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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part V: Cemeteries in the town of in Middlesex

Overacker’s Cemetery, Part 1: Notes

This is the largest and only remaining active cemetery in the town. The association maintains it in excellent condition. Some of the older stones are weathered and a few are broken, but on the whole this beautiful burial ground is a pleasure to visit.

It apparently began as a plot for the Herrington family, and there are a few very old records which refer to it by that name. During the middle of the 19th century the nearby intersection now known as Overackers Corners supported a church, the still remaining brick schoolhouse and several stores. It’s quite difficult nowadays to imagine the busy settlement surrounding the now very peaceful cemetery. It is adjacent to the road and easily accessible from Route 364.

Additions and enhancements were made to this list from one compiled by former in Middlesex historian Frederick Harter in 1981, and now in the collection of the in Middlesex Heritage Group.

Overacker’s Cemetery, Part 1: Burials

---- ---- m [Slate stone, no inscription left]
---- ---- -8 --- 18-8 D ae 11/10/25 [worn and broken marble stone]
Adams Adelia Hixson 1903 [Feb 9] B1825; wife of Rufus J. Adams [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 76; funeral ordered by Mrs. Christie? and charged to F. H. Hixson] [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Adams Asahel 1844 Nov 26 D ae 84 [Asahel Adams plot]
Adams Bertie 1925 B1850 [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Adams Cyrus 2nd 1865 Oct 26 D ae 62/4/18 [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Adams Cyrus L. # 1859 Dec D ae 25 in Middlesex [mortality schedule]
Adams Cyrus 1885 Sep 13 D ae 84/1/1 [son of Asahel & Polly Adams] [Asahel Adams plot]
Adams Emma J. Bassett 1883 Dec 20 B1832 Apr 14; wife of Lester Adams [& daughter of Alexander Bassett]
Adams Jane Dorrance 1847 Feb 26 D ae 39/8/12; wife of Cyrus Adams [Asahel Adams plot]
Adams Jane 1890 Nov 25 D ae 60; daughter of Cyrus & Jane [Dorrance] Adams [Asahel Adams plot]
Adams John 1858 Aug 9 D ae 65/10/6 [son of Asahel & Polly Adams; War of 1812] [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Adams John C. 1864 Jul 26 D ae 25; Civil War: [Co. K,] 126th NY; wounded at Petersburg, Virginia, 17 Jun 1864 [son of Cyrus & Jane Adams] [Asahel Adams plot]
Adams Justus 1835 Jan 21 D ae 3 months; son of John & Rebecca Adams [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot; also his own stone]
Adams Lester 1916 Dec 20 B1829 Jul 23 [son of John & Rebecca Adams]
Adams Loomis Rusell 1844 Mar 4 B1843 Oct 21; d ae 4 months 15 days; son of L. L. & Lusanna Adams [Lovel L. Adams monument and his own stone]
Adams Lovel L. 1868 Feb 26 B1809 Sep 22 [son of Asahel & Polly Adams] [Lovel L. Adams monument]
Adams Lucretia [Emory] 1862 Aug 23 D ae 51/1/17; wife of Cyrus Adams 2nd [& daughter of Nathaniel & Becky Emory] [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Adams Lusanna P. [Curtis] 1893 Mar l B1813 Jan 16; wife of Lovel L. Adams [Lovel L. Adams monument]
Adams Marilla A. 1879 Oct 13 D ae 48/10; daughter of John & Rebecca Adams [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot; also his own stone]
Adams Ozella Virginia 1838 Sep 24 B1838 Sep 6; died age 2 weeks; daughter of Lovel L. & Lusanna P. Adams [Lovel L. Adams monument and his own stone]
Adams Polly [Lowell] 1857 Mar 31 D ae 85/5/20; wife of Asahel Adams [Asahel Adams plot]
Adams Rebecca Millington 1880 Jul 29 D ae 87/4/4; born 1793; wife of John Adams [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot; also his own stone]
Adams Rufus J. 1853 Feb 26 D ae 28/2/9; born 1825 [son of John & Rebecca Adams] [John Adams monument in Cyrus Adams 2nd plot; also his own stone]
Adams Rufus P. 1841 Apr 18 B1840 Jul 3; died age 9 months 13 days; son of Lovel L. & Lusanna Adams [Lovel L. Adams monument and own stone]
Adams Schuyler R. 1863 Sep 6 D ae 1/1/22; son of Lewis S. & Lucy A. Adams [Cyrus Adams 2nd plot]
Adriance Franklin P. 1989 Sep 13 B1919 Feb 24; WWII: USAAC
Agor Aaron C., Rev. 1864 Oct 20 D ae 34 [born in Putnam Co., NY] [Agor plot]
Agor Mina A. 1864 Jul 15 D ae 11 months; daughter of L. C. & Louisa Agor [Agor plot]
Alten Charles 1883 Oct 21 D ae 50
Alten Harriet Otto 1921 Aug 31 B1844 Nov 2 [wife of Charles Alten]
Ames Barbara Davis
B1931 Nov 12; wife of Edward E. Ames, married 1949 May 15
Ames Edward E. 1992 Apr 20 B1929 Jun 17
Anable Alexander S. 1862 Feb 12 D ae 26/6/5 at the Hill House [battle of Second Bull Run] Civil War: [Co. H.] 77th NY [Monagle plot]
Andross David P. 1986 B1966; USNR
Andross Edward B. 1970 Dec 31 B1918 May 6; WWII: NY, 2nd Lieut. 3541 Base Unit AAF
Andross Helen L.
B1929 [wife of Edward B. Andross]
Andross Maude E. 1972 B1887
Armitage E. Juanita 1969 B1898 [wife of Ralph J. Armitage]
Bates Avis S. 1893 [May 1] B1815 [d in Rushville; daughter of Caleb & Rachel Bates] [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Caleb 1823 B1780 [Caleb Bates monument; also his own stone in Pine Corners cemetery]
Bates Charles
B1809 [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Freddie 1879 Sep 20 D ae 14/6/10; youngest son of Albert & Tryphena Bates
Bates Gardner 1839 B1802 [Caleb Bates monument; also his own stone in Pine Corners cemetery]
Bates Joshua 1816 B1815 [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Lydia M. [1917 Apr 12] B1817 [MWF: born in Vermont, died in Rushville, age 99/3/15; single, daughter of Caleb and Rachel Millington Bates, both born in Vermont] [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Marvin C. 1897 [Mar 29] B1822 [in Middlesex, died in Rushville] [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Merril
B1806 [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Rachel S[herman] 1870 [Mar] B1780; wife of Caleb Bates [born in Vermont] [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Russel
B1811 [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Seth J.
B1820 [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Sherman 1805 B1804 [Caleb Bates monument]
Bates Tryphena 1911 Oct 21 B1826 May 28; wife of Albert Bates [MWF: born in Steuben Co., died in Middlesex, age 86; widowed]
Beam Ruth A. 1946 B1891 [Adelbert French plot]
Beard Martha A. Ladew # 1901 Oct 13 D ae 37 in Jerusalem; daughter of Cephas & Edith Ladew [town record]
[Becker?] Conrad L. 1904 B1829 [small stone near a large Becker monument]
Becker Ernst J. [1919 Dec 29] B1839 [Mar 12] [MWF: born in Frankfort, Germany, died in Vine Valley, age 80/9/17; widowed, son of John and Philippine Becker, both born in Germany] [Ernst Becker plot]
Becker Frank E. 1938 [Jan 17] B1865 [Jul 3]; [MWF: born in Syracuse, lived in Middlesex, died at Gasport, age 72/6/14; married, son of Ernst and Amelia Salbach Becker, both born in Germany] [Frank Becker plot]
[Becker] George A. 1903 [Dec 21] B1860 [MWF: died at Syracuse, age 43] [small stone near a large Becker monument]
Becker Karl E. 1903 [Aug 25] B1891 [MWF: born and died at Vine Valley, age 12; funeral ordered by F. Becker] [Frank Becker plot]
Becker Katie P. 1956 B1871 [Frank Becker plot]
Becker Rudolph T. 1986 B1902 [Ernst Becker plot]
Becker Thelma A. 1985 B1903 [wife of Rudolph T. Becker] [Ernst Becker plot]
Becker Thelma F. 1955 B1896 [Frank Becker plot]
Becker Wilhelmina F. [Salbach] 1916 [Aug 10] B1841 [Feb. 14]; wife of Ernst J. Becker [MWF: born in Germany, died in Canandaigua, age 85/5/27; married, daughter of John and Mary Salbach, both born in Germany] [Ernst Becker plot]
[Becker] William 1899 [Jul 4] B1873 [MWF: died at Willard, age 26] [small stone near a large Becker monument]
Beers Anna 1851 Oct 27 D ae 63/10; wife of Nehemiah Beers [Beers plot]
Beers Nehemiah 1857 Dec 28 D ae 76/5/17 [Beers plot]
Beers Pamelia 1885 Jan 3 D ae 58/11/27 [Beers plot]
Bell Hamilton 1843 Jun 16 D ae 83 [Jacob Peters plot]
Bellis Dawn Marie 1955 B1953
Bennett Caroline 1918 B1825
Bergman Michael W. 1991 Oct 8 B1974 Jun 25
Bickel Dorothy 1993 Nov 4 B1948 Jul 5
Boman John 1844 Jan 1 D ae 41
Boots Lucy 1848 Jun 22 D ae 37/10; wife of Joseph Boots
Bordwell Charles H. 1942 B1864 [Couse monument]
Bordwell Perley Couse 1957 B1871 [wife of Charles H. Bordwell] [Couse monument]
Borisuk Andrew Sr. 1964 B1889
Borisuk Susannah 1980 B1896 [wife of Andrew Borisuk Sr.]
Bornheimer Harry J. 1981 Jun 25 B1905 Mar 27
Bornheimer Mabel E. 1976 B1895 [wife of Harry J. Bornheimer]
Bradley Paulina 1858 Oct 25 D ae 82/7; wife of Gould Bradley [Beers plot]
Brando George 1874 Apr 29 D ae 45/6/20
Bri--- George 18-- Jan -- s/o B. C. L. & M. A. Bri--- [stone partially buried]
Brink Aubrey E.
Brink Donald J. 1987 Feb 12 B1955 Apr 8: Vietnam War: sp/4, U.S. Army
Brink Lewis A. 1985 B1905
Brink Sarah M.
B1924 [wife of Aubrey E. Brink]
Brink Spencer S. 1980 B1903
Brink Theresa R.
B1906; wife of Spencer S. Brink, married 1922 Sep 11
Brink Viola P. 1991 B1910 [wife of Lewis A. Brink]
Brown ---- 1853 Jul 28 D ae 12/1/3; daughter of John S. & Rachel Brown [plot with John Mather monument]
Brown Fred C. 1902 B1872 [Geo S. Newell monument]
Brown Gordon M. 1969 Jun 22 B1917 Jun 2; WWII: NY, 1249 Svc Comd Unit
Brown Mary Ladew # 1890 Oct 6 D ae 29 in Middlesex; daughter of Cephas & Mary Ladew [town record]
Brown Matilda B. [Hadsell] 1856 Jun 7 D ae 23/2; wife of Sherman Brown & daughter of H. V. & H. B. Hadsell [H. V. Hadsell plot]
Brown Minnie E. Newell 1898 [Jan 17] B1873; wife of Fred C. Brown [MWF: born and died at Vine Valley, age 24/11/26; funeral charged to George Newell] [Geo S. Newell monument]
Brown Muriel H[ester] 1902 Jan 31 D ae 2 months 12 days; daughter of D. L. & Castella Brown
Brown infant # 1902 Jan 30 [MWF: born and died at Vine Valley, age 3 months; funeral charged to Samuel Brown]
Brownell Emma F. Bassett m B1865; wife of Harry Brownell [Brownell monument]
Brownell Harry Elmer 1938 B1863; son of Warren & Sarah Brownell [Brownell monument]
Brownell May A. Vanhouten # 1898 Nov 8 D ae 70/10/15 in Middlesex; married daughter of P. A. & Eleanor Vanhouten [town record]
Brownell Sarah E. Matteson 1915 [Feb 27] B1840; wife of Warren W. Brownell [MWF: born in Vermont, died in Middlesex, age 75/2/1; married, daughter of Ebenezer and Prudence Burlington Matteson, both born in Vermont] [Brownell monument]
Brownell Warren W. 1915 [Jul 14] B1834 [MWF: born at Potsdam, died in Middlesex, age 81/5/16; widowed, son of Peckham and Hannah Brownell] [Brownell monument]
Bucklin Nancy Jennette 1877 Jul 3 D ae 34/4; wife of Erastus Bucklin [Lockwood plot]
Burdick Sally Maria [Hadsell] 1863 Aug 16 D ae 28/5; wife of Alpheus T. Burdick & daughter of H. V. & H. B. Hadsell [H. V. Hadsell plot]
Burgess Dorothy L. m B1924 [wife of Harold E. Burgess]
Burgess Gerald T. # 1900 Feb 6 D ae 2 months in Middlesex; son of Orson Burgess [town record]
Burgess Harold E. 1993 Sep 8 B1922 Mar 31; WWII: U.S. Army
Button C. Ray 1952 B1885 [Button monument]
Button Clarence G. 1913 B1852 [Button monument]
Button Esther C. 1993 B1905 [wife of Leslie J. Button]
Button Leon G. 1980 B1891 [Button monument]
Button Leslie J. 1981 B1896
Button Mabel Shane 1968 B1900; wife of Leon G. Button [Button monument]
Button Nettie Griffith 1948 B1866; wife of Clarence Button [Button monument]
Button Ottelia Kerskie 1966 B1888 [wife of C. Ray Button] [Button monument]
Button William H. 1924 [May 24] B1890 [Mar 26] [MWF: born in Middlesex, lived at Vine Valley, died at Crouse Irvin Hospital, Syracuse, age 34/1/24; married, son of Clarence (born at Somerset N.Y.) and Nettie Griffith (born at Wellman, Iowa) Button] [Button monument]
Canright Charles H. 1916 [Jan 13] B1855 [MWF: born in Canandaigua, died at Vine Valley, age 60/2/4; married, son of Henry and Mary Canright, both born in Canandaigua]
Canright Emma A. Lewis 19-- B1856; wife of Charles H. Canright
Carlyon Harold F. m B1934 [Ernst Becker plot]
Carlyon Patricia Becker 1992 B1937 [wife of Harold F. Carlyon] [Ernst Becker plot]
Carr Charles D. 1892 B1868 [Edward Carr plot]
Carr Chloie 1892 Mar 30 B1847 May 17; wife of Northrop Carr [Geo. G. Carr plot]
Carr Edward 1882 B1827; “Father” [Edward Carr plot]
Carr George G. 1877 Feb 24 D ae 56/8/19 [Geo. G. Carr plot]
Carr Hattie 1923 [Oct 26] B1864 [Oct 10] [MWF: born, lived and died in Middlesex, age 59/11/16; single, daughter of Edward (born in Canandaigua) and ---- Case (born in Bristol) Carr; funeral service at the home of William Carr] [Edward Carr plot]
Carr infant # 1912 May 19 D ae 1½ hours in Middlesex; child of Charles & Nellie Burgess Carr [town record; buried at home]
Carr John 1911 B1854 [Edward Carr plot]
Carr Julia A. 1884 Nov 27 D ae 63; wife of George G. Carr [Geo. G. Carr plot]
Carr Maria M. 1878 B1834; “Mother” [Edward Carr plot]
Carr Northrop S. 1908 Dec 24 B1843 Jan 4 [died in Rushville; son of George & Julia Carr] [MWF: born in Yates Co., died age 66; widowed, son of George and May Carr] [Geo. G. Carr plot]
Carr Willard S. 1865 Dec 11 D ae 9/7/23; son of George & Julia Carr [Geo. G. Carr plot]
Chaapel Marjorie Johncox 1971 B1931 [wife of Victor J. Chaapel]
Chaapel Victor J. 1982 Jul 8 B1916 Feb 26; WWII: t/sgt., Army
[Chaffee?] Ellen E. 1926 B1868; “his wife” [P. B. Chaffee plot]
Chaffee Eloise J. 1956 B1882 [wife of Festus Chaffee] [F. M. Chaffee plot]
Chaffee Festus M., Dr. 1960 May 8 B1879 Apr 13; WWI: NY, 1st lieut., Medical Corps [F. M. Chaffee plot]
Chaffee Lina M.# 1894 Apr 10 D ae 14/4/27 in Middlesex; daughter of P. B. & Maria M. Couse Chaffee [town record]
Chaffee Maria C[ouse] 1910 B1840 [P. B. Chaffee plot]
Chaffee Ora R. Adams 1968 B1886 [F. M. Chaffee plot]
Chaffee Philo B. 1918 B1839 [P. B. Chaffee plot]
Chilcoat Eleanor M. 1960 B1913 [Alonzo Ladew plot]
[Chrysler] [Anna Potter] 1906 [Feb 16] “Mother” [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Gorham, age 78; widowed, daughter of John and Sarah Potter] [Porter Chrysler plot]
Chrysler Albert 1952 B1903 [Frank Chrysler monument]
Chrysler Alex m m
Chrysler Betsy Elizabeth # 1888 Feb 11 D ae 84/8/6 in Middlesex; widow; mother’s first name was Elizabeth [town record]
Chrysler Bruce A. 1965 B1945 [same stone as Milford A. Chrysler]
Chrysler Carl 1966 B1888
Chrysler Clara Alberta 1904 Aug 31 B1875 Oct 24; daughter of Porter & Thankful Chrysler [Porter Chrysler plot]
Chrysler David 1858 Oct 24 D ae 63/7/7
Chrysler David H. 1900 B1835
Chrysler Frank 1946 B1873 [Frank Chrysler monument]
Chrysler George W. m B1836 Oct 1
Chrysler Herman # 1905 Dec 23 D ae 79/2/10 in Middlesex; son of David & Betsy Chrysler [town record]
Chrysler Ida Rogers # 1905 Jun 9 [MWF: born in Naples, died in Gorham, age 27; married, daughter of Ellick Rogers]
Chrysler infant # 1903 Dec 16 D ae 1 month 22 days in Middlesex; child of Herbert & Iva Chrysler [town record]
Chrysler Jean 1980 B1895 [wife of Carl Chrysler]
Chrysler Jennetta 1887 Sep 1 B1839 Feb 1; wife of George W. Chrysler
Chrysler Lena 1964 B1880 [wife of Frank Chrysler] [Frank Chrysler monument]
Chrysler Lula 1882 Jan 3 D ae 4/11; daughter of Porter & Thankful Chrysler [Porter Chrysler plot]
Chrysler Martha [Raymond] 1914 [Sep 6] B1843; wife of David H Chrysler [MWF: born in Naples, died in Potter, age 68; daughter of Moses and Amanda White Raymond, both born in Conn.; funeral service held at home of R. Raymond]
Chrysler Milford A. 1965 B1908
Chrysler Porter A. 1908 B1830 [Porter Chrysler plot]
Chrysler Ruth 1895 Apr 27 D ae 31/4/?; wife of Alex Chrysler
Chrysler Thankful A. Francisco # 1903 Nov 14 D ae 59/2/2 in Middlesex; married daughter of Mat & Lucinda Walford Francisco [town record]
Church Margaret Hunter 1842 Sep 6 D ae 31; wife of Austin Church [Hunter monument]
Clark Bessie N. 1976 B1894 [wife of Lloyd A. Clark]
Clark Leigh A. m B1923 Jul 18
Clark Lloyd A. 1972 B1895
Clark Ruth B. m B1925 Jan 2 [wife of Leigh A. Clark]
Clawson Bradford 1906 B1826 [Bradford Clawson monument]
Clawson Ethel I. 1967 B1897 [wife of Willard A. Clawson]
Clawson Lemuel A. 1933 B1861 [Bradford Clawson monument]
Clawson Nellie M. 1930 B1868; wife of Lemuel A. Clawson [Bradford Clawson monument]
Clawson Phyann D. [Elwell] 1923 [Dec 14] B1825 [Oct 5]; wife of Bradford Clawson [MWF: born at Erie, Penn., died in Middlesex, age 98/2/9; widowed, daughter of Luther and Roxana Morse Elwell, both born in Vermont] [Bradford Clawson monument]
Clawson Willard A. 1968 Mar 19 B1894 Aug 20; WWI: musician 2nd class, HQ Co., 304th Field Artillery
Cleaveland Orlando 1902 Jan 19 D ae 69 [Cleaveland monument]
Cleaveland Orlando 1907 Feb 11 B1881 Apr 24 [Cleaveland monument]
Cleaveland Sarah A. 1883 Mar 24 D ae 45/1/2; wife of Orlando Cleaveland [Sr.] [Cleaveland monument]
Cobb Arden # 1874 B1820
Cobb Ardon, Rev. 1868 Aug 10 D ae 66/6/[2]
Cobb Catharine L. Hastings # 1895 Jul 23 D ae 56/5/1 in Middlesex; daughter of Jude & --- Curtis Hastings [town record]
Cochrane Lucinda J. 1854 Nov 2 D ae 9/11/11; daughter of George & Emily Cochrane
Cole Frank 1969 B1892
Cole Frank F. 1903 B1868 [Frank Cole plot]
Cole George H. 1949 B1866
Cole Harold E. # 1894 Oct 2 D ae 5 months in Middlesex; son of George H. & Eliza Baxter Cole [town record]
Cole Pauline 1953 B1899 [Frank Cole plot]
Cole Walter J. 1972 Aug 20 B1893 Jun 22; WWI: NY, Army [Frank Cole plot]
[Collins] Carrie m D ae 2; “Little Carrie” [Stephen Collins plot]
Collins Cuyler A. m s/o Stephen & Mary Collins [broken stone in Stephen Collins plot]
Collins Daniel 1834 Aug 17 D ae 20 [Stephen Collins plot]
Collins Hiram 1833 Aug 17 D ae 21 [Stephen Collins plot]
Collins Homer 1858 Jan 7 D ae 17/10/7; son of Norman & Sarah D. Collins [Stephen Collins plot]
Collins Stephen 1853 Mar 29 [Broken stone in Stephen Collins plot]
Combs Chloe 1947 B1879 [wife of Fred G. Combs]
Combs Ella m [Spencer Combs plot]
Combs Fred[erick] G. 1958 B1869
Combs G[eorge] W. [1915 Oct 8] [MWF: died at Vine Valley, age 87/11/2; son of Mitchell and Harriet Combs, both born in Oneida Co.]
Combs Lillian 1881 Feb 22 B1881 Jan 11; daughter of Spencer & Randilla Combs [Spencer Combs plot]
Combs Marion 1974 B1916 [wife of Wilfred Combs]
Combs Mary [Townsend] [1898 Nov 25] D ae 78; wife of G. W. Combs [& daughter of James & Elizabeth Townsend] [MWF: born in Seneca, died at Vine Valley, age 76; funeral charged to George Combs]
Combs Oscar m [Spencer Combs plot]
Combs Randilla [Clawson] 1909 Feb 7 B1854 Feb 10 [daughter of Bradford & Phyann D. Elwell Clawson &] wife of Spencer Combs [Spencer Combs plot]
Combs Spencer m [Spencer Combs plot]
Combs Wilfred 1977 B1899
Cook Elida I. Saulisbury 1937 B1861; wife of Frank H. Cook
Cook Frank H. 19-- B1858
Coon Glenn E. 1991 Jul 15 B1907 Nov 9 [son of Edwin Lee & Sarah Z. Huey Coon] [Coon / Taylor monument]
Coon Janice F. Stoddard m B1924; wife of Raymond L. Coon, married 1950 Jul 6
Coon Mary J. [Hadsell] m B1910 Jul 23 [married 1938 Feb 19] [Coon / Taylor monument]
Coon Raymond L. 1995 Aug 28 B1925 [son of Edwin Lee & Sarah Z. Huey Coon]
Cooper Adin S. 1890 B1841 [Stephen Underwood plot]
Cooper Alberta Elwell 1955 B1870; wife of Lonnie A. Cooper [A. P. Cooper plot]
Cooper Alice Loomis 1922 B1840; w/o Adin S. Cooper [Stephen Underwood plot]
Cooper Alonzo P[eter] 1907 [Feb 13] B1836 [MWF: born in Ontario Co., died in Middlesex, age 72; single, son of John and Mary Cooper] [A. P. Cooper plot]
Cooper Cora E. Worden 1954 B1890; wife of Fred Cooper [Frank Cooper monument]
Cooper Ernest 1973 B1911
Cooper Frank 1948 Nov 1 B1877 Jun 11 [Frank Cooper monument]
Cooper Fred 1943 B1888 [Frank Cooper monument]
Cooper Jacob 1872 Apr 14 D ae 80 [War of 1812]
Cooper Leon 1945 Apr 13 B1910 Sep 24; WWII: NY, 160th Infantry, 40th Division [Frank Cooper plot]
Cooper Lonnie A. 1918 B1866 [A. P. Cooper plot]
Cooper Lucy J. 1927 B1848 [wife of William H. Cooper]
Cooper Lyman C. 1935 B1902; son of Lonnie A. & Alberta Cooper [A. P. Cooper plot]
Cooper Martin W. 1945 B1876
Cooper May 1965 Nov 11 B1884 Sep 21; wife of Frank Cooper [Frank Cooper monument]
Cooper Rebecca W. 1888 B1801; “Mother of Alonzo Cooper” [A. P. Cooper plot]
Cooper Susie P. 1957 B1880; wife of Martin W. Cooper
Cooper Wilfred M. # 1924 Apr 8 [MWF: born 1 May 1917, lived in Middlesex, died at the Memorial Hospital, age 6/11/8; son of Fred (born in the town of Canandaigua) and Clara Worden (born in South Bristol) Cooper]
Cooper William H. 1923 [Dec 1] B1843 [Jul 19]; [MWF: born at Greens Corner, Schenectady Co., lived and died in Middlesex, age 86/4/12; son of Jacob and Rebecca Wemple Cooper, both born in N.Y. state]
Coston Almeda Miles 1976 B1911; wife of William H. Coston Sr.
Coston John 1982 May 14 B1922 Dec 20; WWII: Army
Coston Lillian 1959 B1880 [wife of John Coston]
Coston Michael J. Sr. 1965 B1915
Coston William H. Sr. m B1909
Couse Glen Ernest # 1896 May 29 D ae 6 months in Middlesex; son of Marcenas & Mary Couse [town record]
Couse infant # 1890 Dec 21 D ae 2 months 2 days in Middlesex; child of Marcenas & May Darling Couse [town record]
Couse James 1896 Mar 1 B1810 Apr 10 [Couse monument]
Couse Marcenus 1949 B1866
Couse Mary 1896 May 27 B1811 Apr 20; wife of James Couse [Couse monument]
Couse Melissa 1913 B1835 [Couse monument]
Couse Raymond # 1899 May 10 D ae 4 in Middlesex; son of Marcenas & May Darling Couse [town record]
Couse Sarah 1860 Aug 25 D ae 76; wife of Frederick Couse
Couse William 1921 B1836 [Couse monument]
Cripps Florence M. 1979 B1918
Daggett Arlington H. m B1914 [L. C. Daggett plot]
Daggett Fred 1942 B1866 [Fred Daggett plot]
Daggett Glenn O. 1963 B1908 [Fred Daggett plot]
Daggett Ivy L. 1979 Jul 13 B1924 Feb 6 [L. C. Daggett plot]
Daggett Leon C. 1961 Sep 19 B1918 Sep 28; WWII: NY, s/sgt., 463d Base Unit, AAF [L C Daggett plot]
Daggett Mary M. 1970 B1873 [Fred Daggett plot]
Daggett Viola M. m B1917 [wife of Arlington Daggett] [L. C. Daggett plot]
Daniels Coburn 1977 B1900 [Daniels / Hunt plot]
Daniels Erma G. m [w/o Coburn Daniels] [Daniels / Hunt plot]
Daniels Floyd Sr. 1970 Nov 28 B1918 May 18; WWII: NY, sc3, Navy
Daniels Harriet B. 1956 B1877 [Daniels / Hunt plot]
Darling Bert M. 1953 B1875
Darling Florence E. 1951 B1877 [wife of Bert M. Darling]
Davis Carolyn Murray 1978 B1897 [Geo. E. Williams plot]
Davis Francis C. 1961 B1904
Davis Helen A. m B1916 [wife of Francis C. Davis]
Day Caroline D. [Perry] 1851 Nov 12 D ae 18 wife of F. H. Day, M.D. & daughter of Edward & Harriet Perry [Edward Perry plot]
Dayton Dana E. 1943 B1884
Dayton Emma J. 1863 Aug 25 D ae 12/8/21; daughter of Ezekiel D. & Amanda Dayton [E. D. Dayton plot]
Dayton Ethel E. 1983 B1891 [wife of Dana E. Dayton]
Dayton Ezekiel D. 1884 Apr 5 B1821 May 25 [E. D. Dayton plot]
Dayton Judson D. 1935 B1859
Dayton Minnie A. 1945 B1862; wife of Judson D. Dayton
Dayton Oliver T. 1858 Jun 16 D ae 3/2/4; son of E. D. & Amanda Dayton [E. D. Dayton plot]
Dayton Ophelia C. 1863 Aug 22 D ae 7; daughter of Ezekiel D. & Amanda Dayton [E. D. Dayton plot]
Deal Howard C. 1941 B1902
Deal Vera L. 1987 B1908 [w/o Howard Deal]
Decker Sarah Furner # 1893 May 8 D ae 71/4/18 in Penn Yan; born in NJ, daughter of Francis & Annie Furner [village record]
Devinney Jean S. 1974 B1923 [wife of Robert H. Devinney]
Devinney Robert H. m B1919
Dewick Alice M. 1953 B1883 [wife of Floyd F. Dewick]
Dewick Floyd F. 1969 B1892
Dinehart Adam E. 1919 [Feb 19] B1843 [Sep 23] [MWF: born in Middlesex, died at Vine Valley, age 75/5/3; son of William and Nancy Dinehart; funeral service held at the home of William Dinehart] [Adam Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Emma J. 1881 B1846 [Wm A. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Flora Fountain 1921 B1874; wife of Murray H. Dinehart [Adam Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Frank R. 1960 B1869 [Frank Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Ida A. 1967 B1872 [wife of Frank Dinehart] [Frank Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Lavinia M. 1978 B1896 [Frank Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Lillian A. Hadsell 1906 B1847; wife of Adam E. Dinehart [Adam Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Murray H. 1901 [Nov 22] B1872; son of Adam E. & Lillian Dinehart [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 29] [Adam Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Nancy 1895 B1820; wife of William A. Dinehart [Wm A. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Orrin S. 1857 Sep 9 D ae 6/10/27; son of William & Nancy Dinehart [Wm A. Dinehart monument; also his own stone in John Stebbins plot]
Dinehart William A. 1895 B1816 [Wm A. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart William L. 1923 B1869; son of Adam & Lillian Dinehart [Adam Dinehart plot]
Dinehart Willie R[oscoe] 1864 Dec 11 D ae 3/9/15; son of W. A. & N. Dinehart [Wm A. Dinehart monument; also his own stone in John Stebbins plot]
Donley ---- # 1898 May 12 [MWF: died in Middlesex; funeral held from his home, ordered by Myron Gage and charged to the town of Middlesex]
Donley Dewey 1974 B1935
Donley Dewey P. 1977 B1899
Donley Kathleen m B1938 [wife of Dewey Donley]
Donley Lucy J. 1969 B1916 [wife of Dewey P. Donley]
Dorman Laura Shear m B1923 [wife of Rodney E. Dorman]
Dorman Rodney E. 1993 B1924
Downs ---- m B1980 [funeral marker in Marie Downs plot]
Downs Marie E. 1990 Nov 4 B1924 May 16 [Marie Downs plot]
Downs Patricia A. 1986 Aug 9 B1964 Jan 6 [Marie Downs plot]
Duell Edward # 1893 Apr 21 D ae 38 at Vine Valley [town record]
Dunning Betsy A. 1868 Jun 14 D ae 32/9; daughter of Lewis & Hannah Dunning [Dunning plot]
Dunning Hannah 1899 B1815 [wife of Lewis Dunning] [Dunning plot]
Dunning Lewis 1877 Mar 30 D ae 63 at Vine Valley [Dunning plot]
Dunton Chris A. 1991 May 1 B1964 Nov 11
Dunton Dale C. Sr. m B1936
Dunton Elmer C. 1978 B1901
Dunton Evelyn J. 19-- B1912 [wife of Elmer C. Dunton]
Dunton Herbert C. 1949 B1874
Dunton Shirley A. 1990 B1938 [wife of Dale C. Dunton Sr.]
Eames David D. 1978 B1896; WWI: Army
Eames Grace B. 1991 B1903 [wife of David D. Eames]
Eaton Myrne 1981 m
Eaton Stanley 1965 m
Eddy C. Jennett 1906 B1827; wife of David Eddy [David Eddy monument]
Eddy David 1900 [Apr 19] B1823 [died age 77 in Middlesex; son of Elizur & Thankful Eddy] [David Eddy monument]
Eddy Eleazer 1887 Nov 27 B1820 Mar 23 [Eleazer Eddy monument]
Eddy Eva M. m B1877 [adj Herbert C. Dunton]
Eddy Mary Elizabeth Clark # 1920 May 24 [MWF: born in Italy 3 May 1853, lived and died in Gorham, age 72 and 21 days; married, daughter of Rastus and Hannah Green Clark, both born in Italy; wife of Edward J. Eddy]
Eddy Serina 1887 Jun 2 B1852 Jan 12; daughter of Eleazer & Sharlania Eddy [Eleazer Eddy monument]
Eddy Sharlania Galusha 1885 Dec 6 B1825 Oct 4; w/o Eleazer Eddy [Eleazer Eddy monument]
Ellerington Frank 1980 B1893; WWI: Army
Ellerington Lilian m B1900 [wife of Frank Ellerington]
Ellick Carlton C. 1964 B1887 [Wm W. Ellick plot]
Ellick Cora B. 1931 B1862 [wife of William E. Ellick] [Wm W. Ellick plot]
Ellick Fred W. 1973 B1898
Ellick Hazel E. 1993 B1906 [wife of Fred Ellick]
Ellick Jacob 1911 B1821
Ellick Jane Booth # 1910 Nov 25 D ae 88/10/16 in Middlesex; widowed daughter of William & Margaret Booth [town record]
Ellick Mary A. Hunter 1889 B1826; wife of Jacob Ellick
Ellick Mildred E. 1974 B1890 [wife of Carlton C. Ellick] [Wm W. Ellick plot]
Ellick R. Henry 1863 B1847; son of Jacob & Mary A. Ellick
Ellick William W. 1942 B1853 [Wm W. Ellick plot]
Ellis Wanda 1969 B1899 [McGuire / Ellis / Smith plot]
Elwell Alice A. Alger 1890 [Aug 25] B1858; wife of Leander Elwell [died age 32/3 in Middlesex; daughter of Edward V. & Lucy Wilcock Alger] [Horace C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Alice J. 1989 B1893 [Lavern Elwell plot]
Elwell Alice M. 1935 Sep 2 B1867 Apr 9; wife of Herbert C. Elwell [Herbert C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Ann Fires # 1912 Sep 14 D ae 75/10 in Middlesex; widowed daughter of Leonard & Matilda Fires [town record]
Elwell baby 1884 B1884 [J. A. Elwell monument]
Elwell baby m [Lavern Elwell plot]
Elwell Charles D. 1917 B1864 [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Elwell Clarence # 1902 Nov 8 D ae 31/11 in Middlesex; son of Herman & Ann Elwell [town record]
Elwell Eleanor R. m B1926; wife of Rudolph L. Elwell, married 1954 Apr 17 [Lavern Elwell plot]
Elwell Estella M. 1886 Aug 1 B1865 Jul 24; wife of Herbert C. Elwell [Herbert C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Floyd C. 1939 B1893; “Son” [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Elwell Hannah M[arie] Cooper 1904 B1832; wife of Horace C. Elwell [Horace C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Herbert C. 1939 Feb 23 B1861 Feb 6 [Herbert C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Herman # 1900 Jun 6 D ae 64 in Middlesex; son of Luther & Rosanna Elwell [town record]
Elwell Horace C. 1901 B1827 [Horace Elwell monument]
Elwell Horace J. 1989 B1904 [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Elwell infant 1886 Aug 30 B1886 Jul 21; son of H. C. & E. Elwell [Herbert C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Jessie 1978 B1899 [w/o Loren Elwell]
Elwell Jourman A. 1921 [Nov 4] B1842 [Aug 16] [MWF: born in Vermont, died in Middlesex, age 80/2/19; married, son of Luther and Roxane Morse Elwell, both born in Vermont] [J. A. Elwell monument]
Elwell Lavern H. 1990 B1892 [Lavern Elwell plot]
Elwell Leander M. 1936 B1852 [Horace C. Elwell monument]
Elwell Loren 1964 B1898
Elwell Luther 1874 Apr 25 D ae 75 [born in Vermont]
Elwell Mabel Brandow 1949 B1869; wife of Charles D. Elwell [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Elwell Mary E. Speer 1923 [Dec 20] B1845 [Jan 12]; wife of Jourman A. Elwell [MWF: born at Reeds Corners, Ontario Co., lived and died in Middlesex, age 78/11/8; widowed, daughter of John and Keturah Reeves Speers; funeral service at the home of Harry Mack] [J. A. Elwell monument]
Elwell Mildred 1890 B1888 [J. A. Elwell monument]
Elwell Milford A. 1978 B1896 [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Elwell Onnolee 1978 B1892 [wife of Milford A. Elwell] [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Elwell Rosannah 1877 Mar 15 D ae 76/7; wife of Luther Elwell
Elwell Rudolph L. m B1925 [Lavern Elwell plot]
Elwell Thelma M. m B1905 [wife of Horace J. Elwell] [Chas D. Elwell plot]
Emory A. Elaine 1993 B1921 [wife of Donald Emory Sr.]
Emory Allie 1863 Aug 7 D ae 1/9; daughter of Forrest & Matilda C. Emory
Emory Arissa Chaffee 1968 B1878; wife of Charles F. Emory [Eugene Emory plot]
Emory Beckey 1854 Jun 16 D ae 77/3; wife of Nathaniel Emory [Nathaniel Emory monument]
Emory Catherne Matilda 1907 B1842; wife of Forrest Emory
Emory Charles F. 1968 B1907 [Eugene Emory plot]
Emory Donald E. Sr. m B1919
Emory Elnathan 1853 Jun 13 D ae 12/9; son of O. & P. J. Emory [Nathaniel Emory monument]
Emory Eugene 1947 B1869 [Eugene Emory plot]
Emory Forrest 1922 B1836
Emory Maud 1902 Apr 6 B1873 Jul 15; wife of Eugene Emory [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 29; funeral charged to Eugene Emory; record says she was buried in West River cemetery] [Eugene Emory plot]
Emory Nathaniel G. 1849 May 31 D ae 74 [Nathaniel Emory monument]
Emory Othniel 1870 Nov 21 D ae 62/2 [Nathaniel Emory monument]
Emory Phebe J. 1878 Jul 5 D ae 63/7; wife of Othniel Emory [Nathaniel Emory monument]
Ennis John 1950 B1948
Ennis Ralph James 1985 B1956
Feneran George P. 1972 B1910
Ferguson James M[ower] 1926 [Mar 16] B1848 [Feb 19] [MWF: born in Gorham, lived in Middlesex, died age 78 and 20 days; son of Stephen (born in Scotland) and Lucy Shaw (born in Benton) Ferguson; husband of Belle Parsons Ferguson] [Parsons plot]
Ferguson John D. 1844 Aug 29 D ae 42/8/10
Ferguson L. Belle Parsons 1932 B1856; wife of James M. Ferguson [Parsons plot]
Fires Charles M. 1921 B1841 [Fires monument]
Fires George L. 1941 B1873; son of Charles M. & Lottie Fires [Fires monument]
Fires Lottie Whitman 1921 B1853; wife of Charles M. Fires [Fires monument]
Fisher Sebrina 1844 Jan 28 D ae 3/2/24; daughter of Humphrey & Hannah Fisher [Edward Perry plot]
Fitzgerald Arthur S. 1967 B1890
Fitzgerald Wilhelmina N. 1978 B1890; wife of Arthur S. Fitzgerald
Flanagan Thomas W. 1971 May 29 B1888 Mar 12; WWI: Ohio, Camp Hospital 107
Flynn Merton C. 1992 B1907
Flynn Olive M. m B1914 [wife of Merton C. Flynn]
Ford Janet # 1924 Dec 26 [MWF: born, lived and died in Rushville, age 1 month and 10 days; daughter of Charles (born in Rushville) and Estella Elwell (born in Middlesex) Ford]
Ford Rebecca Felton # 1905 Mar 31 D ae 80/1/9 in Middlesex; widow [town record]
Foster Adelia 1951 B1874 [wife of Theodore Foster] [Hixson / Foster plot]
Foster Charles W. 1959 B1907 [Foster plot]
Foster Charles W. 1975 Aug 19 B1928 May 25; Korean War: cpl., Army [Foster plot]
Foster Katherine G. 1980 B1907 [wife of Charles W. Foster] [Foster plot]
Foster Theodore E. 1935 B1870 [Hixson / Foster plot]
Fountain Celestia L. 1884 B1842 [Levi Fountain plot]
Fountain Charles A. 1942 B1871 [Chas A. Fountain plot]
Fountain Corda M. Dinehart 1945 B1875; wife of Charles A. Fountain [Chas A. Fountain plot]
Fountain Harriet 1877 B1820; wife of Levi Fountain [Levi Fountain plot]
Fountain James H. [1846 Nov 30] [D ae 1/18 days] son of Levi & Harriet Fountain [stone partially buried; Levi Fountain plot]
Fountain Levi 1898 [Feb 13] B1816 [MWF: born in Hamilton Co., died at Vine Valley, age 81/1/25; funeral ordered by W. H. Fountain] [son of Stephen & Anna Fountain] [Levi Fountain plot]
Fountain Mary L. 1940 B1864 [Levi Fountain plot]
Fountain Rhoda A. 1862 B1838 [Levi Fountain plot]
Fountain William H. 1926 B1841; Civil War: Co. F., 148th NY [Levi Fountain plot]
Francisco Edwin R. 1943 B1874 [Moshier plot]
Francisco Howard 1987 B1906
Francisco Mary E. 1965 B1871 [wife of Edwin Francisco] [Moshier plot]
Francisco Minnie A. 1962 B1876 [wife of Robert H. Francisco]
Francisco Robert H. 1942 B1877
Francisco Robert 1877 B1847
Frankenstein George M. 1974 Jan 26 B1896 Jun 25; WWI: Army
French Adelbert 1953 B1869 [Adelbert French plot]
French Ella May 1950 B1867 [Adelbert French plot]
French Frank L. 1982 Dec 17 B1898 Jan 29 [Adelbert French plot]
French Freddie # 1904 Sep 9 D ae 3 months 9 days in Middlesex; son of Adelbert & Ella Northrup French [town record] [MWF: born and died in Middlesex; son of Dell (born in Middlesex) and Mary French]
French infant # 1901 Mar 15 D ae 3 months in Middlesex; child of Adelbert & Ella French [town record] [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 2 months; funeral charged to Dell French]
French Julia Pearce # 1922 Apr 11 [MWF: born in Middlesex 9 June 1851, died in Potter age 70/10/2; married, daughter of George and Julia Simmons Pearce, both born in N.Y. state]
French Leon # 1901 Mar 22 D ae 2 months in Middlesex; son of Adelbert & Ella French [town record] [MWF]
French Rebecca 1864 B1807 [Caleb Bates monument]
French S[ylvester] H. [1891 Mar 1] [D ae 73/2] Civil War: Co. H., 4th NYHA
Fuller Clarrinda 1870 Jun 3 D ae 76/10 [wife of Henry Fuller]
Fuller Laura # 1888 Apr 16 D ae 76 in Middlesex; single daughter of Jeduthan & Ruth Fuller [town record]
Fuller Mary Ann 1888 B1821
Fuller Orinda # 1888 Jul 10 D ae 56/10/4 in Middlesex; single daughter of Henry & Clarinda Fuller [town record]
Fuller Orren 1884 Mar 26 B1816 Dec 30 [son of Henry & Clarinda Fuller]
Fuller Sally Kilpatrick m B1820 Nov 9; wife of Orren Fuller
Fullerton Ruth Chrysler 1977 B1918
Furner Irena J[ane Agar] 1921 B1861; wife of Stephen O. Furner [Agar plot]
Furner Stephen O. 1931 B1856 [Agar plot]
Gage Lucy Ann Fisk 1896 Apr 5 B1835 Mar 25; wife of Myron Gage
Gage Myron 1899 May 15 B1831 Jan 24 [MWF: died at Vine Valley, age 68; funeral charged to his daughter]
Gardner Benjamin 1855 May 10 D ae 72; monument erected by I. M. Gardner
Gardner Benjamin F. 1923 B1864 [B. F. Gardner plot]
Gardner Benjamin F. 1963 B1916
Gardner Charles 1948 B1883 [B. F. Gardner plot]
Gardner Eunice 1862 Mar 5 D ae 72; wife of Benjamin Gardner
Gardner Herbert 1941 B1893
Gardner Mary A. 1940 B1866 [wife of Benjamin F. Gardner] [B. F. Gardner plot]
Gardner Mary E. m B1896 [wife of Herbert Gardner]
Gardner Myrtle M. 1975 B1894 [wife of Benjamin F. Gardner]
Garnham Letty Sutherland 1921 B1857 “Daughter” [adjacent to Harry L. Sutherland]
Gates Edwin S[mith] 1891 May 11 B1829 Dec 4 [Gates monument]
Gavette Nathaniel Owen 1987 Mar 19 “Baby”
Gerould F. L. # 1904 Jul 19 D ae 62 in Middlesex, son of Stephen & Orilla Gerould [town record]
Gilzow Carl F. 1985 Jul 13 B1916 Oct 31
Gilzow Helen Dean m B1918 Mar 3 [wife of Carl F. Gilzow]
Goelz Albert [1937 Apr 24] [MWF: born 15 June 1863, lived and died in Middlesex, age 75; single; father born at Wurttemberg, Germany]
Goodrich Alice E. 1979 B1896 [Goodrich plot]
Goodrich baby m [Goodrich plot]
Goodrich Eliza Ann Brown # 1899 Apr 4 D ae 59/3/6 in Middlesex, married daughter of William & Elvy H. Brown [town record]
Goodrich Mildred # 1903 Aug 25 D ae 2 months 7 days in Middlesex, daughter of Elmer & Ella Gun Goodrich [town record]
Goodrich Nellie A. 1953 B1865 [Goodrich plot]
Goodrich Pearl 1896 B1894 [Goodrich plot]
Goodrich William F. 1939 B1861 [Goodrich plot]
Graff infant # 1905 Sep 27 D in Middlesex, child of John & Lulu Daisey Mowry Graf [town record]
Graff John # 1925 Apr 29 [MWF: born 9 March 1867 in Nebraska, lived and died in Middlesex, age 58/1/20; married, husband of Lucy Mowry & son of Jacob and Mary Graff, both born in Germany]
Graff Lulu D. 1943 B1883
Graff ---- m [Surname only; Gràff / Lawler monument]
Green A. H. 1884 Sep 21 D ae 56 [A. H. Green monument]
Green A. I. 1854 Jul 19 B1851 Jun 11 [Hezekiah Green monument]
Green Angie M. [Phillips] 1868 Jun 15 D ae 28; wife of Frank J. Green [& daughter of Morey & Adaline Phillips] [M. A. Phillips monument]
Green Betsey Ann Geroulds 1910 Feb 8 B1827 Mar 13; wife of Hezekiah Green [born in Massachusetts, daughter of --- & --- Shipman Geroulds] [Hezekiah Green monument]
Green C. F. 1860 Jul 7 B1858 Oct 29 [Hezekiah Green monument]
Green Clara B. 1927 B1862; wife of H. B. Green [A. H. Green monument]
Green Clarissa B. 1898 Dec 28 B1831 Mar 31; wife of George W. Green
Green Clayton # m B1857 Jan 1
Green Cyrintha Francisco # 1899 May 2 D ae 71/10/5 in Middlesex, married daughter of John B. Francisco [town record]
Green E. 1869 Jan 18 B1868 Jun 8 [Hezekiah Green monument]
Green Elizabeth [A.] 1874 Feb 21 D ae 26; wife of C. B. Green
Green Emma R. 1886 Nov 27 D ae 26/5; wife of Forrest C. Green
Green Frances L. 1917 B1896 “Daughter” [Henry Green monument]
Green Frank J. 1869 Dec 25 D ae 29/11 [also on Lyman H. Green monument in Pine Corners Cemetery]
Green George W. 1907 Sep 19 B1828 Aug 10 [son of William]
Green H. B. 1899 B1856 [A. H. Green monument]
Green Hannah Hawley 1894 B1814; wife of Henry Green [Henry Green monument]
Green Henry 1880 B1813 [Henry Green monument]
Green Hezekiah 1903 Mar 13 B1825 Oct 29 [Hezekiah Green monument]
Green Julia M. Wager 1893 B1856; wife of Lyman H. Green [Henry Green monument]
Green Lester # 1895 Jan 11 D ae 9 months 2 days, son of Clayton & Mable Green [town record]
Green Lyman H. 1903 [Apr 30] B1853 [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 50] [Henry Green monument]
Green M. A. 1848 Aug 17 B1847 Mar 12 [Hezekiah Green monument]
Green Mabel Oberdorf # 1902 Dec 7 D ae 32/11/1 in Middlesex, married daughter of Lester & Mandana Oberdorf [town record] [MWF: born at Sparta, N.Y., died at Vine Valley, age 32/11/7; funeral charged to L. C. Green]
Green Mary # 1864 B1837
Green Mary E. 1909 May 11 D ae 76 [wife of A. H. Green] [A. H. Green monument]
Green William H. 1869 B1841 [Henry Green monument]
Griffith Carlotta 1952 B1878; wife of William A. Griffith
Griffith William A. 1935 B1874
Grimes Marilla H. 1934 B1870 [same stone as Thomas W. Grimes]
Grimes Thomas W. 1973 B1882

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