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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo




Grove Mount Cemetery: Burials, Part two

Longcor Edith L. 1951 B1869 [daughter of Oscar Longcor] [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Eliza Osgood 1915 B1843 wife of Oscar Longcor [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Elizabeth Colver 1929 B1842 [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Gideon O. 1929 B1851
Longcor Ira 1852 [Mar 11] B1814 [died ae 38/1/12] [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Jennie B. 1943 B1872 [daughter of Oscar Longcor] [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Mary Ellis 1890 B1817; wife of Ira Longcor [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Nehemiah 1897 Nov 25 B1818 Oct 26 [Bigger / Longcor monument]
Longcor Oscar 1929 B1838 [son of Ira & Mary J. Longcor] [Ira Longcor monument]
Longcor Sarah Dunn 1927 B1854; wife of Gideon O. Longcor
Longcoy Elizabeth [Misner] 1897 Feb 8 B1814 Dec 17; wife of Levi Longcoy [& daughter of Jacob & Jane Hurd Misner] [Levi Longcoy monument]
Longcoy Emmett L. 1857 Jul 8 B1841 Jan 28 [Levi Longcoy monument]
Longcoy Levi 1884 Oct 9 B1803 Feb 24 [Levi Longcoy monument]
Longcoy Madison J. 1868 Jun 16 B1844 Apr 27 [Levi Longcoy monument]
Look William B. # 1905 Aug 7 D ae 61/8/2 in Milo; son of Jonathan & Susan Mitchell Look [town record]
Loree Lislie D. 1973 B1902
Loree Margaret G. m B1903; wife of Lislie D. Loree
Lozada Loraine Spoor 1975 B1933 [Spoor Lot]
Lundgard Hazel C. Miller 1922 B1903; wife of Peter M. Lundgard
Lundgard Peter M. m B1900
Lunney ---- m "Father"
Lunney ---- m "Mother"
Lunney Ada m [Andrew Lunney plot]
Lunney Andrew [1925 Jun 8] [Andrew Lunney plot]
Lunney Ann M. m B1915; wife of George K. Lunney
Lunney Anna E Davis 1918 B1859; wife of George Lunney [R. J. Lunney plot]
Lunney Catherine [Miller] 1976 B1911; wife of Lawrence Lunney
Lunney Frances 1968 B1913
Lunney George 1943 B1861 [R. J. Lunney plot]
Lunney George K. m B1912
Lunney Lawrence D. 1976 Sep 16 B1909 Jun 2; WWII: U.S. Army
Lunney Mary McMullen # 1893 Jan 15 D ae 55 in Milo; daughter of Andrew & Hannah McMullen [town record]
Lunney Robert J. 1929 B1865 [R. J. Lunney plot]
Lunney Will m [Andrew Lunney plot]
Lyons Gladys M. 1979 B1894 wife of John W. Lyons [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
Lyons John Wesley 1973 Jul 28 B1888 Jul 27; WWI: NY, s/2 U.S.N. [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
MacFarlane Claude W. 1901 [Nov 25] B1898 [died ae 3/9/22 in Milo; son of William A. & Della F. MacFarlane] [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane Della Townley 1956 B1871; wife of William A. MacFarlane [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane J. S. 1919 B1835; Civil War: sgt., Co. C, 144th NY [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane John L. 1967 B1896; WWI [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
MacFarlane M. Elizabeth 1917 B1865 [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane Margaret 1917 Bl840 w/o J S MacFarlane US MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane Margaret F. 1955 B1877 [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane Margaret E. 1982 B1910; wife of William D. MacFarlane [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
MacFarlane Marjorie A[lice] 1911 [Sep 6] B1910 [died ae 1/5/1 in Milo; daughter of William & Ella Townley MacFarlane] [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane William A. 1940 B1862 [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
MacFarlane William D. 1989 B1900 [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
Madell Hattie E. 1941 B1868 [wife of William H. Madell]
Madell William H. 19-- B1865
Magee Charlotte E. m B1911 Jan 18 [wife of Hugh D. Magee]
Magee Hugh D. 1989 Aug 16 B1911 Jun 20
Mahaffey Anna E. Sayre 1913 Sep 9 B1880 Feb 5; wife of Boyd Mahaffey
Mahaffey Boyd m B1881 Dec 1
Manning Charles J. 1990 Apr 26 B1928 Sep 3; Korean War: t/sgt, U.S.A.F.
Manning Margaret A. m B1930 May 7; wife of Charles J. Manning, married 1958 Apr 19
Martin Charles R. 1960 B1882; "Dad" [Martin plot]
Martin Claude 1907 [Sep 2] B1907 [died ae 4 months] "Brother" son of Charles & Nellie Hopper Martin] [Martin plot]
Martin George L. 1931 B1881; "Uncle" [Martin plot]
Martin John A. 1962 B1884; "Dad" [Martin plot]
Martin Leon Charles 1968 May 3 B1926 Jun 12; WWII: NY, s/l U.S.N. [Martin plot]
Martin Leon J. 1982 Oct 23 B1905 Dec 18; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army [Martin plot]
Martin Nellie 1934 B1854 [wife of Samuel Martin] [Martin plot]
Martin Samuel 1914 B1837 [Martin plot]
Mathews Amy Webster 1983 B1900 wife of Merl W. Mathews
Mathews Ann # 1825 Mar 16 Wife of Thomas Mathews
Mathews John 1834 Jan 22 D ae 82
Mathews Merl W. 1962 B1899
Mathews Olive # 1889 Mar 7 D ae 1 year & 2 months in Milo; daughter of Herman & Mary Mathews [town record]
Mathews Rachel 1867 Apr 26 D ae 91/10/2 wife of John Mathews
Mawney Deliliah Deming 19-- B1839 wife of Robert Mawney
Mawney Mable 1871 Mar 7 D ae 3/22 days; daughter of Robert & D. Mawney
Mawney Ray 1872 B1867 [son of Robert & Delilah Mawney, real name Horatio]
Mawney Robert 1906 B1830
McCaig Harry 1965 B1881
McNeil Theone m B1917 [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
McNeil Woodrow m B1914 [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
McSwain Mable 1904 B1879 son of George H. McSwain
Millard Allen J. 1940 B1870
Millard Charlotte N. 1971 B1878 wife of Allen J. Millard
Millard Mary J. 1988 B1915 [wife of Newton A. Millard]
Millard Mary R. 1933 B1845 wife of Myron J. Millard
Millard Myron J. 1919 B1840
Millard Newton A. 1986 B1914
Millard Sara R[aplee] 1911 Apr 23 B1909 Oct 5
Miller Adam S. 1896 B1881 [Stephen Miller monument]
Miller Adam S. 1925 Jan 12 B1843 Aug 17; Civil War: Co. B, 148th NY
Miller Allie D. 1913 B1852; wife of James K. Miller [Miller / Castle plot]
Miller Augustus A. 1886 Mar 9 B1850 Aug 25 [Geo Miller monument]
Miller Eliza J. 1887 Apr 20 B1808 Mar 20; wife of George Miller [Geo Miller monument]
Miller George 1888 Oct 22 B1802 May 25 [Geo Miller monument]
Miller Jacob M. 1895 [Jan 12] B1886 [Aug 17; son of Adam & Mary Miller]
Miller James K. 1901 B1849 [Miller / Castle plot]
Miller Josephine [Eastling] 1908 B1848; wife of Stephen A. Miller [Stephen Miller monument]
Miller Mary 1885 Sep 27 B1814 Nov 16 [wife of Adam Miller]
Miller Nellie m B1849 Oct 31; wife of Augustus A. Miller [Geo Miller monument]
Miller Ruth B. 1964 B1897 [wife of William D. Miller]
Miller Stephen A. 1925 B1848 [Stephen Miller monument]
Miller William D. m B1900
Moore Charles E. 1845 Mar 1 D ae 2/3; son of [Joseph?] Moore
Moore Frances A. 1861 Apr 4 D ae 13/2/13; daughter of Samuel & Mary A. Moore
Moore Mary Ann 1863 Mar 8 D ae 50/7/16; wife of Samuel Moore
Moore Roy Glen # 1897 Jan 19 D ae 3 months 15 days in Milo; son of John F. & Carrie Roth Moore [town record]
Moore Ruth 1868 Nov 6 D ae 60/2 [daughter of James Moore]
Moore Samuel 1861 [Mar 26] D ae 59 [worn]
Moore Tacy 1839 Oct 2 D ae 66/8/19; wife of James Moore
Moore Thomas J. 1844 Aug 9 D ae 37/4; "was lost on the steamboat Erie on Lake Erie"
Morrison Abram 1956 B1882
Morrison Madge Sebring 1943 B1883; wife of Abram Morrison
Morse Frank P. 1932 Mar 20 B1853 Nov 11
Morse Ida M. 1930 Jan 20 B1853 Apr 4; wife of Frank P. Morse
Morse infant # 1891 Jun 26 D ae 4 days; child of Frank & Ida M. Morse [town record]
Morse Minard 1910 B1822
Morse Robert S. # 1889 Sep 15 D ae 10 months in PY; son of Frank & Minnie Snow Morse [town record]
Morse Sarah Mawney 1912 B1834; wife of Minard Morse
Nichols Johnson A. 1883 Sep 7 B1802 Sep 5
Nichols Mary [Henderson] [1889 Apr 16] B1803 Mar 6; wife of Johnson A. Nichols
Nickerson Elizabeth M. 1925 B1870; wife of Ira Nickerson
Nickerson Harry B. 1959 B1896
Nickerson Ira 1939 B1863
Nickerson Leslie m B1903
Nickerson Mildred Caswell m B1903; wife of Leslie Nickerson, married 1928 Feb 11
Nickerson Nettie M. 1981 B1889
Nielsen Harold J. 1984 Aug 13 B1896 May 8; WWI: U.S. Army [same stone as Henry E. Nielsen]
Nielsen Henry E. 1971 B1897 [same stone as Harold J. Nielsen]
Norton Charity 1876 May 26 D ae 36/6; wife of E. B. Norton
Orr Leroy J. 1959 B1883
Orr Lillian A. 1960 B1895; wife of Leroy J. Orr
Orr William R. 1944 Sep 12 B1898 Jan 6; WWI: 152nd Depot Brigade
Oughterson Alexander 1939 B1860 [Alexander Oughterson monument]
Oughterson Dorothy 1906 B1906 [Alexander Oughterson monument]
Oughterson Josie C. Delacy 1913 B1862 wife of Alexander Oughterson [Alexander Oughterson monument]
Ovens John W. m B1922 Oct 18
Ovens Viola Brown m B1922 Aug 20; wife of John W. Ovens, married 1942 Jun 11
Palmer Harry E. 1987 B1919; "Boppy"; WWII: 1st lieut., U.S.A.A.C.
Palmer Marjorie C. 1986 B1917; "Mo" [wife of Harry E. Palmer]
Peck Alonzo # 1920 Apr 20 D ae 64 [obituary]
Peck Delos 1893 Dec 1 B1853 Nov 28 [Delos Peck monument]
Peck Frances 1952 B1895 [Delos Peck monument]
Peck James 1970 B1892 [Delos Peck monument]
Peck Lottie 1924Sep 5 B1853 Dec 12; wife of Delos Peck [Delos Peck monument]
Perry ---- m "Father"
Perry ---- m "Mother"
Perry Almeda Alderman 1918 B1840; [2nd] wife of David Perry
Perry Betsy Ann Chambers # 1899 Aug 7 D ae 68/3/16 in Milo; daughter of Christopher & Phebe A. Chambers [town record]
Perry Ethel May 1952 B1887
Perry Sally Ann [Moore] 1848 Mar 18 D ae 18/2/1; wife of William Perry & daughter of Jonathan & Anna Moore
Perry Thomas [C.] [1895 Dec 27] [D ae 42/7 in PY; son of David & Elizabeth Chambers Perry]
Petersen Carl J. 1989 Jul 12 B1918 Feb 28; WWII: sm/1, U.S.N.
Petersen Elizabeth 1985 Jul 30 B1918 Jul 30 [wife of Carl J. Petersen]
Petersen Tiffany Jo 1982 Mar 30 B1981 Jul 30 [plot with Carl & Elizabeth Petersen]
Pierce Philip # 1904 Jul 2 D ae 3/6/7 in Himrod; son of Fred W. & Mary J. Roode Pierce [town record]
Pierce Ralph E. Jr. 1974 B1923; WWII: s/sgt, U.S. Army
Porter Edward P. 1918 Jun 9 Bl844 Feb 5; Civil War: 3rd sgt., 188th NY
Porter Sophia A. McLoud 1931 Oct 1 B1846 Jun 30; wife of Edward P. Porter
Post Cornelius m B1895
Post Frank 1938 B1861
Post Marguerite F. Bailey 1916 B1892; wife of Cornelius Post
Post Rose Spoor 1941 B1873 [wife of Frank Post]
Potter Benjamin F. 1919 B1826
Potter Charles F. 1960 B1886
Potter Clarence R. m D ae 2 months [son of Charles F. Potter]
Potter Harriet Dewey 1915 B1854 [same stone as Benjamin F. Potter]
Potter Hattie Olive 1893 Jan 25 B1885 May 29 daughter of Benjamin & H. D. Potter
Potter Marion M. Oughterson 1931 B1890 wife of Charles F. Potter
Potter Miranda Jane Swarts # 1910 Sep 18 D ae 62/4/15 in Milo; daughter of George & Jane Middaugh Swarts [town record]
Purdy George S. 1890 Sep 3 B1827 Dec 15 [Geo. S. Purdy monument]
Purdy Ortentia A. 1880 Jan 18 B1833 Dec 13; wife of George S. Purdy [Geo S. Purdy monument]
Purdy Robert Bruce 1889 Sep 7 B1854 Dec 9; son of George S. & Ortentia Purdy [Geo. S. Purdy monument]
Rapalee Maria 1871 Feb 8 B1817 Oct 1 [wife of Miles G. Rapalee] [Miles G. Rapalee monument]
Rapalee Melona May 1891 Dec 9 B1811 Jul 17; wife of Miles G. Rapalee [Miles G. Rapalee monument]
Rapalee Miles G. 1875 Sep 12 B1810 May 25 [Miles G. Rapalee monument]
Raplee Caroline Buckingham 1886 Oct 12 1810 Dec 17; wife of Moses Raplee [Moses Raplee monument]
Raplee Clifford C. # 1892 Jun 16 D ae 2 months in Milo; son of George & Kitty Chubb Raplee [town record]
Raplee Delanson M. 1899 Apr 17 B1824 Apr 11; "Father" [D. M. Raplee plot]
Raplee Elvira P. 1863 Dec 2 B1824 Feb 8; wife of Delanson Raplee; "Mother" [D. M. Raplee plot]
Raplee Fred A. 1932 B1858 [D. M. Raplee plot]
Raplee George B. 1936 B1862
Raplee Helena M. Swarthout 1951 B1862; wife of Fred A. Raplee [D. M. Raplee plot]
Raplee infant 1911 Son of D. J. & F. T. Raplee
Raplee Kittie M. 1922 [Mar 18] B1869; wife of George B. Raplee
Raplee M. Frances 1940 B1854 [D. M. Raplee plot]
Raplee Maizie Rebecca # 1908 Nov 5 D ae 2/3/23 in Milo; daughter of George B. & Kitty Chubb Raplee [town record]
Raplee Melvin m Infant son of Miles G. Rapalee [Miles G. Rapalee monument; also own stone in Raplee Cemetery]
Raplee Minerva 1912 Jul 17 B1829 Jun 16; daughter of Moses & Caroline Raplee [Moses Raplee monument]
Raplee Moses 1886 Jan 29 B1806 Nov 6 [Moses Raplee monument]
Raplee Nehemiah 1851 Oct 22 B1849 Jul 29; son of Moses & Caroline Raplee [Moses Raplee monument; also own stone in Raplee Cemetery]
Rathbone Thomas A. 1890 Feb 11 B1821 Jun 11 [Rathbone / Semans monument]
Rathbone Willaminah 1903 May 6 B1823 Jan 2; wife of Thomas Rathbone [Rathbone / Semans monument]
Reichard Harry J. 1980 B1889 [Reichard plot]
Reichard Margaret L. 1965 B1910 [wife of Harry Reichard] [Reichard plot]
Reichard Ruth Matthews 1974 B1902 [2nd wife of Harry Reichard] [Reichard plot]
Remer Addie B. 1958 B1864 [wife of F. H. Remer] [Benham / Remer plot]
Remer F. H. 1937 B1859 [Benham / Remer plot]
Remer Hannah Chambers # 1889 Oct 27 D ae 66/12 days in Himrod; daughter of Christopher & Phebe Allen Chambers [town record]
Rice Andrew C. 1971 B1891
Rice Earl 1938 B1885 [John Rice plot]
Rice Grace 1975 B1898; wife of Earl Rice [John Rice plot]
Rice John 1918 B1879; [John Rice plot]
Rice Pearl Y. 1984 B1897; wife of Andrew Rice
Roach Thomas J. 1938 B1906 [plot with H. & M. Silliman]
Roberts Solon 1904 Mar 7 B1846 Mar 31; Civil War: Co. H, 45th Pa.
Robinson Bonnie Jayne 1986 Sep 26 B1947 Apr 3 [with Jayne & Campbell]
Robinson Edna S. m B1920 Oct 24 [wife of J. Dean Robinson]
Robinson J. Dean 1989 Jan 7 B1916 Jan 30; WWII: m/sgt, U.S. Army
Roney Charlotte J. 1919 B1839 [Yost-Roney monument]
Ross Catharine # 1905 May 2 D ae 75/9/1 in Milo; daughter of John & Sarah Culver Ross [town record]
Sandford Mary Freer 1886 Aug 12 B1837 Nov 20; wife of Marcus B. Sandford
Sayre Anna B. 1933 B1883 [wife of Clarence L. Sayre]
Sayre Clarence L. 1952 B1879
Sayre Edgar A. 1916 B1853
Sayre Mary A. Longcoy 1939 B1854; wife of Edgar A. Sayre
Schoonover Edith 1949 B1882; wife of Ralph Schoonover
Schoonover Ralph 1952 B1874
Scott Edith J. 1968 B1894
Scott Frank D. 1961 B1931
Scott George E. 1941 B1883
Scott Louise P. 1951 B1918 [Joslyn plot]
Sedam Jane K. m B1930 Jun 2; wife of Samuel C. Sedam, married 1950 Sep 30
Sedam Olga N. 1970 B1882; wife of Samuel T. Sedam
Sedam Samuel C. m B1925 Jul 22
Sedam Samuel T. 1955 B1890
Semans Byron H. 1893 Mar 28 B1853 Nov 15 [Rathbone / Semans monument]
Semans Carlton B. 1877 May 9 B1869 Dec 1 [Nelson Semans monument]
Semans Cory D. 1942 B1869 [plot with Nelson Semans monument]
Semans Ethel Peck 1903 Feb 6 B1879 Jan 5; wife of Burt D. Semans
Semans Grace R. 1946 Jun 25 B1857 Sep 24; wife of Byron Semans [Rathbone / Semans monument]
Semans Hannah Briggs 1905 Mar 2 B1826 Feb 18; wife of Nelson Semans [Nelson Semans plot]
S[emans] I--- E--- m [Footstone in Rathbone / Semans plot]
Semans Ida A. 1942 B1872 [plot with Nelson Semans monument]
Semans Nelson 1891 Nov 2 B1819 Mar 4 [Nelson Semans monument]
Shults Charity E. # 1895 Apr 2 D ae 52/1/20 d/o Benjamin & Catherine McSwain record]
Shultz Alonzo V. 1908 Sep 3 Bl844 Aug 8; Civil War
Shultz George H. 1910 B1856 [Geo Shultz monument]
Shultz Harriet F. 1902 Sep 24 B1851 Jun 5; wife of Alonzo Shultz
Shultz Jemima # 1870 Jan D ae 62 in Milo; wife of William Shultz [mortality schedule]
Shultz Josephine m B1856; wife of George H. Shultz [Geo Shultz monument]
Shultz M[orris] W. [1899 May 11] [B1843] Civil War: cpl., Co. E, 64th NY [son of William & Jemima Culver Shultz]
Silliman Harry A. 1949 B1884
Silliman Margaret M. 1959 B1882; wife of Harry Silliman
Smith Albert 1908 B1908 [Daisy Smith plot]
Smith Andrew B. 1964 B1883 [Daisy Smith plot]
Smith Charles R. 1962 B1881 [Henry C. Smith plot]
Smith Clarence 1981 B1920
Smith Clyde B. 1973 B1893; "Dad" [Smith / Arwine plot]
Smith Daisy C. 1939 B1884 [Daisy Smith plot]
Smith Franklin B. 1936 B1921 [Daisy Smith plot]
Smith Harry M. 1950 B1879 [Henry C. Smith plot]
Smith Hattie J. 1965 B1881 [Henry C. Smith plot]
Smith Henry C. 1916 B1839 [Henry C. Smith plot]
Smith Henry, Dea. 1883 B1811 [Deacon Henry Smith plot]
Smith Hester L. 1917 B1844 [Deacon Henry Smith plot]
Smith Jennie A. 1976 B1892; "Mother" [Smith / Arwine plot]
Smith Luther J. 1912 B1912 [Daisy Smith plot]
Smith Lyle C. 1956 B1918; "Son" [Smith Arwine plot]
Smith Mary J. 1911 B1844; wife of Henry C. Smith [Henry C. Smith plot]
Smith Mary L. 1940 B1853 [Deacon Henry Smith plot]
Smith Ovid 1923 B1858 [Deacon Henry Smith plot]
Smith Roy 1961 B1885 [Smith / Arwine plot]
Smith Ruth m B1932 [wife of Clarence Smith]
Smith Sarah Couse 1896 B1811 [wife of Dea. Henry Smith] [Deacon Henry Smith plot]
Smith William H. 1956 B1887
Smith Zada 1967 B1887 [wife of William H. Smith]
Spears Charles J. 1941 Jun 7 B1871 Nov 3 [Spears / Cornell plot]
Spears Elizabeth M. m B1876 Aug 1 [Spears / Cornell plot]
Spears Laura 1968 B1884 [Spears / Cornell plot]
Spears Mary G. 1904 B1858 [Spears / Cornell plot]
Spink Marbra Briggs Hall # 1870 B1784 [wife of Silas Spink; widow of Joseph Hall] [moved in 1878 from a family cemetery]
Spink Silas 1830 Oct 9 D ae 73/1/26 [moved in 1878 from family cemetery]
Spink Silas # 1897 Nov 3 D ae 72; son of Silas & Marbery Spink [town record]
Spooner Ada H. Raplee 1929 B1851 wife of Edward H. Spooner [Spooner monument]
Spooner Edward H. 1890 [Jan 28] B1849 [died ae 40/6 in PY; son of Rufus Allen & Mary A. Spooner] [Spooner monument]
Spoor Dorothy C. 1985 Jun 5 B1915 Mar 10; wife of Jack V. Spoor Sr.
Spoor Jack V. Sr. 1990 Feb 5 B1911 Sep 4
Sprowls Albert T. 1865 Aug 10 Bl847 May 7; son of Daniel & Rebecca Sprowls [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Sprowls Daniel 1897 Sep 15 B1816 Jan 21 [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Sprowls Rebecca Supplee 1910 Mar 30 B1818 Apr 15; wife of Daniel Sprowls [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Stamp Orra 1931 Apr 12 D ae 10 months; daughter of E. & Helen Stamp
Staples Archie R. 1958 Oct 7 B1886 Oct 15; WWI: Bty C., 31st Field Arty
Staples Archie R. Jr. 1987 Jan 10 B1921 Jun 27; WWII: U.S.A.A.C.
Staples Blaine R. 1982 Aug 19 B1928 Nov 21; Korean War: U.S. Army
Staples Burton W. 1988 May 27 B1919 Dec 27
Staples Cynthia 1961 Jan 10 B1960 Mar 13
Staples Doris L. m B1923 Mar l [wife of Burton W. Staples]
Staples Edward R. 1977 May 1 B1958 May 26
Staples Florence C[harity] 1903 B1864; wife of Fred Staples
Staples Fred 19-- B1857
Steo Mary Millard m B1912 [same stone with Newton & Mary Millard]
Stevenson George E. 1943 B1871; WWI: NY, 1st lieut., Med Corps [Stevenson / Jones plot]
Stevenson John H. 1927 B1845 [Stevenson / Jones plot]
Stevenson Margaret J. 1941 B1889 [Stevenson / Jones plot]
Stevenson Mertie 1928 B1847 [Stevenson / Jones plot]
StJohn Ethel 1983 B1892 [Culver / StJohn monument]
StJohn Jay C. 1927 B1864
StJohn Lewis 1973 B1893 [Culver / StJohn monument]
Stone Carlton B. 1893 Jan 23 B1849 Dec 14; Civil War [Stone monument]
Stone Cecile Carlene 1891 Feb 9 B1891 Feb 5; daughter of C. B. & M. H. Stone [Stone monument]
Stone Margaret H. 1891 Feb 27 B1849 Sep 16; wife of Carlton B. Stone [Stone monument]
Strong Douglas 1920 Dec 14 B1920 Jul 29 [near Guy & Inez Strong]
Strong Guy M. 1958 B1886
Strong Howard I. m B1924
Strong Inez A. 1931 B1887; wife of Guy M. Strong
Strong Lillian Travis m B1930; wife of Howard I. Strong, married 1947 Nov 13
Strong Paul m B1916
Strong Robert S. 1974 Mar 27 B1971 Oct 20; "Our Sweet Little Darling" [near Howard & Lillian Strong]
Strong Ruby Wood 1991 B1919; wife of Paul Strong, married 1939 Mar 14
Struble Ann Misner # 1896 Dec 15 D ae 92/15 days in PY; daughter of Jacob & Catharine Misner [town record]
Struble Levi 1887 Feb 2 D ae 74/6 [son of Adam & Mary Dean Struble]
Struble Mary [Misner] 1898 Mar 11 D ae 78/7/14; wife of Levi Struble [& daughter of Jacob & Mary Misner]
Sugden Eve R. 1973 B1893; wife of Joseph J. Sugden
Sugden Joseph J. 1989 B1893
Summerson David E. 1963 B1943 [Summerson plot]
Summerson Josephine m B1915 [Summerson plot]
Summerson M. Ross 1985 B1919
Supplee Timothy 1884 May 11 B1819 Dec 19 [Supplee / Vanlew monument]
Supplee William S. 1909 Jul 27 B1862 Jun 19
[Swarthout] Carrabell [Dunn] 1918 B1858 [wife of S. Frank Swarthout & daughter of Homer & Mary Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot; no surnames]
[Swarthout] S. Frank 1943 B1855 [Homer Dunn plot; no surnames]
Swarts Ann S. 1926 B1852
Swarts Charles F. Sr. 1965 B1908
Swarts George 1907 Oct 11 B1812 Feb 17
Swarts Gertrude Knapp 1985 B1907 [wife of Charles F. Swarts Sr.]
Swarts Jane M[iddaugh] 1900 Apr 22 B1817 Jan 9 wife of George Swarts
Taylor Elizabeth T[uttle] 1910 [Aug 23] B1831 [Nov 1] wife of J. Wells Taylor [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Taylor J. Wells 1886 B1819 [Hunt / Taylor monument; also owned lot in Milo Center Cemetery]
Thomas Roberta Ann 1947 May 20 B1946 Aug 22
Torrey Carrie M. Spooner 1924 B1874; daughter of Edward & Ada Spooner [Spooner monument]
Travis Edgar A. 1913 Mar 27 B1840 Nov 16; Civil War: Bty. B, 3rd N.Y.L.A.
Travis George W. 1902 Oct 25 B1847 Jul 18
Travis Hazel m [Wm Travis monument]
Travis Isabel [1904 Oct 18] [D ae 1/1 in Milo; daughter of Will & Louise Brown Travis] [Wm Travis monument]
Travis Louise Brown 1910 B1877; wife of William Travis [Wm Travis monument]
Travis Martha Brown # 1910 Apr 10 D ae 67/2/19 in Milo; daughter of ---- & Mary Downing Brown [town record]
Travis Mildred Doretha # 1907 Sep 28 D ae 5 months 14 days in Milo; daughter of Wallace Jr. & Lena A. Eaves Travis [town record]
Travis Murtyl T. 1977 m
Travis Stephen Wallis # 1894 Sep 16 D ae 4 months; son of Wallace & Ann Adell Stamp Travis [town record]
Travis Wallace 1941 B1869 [funeral marker]
Travis William 1956 B1874 [Wm Travis monument]
Trenchard Bertha C. 1966 B1891 [M. F. Trenchard plot]
Trenchard Cindy Lou 1953 B1951 [M. F. Trenchard plot]
Trenchard Eldyn N. m B1917 Jul 26
Trenchard Gary R II 1986 B1967 [M. F. Trenchard plot]
Trenchard Marshall F. 1953 B1886 [M. F. Trenchard plot]
Trenchard Ruth M. 1981 Mar 31 B1917 Oct 27 [wife of Eldyn N. Trenchard]
VanAmburgh George E. # 1896 Apr 28 D ae 76/11/17 in Milo; son of Warren & Nancy Rockwell VanAmburgh [town record]
Vanhorn Fidelia 1922 B1842
Vanlew Catharine Myers 1877 Sep 28 B1794 May 10; wife of John Vanlew [Supplee / Vanlew monument]
Vanlew George 1889 Jul 3 D ae 16; son of David Vanlew [Supplee / Vanlew monument]
Vanlew John 1839 Sep 2 B1791 Nov 26; War of 1812: N.J. Militia Rifles [Supplee / Vanlew monument]
Vanlew John Jr. 1900 Apr 14 B1831 Jul 17 [Supplee / Vanlew monument]
Vanorsdol Amos E[llis] 1896 B1838
Vanorsdol Jennie E. 1913 B1842 wife of Amos E. Vanorsdol
Vickery Carney # 1906 Jul 3 D ae 48 in Milo; born in Rock Stream; son of John Vickery [town record]
Voorhees Charlotte 1911 B1824 [Voorhees plot]
Voorhees Horatio S. 19-- B1863 [Voorhees plot]
Voorhees Julia P. 1941 B1855 [Voorhees plot]
Voorhees Lucas 1900 B1821 [Voorhees plot]
Walrath George # 1905 Jun 29 D ae 29/24 days; son of Adam & Sarah Overhiser Walrath [town record]
Watkins Celinda Creland # 1903 Jan 24 D ae 90/6/15 [wife of Gorham Watkins &] daughter of C. Creland [town record]
Watkins Ella J. Blake 1916 B1840; wife of Stephen W. Watkins [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Watkins Martha J. Budd 1943 B1876; wife of M. Grant Watkins [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Watkins Myrtle V. 1944 B1865 [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Watkins Stephen W. 1920 B1840 [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Watkins U. Grant 1944 B1869 [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Watkins William H. # 1900 Aug 10 D ae 58/2/9 in Milo; son of Loren P. & Mercy Sweet Watkins [town record]
Weale Anna I. 1953 B1868 [wife of Jacob H. Weale] [Jacob Weale monument]
Weale Eris M. 1986 Feb 5 B1905 Oct 29; wife of Harold J. Weale [Jacob Weale plot]
Weale Fred W. 1925 B1891; son of J. H. & Anna Weale; WWI: 1st sgt., Co. B, 14th Inf. [Inscho / Weale monument]
Weale Harold J. 1974 Mar 22 B1905 Mar 28 [Jacob Weale monument]
Weale Jacob H. 1929 B1862 [Jacob Weale plot]
Weale Laura G. 1901 B1898 [daughter of J. H. & Anna Weale [Inscho / Weale monument]
Webster Betty J. 1927 May 3 B1926 Dec 18 [Webster plot]
Webster Eunice H. 1925 Dec 5 B1925 Dec 17 [Webster plot]
Webster Mitchell R. 1979 B1896; "Father"; WWI: U.S. Army [Webster plot]
Webster Sarabelle m B1906; "Mother" [Webster plot]
Welter Adrian 1909 B1880 [Welter monument]
Welter Henry 1915 B1847 Civil War [Welter monument]
Welter Laura Eddy 1934 B1844 wife of Henry Welter [Welter monument]
Welter Mary 1891 Nov 4 B1861 Feb 28; sister of Christina Benedict [Benedict / Welter monument]
Welter Sophia 1928 B1851 [Welter monument]
Westbrook Margaret 1857 May 31 D ae 81/1/15; wife of Josephus Westbrook
White Cecyl B. 1960 B1895 [wife of Clay P. White]
White Clay P. 1982 B1894
Wickham Alonzo # 1892 Apr 23 D ae 66 at Severne [town record]
Wilcox Mary [Mathews] 1849 Jan 14 D ae 41/7/28; wife of Stewart Wilcox [& daughter of John & Rachel Fitzwater Mathews]
Wilson Bruce F. 1969 B1912 [Thos. Wilson monument]
Wilson J. Irwin 1939 B1860 [Wm J. Wilson monument]
Wilson Jane H. 1917 Jan 27 B1837 Mar 15
Wilson James H. 1955 B1868 [Thos. Wilson monument]
Wilson L. Marie 1970 B1915
Wilson Mary 1923 B1850 [wife of J. Erwin Wilson] [Wm J. Wilson monument]
Wilson Mary A. Covert 1910 Aug 24 B1835 Sep 17; wife of James H. Wilson
Wilson Percy C. 1970 B1891; WWI: NY, U.S.M.C. [Thos Wilson monument]
Wilson Sarah 1909 B1827 [wife of William J. Wilson] [Wm J. Wilson monument]
Wilson Thomas E. 1936 B1868 [Thos Wilson monument]
Wilson William J. 1905 B1834 [Wm J. Wilson monument]
Wixom Charles Nelson 1910 B1830
Wixom Cornelia Elizabeth Prentiss 1908 B1832 wife of Charles Nelson Wixom
Wood Elizabeth 1983 Oct 5 B1889 Jul 27 [G. W. Wood plot]
Wood Ernest L. 1961 Nov 16 B1893 Jan 20; WWI: NY, Bty D, 19th Field Arty
Wood George W. 1913 B1864 [G. W. Wood plot]
Wood Lennie Andrews 1956 B1873; wife of George W. Wood [G. W. Wood plot]
Wood Mary Rose 1981 Aug 17 B1914 Feb 16
Yost Anna Drake 1923 B1879; wife of Loid Yost [Loid Yost monument]
Yost Annie B. 1936 Jan 16 B1860 Aug 5; wife of Roger Yost [Roger Yost monument]
Yost Arthur 1954 B1870 [Yost / Roney monument]
Yost Ernest 1916 B1891
Yost Eva C. 1940 B1867
Yost Floyd 1943 B1866
Yost Freddie [1893 Jan 30] [D ae 18 in Milo; son of John & Olive Saunders Yost] [Roger Yost monument]
Yost infant # 1912 Apr 20 D ae 3 hours 45 minutes in Milo; child of Isaac Matthews & Ruby Yost [town record]
Yost John # 1907 Nov 5 D ae 72/8 in Milo; son of Jacob & Susan Potts Yost [town record]
Yost Leon J. 1940 B1910
Yost Loid m B1866 [Loid Yost monument]
Yost Mary E. Roney 1942 B1875 wife of Arthur Yost [Yost / Roney monument]
Yost Roger 1901 Mar 20 B1862 Apr 30 [Roger Yost monument]
Yost Susia [E.] Fulfard [Morse] 1907 [Jan 11] B1865 wife of Loid Yost [& daughter of Henry Fulfard] [Loid Yost monument]
Yost Theodore 1955 B1889; WWI: U.S. Army

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