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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part V: Cemeteries in the town of Middlesex

Overacker's Cemetery: Burials, Part two

H--- Catharine 1889 Jul 20 B1854 Jul 19; wife of John H--- [very worn] [Gottlieb Sturm monurnent]
Hacker Douglas F. m B1939 Apr 18 [D. F. Hacker plot]
Hacker Patricia A. m B1944 Apr 24 [wife of Douglas F. Hacker] [D. F. Hacker plot]
Hacker Todd 1993 Jan 7 B1971 Oct 12 [D. F. Hacker plot]
Hadsell Alden C. 1976 B1916 [WWII: tech 4, U.S. Army]
Hadsell Barbara Ann 1859 Jul 3 D ae 4 months 25 days; daughter of H. V. & H. B. Hadsell [H. V. Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Clayton R. 1970 B1892
Hadsell Clinton [R.] 1951 B1868 [Clinton Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Corda [W.] 1956 B1872 [wife of Clinton Hadsell] [Clinton Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Cortie A. 1863 Aug 2 D ae 6/10/5; daughter of Horace V. & H. B. Hadsell [H. V. Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Daniel C. m B1909
Hadsell David # 1905 Jun 13 D ae 2 in Middlesex; son of Clinton & Corda Miles Hadsell [town record]
Hadsell Fred N. 1932 Nov 4 B1893 Nov 22 [Clinton Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Gracia Clark 1993 B1919; wife of Daniel C. Hadsell
Hadsell Harriet B. 1863 Oct 15 D ae 52/2/25; wife of Horace V. Hadsell [H. V. Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Henrietta 1916 B1845 [wife of Nathan D. Hadsell]
Hadsell Horace V. 1882 Mar 2 D ae 71/10/15 [H. V. Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Louise M. m B1910 [wife of Alden C. Hadsell]
Hadsell Marjorie 1915 Sep B1914 Aug [Clinton Hadsell plot]
Hadsell Nathan D. 1915 B1843
Hadsell Rose S. 19-- B1891 [wife of Clayton R. Hadsell]
Hargrave Ferris F. 1971 B1903
Hargrave Mary J. 1960 B1913 [wife of Ferris F. Hargrave]
Harrington Charles O. [1920 Feb 6] B1838 Oct 21 [son of Oliver & Lucy Harrington; Civil War: 5th Wisconsin]
Harrington Frances L. m B1836 Aug 5 [Harrington plot]
Harrington James, Hon. 1832 Jan 3 B1757 Sep 17; died age 73; Revolutionary War: Rhode Island Line; formerly from Vermont [Harrington plot]
Harrington James Jr. 1832 Jul 13 B1791 May 14; died age 41 [Harrington plot]
Harrington James P. [III] m B1840 May 18 [son of Oliver & Lucy Harrington] [Harrington plot]
Harrington Lucy G. Pratt 1844 Mar l B1816 Oct 6; died age 27, [1st] wife of Oliver Harrington [Harrington plot]
Harrington Mary A. Christie m B1814 Jan 1; [2nd] wife of Oliver Harrington [Harrington plot]
Harringlon Mary Bates 1846 Sep 9 B1764 Oct 20; died age 82; wife of James Harrington [Harrington plot]
Harrington Oliver [1889] B1803 Jun 5 [son of James & Polly Harrington] [Harrington plot]
Harrington Oliver C. m B1847 Mar 28 [son of Oliver & Mary Harrington]
Harrison Ambrose S. 1929 Aug 13 B1859 Aug 16
Harrison Orella F. 1919 Aug 6 B1861 Sep 16; wife of Ambrose S. Harrison [MWF: born in Potter, died in Rushville, age 57/10/21; married, daughter of German (born in Vermont) and Rhoda Herrick (born in Steuben Co.) Matteson]
Harrison Reuben # 1897 Mar 19 D ae 9 months in Middlesex; son of Ambrose & Orilla Harrison [town record]
Hart Agnes L. 1955 B1879 [wife of Charles T. Hart]
Hart Charles T. 1938 B1878
Hart Edith B. 1966 B1889[wife of Harry S. Hart]
Hart Harry S. 1979 Oct 21 B1894 Aug 18; WWI: Army
Harter Frederick T. 1993 B1914
Harter Judith Flanagan m B1922; wife of Frederick T. Harter
Hastings Charles L. [1927 Apr] B1843 [Civil War: Co. C., 93rd NY]
Hastings Jude 1882 B1803
Hastings Mary [Curtis] 1877 B1805 [wife of Jude Hastings]
Hastings Permelia Morrison 1923 [Mar 10] B1845 [Feb 18]; wife of Charles L. Hastings [MWF: born in Hamilton Co., died at Vine Valley, age 78 and 23 days; married, daughter of John and Mercy Morrison, both born in N.Y. state]
Hawley Anna 1872 Jan l7 D ae 72/9; wife of Ira Hawley [Ira Hawley monument]
Hawley Hester M. 1910 Jan 1 B1846 Mar 9
Hawley Ira 1869 Jan 20 D ae 76 [Ira Hawley monument]
Hawley Lillian G. 1952 B1898
Heiton Jesse # 1965 B1905
Henkel Janet B[ecker] 1987 B1928 [Ernst Becker plot]
Herzog Ludwig m B1905
Herzog Ruth m B1909 [wife of Ludwig Herzog]
Hillebert Constance K. 1987 B1896 [McGuire / Ellis/Smith plot]
Hillyer John James 1862 Nov 2 D ae 19/5/3; son of [Simon & Percilla] Hillyer [Civil War: battery H, 4th NYHA] [Hillyer plot]
Hillyer Percilla Taylor [1890] B1817 Sep 11; wife of Simon Hillyer [broken stone in Hillyer plot]
Hillyer Simon 1895 Feb 26 B1812 Feb 27 [Hillyer plot]
Hixson Amos 1877 Jul 10 B1806 Aug 7 [Hixson / Foster plot]
Hixson Caroline [E.] Harkness 1900 [Jun 21] B1835 [wife of F. A. Hixson; died age 55 in Middlesex; daughter of Foster & Laura Brewster Harkness] [Hixson / Foster plot]
Hixson F[oster] A., Col. 1904 [Apr 29] B1834 Civil War [Paymaster, Army of the Potomac] [MWF: died in Vine Valley, age 70; widowed, son of S. Hixson] [Hixson/ Foster plot]
Hixson Olive [Adams] 1893 Jun 5 B1832 Oct 7; wife of Virgil Hixson [daughter of John & Rebecca Adams]
Hixson Sara Snook 1882 Jan 7 B1804 Apr 25; wife of Amos Hixson [Hixson / Foster plot]
Hixson Virgil 1903 Oct 17 B1830 Dec 27 [MWF: died in Michigan, age 72]
Hobart Dora 1940 B1872 [wife of John Hobart]
Hobart Edward L. 1858 Mar 16 D ae 16 months; “Eddie,” son of H. H. & M. M. Hobart [Minerva Hobart plot]
Hobart Elizabeth L. 1854 Apr 8 D ae 6; “Lizzie,” daughter of H. H. & M. M. Hobart [Minerva Hobart Plot]
Hobart John 1938 B1867
Hobart Minerva M. 1908 B1819; “Mother” [Minerva Hobart plot]
Hobart Sarah Low # 1908 Mar 16 [MWF: died at Vine Valley, age 86; daughter of ---- Low]
Holley infant # 1895 May 9 D ae 5 months in Middlesex; ch/o Elmer & Jennie Holley [town record]
Holmes Arthur L. 1917 [May 18] B1860 [MWF: born 16 Sep 1860 in Hamilton Co., died in Middlesex age 56; son of Lovel and Catherine Hastings Holmes, both born in Hamilton Co.] [A. L. Holmes plot]
Holmes C. Earl 1972 B1895 [WWI] [C. E. Holmes plot]
Holmes Catharine L. 1895 Jul 23 D ae 58/4/26; wife of Daniel L. Holmes [D. L. Holmes monument]
Holmes Charles H. 1883 Oct 5 D ae 16; son of Daniel Holmes [stone very worn; D. L. Holmes monument]
Holmes Daniel L. 1879 Dec 15 D ae 46/6/9 [D. L. Holmes monument]
Holmes Flossie 1969 B1896 [wife of C. Earl Holmes] [C. E. Holmes plot]
Holmes James B. 1928 Nov 8 B1858 Nov 19 [C. E. Holmes plot]
Holmes Lillian M[ay] Hastings 1915 [Oct 14] B1865; wife of J[ames] B. Holmes [MWF: born in Fulton Co., died at Vine Valley, age 50/6/12; married, daughter of Charles and Amelia Hastings, both born in Fulton Co.] [C. E. Holmes plot]
Holmes Mary E. Mattison 1905 [Oct 17] B1857; wife of Arthur L. Holmes [MWF: born in Ontario Co., died at Vine Valley, age 47; married, daughter of ---- Matteson] [A. L. Holmes plot]
Holmes Nettie 1950 B1867; [2nd] wife of Arthur L. Holmes [A. L. Holmes plot]
Horton Maude F. 1968 B1890 [wife of Maynard Horton]
Horton Maynard N. 1965 B1887
Hotelling Gary L. 1992 B1941; son of Raymond L. Hotelling [same stone]
Hotelling Raymond L. 1992 B1916
Houghtailing Gilbert # 1912 Jan 12 D ae 16/7/28 in Middlesex; son of Leroy & Cora Yoeman Houghtailing [town record]
Houghtailing Grace # 1905 Jul 29 D ae 11/11/25 in Middlesex; daughter of Leroy & Cora Norton Houghtailing [town record]
Huff Frances Elwell 1963 B1886 [Moshier plot]
Hughson Lucy # 1902 Feb 18 D ae 3 days in Middlesex; daughter of Richard & Jessie Hughson [town record]
Hulls James W. # 1863 B1845; son of E. Hulls
Hulls? Roxanna P. [Hawley] 1838 May 14 D ae 20; wife of E. Hulls? & daughter of I. & A. Hawley [Ira Hawley monument]
Hunt Chester W. 1959 B1869 [Daniels / Hunt plot]
Hunter Elizabeth 1840 May 15 D ae 30 [Hunter monument]
Hunter Jane 1853 Aug 14 D ae 30 [wife of John Hunter Jr.] [Hunter monument]
Hunter John 1843 Sep 8 D ae 65; stone erected by his daughter, Mrs. D. Bostwick, in 1886 [Hunter monument]
Hunter John Jr. 1845 Jun 18 D ae 25 [Hunter monument]
Hunter Lettie Bell 1855 Oct 20 D ae 67; wife of John Hunter [Hunter monument; stone erected by her daughter, Mrs. D. Bostwick, in 1886]
Hunter Robert 1832 Mar 16 D ae 3 [Hunter monument]
Hurrin Ivan Guy 1956 Mar 25 B1905 Nov 16
Ingraham Rose R[ackham] 1919 B1872 [Rackham plot]
Jacobs George H. 1897 B1865 [G. H. Jacobs plot]
Jacobs Henry J. 1968 Sep 4 B1907 Apr 4; WWII: NY, 593rd Signal AW Bn. [G. H. Jacobs plot]
Jacobs Herbert C. 1972 B1910
Jacobs Laura Jane 1979 B1913 [wife of Herbert C. Jacobs]
Jacobs Matilda M. 1958 B1879 [G. H. Jacobs plot]
Johncox Harold A. 1985 Jul 29 B1911 Nov 25; “Father” [Johncox plot]
Johncox Harriet J. 1991 Jun 11 B1915 Oct 17; “Mother” [Johncox plot]
Johncox Ruth D. 1935 B1934
Johncox Virginia J. m B1933 Apr 29 [Johncox plot]
Johnson Clayton Thomas 1950 B1945; “Son” [C. A. Johnson plot]
Johnson Clifford A. 1974 Apr 17 B1923 Oct 16 [C. A. Johnson plot]
Johnson Jane 1877 Mar 23 D ae 51/2/17; wife of Merret Johnson
Johnson Jennie 1863 --- 11 Daughter of --- & J. Johnson [stone partially buried; John Stebbins plot]
Johnson Lottie B. 1980 B1898 [wife of Thomas E. Johnson]
Johnson Merrett 1867 Oct 24 D ae 51
Johnson T. Henrietta m B1925 Jan 30; wife of Clifford A. Johnson [C. A. Johnson plot]
Johnson Thomas E. 1968 B1892
Jones Randilla A[dams] 1853 Oct 12 B1826 Jan 28; died age 27/8/14; wife of Joshua Jones & daughter of John & Rebecca Adams [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2d plot; also her own stone; also recorded on the Joshua Jones monument in Rushville cemetery]
Karnes Floyd # 1977 B1898; WWI: USN
Karnes Mary Jane 1932 B1923 [E. N. Meade plot]
Kelly Brenda J. Reckahn m B1940 Feb 25; wife of James A. Kelly, married 1980 Jun 7 [J. A. Kelly plot]
Kelly Dennis Edward 1989 Jul 2 B1958 Jun 18 [J. A. Kelly plot]
Kelly Francis D. m B1922
Kelly James A. m B1925 Feb 17 [J. A. Kelly plot]
Kelly Mary G. 1984 B1923 [wife of Francis D. Kelly]
[Kennedy?] Alberta m [Small stone adjacent to Howard and Lavinia Kennedy]
Kennedy Florence F. 1968 B1892 [wife of John W. Kennedy]
Kennedy Howard M. 1974 B1900
Kennedy John W. 1976 B1893
Kennedy Lavinia L. 1970 B1900 [wife of Howard M. Kennedy]
Kiefer Henry 1964 B1880
Kiefer Jessie 1977 B1887 [wife of Henry Kiefer]
Kilpatrick Catherine Seamans 1899 B1805; wife of Jesse Kilpatrick [Jr.] [Kilpatrick monument]
[Kilpatrick Clarence] m [Wm W. Ellick plot]
Kilpatrick Corda B. 1959 B1883 [Wm W. Ellick plot]
Kilpatrick Jesse 1853 ---13 B1768 Jun 1- [Kilpatrick monument; very worn]
Kilpatrick Jesse [Jr.] 1897 B1805 [Kilpatrick monument]
Kilpatrick Mary J. 1856 Sep 22 B1837 Apr -- [Kilpatrick monument; very worn]
Knight George L. 1937 [Sep 25] B1887 [Jun 6]; [MWF: born and lived in Middlesex, died at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, age 50/3/22; single, son of Charles and Rebecca Adams Knight, both born in Middlesex]
Knight Maurice 1907 [Mar 2] B1888 [MWF: born in Yates Co., died at Vine Valley, age 17; son of Charles and [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Knight Rebecca Adams # 1924 Jun 17 [MWF: born 12 Oct. 1850 and lived at Vine Valley, died at the Memorial Hospital, age 73/8/5; married, daughter of Rufus and Adelia Hixson Adams, both born in Middlesex]
Krauss Herbert A. 1981 B1957
Kroelinger Elnathan # 1970 Sep 23 B1898 Jul; WWI: Troop G, 17th Cavalry
Kroelinger Mary Meade 1917 B1872 [wife of William F. Kroelinger] [E. N. Meade plot]
Kroelinger William F. 1962 B1868 [E. N. Meade plot]
Krug Walter m B1920 Oct 28
Kuehne Gladys E. Brown m B1925 Feb 19; w/o Perry Kuehne, married 1948 Aug 2 [Kuehne plot]
Kuehne Perry m B1927 Jul 15 [Kuehne plot]
Kuehne William 1988 B1894 [Kuehne plot]
Kuehne Zoe Perry 1986 B1896; wife of William Kuehne [Kuehne plot]
Ladew Alonzo [H.] 1918 [Apr 15] B1852 [Jan 3]; [MWF: born in Herkimer Co., died at Vine Valley, age 66/3/12; married, son of Charles and Mary E. Hastings Ladew, both born in Herkimer Co.] [Alonzo Ladew plot]
Ladew Cephas # 1897 Sep 19 B1817; Civil War: Co. F, 153rd NY
Ladew Emma J. 1939 B1854 [Alonzo Ladew plot]
Ladue A Laura 1966 B1889 [G. H. Ladue plot]
Ladue Charles J. 1931 B1859 [Ladue / Slack plot]
Ladue Ellen E. # 1928 B1868
Ladue George H. 1957 B1887 [G. H. Ladue plot]
Ladue Luella 1944 B1864 [Ladue / Slack plot]
Lafler Arthur 1930 B1874
Lafler Arthur C. 1970 Dec 22 B1933 Sep 16; Korean War: NY, Ordnance [Edgar Lafler monument]
Lafler Carl # 1907 [MWF: died in Middlesex; married]
Lafler Cornelius 1907 Apr 14 B1830 Aug 16
Lafler Edgar A. 1969 B1909 [Edgar Lafler monument]
Lafler Esther 1974 B1898 [wife of Lloyd R. Lafler] [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Ethel M. m B1909 [wife of Edgar A. Lafler] [Edgar Lafler monument]
Lafler Jane 1933 B1932 [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Julian, Capt. 1944 B1921 [WWII:] Co. C, 1st Ranger Bn [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Kathleen E. 1969 B1887 [wife of Stults C. Lafler]
Lafler Leroy 1926 B1923 [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Lillian A. 1957 B1876 [wife of Arthur Lafler]
Lafler Lloyd R. 1967 Apr 28 B1895 Sep 16; WWI: NY, Co. D, 37th Engineers [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Maurice S. 1987 Oct 24 B1906 Aug 30; WWII: tec/4, Army [Stults Lafler plot]
Lafler Nancy E. [Chrysler] [1926 Feb 28] B1841 Mar 17; wife of Cornelius Lafler [MWF: born in Middlesex, died in Rochester, age 86]
Lafler Rosemary 1955 B1940 [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Sarah A. 1866 Jul 24 D ae 31/11/21; wife of Cornelius Lafler [Sarah Lafler plot]
Lafler Stults C. 1940 B1879 [Stults Lafler plot]
Lamphier Clarence 1927 B1880 [adjacent to Ida Washburn]
Lawler Janice M. 1990 Apr 26 B1922 Nov 9; wife of Joseph L. Lawler, married 1940 Nov 16 [Graff / Lawler monument]
Lawler Joseph L. m B1918 Jun 23 [Graff / Lawler monument]
Lawrence Edith E. Pelcher 1925 B1856; wife of Willett Lawrence
Lawrence Ruby A[nita] 1888 B1887; daughter of Willett & Edith Lawrence [adjacent to Edith Lawrence]
Lawton Bessie V. 1968 B1880 [wife of James F. Lawton]
Lawton Isabelle M. 1969 B1897 [Wm S. Middlebrook plot]
Lawton James F. 1950 B1872
Leach Lillian G. 1938 B1889 [wife of William C. Leach]
Leach William C. 19-- B1886
Lee Martin S. 1982 B1962
Livergood Lavina Dendecker m B1914; wife of Raymond Livergood, married l957 May l
Livergood Raymond E. m B1912
Lockwood George E. 1864 Sep 2 D ae 1/8; son of J. R. & Phebe Lockwood [Lockwood plot]
Lockwood J. R. 1908 Feb [16] B1816 Jun 19 [Lockwood plot]
Lockwood Phebe 1895 May 26 B1824 Nov 24; wife of J. R. Lockwood [Lockwood plot]
Lyons Gerald H. 1990 B1921 [H. G. Lyons plot]
Lyons Henry G. 1975 B1899 [H. G. Lyons plot]
Lyons Martha E. 1973 B1903 [wife of Henry G. Lyons] [H. G. Lyons plot]
MacFarlane Ida M. 1969 B1878 [wife of John M. MacFarlane]
MacFarlane John M. 1948 B1882
Mack Alice T. 1884 B1872; daughter of Erastus & Prudence Mack [Mack monument]
Mack Emma J. # 1891 Jul 15 D ae 14/1/7 in Middlesex; daughter of William C. & Martha A. Furner Mack [town record]
Mack Erastus 1911 B1838 [Mack monument]
Mack Glenn B. 1972 B1922 [H. R. Mack plot]
Mack Hiram 1985 B1910
Mack Howard R. 1972 B1904 [H. R. Mack plot]
Mack June Elwell 1987 B1919; wife of Hiram Mack, married 1938 May 29
Mack Lamira [Eddy] 1891 B1854; “Mother” [David Eddy monument]
Mack Marguerite m B1917 [wife of Howard R. Mack] [H. R. Mack plot]
Mack Prudence Eddy 1928 B1855; wife of Erastus Mack [Mack monument]
Mals Mary Clark # 1897 Nov 8 D ae 56 in Middlesex; born in Belgium; daughter of John Clark [town record]
Marshall Harold W. 1980 Mar 8 B1916 Oct 17; WWII: Army
Mather Elizabeth J. 1945 B1863; wife of William Mather [Wm O. Mather monument]
Mather John Franklin 1862 Apr 3 D ae 10 months 23 days; “Frankie,” adopted son of John & Mary Mather [John Mather monument]
Mather John H. 1986 Mar 31 B1902 Apr 6; WWII: Army [adjacent to Wm O. Mather monument]
Mather John 1865 Aug 2 D ae 47/10/18 [John Mather monument]
Mather Malvinna A[dams] 1875 Aug 20 D ae 48/6/24; wife of G. C. Mather & daughter of John & Rebecca Adams [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Mather William O. 1920 B1853 [Wm O. Mather monument]
Mathews Paul E. 1993 May 17 B1930 Dec 2; Korean War: USAF
Matteson Eben 1876 B1800 [Eben Matteson monument]
Matteson Fanny 1872 [Eben Matteson monument]
Matteson Prudence 1867 B1796; wife of Eben Matteson [Eben Matteson monument]
Matteson Rhoda Herrick # 1910 Oct 28 D ae 80/10 in Rushville; daughter of John & Hannah Herrick [town record] [MWF: born in Ontario Co.]
McCombs Glennys L. 1960 B1879
McCombs Luella F. [McCamp] 1974 B1888 [wife of Glennys McCombs]
McDonough Edwin P. 1991 Nov 12 B1921 Jun 29; WWII: Army
McDonough Ethel E. m B1921 Mar 23 [wife of Edwin P. McDonough]
McGuire Frank 1952 Dec 30 B1869 Mar 14 [McGuire / Ellis / Smith plot]
McGuire Gladys Ellis 1948 B1883 [McGuire / Ellis / Smith plot]
Meade Alden E. 1979 B1898
Meade David E. 1952 B1900
Meade Emory N. 1896 B1875 [E. N. Meade plot]
Meade Ina A. 1988 B1906 [wife of Alden E. Meade]
Meade Jeremiah C. 1934 B1843; Civil War: Co. M, 8th NYHA [J C Meade plot]
Meade Lyle 1964 B1880 [J. C. Meade plot]
Meade Martin 1957 B1878 [J. C. Meade plot]
Meade Mildred C. 19-- B1900 [wife of David E. Meade]
Meade Rose m [J. C. Meade plot]
Meade Sarah R. Wilson 1928 B1840 [wife of Jeremiah C. Meade] [J. C. Meade plot]
Mertz ---- 1899 B1839; “Mother” [Mertz / Philips monument]
Mertz Angie # 1941 B1869
Mertz Drissa 1960 B1874; wife of Frank Mertz [Mertz / Philips monument]
Mertz Frank 1965 B1874 [Mertz / Philips monument]
Mertz Jacob 1927 B1832 [Mertz / Philips monument]
Mertz Mary F. 1927 B1867 [Mertz / Philips monument]
Mertz Mary Kennedy 1904 B1843; wife of Rodney C. Mertz [Mertz / Philips monument]
Mertz Rodney C. 1919 B1835 [Mertz / Philips monument]
Middlebrook Dora D. 1955 B1866 [2nd wife of William S. Middlebrook] [Wm S. Middlebrook plot]
Middlebrook Mariam L. m B1893 [wife of N. Howard Middlebrook] [Wm S. Middlebrook plot]
Middlebrook Mary Goodrich 1931 B1872 [1st wife of William S. Middlebrook]
Middlebrook N. Howard 1967 B1890 [Wm S. Middlebrook plot]
Middlebrook William S. 1943 B1864 [Wm S. Middlebrook plot]
Miles Bertha 1973 B1885 [wife of Floyd Miles] [Forrest Miles monument]
Miles Darwin 1887 B1813 [Darwin Miles monument, in David Miles plot]
Miles David 1865 Nov 1 D ae 78/5/8 [David Miles plot]
Miles Effie E. 1865 Nov 20 [B1859] daughter of -?- & -?- Miles [very worn stone in David Miles plot]
Miles Florence 1933 B1858 [wife of Forrest Miles] [Forrest Miles monument]
Miles Floyd 1971 B1890 [Forrest Miles monument]
Miles Forrest 1935 B1860 [Forrest Miles monument]
Miles Ida B. 1957 B1873 [wife of Myron H. Miles]
Miles Lucy # 1850 Mar D ae 8 months in Middlesex [mortality schedule]
Miles Mary Harwood 1894 B1820; wife of Darwin Miles [Darwin Miles monument, in David Miles plot]
Miles Mary Jane Matteson 1878 B1824; wife of Nathan Miles [David Miles plot]
Miles Myron H. 1941 B1866
Miles Nathan 1909 B1824 [David Miles plot]
Miller Harry I. Jr. m m
Miller Kathryn E. Youker m [Wife of Harry I. Miller Jr.]
Millington Rufus B. 1865 Jul 21 B1791 Apr 1, in Shaftsbury, Vermont [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Mitchell George T. 1993 Jul 9 B1945 Jan 30
Mitchell Kathleen A. m B1946 Mar 13 [wife of George T. Mitchell]
Monagle Harriett McAuliffe 1976 B1911; wife of Marshall F. Monagle, married 1938 May 26 [Monagle plot]
Monagle Helen Anable 1881 Feb 5 D ae 47; wife of Morvalden Monagle [Monagle plot]
Monagle John F. 1861 Mar 30 D ae 2/2; son of Morvalden & Helen Monagle [Monagle plot]
Monagle Marshall F. 1976 B1905 [Monagle plot]
Monagle Morvaldin 1893 Jan 18 B1834 Mar 22 [Monagle plot]
Monagle Willie M. 1863 Jul 14 D ae 7 months; son of Morvalden & Helen Monagle [Monagle plot]
Morley Ira B. 1935 B1860 [Morley plot]
Morley Leon S. 1906 [Sep 3] B1898; died age 8/3/15; son of Ira & May Newell Morley] [Morley plot]
Morley May L. 1953 B1873 [Morley plot]
Morse Mae Kalmbach 1978 B1919; wife of Norman Morse
Morse Norman m B1914
Moshier Alexander 1918 B1830; Civil War: Co. A, 126th NY
Moshier Bessie M. Elwell 1967 B1887; wife of Murray A Moshier [Moshier plot]
Moshier Murray A. 1923 [Feb 16] B1885 [Mar 23] [MWF: born in Middlesex and died there, age 37/11/3; married, son of Alexander and Rose Francisco Moshier, both born in Middlesex] [Moshier plot]
Moshier Oscar 1868 Jun 24 D ae 8 months; son of T. T. & Juliette Moshier [Geo G. Carr plot]
Moshier Rosetta Francisco 1885 B1850 [Moshier plot]
Mothersell Addie 1955 B1883; daughter of Henry & Addie Mothersell [Henry Mothersell monument]
Mothersell Addie m Wife of Henry Mothersell [Henry Mothersell monument]
Mothersell Henry 1906 [Feb 1] B1850 [MWF: born in Middlesex, died at Vine Valley; son of John Mothersell, born in England; mother born in Middlesex] [Henry Mothersell monument]
Mothersell Mary A. Roach # 1921 Aug 26 [MWF: born 26 November 1865 in Middlesex, died at Vine Valley, age 55; widowed, daughter of Thomas and Rose Donlan Roach, both born in Ireland]
Mothersell William A. 1907 [May 29] B1864 [MWF: born in Middlesex, died at Vine Valley, age 42; married, son of John and Samantha Mothersell]
Mothersell John # 1888 May 17 D ae 67/2/2 in Middlesex; son of William & Dorothy Mothersell [town record]
Murray Eva Griffith 1900 B1870 [Geo E. Williams plot]
Newell Cecil L. Brown 1977 B1897 [WWI] [Geo S. Newell monument and his own stone]
Newell Charlotte E. Combs 1920 [Apr 20] B1851 [Jun 2]; wife of George S. Newell [MWF: born in Seneca, Ontario Co., died at Vine Valley, age 69/10/18; widowed, daughter of George and Mary Townsend Combs, both also born in Seneca] [Geo S. Newell monument]
Newell George S. 1907 [Apr 7] B1833 [Civil War: sgt., Co. G, 18th NY & Co. C, 15th NYHA] [born in Ontario Co., died at Vine Valley, age 74; married, son of John and Mary Newell, both born in Mass.] [Geo S. Newell monument]
Newell Verna Hadsell 1976 B1899; wife of Cecil L. Newell, married 1921 Jan 15
Norton Hazel M. m B1923 May 25 [wife of Thomas C. Norton]
Norton Thomas C. 1992 Mar 1 B1923 Apr 21; U.S. Army
Orr Nelson 1972 Apr 11 B1898 Dec 19; WWI: NY, Co. L, 49th Infantry
Orr Willard # 1865 B1856
Paine Stephen Wells 1992 Dec 2 [Infant]
Parsons Alanson L. 1887 Feb 7 D ae 73/8/10 [Parsons plot]
Parsons Alvira [Green] 1891 Jun 14 B1815 Jun 3 [wife of Alanson L. Parsons] [Parsons plot]
Parsons Wellington 1902 [Sep 29] B1851 [died age 57 in Middlesex; son of Homer & Nancy Parsons] [MWF: lived and died in Middlesex, age 51; funeral charged to M. Ferguson] [Parsons plot]
Partridge Caroline Miles # 1929 B1845
Payne Donald E. Jr. 1982 B1939
Payne Donald E. Sr. 1979 B1911
Pelcher Almira Hastings 1900 May 1 B1828 Jan 6; wife of Ambrose Pelcher
Pelcher Ambrose 1890 Mar 2 B1818 Sep 1
Pelcher Matilda 1957 B1879 [wife of Nelson Pelcher]
Pelcher Nelson 1930 B1868
Perry Arthur W. 1928 B1861 [A. W. Perry plot]
Perry Carlotta 1903 [Jul 27] B1874 [MWF: died at Vine Valley, age 29] [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Perry Charles R. 1876 B1845; Civil War: [26th Independent NY Battery] [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Perry Edward 1875 Jun 8 D ae 72 [Edward Perry plot]
Perry Harriet Woodworth 1881 Oct 11 B1808 Aug 4; wife of Edward Perry [Edward Perry plot]
Perry Nellie M. Ansley 1927 B1864; wife of Arthur W. Perry [A. W. Perry plot]
Perry Raymond Arthur 1980 B1900; WWI: Army [A. W. Perry plot]
Peters Henry B. 1850 May 24 D ae 33
[Peters Jacob] m D ae --/1- days [broken stone next to Nancy Peters]
Peters James W. 1863 Mar 16 D ae 18; son of Henry B. & Rachel L. Peters [Civil War]
Peters Javee 1839 Dec 27 D ae 20/10; son of Jacob & Nancy Peters [Jacob Peters plot]
Peters Joseph 1839 Jul 31 D ae 10/1/20; son of Jacob & Nancy Peters [Jacob Peters plot]
Peters Nancy 1871 D ae 74/3; wife of Jacob Peters [Jacob Peters plot]
Peters Sarah J. 1837 Mar 29 D ae 7 months [Jacob Peters plot]
Peters William P. 1839 Jul 30 D ae 12/5; son of Jacob & Nancy Peters [Jacob Peters plot]
Phelps Hazel 1979 B1896
Philipson Margaret May 1988 Nov 12 B1930 Jan 1
Phillips Angeline # 1941 Aug 26 [MWF: born and lived in Middlesex, died at the Memorial Hospital in Canandaigua, age 71/8/10; single, daughter of Rodney (born in Monroe Co.) and Mary Kearney (born in Ireland) Phillips; funeral service at the home of Frank Mertz]
Phillips Catharine m D ae 60; wife of Abel Phillips; “Mother” [Henry Phillips plot]
Phillips Freelove 1844 Mar 2 D ae 67/9/24; wife of Henry Phillips [Henry Phillips plot]
Phillips Henry m [Infant] “Our Henry” [M. A. Phillips monument]
Phillips Henry 1846 Oct 3 D ae 80/5/1 [Henry Phillips plot]
Phillips Juliette m D ae 29 [M. A. Phillips monument]
Phillips Louisa Agar 1911 B1835 [Agar plot]
Phillips Mary 1885 Feb 23 D ae 74; wife of Wilber Phillips
Phillips Mory A. m D ae 54 [M. A. Phillips monument]
Phillips Pearl # 1891 Apr 26 D ae 1/7 in Middlesex; daughter of Wilbur G. & Mary Phillips [town record]
Phillips Rodney C. # 1919 Dec 20 [MWF: born in Clarkson, Monroe Co., died in Rushville, age 84/5/28; widowed, son of Wilber and Mary Clark Phillips, both born in Conn.]
Phillips Wilber 1870 Feb 15 D ae 77/8/15 [born in Rhode Island]
Pickle Harriet 1833 Apr 9 D ae 2/1/12; daughter of Peter & Mary Pickle
Pickle Mary 1835 Jan 29 D ae 32/7/27; wife of Peter Pickle
Pierce Clifford M. 1980 B1899
Pierce Eunice F. 1988 B1901 [wife of Clifford M. Pierce]
Pierce Harriet Dunning 1922 [Nov 28] B1844 [Jun 1]; [MWF: born in Vine Valley, died in Canandaigua, age 78/5/27; married, daughter of Lewis and Hannah Koehler Demming [sic], both born in N.Y. state]
Pike A. Estelle 1955 B1908 [Pike plot]
Pike C. Estella [VanHouten] 1936 [May 25] B1859 [Sep 15] [wife of Joel F. Pike] [MWF: born, lived and died in Middlesex, age 76/8/10; married, daughter of Case (born in Middlesex) and Theresa Black (born in Scio) VanHaupen [sic]] [Pike plot]
Pike Jeannette D. 1961 B1879 [wife of Will H. Pike] [Pike plot]
Pike Joel F. 1939 B1853 [Pike plot]
Pike Lewis E. # 1887 Aug 28 D ae 6/4 in Middlesex [town record]
Pike Will H. 1953 B1878 [Pike plot]
Potter Charles 1952 Nov 4 B1926 Dec 28; Korean War: NY, HQ Co., 31st Infantry, 7th Infantry Division
Pratt Elnora Rice 1898 B1866; daughter of Nelson & Caroline Rice [Nelson Rice monument]
Prichard Abijah # 1885 Dec 24 D ae 79/1 in Middlesex [town record]
Prichard Albert E. 1857 Jun 29 [B1850] son of Jared & Elizabeth Prichard [stone partially buried]
Prichard Cynthia 1870 May 25 [D ae 63] wife of Abijah P. Prichard [broken stone]
Prichard Ransom E. 1855 Aug 16 D ae 1/?; son of Jared & Elizabeth Prichard [stone partially buried]
Putnam Charles E. 1905 Apr 14 B1878 Oct 7; “Father” [Chas E. Putnam plot]
Putnam Ella L. Rackham m Wife of Charles E. Putnam [Chas E. Putnam plot]
Putnam Lucretia 1915 B1903; daughter of Charles & Ella Putnam [Chas E. Putnam plot]
Putnam Merritt 1903 Sep 29 B1901 Jan 7; son of Charles & Ella Putnam [Chas E. Putnam plot]
Quick Charles H. 1863 Jul 15 B1851 Sep 5
Quick Eli 1870 Oct 26 B1830 Oct 2
Quick Eva K. 1883 May 18 D ae 6/8/18; daughter of R. H. & E. B. Quick
Quick G. Melvin 1854 Oct 1 B1854 Jul 20; son of Eli & Samantha Quick
Quick Samantha m B1825 Oct 6; wife of Eli Quick
Quinn Kathryn McC. 1983 B1942 [wife of William D. Quinn]
Quinn William D. m B1941
Race Frank R. 1951 B1878 [F. R. Race plot]
Race Lena C. 1948 B1884 [wife of Frank R. Race] [F. R. Race plot]
Race Levi W. 1972 May 11 B1903 Mar 29 [F. R. Race plot]
Rackham Bessie 1957 B1888; wife of Roswell Rackham] [James Rackham plot]
Rackham Clarence G. 1875 B1875 [Geo. Rackham monument]
Rackham Elenor A. 1871 B1849 [Geo. Rackham monument]
Rackham Eva M. 1876 B1876 [Geo. Rackham monument]
Rackham George 1923 B1842 [Geo. Rackham monument]
Rackham George R. 1880 Feb 21 D ae 2/21 days; son of J. & S. Rackham; “Georgie” [James Rackham plot]
Rackham James 1927 B1844 [James Rackham plot]
Rackham James A. 1881 Feb 21 D ae 1 month; son of J. & S. Rackham; “Jammie” [James Rackham plot]
Rackham Lucretia M[artha] 1902 B1853; wife of George Rackham [Geo Rackham monument]
Rackham Mary 1892 Aug 6 B1811 Apr 25; wife of Robert Rackham
Rackham Robert 1885 Mar 6 B1807 Dec 11
Rackham Roswell 1976 B1883 [James Rackham plot]
Rackham Sarah J. 1932 B1851 [wife of James Rackham] [James Rackham plot]
Rafferty May E. 1968 B1893 [adjacent to Chas E. Roach]
Ramey David Payton 1987 B1914
Ramey Helen Caroline 1975 B1917 [wife of David P. Ramey]
Randall Albert K. m B1903
Randall Forrest E. 1979 Oct 31 B1928 Feb 8; Korean War: Army [Wm A. Randall plot]
Randall Jean Lynn 1982 Sep 19 B1900 Mar 18 [Wm A. Randall plot]
Randall Pearl R. 1974 B1901 [wife of Albert K. Randall]
Randall Raymond # 1982 WWII
Randall William A. 1958 Jan 26 B1894 May 22; WWI: NY, cpl., Co. G, 7th Infantry [Wm A. Randall plot]
Rathbun ---- [1926 Mar 1] [MWF: died in Buffalo] [Large stone with surname, no first names or dates]
Raymond Roswell 1859 May 8 D ae 65/11/8
Raymond Tryphena [1872 Mar 23] [D ae 79] wife of Roswell Raymond [broken stone]
Read A Revelle 1899 Sep 1 B1856 Jun 11
Read M--- G---, Mrs. # 1912 Feb 13 D ae 75 in Middlesex; maiden name Gerould [town record]
Reed Herbert H. 1973 B1899
Reed Ruth M. 1990 B1911 [wife of Herbert H. Reed]
Reifsteck John B. # 1903 Sep 21 B1849 May 28
Reifsteck Matilda Matteson # 1922 Feb 18 B1857 Dec 9, wife of John B. Reifsteck
Reynolds Ada 1973 Jul 16 B1888 Apr 28, wife of H. Tyler Reynolds
Reynolds Alida J. Emory 1922 B1853, wife of Lewis B. Reynolds
Reynolds H. Tyler 1964 Feb 25 B1883 Sep 21
Reynolds Lewis B. 1924 B1850
Rice Caroline Elwell 1895 B1834; wife of Nelson Rice [Nelson Rice monument]
Rice Nelson 1891 B1819 [Nelson Rice monument]
Rice Warren L. 1876 B1858; son of Nelson & Caroline Rice [Nelson Rice monument]
Roach Bertha 1964 B1880 [wife of John Roach] [John Roach plot]
Roach Carrie B. 1951 B1868 [wife of Philip Roach]
Roach Charles E. 1976 B1877
Roach Doris 1946 B1908 [John Roach plot]
Roach Flora [Rosana] 1925 [Sep 24] B1904 [Dec 14] [MWF: born in Middlesex, lived at Vine Valley, died at the Memorial Hospital, age 20/9/9; single, daughter of John (born in Middlesex) and Rutha Brisbee (born in South Bristol) Roach] [John Roach plot]
Roach John 1949 B1870 [John Roach plot]
Roach Philip A. 1944 B1863
Roach Thomas # 1890 Oct 23 D ae 80 in Middlesex; born in Ireland [town record]
Roberts Descum Bunton 1983 B1909
Roberts Helen Harwood m B1911; wife of Descum Bunton Roberts
Robeson Charles A. 1960 B1878
Robeson Ellen V. 1971 B1879 [wife of Charles A. Robeson]
Robeson Hazel B. 19-- B1906 [wife of Walter Robeson]
Robeson Walter H. 1989 B1901
Robinson Cyrus A. 1959 B1863 [C. A. Robinson plot]
Robinson Lena M. 1983 B1902 [wife of W. Carl Robinson] [C. A. Robinson plot]
Robinson May Reynolds 1944 B1866; wife of Cyrus Robinson [C. A. Robinson plot]
Robinson Rose J. 1922 B1860
Robinson Vera M. 1969 B1904 [C. A. Robinson plot]
Robinson W. Carl 1978 B1896 [C. A. Robinson plot]
Roche Owen 1973 B1910 [John Roach plot]
Rohe Clarence J. 1980 B1905
Rohe June Lafler m B1919 [wife of Clarence J. Rohe]
Ryan Edward James 1975 B1909
Ryan Laura Chaffee m B1909 [wife of Edward James Ryan]
Salisbury Janie 1866 Feb 24 [B1861] died age [ ]; daughter of A. & E. Salisbury [stone worn and broken]
Schombert John D. Jr. 1993 Jul 12 B1930 Mar 21; “Beloved Brother”
Schuyler Marilla C[ouse] 1931 B1869 [Couse monument]
Scott Ella M. # 1970 B1895; wife of George E. Scott
Scott George E. # 1971 B1896
Scovel Ellis C. 1980 Aug 21 B1901 May 9
Scovel Mary K. 1983 Mar 28 B1904 Nov 5 [wife of Ellis Scovel]
Seabold Morris M. # 1888 Feb 21 D ae 75 in Middlesex; born in Cayuga Co., NY [town record]
Secor Sarah A[dams] 1854 Sep 30 D ae 31/2/22; wife of Minor Secor & daughter of John & Rebecca Adams [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Seeley Bessie G. 1969 B1877 [wife of Chas W. Seeley]
Seeley Charles W. 1932 B1880
Seeley Gerald M. 1965 B1907
Seeley Ruth A. 1985 B1907 [wife of Gerald M. Seeley]
Sheldon Thelma Wright 1941 B1900 [Geo. F. Wright plot]
Sheppard Harriet L. 1858 Jan 3 D ae 28; wife of Daniel Shepperd
Slack A. Kenneth 1980 B1913
Slack Agatha E. 1971 B1886 [wife of Charles A. Slack]
Slack Annmarie G. m B1918; wife of A. Kenneth Slack, married 1940 Sep 14
Slack Charles A. 1970 B1885
Slack Edwin # 1918 Dec 1 [MWF: born 1 November 1900 in Middlesex, lived there and died at Memorial Hospital, age 28, of epidemic influenza; single, son of Lewis (born in Hamilton Co.) and Nellie (born in Yates Co.) Slack]
Slack infant # 1910 Oct 17 Died in Middlesex, ch/o Charles & Agatha Slack [town record; says buried on farm]
Slack Leroy R. 1968 Aug 4 B1942 Mar 29
Slack Minnie 1954 B1867 [Ladue / Slack plot]
Slack Ruth B. Seybold 1992 Aug 2 B1912 Apr 23; wife of Warren M. Slack, married 1936 Oct 24
Slack Sophronia Morrison # 1899 Jan 3 D ae 63/8/28 in Middlesex; married daughter of John & Nancy Morrison [town record]
Slack Warren M. m B1911 Dec 2
Slack William [W.] 1938 [Aug 9] B1861 [Apr 17]; [MWF: born in Speculator, N.Y., lived in Middlesex, died at Thompson Memorial Hospital in Canandaigua, age 77/3/23; married, son of Edward and Sophronia Morrison Slack, both born in Wells, N.Y.; husband of Minnie Ladew Slack] [Ladue / Slack plot]
Slocum Lottie A. 1969 B1903 [wife of Robert Slocum]
Slocurn Robert M. m B1890
Smith Burt [Robert] 1944 B1875 [Burt Smith plot]
Smith Carl G. 1949 B1900 [two stones? see Charles Smith below] [Burt Smith plot]
Smith Charles m B1871
Smith Charles 1949 B1900 [Chas Smith plot]
Smith Charrie Cole 1950 B1870 [Frank Cole plot]
Smith Clifford L. 1982 B1927
Smith Francis Leo 1949 B1949 “Baby” [Chas Smith plot]
Smith Genevieve # 1904 Jun 24 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 3 months; daughter of John and Joan Smith]
Smith Hilda E. 1980 Oct 5 B1913 Feb 24 [Chas Smith plot]
Smith Hilda M. m B1927 [wife of Clifford L. Smith]
Smith Lawrence John 1947 Oct 14 B1947 Aug 27 [McGuire / Ellis / Smith plot]
Smith Leo Bert 1957 B1910 [same stone as Leroy Smith] [Chas Smith plot]
Smith Leroy 1960 B1942 [same stone as Leo Burt Smith] [Chas Smith plot]
Smith Martha A. 1994 B1922; “Billie” [McGuire / Ellis / Smith plot]
Smith Mary Jennette 1878 May 2 D ae 41; wife of Lewis M. Smith; “Net” [adjacent to Ira Hawley monument]
Smith Nellie 1951 B1871 [wife of Charles Smith]
Smith Perlie E. 1919 B1866 [Henry Green monument]
Smith Rose Ann 1934 B1873 [Burt Smith plot]
Snell Jane Penner # 1908 Dec 2 [MWF: died at Willard, age 78; widowed, daughter of N. and Mary Penner]
Snell Harriet Margaret # 1907 Aug 16 [MWF: born in Lockport, died at Vine Valley, age 49; daughter of J. P. and Jane Snell]
Speers Charles 1943 B1865
Speers Clara 1897 Aug 12 B1896 Feb 15; daughter of Charles & Olive Speers
Speers Cora B. 1950 B1868 [wife of William Speers]
Speers Olive Rice 1915 B1858 [wife of Charles Speers]
Speers William 1945 B1863
Spike Albert 1891 B1891; son of George R. & Laura Spike
Spike Albert P. 1887 Jul 30 B1873 Apr 14 [Gates monument]
Spike Eddie F. 1885 Oct 17 B1882 Aug 17 [Gates monument]
Spike Edith G. 1993 B1901 [wife of Walter J. Spike]
Spike Elizabeth 1892 Jun 5 D ae 49 & 21 days; wife of Peter Spike
Spike Ella 1958 B1872 [wife of Frank Spike]
Spike Ellen S[ophia] 1893 Jun 19 B1819 Mar 11 [Josiah Spike monument]
Spike Frank L. 1933 B1871
Spike George 1896 Aug 23 B1822 Apr 29 [Josiah Spike monument]
Spike George R. 1923 B1869 [Geo. R. Spike monument]
Spike Josiah 1866 Mar 7 D ae 79/3/8 [Josiah Spike monument]
Spike Laura Reifsteck 1967 B1874; wife of George R. Spike [Geo. R. Spike monument]
[Spike?] Mary J. m [Small stone without surname, in plot with Gates monument]
Spike Peter 1910 [Jun 18] B1843; [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Gorham, age 67; married, son of George and Sarah Spike, both born in N.Y. state]
Spike Walter J. 1963 B1892
Spitz Frank C. 1978 B1913
Spitz Ruth E. m B1914 [wife of Frank Spitz]
Sprague Francis F. 1987 Jan 17 B1913 Nov 6; WWII: Navy
Squares Ella # 1890 Sep 13 D ae 10 weeks in Middlesex [town record]
Stebbins Emma 1912 B1840; wife of Samuel B. Stebbins [John Stebbins plot]
Stebbins John 1848 Jan 22 D ae 77/8 [John Stebbins plot]
Stebbins Minnie Almira 1863 Sep 9 D ae 1/6/22; daughter of Wm H. & Olive Stebbins [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Stebbins Olive Emory 1907 B1838; wife of William H. Stebbins [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Stebbins Orin 1866 Nov 22 D ae 68/7/16 [John Stebbins plot]
Stebbins Sally 1848 Nov 16 D ae 73/2; wife of John Stebbins [John Stebbins plot]
Stebbins Samuel B. 1903 B1838 [John Stebbins plot]
Stebbins Sarah 1881 Oct 12 D ae 82/1/5; wife of Orin Stebbins [John Stebbins plot]
Stebbins William H. 1903 B1836 [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Sterling Adeline A. 1895 Dec 25 D ae 78 [M. A. Phillips monument]
Sturm Anna M. Robson 1935 B1865 [wife of John Sturm]
Sturm Caroline 1891 Mar 17 B1827 Jan 5; wife of Gottlieb Sturm [Gottlieb Sturm monument]
Sturm Charles R. 1968 B1897
Sturm Frances B. 1993 B1903 [wife of Charles R. Sturm]
Sturm Gottlieb 1913 Jan 3 B1824 Jul 13 [MWF: born in Germany, died in Auburn, age 87/5/12; widowed] [Gottlieb Sturm monument]
Sturm Henry 1854 Oct 8 B1833 Jan 10 [very worn; Gottlieb Sturm monument]
Sturm John 1931 B1861
Sturm Martha 1907 Mar 20 B1837 Jul 3; wife of Henry Sturm [very worn; Gottlieb Sturm monument]
Sturm Mary # 1897 Mar 20 D ae 30/2 in Middlesex; daughter of Gottlieb & Caroline Sturm [town record]
Styles J--- M---, Mrs. # 1906 Apr 23 D ae 52 at Vine Valley [town record]
Sutherland Harry L. 1971 B1892
Swarthout Charles E. m [C. E. Swarthout plot]
[Swarthout] Lucy E. m [Wife of Ralph C. Swarthout] [C. E. Swarthout plot]
Swarthout Mabel 1982 B1893 [wife of Walter Swarthout]
Swarthout Maria 1897 Mar 6 B1859 Jan 1; wife of Charles E. Swarthout [C. E. Swarthout plot]
Swarthout Ralph C. 1913 [Mar 24] B1884 [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Rochester, age 28/10/12; married, son of Charles and Maria Swarthout, both born in Dundee] [C. E. Swarthout plot]
Swarthout Walter 1957 B1886
Tambe Florence m B1920 [wife of Samuel R. Tambe]
Tambe Samuel R. 1975 Mar 18 B1920 Jan 21; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army
Taylor ---- m [Surname only; Coon / Taylor monument]
Taylor John 1858 Aug 6 D ae 63
Taylor Polly 1860 Apr 3 D ae 67 [wife of John Taylor]
[Teller?] ---- 1835 D ae 7 days [slate stone, broken inscription; Teller plot]
Teller Elizabeth C. 1846 Mar 30 D ae 7/10/7; daughter of Benjamin & Eunice Teller [Teller plot]
Teller George M. 1841 Feb 17 D ae 8 months 10 days; son of William & Mary Ann Teller [Teller plot]
Teller Ransom 1846 Mar 29 D ae 5/8/5; son of Benjamin & Eunice Teller [Teller plot]
Tinney Corydon 1902 Apr 9 D ae 78 [MWF: died at Vine Valley]
Tinney Jane 1886 Apr 10 D ae 57/6/7; wife of Corydon Tinney
Titsch Ruth G. 1982 B1895 [wife of Walter H. Titsch]
Titsch Walter H. 1964 Jun 4 B1889 Nov 21; WWI: NY, capt., Motor Trans. Corps
Townsend D. H. m B1836 [Geo G. Carr plot]
Townsend Lucy S. Carr 1904 [Feb 8] B1845; wife of D. H. Townsend [MWF: died at Clifton Springs, age 58] [Geo. G. Carr plot]
Tracy Bessie M. Lyon 19-- B1889 [G. H. Ladue plot]
Turner Esther Cooper 1985 B1930
Underwood Adam U. 1844 May 7 D ae 11 months 7 days; son of James M. & Lydia Underwood
Underwood Adams 1843 Oct 20 D ae 40 [David Underwood plot]
Underwood Adams 1904 B1833
Underwood Adams G. 1863 Aug -- [B1851] son of Adams & Elizabeth Underwood [David Underwood plot]
Underwood Bethula [Gates] 1838 Sep 18 D ae 68; wife of David Underwood [David Underwood plot]
Underwood Carolyn Robeson 1989 B1903 [W. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood Charles Elvin 1951 B1942 [W. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood David 1842 Mar 19 D ae 72 [David Underwood plot]
Underwood Edna R. 1964 B1870 [wife of Elvin R. Underwood] [Elvin Underwood monument]
Underwood Elmer J. 1866 Dec 27 D ae 2/6/23; son of A. & E. Underwood [David Underwood plot]
Underwood Elona N. 1952 Dec 24 B1871 Jun 20; WWI: NY, Nurse, ANC [Stephen Underwood plot]
Underwood Elvin R. 1944 B1866 [Elvin Underwood monument]
Underwood Frances L[ucy] 1903 B1836 [J. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood Harold T. 1977 B1897 [J. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood Hiler H[elen] 1905 [Nov 4] B1900 [daughter of Elvin & Edna Miles Underwood] [Elvin Underwood monument]
Underwood James H. 1950 B1874 [J. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood James M. 1852 Aug 15 B1808 Nov 7
Underwood Lucy M. 1942 B1864 [J. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood Lusetta J. 1845 Mar 25 D ae 17/11/23; daughter of Adams & Mahala Underwood [David Underwood plot]
Underwood M. Elizabeth Packham 1923 B1835; wife of Adams Underwood
Underwood Minnie E. 1965 B1876 [wife of James H. Underwood] [J. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood Stephen A. 1873 Sep 28 D ae 32/11 [Stephen Underwood plot]
Underwood Thomas 1891 B1832 [J. H. Underwood plot]
Underwood William Hilmond 1969 B1902 [W. H. Underwood plot]
Valesko Joseph Jr. 1969 Jun 6 B1945 Oct 20; Vietnam War: NY, Co. A, 22nd Infantry, 25th Infantry Division
Valesko Joseph 1989 Jan 29 B1910 Aug 25; WWII: Navy
VanBuskirk Ethel May m B1908 [wife of Eugene VanBuskirk]
VanBuskirk Eugene 1983 B1905
VanGee John M. 1981 B1902
VanGee Marie K. 1983 B1903 [wife of John M. VanGee]
VanHouten Ellenor [VanWaggenen] 1858 Feb 3 [B1792] wife of Isaac H. VanHouten & daughter of Gerret G. & Ellenor VanWaggenen
VanHouten Elizabeth Sole 1938 B1858 [Perry VanHouten monument]
VanHouten Elsy Ann 1846 Mar 20 D ae 4/7 days; daughter of Abraham & Mary VanHouten [Stephen Collins plot]
VanHouten Perry A. 1937 [Jan 20] B1860 [Dec 15]; [MWF: lived in Middlesex, died at Soldiers & Sailors Hospital, Penn Yan, age 76/1/5; single, son of Case (born in Middlesex) and Theresa Black (born in Wellsville) VanHouten] [Perry VanHouten monument]
VanHouten Theresa M. 1860 B1836 [Perry VanHouten monument]
VanWaes Gilbert 1982 B1911
VanWaes Mary m B1912 [wife of Gilbert VanWaes]
Volansky Albert m B1924 Jan 24
Volansky Gladys C. 1993 Nov 15 B1920 Feb 6 [wife of Albert Volansky]
Wager Mary A. [Green] 1864 B1837 wife of Warren Wager [Henry Green monument]
Warren Charles C. 1970 B1896
Warren Pauline A. 1979 B1899 [wife of Charles C. Warren]
Washburn Ida m B1860 [adjacent to Clarence Lamphier]
Waterman Betty m B1914 [G. W. Waterman plot]
Waterman Fred J. III 1980 Feb 17 B1939 Oct 3; “Jack”; [Vietnam War]: lieut., USN [G. W. Waterman plot]
Waterman George W. 1984 B1911 [G. W. Waterman plot]
Watson Florence # 1889 Jun 25 D ae 4 in Middlesex; daughter of Gordon A. & Eliza M. Watson [town record]
Welch Frank m B1949 Jul 5
Welch Nellie m B1955 Dec 22 [wife of Frank Welch]
Wheeler Amos m Son of Rial & Sarah Wheeler [broken stone]
Whitman Almina Adams # 1921 Jun 27 [MWF: born in Middlesex, died at the Ontario County Home; daughter of Cyrus Adams]
Whitman Flora 1968 B1880 [wife of William Whitman] [Whitman plot]
Whitman Jack Robert 1941 D ae 7 weeks [Whitman plot]
Whitman Myron Otis 1913 B1913 [Whitman plot]
Whitman William 1946 B1879 [Whitman plot]
Whomsley Annie Bagley 1950 B1895 [wife of Harry Whomsley]
Whomsley Harry 1982 B1887
Wickham Corda # 1905 Sep 23 D ae 25 days; daughter of John & Nettie Slack Wickham [town record]
Wickham Lemond # 1905 Sep 2 D ae 3; son of John & Nettie Slack Wickham [town record]
Wickum John 1944 B1871 [Wickum plot]
Wickum John W. 1970 B1900 [Wickum plot]
Wickum Nettie 1937 B1873 [wife of John Wickum] [Wickum plot]
Wilkins Willard P. [Jr.] 1976 B1943; Vietnam War: USN
Williams Ella M. 1970 B1895 [wife of George E. Williams] [Geo. E. Williams plot; also a stone in the E. T. Williams plot at Rushville Cemetery]
Williams George A. 1980 Oct 2 B1922 Sep 25; WWII: USN [Geo. E. Williams plot]
Williams George E. 1971 B1895 [Geo. E. Williams plot; also a stone in the E. T. Williams plot at Rushville Cemetery]
Williams Hazel E. 1953 B1893 [wife of O. Davis Williams] [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Williams Jonathan Scott 1973 Dec 22 B1955 Mar 31 [Geo. E. Williams plot]
Williams Mae Barrett 1962 B1895 [wife of Wesley F. Williams]
Williams May B. 1935 B1865 [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Williams O. Davis 1957 B1892 [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Williams Vera V. m B1924 [wife of George A. Williams] [Geo E. Williams plot]
Williams Warham B. 1953 B1868 [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Williams Wesley Franklin 1983 B1893
Williams William W[right] 1949 Nov 9 B1895 Sep 10; WWI: NY, musician 2 class, 9th Regt., F.A. Repl. Dep. [Stebbins / Williams plot]
Wilson Albert # 1935 B1870
Wilson Barbara A. Hadsell # 1905 Aug 24 D ae 64 in Middlesex; married daughter of Horace & Harriet Underwood Hadsell [town record]
Wilson Delia Eddy 1894 Apr 17 B1850 Jan 6; wife of Emory N. Wilson [Zenas Wilson monument]
Wilson Edith G. 1984 B1899 [wife of Warren H. Wilson]
Wilson Emory N. 1895 Nov 19 B1842 May 26 [Zenas Wilson monument]
Wilson Florence # 1955 B1878; wife of Albert Wilson
Wilson Jane 1857 Jun 6 B1848 Feb 27; daughter of Zenas & Sarah Wilson [Zenas Wilson monument]
Wilson Marcus 1903 B1835
Wilson Sarah Emory 1889 Mar 1 B1806 Apr 10; wife of Zenas Wilson [Zenas Wilson monument]
Wilson Sidelia A. Elwell 1928 B1843; wife of Marcus Wilson
Wilson Warren H. 1978 B1900
Wilson Zenas 1866 Dec 2 B1808 Apr 11 [Zenas Wilson monument]
Woodworth Celemma 1839 B1813 [Caleb Bates monument]
Woodworth Paula Valesko 1979 Feb 2 B1953 Feb 20 [adjacent to Joseph Valesko]
Wright Edward P. m B1843 Jun 20 [Wm Wright monument]
Wright Eva Couse 1943 B1875; wife of George F. Wright [Geo. G. Wright plot]
Wright Francis William 1864 Feb 19 B1853 Nov 13 [Wm Wright monument]
Wright George F. 1949 B1876 [Geo. F. Wright plot]
Wright Joseph 1855 Mar 16 D ae 73/1/1 [Wm Wright monument]
Wright Lucinda A. M. Purdy m B1820 Apr 5; wife of William Wright [Wm Wright monument]
Wright Lucy 1851 Mar 11 D ae 76/1/28; wife of Joseph Wright [Wm Wright monument]
Wright Mary C. 1835 Jun 28 D ae 20/8/2 [wife of William Wright] [in plot with Wm Wright monument]
Wright Mary J. 1864 Feb 24 B1849 Mar 3; wife of Edward P. Wright [Wm Wright monument]
Wright William 1895 Feb 19 B1812 Feb 28 [Wm Wright monument]
Wyman Edna M. 1888 B1848 [Darwin Miles monument in David Miles plot]
Youker Ethel E. Combs 1985 B1898 [wife of Fred E. Youker]
Youker Fred E. 1987 B1894
Youker Lynn 1907 B1892 [Chas A. Fountain plot]
Young Mary Couse 1942 B1864

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