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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo

Nichols Family Cemeteries: Notes

Nichols family cemeteries Isaac Nichols and his family were among the first pioneers who came with the Public Universal Friend's followers to City Hill and the surrounding country. They established their farms in an area straddling the Pre-emption Line at a place called after them Nichols Corners and then Milo Center, where some of the oldest houses date back to the original settlement in the 1790s.

The two cemeteries associated with the family are now on private property and unmaintained. Isaac Nichols and his wife, along with others, are in a plot on the south bank of the tiny stream meandering through the hamlet, some little distance from the road. There are few if any standing stones, since cattle have been pastured on the spot and have done some damage.

Isaac Nichols' son Alexander and some others are in another plot on a knoll a little farther back from the road and invisible from the highway. It has been allowed to grow up in brush and some of the stones have been overthrown by woodchuck burrows and settling of the earth, but many are still upright.

Alexander Nichols Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Matching base, adjacent to those of Alexander and Mary Nichols]
Chaffee Mahala 1851 Sep 26 D ae 54/6/10; wife of Henry Chaffee [Dickerson monument & own stone]
Dickerson Martha [Chaffee] 1887 Jan 20 D ae 55; wife of A. Dickerson [Dickerson monument; fallen and partially buried, only one side visible]
Nichols --- 1861 Mar 23 D ae 1/7; child of Alonzo H. & Amanda Nichols
Nichols Alexander 1858 Jan 10 D ae 81/8/1 [broken & partially buried stone]
Nichols Josiah G. 1864 Sep 25 D ae 64/3/25
Nichols Mary [Chambers] [1850s] [B1781; daughter of John Chambers &] wife of Alexander Nichols [her stone is next to Alexander Nichols?]
Nichols Samuel A. 1863 Jul 3 D ae 20/4/28; son of Johnson A. & Mary [H.] Nichols; Civil War: wounded at Gettysburg, Co. B, 148th NY [broken stone]
Nichols Susan E. 1874 Dec 16 D ae 44; [2d] wife of Josiah [G.] Nichols


Isaac Nichols Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m Three unmarked fieldstones]
Nichols ---- 1843 D ae 1/? /9 [broken stone]
Nichols Anna [Boon] 1838 Oct 16 D ae 85; wife of Isaac Nichols [broken stone]
N[ichols?] C--- H---­ m [Footstone]
Nichols Elizabeth Ann 1832 Nov 20 D ae 1/3/14; daughter of Sylvester & Susan Nichols
Nichols Hannah [Kinyoun Green] 1842 Apr 17 D ae 65; wife of George Nichols [daughter of Elizabeth Kinyoun]
Nichols [Isaac] [1829 Dec 23] D ae 82 (broken stone]
Nichols Isaac S. 1834 Feb 10 D ae 7 months; son of Sylvester I. & Susannah Nichols
Nichols Mary Susan 1842 Nov 17 D ae 1/10/27; daughter of Sylvester I. & Mary Nichols
Nichols Susannah [Crane] 1834 Feb 20 D ae 22; wife of Sylvester I. Nichols
Nichols Sylvester I. 1847 [Jan 23] [Broken stone]

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