald E. Hopkins]
Hosley George Rufus 1976 B1891; WWI: 2nd Lieut., U.S. Army [Hosley / Keilman monument]
Hosley Mildred P. 1978 B1894 [wife of George Rufus Hosley] [Hosley / Keilman monument]
Houghtailing Sclestia [Tetor] 1896 Jan 26 D ae 57 18 [wife of Stephen Houghtailing & daughter of Samuel & Catherine Tetor]
Houghtaling Stephen [1915] [B1836] Civil War: Co. B, 100th NY
Humphrey Clara Stevens 1964 B1876
Hungerford Jean K. 1981 B1924 [wife of Lyle B. Hungerford]
Hungerford Lyle B. m B1920
Hunt Cindy Marie 1978 Sep 18 B1957 Sep 25
Jacobs Jane # 1893 Oct 11 D ae 72; widow [town record]
Jayne George 1857 Oct 27 D ae 1/1/27; son of Ludlow & Eleanor Jayne
Jayne Margaret 1892 Sep 1 D ae 98 [wife of Nathaniel Jayne Sr.]
Jayne Margaret Manning # 1897 May 5 D ae 69; daughter of Nathaniel & Margaret Manning Jayne [town record]
Jayne Nathaniel # 1905 Aug 4 D ae 69/7/1 in Milo; son of Nathaniel & Margaret Marvin Jayne [town record]
Jayne Nathaniel Sr. 1866 Jul 21 D ae 75/1/15
Jennings Fred 1903 Oct 17 B1879 Feb 8 [son of Fred & Minerva Jennings] [on the same monument with L. G. & Charlotte Nichols]
Johnson Elsie Jane 1970 Feb 9 B1924 Feb 26; daughter of W. E. & W. A. Pulver [W. E. Pulver plot]
Johnson Theodore Hill # 1901 Oct 29 D ae 9/8/6; son of Henry H. & Lizzie R. Johnson [town record]
Keefer Elias 1843 Jul 30 B1796 Jun 13 [Elias Keefer plot]
Keefer George 1852 Mar 18 D ae 26/10/2 [Elias Keefer plot]
Keefer Hellen 1869 Feb 21 B1854 Jan; daughter of William & Sarah A. Keefer [worn]
Keefer Mary 1834 Feb 28 D ae 69/2/10
Keefer Sarah 1890 B1824 [wife of William Keefer]
Keefer William 1877 B1821
Keeler Libbie H. 1856 Feb 9 D ae 17/4/10 [plot with St. John family]
Keilman Bonita J. 1976 B1920 [wife of Kenneth J. Keilman] [Hosley / Keilman monument]
Keilman Kenneth J. 1990 Jul 4 B1907 Sep 7; WWII: s/sgt, U.S.A.A.C. [Hosley / Keilman monument]
Kennedy Lester D. 1988 B1905
Kennedy Mildred D. 1987 B1905 [wife of Lester D. Kennedy]
Kenyon George W. 1845 Mar 27 D ae 31/4/25
King Diane K. 1981 B1954
King Mary Ann 1896 Jul 17 D ae 80/6
Knapp Aaron Plympton # 1904 Dec 23 D ae 79; son of J. A. & Margaret Knapp
Knapton Albert C. 1950 B1894
Knapton Albert E. 1940 B1862 at Hunspill, England [Albert Knapton monument]
Knapton Bernard C. m B1923 Nov 28

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