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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Sabintown Cemetery: Notes

Sabintown cemetery The hamlet of Sabintown was one of the earliest in the town of Jerusalem that was not part of the settlement of Universal Friends. The Sabins settled here at the end of the 18th century and gave the place its name. In 1800 there were about a dozen log houses clustered here.

The highway now called the County House Road was one of the earliest in the region, joining the Friends?settlement in Jerusalem with the one at City Hill, by way of Lawrence Townsend?s tavern just east of Penn Yan. At Sabintown another road forked off to the right, leading to the Universal Friend?s house in the valley of Sugar Creek (which the Friends called Brook Kedron).

The cemetery for the tiny settlement was across the road from a tavern stand begun and operated for about 20 years by Zephaniah Briggs and then later by Stephen Raymond, whose first wife was a daughter of Gideon and Anna Briggs. This building stood in fine condition well into the 20th century.

The cemetery itself was destroyed in modern times, located about where the gravel pit is now, north of the highway and about 60 yards back. There is no trace of it now, though rumors persist of gravestones having been placed in local hedgerows. The names on the following list are of those known to have lived here who are not known to be buried elsewhere.


Sabintown Cemetery: Burials

Briggs Zephaniah # after 1820 B before 1775
Burtch Anna Eunice Sabin # ca 1859 B1777 Sep 3, died age 82; wife of Gideon Burtch & daughter of Burtch Sabin
Burtch Braman # after 1824 Cousin of Gideon Burtch; died in Jerusalem a very aged man
Burtch Gideon Pringle # ca 1855 B1773 Jul 29, died age 82
Cole Mathew # m D ae 73
Sabin --- # m Wife of Asa Sabin
Sabin --- # m Wife of Burtch Sabin
Sabin Asa # 1803 m
Sabin Burtch # after 1810 B about 1754, brother of Asa Sabin

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