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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo

Grove Mount Cemetery: Notes

Himrod cemeteries The hamlet of Himrod was the site of early milling activity on Plum Point Creek and the neighborhood was settled beginning in the 1790s. The original cemetery was what is now called the Old Himrod Cemetery, located on the southwest side of the Himrod Road immediately east of the railroad overpass. It is visible and accessible from the road, long neglected and much vandalized, but now maintained by the town.

The nucleus of the Grove Mount Cemetery is an old family burial ground used by the Fitzwater, Mathews and Davis families who settled the adjacent area at the very end of the 18th century. About 1876 an association purchased property adjacent to this old family plot and began burying people there. A few graves from other family plots in the neighborhood were moved here, and these with the old Fitzwater plot at the top of the knoll are the oldest burials in the cemetery.

The association maintains Grove Mount beautifully; the cemetery is visible and accessible from the road, up a rather steep driveway on the southwest side of the Himrod Road, out in the country a little distance northwest of the hamlet.




Grove Mount Cemetery: Burials, Part one

---- ---- m [Fieldstone -  no inscription]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone - no inscription]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone - no inscription]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone - no inscription]
---- Grandville E. m [Broken stone]
Ames Lester G. m B1916 [Ames monument]
Ames Louis F. 1977 B1939 [Ames monument]
Ames Ruth E. 1975 B1919 [Ames monument]
Anderson Gilbert E. 1984 Jul 9 B1911 Jan 14 WWII US Army
Ansley Albert C. 1937 B1858 [Albert Ansley monument]
Ansley Bertha A. 1985 Apr 25 B1890 Mar 26 [w/o Ernest C Ansley]
Ansley Elsie M. 1894 [Apr 29] B1892 [died in PY ae 1/8; daughter of Albert C. & Fannie M. Ansley] [Albert Ansley monument]
Ansley Ernest C. 1974 Jul 26 B1884 Oct 18
Ansley Fannie M. 1937 B1858 [wife of Albert C. Ansley] [Albert Ansley monument]
Arvine Henrietta 1938 B1853 [wife of John H. Arvine] [Smith / Arwine plot]
Arwine John H. 1921 B1853 [Smith / Arwine plot]
Arwine William P. 1984 B1896 [Smith / Arwine plot]
Athawes Clay R. 1929 B1898 [Athawes plot]
Athawes Della Bartholomew 1927 B1882 wife of Harry Athawes [Athawes plot]
Athawes Harry m B1872 [Athawes plot]
Aumack Rebecca Maud Dains # 1908 Jul 8 D ae 33/7/3 Milo; daughter of S. N. & Susie Waye Dains [town record]
Ayers Allah A. [Embree] 1900 Apr 20 B1837 Dec 23; wife of Jacob T. Ayers [& daughter of Joseph Embree]
Ayers Allie # 1900 Apr 20 D ae 62; wife of Jacob Ayers & daughter of Joseph Embree [town record]
Ayers Anthony 1834 Feb 18 B1834 Feb 3 [son of Garrett S. Ayers] [Garrett S. Ayers monument; also own stone in Old Himrod Cemetery]
Ayers Charles 1840 Jul 14 B1840 Jan 24; son of Garrett S. Ayers [Garrett S. Ayers monument]
Ayers Garrett S. 1891 Jul 9 B1808 Oct 4 [Garrett S. Ayers monument]
Ayers Hester 1899 Feb 21 B1811 Jan 8; wife of Garrett S. Ayers [Garrett S. Ayers monument]
Ayers Jacob T. 1926 Mar 28 B1839 Jan 2
Ayers James B. 1881 Jan 2 B1804 Jun 1
Ayers Marcy P. 1887 Nov 19 B1805 Aug 28; wife of James B. Ayers
Ayers Robert B. 1838 Sep 7 B1835 Aug 18 [son of Garrett S. Ayers] [Garrett S. Ayers monument; also own stone in Old Himrod Cemetery]
Bailey Laura L 1985 B1939 [Bailey plot]
Baitey Mary I. [Frank] 1877 Jun 29 D ae 22/9; wife of John Bailey & daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Frank
Baker Frances M. m [B1853; daughter of Jonathan Baker] [Baker / Hallack plot]
Baker Jonathan G. [1909 Ju1 26] [B1825; died ae 84/10/9; son of Gilbert D. & Margaret Comer Baker] [Baker / Hallack plot]
Baker Margaret C. m [B1863; daughter of Jonathan Baker] [Baker / Hallack plot]
Baker Miriam B. m [B1827; wife of Jonathan Baker?] [Baker / Hallack plot]
Bardeen Clarence B. 1927 B1873 [Coolbaugh plot]
Bardeen Janice E. m B1926 Jun 3 [L. H. Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Louis Hall 1966 Jun 20 B1899 Jun 27 [L. H. Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Minnie Hall 1932 B1869; wife of Clarence B. Bardeen [Coolbaugh plot]
Bardeen Violet Travis 1979 Mar 18 B1898 Jul 10 [wife of Louis Hall Bardeen] [L. H. Bardeen monument]
Barkley Loretta 1940 B1851 [Morrison / Benham plot]
Barnes Mary A. [Davis] 1903 B1828 [daughter of John & Rachel Davis] [Barnes / Davis plot]
Beard Charles Adelbert 1984 Jan 4 B1891 Oct 12; WWI: U.S. Army, MR Sig Elec
Beard Idessa Husted m B1921 Oct 10 [wife of Navarre J. Beard]
Beard James Navarre m B1948 [next to Louis Ward Fletcher]
Beard Jeffrey Charles 1967 Oct 9 B1946 Oct 9; Vietnam War; son of Daryl & Anne Beard
Beard Navarre J. 1985 Aug 22 B1920 Jan 31; WWII: s/sgt, U.S. Army
Beardslee Albert T 1947 Sep 11 B1879 Mar 15 [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Beardslee Carla S. 1976 Jun 21 B1880 Oct 21 [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Beardslee Daniel 1960 B1869 [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Beardslee John L. 1910 Dec 8 B1833 Apr 30; Civil War [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Beardslee Mary A. Sprowls 1906 May 25 B1840 Nov 16; wife of John L. Beardslee [Beardslee / Sprowls monument]
Beckhorn Arthur 1987 Jan 11 B1888 Apr 4 [Beckhorn monument]
Beckhorn Mabel E. Cheney 1924 Feb 1 B1889 Feb 5; wife of Arthur Beckhorn [Beckhorn monument]
Beckhorn Marie A. Marshall 1973 B1893; [2d] wife of Arthur Beckhorn [Beckhorn monument]
Bell Carvey W. 1981 B1903 [Bell plot]
Bell Cora L. 1917 B1874 [Bell plot]
Bell Donna Marie 1945 Mar 20 B1942 Sep 25 [Bell plot]
Bell George C. 1932 B1849 [Bell plot]
Bell Julia E. 1970 B1906 [Bell plot]
Benedict Anna M. 1962 B1894; daughter of William Benedict [plot with Benedict / Welter monument]
Benedict Christina Welter 1952 B1855; wife of William Benedict [Benedict / Welter monument]
Benedict William E. 1917 B1846 [Benedict / Welter monument]
Benham Edward 1942 B1867 [Benham / Remer plot]
Benham Nettie M. 19­-- B1871; wife of Edward Benham [Benham / Remer plot]
Benham Nona Morrison 1934 B1877 [wife of Reuben Benham] [Morrison / Benham plot]
Benham Reuben F. 19­-- B1867 [Morrison / Benham plot]
Bennett A. Ray 1910 B1854 [Bennett monument]
Bennett Eliza J[ane] Raplee 1897 B1816; wife of Uriah Bennett [Bennett monument]
Bennett Uriah 1883 B1827 [Bennett monument]
Bigger Garrett A. 1917 Aug 1 B1846 Sep 5 [Bigger / Longcor monument]
Bigger Mary M. 1924 Feb 12 B1846 Sep 21 wife of Garrett A. Bigger [Bigger / Longcor monument]
Blake Catharine Lott 1917 B1842; wife of Lewis H. Blake
Blake Lewis H. 1910 B1842
Brace Bertha # 1907 Jan 2 D ae 3 months 12 days in Milo; daughter of Edgar & Bessie Hill Brace [town record]
Bragg Ida A. Kress # 1899 Feb 16 D ae 37/3 in Milo; daughter of Sanford & Margaret Kress [town record]
Briggs Anna M? 1837 Apr 27 D ae 2/2/7 d/o Abel & ---- Briggs
Briggs Eda A. 1966 B1879; daughter of Esten & Permelia Briggs [Esten Briggs monument]
Briggs Esten 1928 B1843 [Esten Briggs monument]
Briggs Eyrle Edward 1946 Aug 13 B1886 Jul 30; WWI: Mich., 338th Inf., 85th Div.
Briggs Mana L. 1952 B1873; daughter of Esten & Permelia Briggs [Esten Briggs monument]
Briggs Mildred m B1910; wife of Eyrle E. Briggs
Briggs Permelia Chase 1927 B1848; wife of Esten Briggs [Esten Briggs monument]
Briggs Samuel H. 1885 Feb 13 B1802 Apr 8 [Briggs / Lawrence monument]
Briggs Sarah A. Wood 1894 Dec 13 B1812 May 31; wife of Samuel Briggs [Briggs / Lawrence monument]
Broome Karen C. m B1950; wife of Raymond H. Broome
Broome Raymond H. 1976 B1944
Bruner Charles N. 1967 B1898
Budd Clara Vandevort 1926 B1875; wife of Isaac L. Budd [Budd monument]
Budd infant 1909 B1909; son of Isaac & Clara Budd [Budd monument]
Budd Isaac L. 1920 B1871 [Budd monument]
Burnham James A. 1985 Mar 14 B1929 Aug 11; WWII: U.S.M.C.
Butcher Alice M 1904 B1881
Campbell Beatrice 1955 B1918 [plot with Jayne & Robinson]
Carlson Alford H. 1962 B1904
Carlson Estella 1959 B1925
Carlson Flossie M. m B1906; wife of Alford H. Carlson
Carr Ralph L. 1972 B1904 [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
Carr Ruth M. 1969 B1911 [MacFarlane / Lyons plot]
Castle Bertha M. 1972 B1884 [wife of Fred C. Castle] [Miller / Castle plot]
Castle Fred C. 1957 B1877 [Miller / Castle plot]
Caywood Hazel F. # 1904 Mar 13 D ae 1 month 10 days in Milo; daughter of Ralph L. & Mary M. Denniston
Caywood infant # 1899 May 6 D ae 2 days in Milo; child of Ralph & May Prosser Caywood [town record]
Caywood Mary Mildred Denniston # 1910 Mar 25 D ae 38/9/20 in Milo; daughter of Edward & Caroline Augusta Prosser Denniston [town record]
Caywood Ralph # 1939 Mar D ae 73
Chapman Frank M. 1930 B1858
Chapman Helen C. 1908 B1870; wife of Frank M. Chapman
Cheney Angeline H. m B1863 [wife of Francis Cheney]
Cheney Francis m B1861
Chubb Ira 1922 B1845; Civil War: Co. D, 161st NY [Chubb monument]
Chubb Lorenzo D. 1934 B1877 [Ira Chubb monument]
Chubb Mary Vanhorn 1946 B1876; wife of Lorenzo D. Chubb [Ira Chubb monument]
Chubb Nancy Dickinson 1920 Bl844; wife of Ira Chubb [Ira Chubb monument]
Chubb Stephen 1909 Mar 20 B1823 Apr 8
Clark David H. m B1835 Feb 21 [Clark monument]
Clark Emeline Brown m B1834 Jan 6; wife of David H. Clark [Clark monument]
Clark Waty T. Bissell 1876 Oct 5 B1836 Aug 25; wife of David H. Clark [Clark monument]
Clawson Winfield S. R. 1984 Jun 12 B1909 Jun 10; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army
Coffin Cyrus Fredrick # 1893 May 17 D ae 2 in Milo; son of Alonzo W. & Julia A. Coffin [town record]
Cook Anna [Blake] m B1873; daughter of Lewis H. & Catherine Blake
Coolbaugh Orville H. 1895 Nov 15 B1870 May 6 [Coolbaugh plot]
Coon Angeline Brown # 1900 Jan 3 D ae 67/8/7 in Milo; wife of Peter Coon & daughter of Peter & Margaret Coon Brown [town record]
Corbitt Janett S. 1982 B1912; wife of Willis Corbitt; "Ma"
Corbitt Willis 1977 [Sep 17] B1907; "Bill"
Cornell Mary S. 1911 B1848 [wife of William Cornell] [Spears / Cornell plot]
Cornell William G. 1948 B1879 [Spears / Cornell plot]
Cornell William T. 1929 B1841; Civil War: Co. I, 148th NY [Spears / Cornell plot]
Cornish Celestia M. 1902 Oct 10 B1859 Aug 15; wife of Robert S Cornish [Cornish monument]
Cornish Earl Glenn 1941 B1896 [plot with Cornish monument]
Cornish infant # 1904 Mar 21 D in Milo, child of Lewis D. & Anna McElroy Cornish [town record]
Cornish Robert S[tanton] 1900 Apr 10 B1894 Feb 24; son of Robert S. & Celestia Cornish [Cornish monument]
Cornish Robert S[tanton] 1908 Feb 13 B1856 Feb 10 [Cornish monument]
Covert Frank P. 1970 Jun 10 B1918 Apr 4; WWII: NY, 90th Inf Div
Covert Nettie D. 1991 B1911; wife of Frank P. Covert
Culver Agnes Campbell 1929 B1892 [Cortez Culver plot]
Culver Bessie F. 1955 B1892; wife of Charles Culver
Culver Charles D. 1962 B1888
Culver Cora B. Whitmore 1941 Feb 3 B1854 Oct 6; wife of Melvin Culver [Culver / St. John monument]
Culver Cortez F. 1931 B1852 [Cortez Culver plot]
Culver Emma A. Harris 1931 B1860 [wife of Cortez Culver] [Cortez Culver plot]
Culver Esther C. 1899 Dec 25 B1897 Feb 1 [Culver / St. John monument]
Culver Jessie K. 1967 B1885 [Cortez Culver plot]
Culver Melvin D. 1937 Dec 20 B1857 Jul 13 [Culver / St. John monument]
Culver Myron 1955 B1880 [Cortez Culver plot]
Culver Nettie 1908 Apr 20 B1861 Mar 9; wife of Vinson H. Culver
Culver Vinson H. 1905 Nov 19 B1860 Jul 18
Dains Harrie D. 1946 B1880 [S. Nelson Dains plot]
Dains R. Maude 1908 Jul 8 B1875 Apr 1 [S. Nelson Dains plot]
Dains S. Nelson 1916 B1847 [S. Nelson Dains plot]
Dains Susie L. 1915 B1854 [S. Nelson Dains plot]
Darcy Edward F. m B1917
Darcy Ruth T. 1982 B1923 [wife of Edward F. Darcy]
Davenport Orlando m Civil War Bty E 3d NYLA
Davis Arminta 19-­- B1901; wife of Charles A. Davis [Lyman G. Davis monument]
Davis Catherine [Gilkerson] 1835 Jun 12 D ae 82/2/1; wife of Malachai Davis
Davis Catherine Coykendall 1913 B1823; wife of Josiah J. Davis
Davis Charles A. 1972 B1901 [Lyman G. Davis monument]
Davis Emily 1904 B1842 [Barnes / Davis plot]
Davis Eunice [Jones] 1850 Dec 1 D ae 51/11/19; wife of Jesse Davis [& daughter of Josiah & Sarah Ellis Jones]
Davis George 1913 B1837 [Barnes / Davis plot]
Davis Henry 1920 B1839 [Barnes / Davis plot]
Davis Jennie 1935 B1868; wife of Wilmer Davis
Davis Jesse 1872 Apr 15 D ae 80/1/23 [son of Malachi & Catherine Davis]
Davis John 1871 Sep 23 D ae 78 [son of Malachi & Catherine Davis]
Davis Jonathan 1832 Apr 19 D ae 57/1/16 [son of Malachi & Catherine Davis]
Davis Josiah J. 1880 B1820
Davis Lyman G. 1948 B1874 [Lyman G. Davis monument]
Davis Malachi 1832 Jul 30 D ae 87/6/26; Revolutionary War
Davis Mary I. [1914] B1845; wife of Thomas Davis
Davis Myrtle # 1977 Wife of Preston Davis
Davis Rachel 1927 B1845 [Barnes / Davis plot]
Davis Rachel [Mathews] 1881 Mar 24 D ae 76; wife of John Davis
Davis Rebecca [Hendricks] 1819 Sep 19 D ae 50/7/16; wife of Jonathan Davis
Davis Thomas 1899 B1835
Davis Wilmer 19­-- B1867 [son of Thomas Davis]
Day Allie Southwick 1933 B1861; wife of Rev. William A. Day
Day William A., Rev. 1916 B1849; Civil War: Co. D, 64th NY
Dean [Alice] Elma 1912 B1853 [Nath'l Finch monument]
Dean Catharine Murdough # 1891 Aug 18 D ae 85 in Himrod; daughter of William &- Slaughter Murdough [town record]
Dean Frederick 1878 Dec 21 B1797 Oct 5; War of 1812
Deming [Aaron] 1876 B1800; "Father" [of Delilah Deming Mawney]
Deming [Almira] 1875 B1808; "Mother" [of Delilah Deming Mawney & wife of Aaron Deming]
Deming Sarah Clark # 1901 Nov 24 D ae 57; daughter of Joel & Jane Clark [town record]
Dewick Beatrice 1939 B1907 [Miller / Castle plot]
Dewick Benjamin S. 19­-- B1855 [Benj. S. Dewick monument]
Dewick Carrie L. 19­-- B1861 wife of Benjamin Dewick [Benj. S. Dewick monument]
Dewick Leon L[ewis] 1907 [Dec 14] B1891 [died ae 16/19 days] son of Benjamin & Carrie Dewick [Benj. S. Dewick monument]
Didio Rosario M. 1992 B1936
Disbrow Elbridge Gano 1952 B1889
Disbrow Kathryn Potter 1965 B1880 [wife of Elbridge Gano Disbro]
Dombroski Carl J. 1988 B1947
Dombroski Jeanne A. m B1949 [wife of Carl J. Dombroski]
[Dunn] Ada M. 1970 B1882 [wife of Willis C. Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot]
[Dunn] Homer W. 1887 B1814 [Homer Dunn plot]
[Dunn] Mary A. [Hunt] 1893 B1820 [wife of Homer Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot]
[Dunn] Rebeckah H. 1910 B1839 [daughter of Homer & Mary Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot]
[Dunn] Willis C. 1926 B1853 [son of Horner & Mary Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot]
Eastley Hellen S[chultz] 1900 B1874 wife of W. O. Eastley & daughter of George & Josephine Schultz [Geo Schultz monument]
Eastly Harold 1964 B1899
Eastly Helena 1950 B1903; wife of Harold Eastly
Eaves Helen F. [Hunt] 1961 B1886 [wife of James F. Eaves]
Eaves James F. 1961 B1882
Edington Carrie m [Plot with Wm J. Wilson monument]
Edkin Harold 1947 B1919 [funeral marker]
Edkin Leon M. 1982 Mar 3 B1922 Jul 18; WWII: U.S. Army
Edsall Anna E. 1963 B1876 [wife of Rowley Edsall]
Edsall Rowley 1939 B1881
Eldred Byron 19-- B1858 [plot with Houghtalings]
Eldred Caroline P. 1891 Jan 19 B1820 Sep 20; wife of William N. Eldred
Eldred Emma 1935 B1866 [wife of Byron Eldred] [plot with Houghtalings]
Eldred Legrande S. 1912 B1848
Eldred Mary 1935 B1852
Eldred Mary D. 1891 Feb 11 B1856 Jan 24; wife of Legrande S. Eldred & daughter of David & Br---  Perry
Eldred William N. 1892 Jan 19 B1821 Aug 23
[Ellis] Florence [Dunn] 1916 B1846 [wife of Thomas Ellis & daughter of Homer & Mary Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot]
[Ellis] Thomas 1920 B1848 [Homer Dunn plot]
Everett Althea M. 1966 B1874; wife of Fred Everett
Everett Fred 1959 B1873
Everett Freddie 1975 Aug 9 B1914 Aug 20; WWII: t/sgt., U.S.A.F.
Fenno Simon M. # 1896 Dec 30 D ae 70/3/26 in Milo; son of Asa & Grotza Wheeler Fenno [town record]
Finch Eleanor J. Mcloud 1912 Dec 17 B1831 Mar 27; wife of Martin J. Finch
Finch Emma B. 1916 B1857 [Nath'l Finch monument]
Finch Hannah A[nn] 1907 B1832; wife of Nathaniel Finch [Nath'l Finch monument]
Finch James 1908 B1825 [Hunt / Finch monument]
Finch Martin J. 1912 Feb 11 B1830 Oct 15
Finch Marvin V. 1917 B1857 [Nath'l Finch monument]
Finch Mary A. Long 1913 B1832; wife of James Finch [Hunt / Finch monument]
Finch Nathaniel 1920 B1828 [Nath'l Finch monument]
Finegan [Mary A.] m "Mother" [wife of David Finegan, born in 1838]
Finegan David 1899 B1841; Civil War: sgt., Co. I, 34th NY [Finegan plot]
Finegan Ella m [B1874; daughter of David & Mary Finnegan] [Finegan plot]
Finegan Florence m [B1872; daughter of David & Mary Finnegan] [Finegan plot]
Finegan Jennie m [B1870; daughter of David & Mary Finnegan] [Finegan plot]
Fisher Donald W. 1983 B1916
Fisher Sylvia B. m B1916; wife of Donald W. Fisher
Fitzwater George 1841 Oct 3 D ae 82/5/22; Revolutionary War: 5th Co. 2 Bn, 5th Pa. Militia
Fitzwater George 1869 Aug 20 D ae 80/4/29
Fitzwater George H. 1842 Sep 15 D ae 2/1/3; son of John & Jane Fitzwater
Fitzwater George T. 1842 Aug 8 D ae 21/10/1
Fitzwater George W. 1811 Sep 2 D ae 3/6/23; son of ---- & ---- Fitzwater [very worn]
Fitzwater Hannah 1833 Jan 11 D ae 75/8/5; wife of George Fitzwater
Fitzwater Hannah 1869 Oct 4 D ae 75/4/4 [daughter of George & Hannah Fitzwater]
Fitzwater Jane [Irwin] 1876 Mar 27 D ae 63/1/26; wife of John C. Fitzwater
Fitzwater John C. 1872 May 12 D ae 65/10/8 [son of John & Peace Botsford Fitzwater]
Fitzwater Sarah 1858 May 12 D ae 71/8/19 [daughter of George & Hannah Fitzwater]
Fitzwater Thomas 1814 Son of John & Pecy Fitzwater
Fleet Charles J. m B1911
Fleet Edna M. 1990 B1917 [wife of Charles J. Fleet]
Fletcher Louis Ward 1989 Nov 19 B1944 Feb 23; U.S. Army, Sp/6 [adj James Navarre Beard]
Flinn James 1842 Aug 31 D ae 39
Folts Emily S. 1895 B1867; wife of Faldine Folts
Foltz Foldine 1950 B1865 [funeral marker]
Fraser Martha E. 1909 B1828; [J. S. MacFarlane plot]
Frazer Margaret Clelland # 1896 Sep 1 D ae 86/11 in Himrod; daughter of John & Martha Clelland [town record]
Gardner Margaret 1926 B1916 [John Rice plot]
Gilliam Dorothy P. Leisenring 1984 B1910; wife of Bernard E. Leisenring [& wife of ---- Gilliam]
Hacker Florence B. 1968 B1894; wife of Henry Hacker
Hacker Henry T. 1989 B1891
Hacker Lyna E. m B1904 wife of Henry Thacker
Hall Abigail A. [Fitzwater] 1879 Mar 22 D ae 75/2/25 [wife of Oliver R. Hall & daughter of John & Pece Fitzwater] [Fitzwater plot]
Hall Blanche J. Carney 1945 B1873; wife of Harry W. Hull [P. D. Hall monument]
Hall Carrie A. Larue 1929 B1839; wife of Peter D. Hall [P. D. Hall monument]
Hall Doris Arline 1947 B1931 "Our Dord" [next to Milton & Laura Hall]
Hall Harry W. 1952 B1879 [P. D. Hall monument]
Hall Laura M. 1990 B1907; wife of Milton F. Hall
Hall Lizzie M. 1880 B1871 [P. D. Hall monument]
Hall Milton F. 1969 B1905
Hall Oliver 1882 Jan 30 D ae 78/18 days [Fitzwater plot]
Hall Peter D. 1915 B1838 [P. D. Hall monument]
Hallack James M. m [Baker / Hallack plot]
Hallack Mary B. m Wife of James M. Hallack [Baker / Hallack plot]
Hansen Celeste m Daughter of Nelson E. & Florence Hansen [Hansen plot]
Hansen Dorthea 1951 B1871; wife of Hans C. Hansen; "Mother" [Hansen plot]
Hansen Edward H. m B1906 Oct 30
Hansen Florence M. 1969 B1906; wife of Nelson E. Hansen [Hansen plot]
Hansen Hans C. 1946 B1869; "Father" [Hansen plot]
Hansen Nelsen 1906 B1893 [Hansen plot]
Hansen Nelson E. m B1907 [Hansen plot]
Hansen Norman m Son of Nelson E. & Florence Hansen [Hansen plot]
Hansen Polly M. m B1912 Jul 29 [wife of Edward H. Hansen]
Hansen Sophia 1897 B1895 [Hansen plot]
Harrison Ada B. m B1910 [Harrison monument]
Harrison Cora B. [Norris] 1955 B1876 wife of Edmond E. Harrison [Harrison monument]
Harrison Cora Stryker # 1892 Oct 1 D ae 22 in PY; daughter of John Stryker [town record]
Harrison Edmond E. 1965 B1875 [Harrison monument]
Harrison Edward F. 1974 B1906 [Harrison monument]
Harrison William Edward # 1906 Feb 20 D ae 9 months 12 days in PY; son of Edward E. & Cora B. Norris Harrison [town record]
Harrison William H. # 1893 Feb 3 D ae 4 months 15 days; son of Charles E. & Hannah J. Harrison [town record]
Hatch Angeline Graham # 1903 Jun 3 D ae 83/2/4; daughter of James & Eleanor Leroy Graham [town record]
Hathaway Ruth B. m B1918 [wife of W. Jesse Hathaway]
Hathaway W[illis] Jesse 1971 B1901
Hatmaker Allen M. 1985 B1916 [Frank Hatmaker monument]
Hatmaker Caroline [Millard] 1949 B1873 wife of Frank Hatmaker [Frank Hatmaker plot]
Hatmaker Frank 1961 B1873 [Frank Hatmaker plot]
Hatmaker Hazel A. 1989 Oct 17 B1907 Jun 11; wife of Lester F. Hatmaker, married 1928 Mar 10
Hatmaker Irene M. 1986 B1914 [Frank Hatmaker monument]
Hatmaker Lester F. m B1908 Feb 2
Hazard Elizabeth S. 1952 B1877 wife of George W. Hazard Jr. [Hazard monument]
Hazard George W. [Jr.] 1934 B1868 [Hazard monument]
Hazard George W Sr. 1907 B1837 [Hazard monument]
Hazard Sylvina 1923 B1839; wife of George W. Hazard Sr. [Hazard monument]
Henderson Harvey N. 1926 B1878 [Hiram Henderson monument]
Henderson Hiram T. 1910 B1844 [Hiram Henderson monument]
Henderson Mary I. Smith 1892 B1845; wife of Hiram Henderson [Hiram Henderson monument]
Hilligas Edna K. 1977 B1898; wife of Olyn Hilligas
Hilligas Olyn P. 1978 B1895
Hines Martha W. 1971 Dec 25 B1919 Feb 23
Hoff Charles # 1905 Oct 10 D ae 1/11 in Milo; son of Wisner & Eliza Jane Spears Hoff [town record]
Horn Charles 1888 B1825 [Horn monument]
Horn Harriett E. 1917 B1831 [wife of Charles Horn] [Horn monument]
Horn [Hester] Hessie 1892 [Jan 23] B1852 [daughter of Charles & Harriet Horn] [Horn monument]
Horton Percy [1907 Nov 3] [D ae 7 days in Milo; son of Amos & Margaret Butcher Horton] "Baby"
Houghtaling Coon E. 1936 B1871 [plot with Eldreds]
Houghtaling Satie A. 1940 B1880; wife of Coon E. Houghtaling [plot with Eldreds]
Hubbard Nina Morrison 1947 B1876 [Morrison / Benham plot]
Hunt Ann M [Castner] 1885 B1807; [2d] wife of Russel A. Hunt [& daughter of Samuel Castner] [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Hunt Flora B. Finch 1917 B1865; wife of Manning F. Hunt [Hunt /Finch monument]
Hunt Luella C. 1938 B1862 [plot with Hunt / Finch monument]
Hunt Manning F. 1947 B1857 [Hunt / Finch monument]
Hunt Mary A Long # 1913 Jan 10 D ae 80/2/29 in Milo; daughter of Joseph & Sarah Haire Long [town record]
Hunt Rebecca [Castner] 1826 B1796; wife of Russel A. Hunt [& daughter of Samuel Castner] [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Hunt Russel A. 1863 B1795 [son of Silas & Hannah Hunt] [Hunt / Taylor monument]
Hunt S. C. 1909 B1818 [husband of Mary Dunn] [Homer Dunn plot]
Hurd Carrie 1930 B1869
Hurd Lucy 1970 Jul 17 B1902 Jul 21 [wife of Morris Hurd]
Hurd Morris 1965 Nov 22 B1895 Nov 24; WWI: NY, Svc. Co., 11th Inf.
Inscho Charles H[omer] 1911 B1841 [Inscho / Weale monument]
Inscho Herbert O. 1926 B1865 [Inscho / Weale monument]
Inscho Mary [Jane] 1916 B1843 wife of Charles H. Inscho [Inscho / Weale monument]
Jayne Edna E. m B1898 [plot with Campbell & Robinson]
Jayne Merwin 1986 B1952
Jensen Carl C. 19-­- B1860 [Carl Jensen monument]
Jensen Carrie J. 1901 Aug 30 B1899 Jun 19; daughter of E. & C. K. Jensen [Jensen Children monument]
Jensen Christina # 1898 Feb 19 D ae 5 months in Milo; daughter of Carl & Christina Jensen [town record]
Jensen Christine 19­-- B1875 [Carl Jensen monument]
Jensen Julius 1936 B1911
Jensen Lena J. 1898 Feb 18 B1897 Sep 26; daughter of E. & C. K. Jensen [Jensen Children monument]
Jensen Nekoline 1896 Jan 3 B1895 Dec 25; daughter of E. & C. K. Jensen [Jensen Children monument]
Jensen Rose 1906 B1905 [Carl Jensen monument]
Johnson Clarence 19­-- B1906 [Johnson plot]
Johnson Fred N. 1950 B1873; "Father" [Johnson plot]
Johnson Hattie D. 1943 B1872; "Mother" [Johnson plot]
Johnson Mary I. 19­-- B1915 [wife of Clarence Johnson] [Johnson plot]
Jolley Carlton S. 1922 B1903 [Stone monument]
Jolley Chester L. 1962 B1877; Spanish-American War: Co. A, 203rd Regt., NY Inf.
Jolley Fannie V. 19-­- B1886; wife of Chester Jolley
Jolley Grace Emily [Stone] 1912 Sep 21 B1876 Sep 1; daughter of C. B. & M. H. Stone [Stone monument]
Jones ---- 1856 [Stone very worn]
Jones Allen C. 1912 Dec 18 B1835 Nov 22 [son of Seth & Rachel Jones]
Jones Asa L. 1899 Nov 24 B1826 Oct 11 [son of Seth & Rachel Jones]
Jones Edith M. Potter m D ae 23
Jones Eliza Raplee 1912 Dec 26 B1840 Mar 1; wife of Allen C. Jones [& daughter of Moses Raplee]
Jones Elzy L. 1952 B1869 [Geo J. Jones plot]
Jones Ethel May # 1909 Mar 22 D ae 1 month 17 days in Milo; daughter of Will & Kimball Jones [town record]
Jones George J. 1918 Apr 19 B1842 Jun 18 [Geo J. Jones plot]
Jones George L. 1891 Feb 13 B1825 May 11 [son of Seth & Rachel Jones]
Jones Henry A. 1888 Apr 23 D ae 23 in PY; son of Nelson Jones [town record]
Jones Herbert A. 1945 B1860 [Stevenson/Jones plot]
Jones Irene E. 19­-- B1901 [Geo J. Jones plot]
Jones John Nelson 1961 B1894
Jones Josephine E. 1928 B1860 [wife of Herbert A. Jones] (Stevenson / Jones plot]
Jones Joshua # 1882 Apr 28 D ae 55/3/24
Jones Josiah 1830 May 8 B1754, died ae 76/11/2; Revolutionary War: ensign, 2nd Co. R.I. Militia
Jones Loring G[rant] 1890 May 25 B1830 Jan 6 [son of Seth & Rachel Fitzwater Jones]
Jones Margaret Raplee 1883 Apr 27 B1838 Apr 3; wife of Seth Nelson Jones [& daughter of Miles G. Raplee]
Jones Martha B. 1958 B1873 [wife of Elzy L. Jones] [Geo J. Jones plot]
Jones Mary E[mbree] 1902 May 18 B1836 Oct 1; wife of George L. Jones [& daughter of Samuel Embree]
Jones Phoebe B. 1925 Apr 26 B1842 Jun 28 [wife of George J. Jones] [Geo J. Jones plot]
Jones Rachel 1865 Sep 5 D ae 21/3/13; daughter of S. E. & E. H. Jones
Jones Rachel [Davis] 1854 Aug 26 D ae 67/8/29; wife of Timothy Jones [& daughter of Malachi & Catherine Davis]
Jones Rachel [Fitzwater] 1858 May 29 D ae 61/5/16; wife of Seth Jones & daughter of Geo. & Hannah Fitzwater
Jones Sarah [Ellis] 1851 Dec 25 D ae 88/1/13; wife of Josiah Jones
Jones Seth 1867 Jul 3 D ae 80/10/10 [son of Josiah & Sarah Jones] [Fitzwater plot]
Jones Seth Nelson 1908 Nov 4 B1833 Aug 10 [son of Seth & Rachel Jones]
Jones Timothy 1844 Feb 7 [D ae 60; son of Josiah & Sarah Jones] [stone partially buried]
Joslyn Claude E. 1942 B1907 [Joslyn plot]
Joslyn Rowdy m [Joslyn plot]
Joslyn Sarah J. m B1910 [wife of Claude E. Joslyn] [Joslyn plot]
Joyce Albert E. m B1926 Oct 5
Joyce Barbara Strong m B1929 Apr 13; wife of Albert E. Joyce
Kennerson Harry I. 1984 Apr 22 B1926 Aug 26; WWII: tec/5, U.S. Army
Kennerson Joyce M. m B1926 [wife of Harry I. Kennerson]
Kezerle Norma Bailey 1988 B1967 [Bailey plot]
Kling John 1980 Aug 1 B1917 Jun 24; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army
Kling John Fred 1973 B1894
Knapp Agnes L. 1964 B1879 wife of Willard H. Knapp [Knapp plot]
Knapp Leo F. 1959 B1903 [Knapp plot]
Knapp Willard H. 1936 B1879 [Knapp plot]
Knapton Bruce A. 1978 Mar 14 B1950 Jun 26
Kopec Albert 1963 B1889
Kopec Irma 1975 B1896 [wife of Albert Kopec]
Kress? ---- m "Father"
Kress? -­--- m "Mother"
Kress Cecil C. 1894 Feb 27 B1893 Dec 10 [Sanford Kress monument]
Kress H. Sanford 1905 Mar 23 B1829 Dec 29 [Sanford Kress monument]
Kress? infant 1923 B1922; "Baby"
Kress J. Arthur 1957 Jan 25 B1864 Jun 7 [Sanford Kress monument]
Kress Jacob A. 1887 Apr 27 B1887 Jan 10 [Sanford Kress monument]
Kress Martha W. 1905 Mar 30 B1835 Sep 1; wife of H. Sanford Kress [Sanford Kress monument]
Kress Mary E. 1940 Aug 7 B1863 Aug 13; wife of J. Arthur Kress [Sanford Kress monument]
Lamphier Donald E. 1984 Sep 23 B1916 Jan 13; WWII: U.S. Army
Landon Kathlee Haitz m B1922 [wife of Marvin A. Landon]
Landon Marvin A. 1967 B1915
Lawrence Ellen B[riggs] 1929 Nov 4 B1841 Feb 1 [Briggs / Lawrence monument]
Lawrence Laberna B. 1959 Jan 14 B1869 Jul 25 [Briggs / Lawrence monument]
Leisenring Bernard E. 1968 B1900
Leisenring Howard G. 1950 B1945
Levine Elizabeth M. 1913 Dec 8 [Next to Joe Levine]
Levine Joe 1973 Apr 17 B1892 Aug 11; WWI: sgt-major, Canadian Army
Littell Bertha A. 1976 B1885 [Smith / Arwine plot]
Logan Elvina B. 1978 B1896 wife of Harry L. Logan
Logan Harry L. 1965 B1892
Longcor Alzadah H. 1907 Feb 17 B1824 Apr 12; wife of Nehemiah Longcor [Bigger / Longcor monument]

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