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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part II: Cemeteries in the town of Milo

Chubb Hollow Road Cemeteries: Notes

Chubb Hollow cemeteries The Baker Road is named for the Gilbert Baker family who lived at the intersection with the Chubb Hollow Road. A Free Will Baptist Church was on the northwest corner for several decades in the middle of the nineteenth century, and a schoolhouse stood across the road, a building that still stands, now used as a private home. In the north side yard of this home is a tiny cemetery containing the graves of some members of the Goundry family and of the Comer family, who were inlaws of Gilbert Baker. The plot is kept mowed, and is accessible from the road. It is sometimes called the Baker Cemetery, or the Comer-Baker Cemetery.

Further south, nearly at the Barrington town line, is the Brown Cemetery, a neighborhood burial ground containing the graves of several Milo and Barrington families who had farms nearby. It is sometimes called the Goundry Cemetery because it was on one of the Goundry farms and some of that family are buried here.

Comer Cemetery: Burials

Baker Mary 1821 Jun 28 D ae 5/8/28; daughter of Gilbert & Margaret [Comer] Baker
Comer Elizabeth [Knickerbocker] 1852 Feb 21 D ae 85; wife of John Comer
Comer John 1824 Aug 5 D ae 58; born 1765; Revolutionary War: pvt., Berkshire Co., Pa., Militia
Goundry Elizabeth [Heslop] [1830 Jul 25] D ae 77; wife of George Goundry [broken stone]
Goundry George 1838 Jun 17 B1753 Jul 21, Wycliff, Yorkshire, England



Peter Brown Cemetery: Burials

Bassett Truman J. 1853 May 13 D ae 27/2/16 [wife was Laura, daughter ofPeter H. & Margaret Brown]
Beam Rachel Ann # 1847 Feb 18 D ae 1/8/5; daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Beam
Brown Betteredge 1863 May 16 D ae 7/4/12; daughter of Philo & Mary A. Brown
[Brown] Catherine [Huie] 1856 Apr 14 [B1834 Sep 1; 1st wife of Peter M. Brown] [monument face down; small stone with first name]
Brown Clarence A. 1904 Sep 7 B1857 Oct 17 [son of Peter M. & Matilda Brown]
Brown Elizabeth G. 1888 Sep 21 D ae 78/8/20 [daughter of Peter H. & Margaret Brown]
Brown Lucia # 1895 May 9 B1851 Dec 29
Brown Margaret [Coons] 1877 Oct [8] D ae 86/25 days; wife of Peter H. Brown
Brown Martha 1856 Jan 30 D ae 5 months 17 days; daughter of Philo & Mary A. Brown
Brown Mary Ann [Lane] 1869 Nov 24 D ae 43/9/18; wife of Philo Brown & daughter of R. D. & B. L. Lane
Brown Matilda 1865 Sep 4 B1829 Sep 23; wife of Peter M. Brown
[Brown Peter H.] [1848 Apr 22] [D ae 64/5/7] [monument face down]
Brown Philo 1881 Jan 14 D ae 61/6/15 [son of Peter H. & Margaret Brown]
Castner Sophia M. # 1842 Jul 30 D ae 2/5/17; daughter of George & Julia Castner
Caywood Hannah 1866 Nov 27 D ae 33; wife of Robert Caywood
Clark Etta 1894 Mar 29 D ae 4; daughter of G. & M. J. Clark
Clarkson Peter # 1848 Oct 11 D ae 4/8 days; son of Abraham & Matilda Clarkson
Cowell Etty J. [1864 Jan 19] [D ae 4/2/7] daughter of Henry R. & Mary M. Cowell [broken stone]
Cowell Henry R. 1893 Aug 29 D ae 70
Cowell Ida J. 1870 Sep 17 D ae 8 months 15 days; daughter of Henry R. & Mary M. Cowell
Cowell Jane 1853 Jan 8 D ae 22; wife of Henry M. Cowell
Cowell John R. 1862 Aug 28 D ae 4/1/19; son of Henry R. & Mary M. Cowell
Cowell Mary M. 1895 Mar 17 D ae 57; wife of Henry R. Cowell
Daggett Rosa # 1911 May 28 D ae 9 days; daughter of Fred & Mary Rukgaber Daggett [town record]
Dawson John # 1852 Dec 21 D ae 21/7/2; son of John & Mary Dawson [obituary]
Eaves Benson 1867 [Mar 25] D ae 6/5/7; son of Peter & Lametia J. Eaves
Eaves Elizabeth 1869 Jul 24 D ae 59[/1/26]; wife of John Eaves
Eaves John 1865 Feb 28 D ae 60/9/[13]
Eaves Nancy 1865 Oct [16] D ae 89/7/6 wife of Peter Eaves
Eaves Peter 1853 May 22 D ae 75/11/9
Gaskill Joseph 1840 May 28 D ae 30
Gaskill Mary Jane [1839 Oct 3] [D ae 3/11/6] daughter of Joseph [& Elizabeth] Gaskill [stone partially buried]
Gillmor Mary M. 1848 Feb 9 D ae 29/12 days [wife of Benjamin Gillmor]
Goundry Ann [1872 Feb 3] [D ae 72] wife of Ralph Goundry [broken stone]
Goundry Francis 1839 Aug 20 D ae 71; emigrated from England to U.S. in 1802
Goundry John 1865 Jan 6 D ae 72; born in Yorkshire, England; emigrated 1834
G[oundry] M[ary] [1878 Dec 6] [B1789 Jul 6 in England, died in Dundee ae 86; wife of John Goundry] [footstone]
Goundry Ralph 1861 Feb 18 D ae 62/2/17
Jayne Mary 1871 Mar 12 D ae 64; wife of Owen Jayne
Mattison Ann # 1855 May 10 D ae 56; wife of Robert Mattison
Mattison Julia Ann # 1850 Apr 7 D ae 9; daughter of Robert & Ann Mattison [mortality schedule]
Metcalf Fannie M. Buxton 1863 Dec 5 D ae 8[/11/21] daughter of Christopher & Jane Metcalf
Metcalf Jane Ann # 1855 Feb 5 D ae 25 first wife of Christopher Metcalf

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