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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo


Raplee Cemetery: Notes

Raplee cemetery This is a family cemetery that has been taken over and is now maintained by a neighborhood association. It was originally on land owned by the Raplee family, and contains the graves of the original Raplee settlers of Yates County; these were James and Abiah Morse Raplee (or Roblyer, as they spelled it). An enormous number of subsequent and even modern-day residents of the County can trace their ancestry to this couple.

The cemetery is adjacent to the south side of Randalls Crossing Road, some distance east of Route 14.



Raplee Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Two pairs of uninscribed fieldstones]
---- ---- m [Two single uninscribed fieldstones]
Collver Amos 1813 Mar 7 D ae 43/7
Culver Catherine M[iller] 1852 Aug 8 D ae 76 [wife of Amos Collver]
Dean Eliza [Randolph] 1839 Aug 28 Wife of Benjamin Dean [& daughter of Jeptha F. & Elizabeth [Finch Randolph] [stone broken and partially buried]
M--- S-- m [Slate footstone]
Morse Lucretia 1833 Jan 13 D ae 67 wife of Philip Morse [& daughter of James & Abiah Robyler]
O'Brian Philip 1821 Apr 3 D ae 39
O'Brian Thurzey 1847 Feb 12 D ae 32/1/13 daughter of Philip & Bethana O'Brian
R- A-- m [Slate footstone]
R-- J-- m [Slate footstone; may be original burial of Joshua Raplee]
Randall Ceylon 1918 B1838
Randolph Azariah F. 1833 Jan 12 D ae 18/6/7 (broken and partially buried stone]
Randolph Elizabeth 1828 Apr 26 D ae 56/4; wife of Jeptha F. Randolph
Randolph Jeptha F. 1837 Dec 17 D ae 68/2/10
Rapalee Joshua 1823 Aug 20 D ae 56/12 days [son of James & Abiah Robyler]
Rapalee Kesiah 1864 Oct 4 D ae 91/7/15; wife of Joshua Raplee [& daughter of Solomon Finch]
Rapalee Susan Adeline 1831 Apr 3 D ae 4/6/17; daughter of Ezra Rapalee
Raplee Andrew 1810 Mar 28 D ae 5/8; son of Thomas [& Anna] Raplee
Raplee Anna [Bountain] 1853 May 18 [B1780 in N.J.] died ae 72/10/24; wife of Thomas Raplee
Raplee Caroline [Hathaway] 1846 Apr 30 B1813 Mar 13; wife of John T. Raplee & daughter of Thomas & Mary Hathaway [John Raplee monument and own stone]
Raplee Dallas 1852 Apr 9 D ae 7 son of Arnold & Rebecca [Dains] Raplee
Raplee Ezra? 1827 Jan 27 D ae -- & 6 mo [broken stone]
Raplee Henry 1830 May 9 D ae 1/1/20; son of Hiram & Phebe Ann Raplee [stone partially buried]
Raplee James 1813 Mar 7 D ae 39 [son of James & Abiah Robyler; he married Betsy Culver]
Raplee James 1832 Oct 17 D ae 32/5/6 [son of James & Betsy Raplee]
Raplee John T[ims] 1895 Feb 14 B1809 May 8 [son of Thomas & Anna Raplee] [John Raplee monument]
Raplee Kezia 1815 Mar 7 D ae 3 days: daughter of Ezra [& Amarilla Dains] Raplee
Raplee Lucy Ann 1826 Jun 22 D ae 1/1/18; daughter of J. & C. Raplee
Raplee Mary 1807 Jan 23 D ae 3/9/20; daughter of Thomas & Anna Raplee
Raplee Mary 1837 Mar 7 B1835 Nov 15; daughter of John T. & Caroline Raplee [John Raplee monument and own stone]
Raplee Melvin 1848 Apr 21 D ae 1 month 28 days; son of Miles & Maria Raplee [also recorded on Miles G. Raplee monument in Grove Mount Cemetery]
Raplee Miners 1823 Jun 2 D ae 8/7/20 son of Thomas Raplee
Raplee Nehemiah 1851 Oct 22 D ae 2/2/23; son of Moses & Caroline [Buckingham] Raplee [also recorded on Moses Raplee monument in Grove Mount Cemetery]
Raplee Thomas [1848] D ae 71/1/11 [son of James & Abiah Robyler] [broken stone]
Raplee Thursey 1817 Dec 17 D ae 9/8; daughter of Ezra [& Amarilla Dains] Raplee
Robyler Abiah [Morse] 1816 Sep 24 D ae 69/11/18; wife of James Robyler
Robyler James 1814 Oct 4 D ae 75/8
Sherwood Andrew 1824 Nov 24 D ae 46
Vantuyl William 1829 Feb 21 D ae 23/5/1; son of Abraham & Rachel Vantuyl
W -- E--- m [Marble footstone; broken matching headstone adjacent to James Raplee who died 1832]
White Hiram 1844 May 30 D ae 33/11/26

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