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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Old FORT Cemetery: Notes

Old Fort cemetery This is now an association cemetery, but was once a neighborhood burying ground for the hamlets of Friend and Sherman’s Hollow. It is directly across the road from the beautiful little Friend Church, but it is not a churchyard, and is in fact much older than the congregation. This area was one of the first in Jerusalem to be settled, by members of the Comstock and Shearman families, who were followers of the Public Universal Friend.

The name is a reference to the pre-Columbian earthwork that surrounds the hamlet. The cemetery is also sometimes called the Friend Cemetery, or the Sherman’s Hollow Cemetery.

A number of burials in this cemetery began with a funeral conducted by the M. W. Fisher Co. in Rushville. Since the records of this business are available (and indexed elsewhere on this site) additional information and a few previously unknown burials were added; these are marked with [MWF:]

The cemetery is well-maintained, but the older stones have weathered, some have fallen or broken. Some of the footstones have lost their association with headstones and have been set up in rows to make mowing easier.

Old Fort Cemetery: Burials

--- --- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
--- --- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
--- --- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
--- --- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
--- --- 1800 Nov D ae 5/20 days
---- M---- m [Slate stone with footstone M? ----]
Andrews E. Eulina Briggs 1912 B1851, wife of Rev. F. R. Andrews
Andrews F. R., Rev. 1938 B1845
Andrews George W. # 1906 Mar 29 D ae 58, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Andrews [town record]
Andrews Hannah [Williamson] 1884 B1811 [Samuel Andrews plot]
Andrews Martin J. 1895 Aug 12 B1842 Apr 12 [son of T. Jefferson & Hannah Andrews] [Martin Andrews monument]
Andrews Mary A. [Wilcox] 1931 B1839; wife of Samuel Andrews [& daughter of Stewart & Mary Matthews Wilcox]
Andrews Miles E. 1864 [Sep 24] B1851, d ae 13/6 days; son of Thomas & Hannah Andrews [Samuel Andrews plot & his own stone]
Andrews Samuel 1915 B1837 [son of T. Jefferson & Hannah Andrews]
Andrews Samuel 1847 [Aug 11] B1763 [RI] [Samuel Andrews plot]
Andrews Thomas J[efferson] 1887 B1802 [son of Samuel & Waity Andrews] [Samuel Andrews plot]
Andrews Waity [Briggs] 1849 B1766 [sister of Caleb Briggs] [Samuel Andrews plot]
Andrews Willie T. 1886 Aug 4 D ae 16; son of M. J. & M. E. Andrews [Martin Andrews monument]
Badger [Charlotte] 1856 Jun 22 D ae 64 [broken headstone; footstone C. B.]
Badger Gurdon 1848 Apr 16 D ae 64
Badger Isaac # 1883 B1805
Badger Juliana W. 1863 Oct 28 D ae 52 [wife of Gurdon Badger]
Baker Amanda M. Harris 1883 B1833, wife of George M. Baker [& daughter of John B. & Abigail Brown Harris]
Bardeen Betsey A. m B1858 Jan 6, wife of Oliver Bardeen [Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Emmett M. 1879 Feb 4 [Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Myrtie E. 1898 Aug 21 B1891 Oct 16 [Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Oliver B. 1920 Jun 15 B1856 Jul 20 [Bardeen monument]
Barton Angelina S. 1864 Sep 18 D ae 22/1, only daughter of Michael & Sarah Barton
Barton Michael H., [Rev.] 1857 Apr 1 D ae 58/8/7 [adjacent to Mary J. Hall]
Barton Sarah F. 1882 Aug 17 D ae 72/2/21; “Mother” [wife of Michael Barton]
Blakesley Charles # 1961 Jun 23 B1885 Nov 16; WWI
Blakesley Hattie A. 1889 Aug 30 B1889 Aug 9 [daughter of John W. Blakesley] [Blakesley monument]
Blakesley John W. 1940 B1854 [Blakesley monument]
Blakesley Mary E. # 1903 May 1 D ae 63/10/8 in Penn Yan; married [town record]
Blakesley Mary E. 1936 B1856 [wife of John W. Blakesley]
Bordwell Louiza F. # 1897 Nov 3 D ae 78 in Potter, daughter of Holden & Margaret Hicks Drake [town record]
Brown Bertie 1875 B1873, son of James L. & Sarah S. Brown [James L. Brown monument]
Brown Betsey Botsford # 1918 D ae 96
Brown Floyd W. 1857 May 11 D ae 16/1, son of Alfred & Jane [Harris] Brown
Brown James L. m B1846 [James L. Brown monument]
Brown Lucy 1892 Jul 28 B1867 May 6, wife of J. D. Brown
Brown Sarah S. 1923 B1848, wife of James L. Brown [James L. Brown monument]
Brown Willie 1890 B[1889] Sep 28; son of J. D. & Lucy Brown [same stone as Lucy Brown]
Butler Charles # 1898 Feb 12 [MWF: born at Friend, died in Jerusalem, age 29]
Cahoon Lucy A. 1857 Mar 23 D ae 18/6/25
Calhoon Clark N. 1940 May 15 m
Calhoon Duane C 1967 Nov 25 B1920 Jan 28; WWII: NY
Calhoon Fanny 1885 B1879 [Isaiah Calhoon monument]
Calhoon Irena 1883 B1814, wife of Isaiah Calhoon [Isaiah Calhoon monument]
Calhoon Isaiah 1883 B1805 [Isaiah Calhoon monument]
Calhoun Clark 1929 Apr B1854 Mar 19
Calhoun Laura Turner 1920 Nov B1857 May 8, wife of Clark Calhoun
Carpenter William A. m B1909
Carvey Amanda E. 1849 B1845 [Samuel Carvey monument]
Carvey Calista 1848 B1848 [Samuel Carvey monument]
Carvey Charles R. 1854 B1840 [Samuel Carvey monument]
Carvey Charley A. 1877 Sep 8 D ae 10/1/5; son of Lewis R. & Lucy A. Carvey [Lewis Carvey monument]
Carvey Clara 1940 B1861, wife of Judson P. Carvey
Carvey Hannah R[obinson] 1848 B1814; [1st] wife of Samuel P. Carvey [Samuel Carvey monument]
Carvey infant # 1887 Sep 24 D in Jerusalem, child of John W. & Emma Carvey [town record]
Carvey John W. 1900 [May 30] B1852 [MWF: born and died in Jerusalem, age 48; funeral charged to Charles Pulver and L. Carvey] [Carvey / Champlin plot]
Carvey Judson P. 1930 B1854
Carvey Lewis R. 1929 B1842 [son of Samuel & Hannah Carvey] [Lewis Carvey monument]
Carvey Lucy A. Youngs 1925 B1843, wife of Lewis R. Carvey [Lewis Carvey monument]
Carvey Phear J. 1916 B1831, wife of Samuel P. Carvey [Samuel Carvey monument]
Carvey Samuel P. 1898 [Mar 2] B1814 [died age 83/7/13; son of William & Elizabeth Carvey] [MWF: born in Orange Co., died in Jerusalem, age 83/7/11] [Samuel Carvey monument]
Champlin [William] Peter 1909 [Sep 9] B1875 [MWF: born and died in Jerusalem, age 34/5/11, of leukemia; married, son of Rowland and Sarah Champlin, both born in N.Y. state] [Carvey / Champlin plot]
Champlin Silas S. # 1895 Mar 31 D ae 73, son of Michael & Lucy Champlin [town record]
Conley Alvira 1894 Jan 12 B1841 Mar 26, wife of Oscar Conley
Conley Eldred 1988 B1916
Conley Howard 1975 B1907
Conley John 1880 Sep 14 D ae 75
Conley Oliver # 1908 May 11 D ae 70, son of Luke Conley [town record]
Conley Oscar 1905 Aug 12 B1841 Dec 14
Conley Sally Ann 1841 Dec 1 D ae 31, wife of John Conley
Corey Charles 1871 Feb 9 B1794 Jan 31
Corey Ellen Decker 1898 [Aug 2] B1818, wife of Isaac Philo Corey [MWF: name given as Hannah; died in Potter, age 79; funeral charged to Fred Corey] [I. P. Corey monument]
Corey Fred Isaac 1937 B1865 [I. P. Corey monument]
Corey Isaac Philo 1865 Dec 27 B1816, died age 49/2 [I. P. Corey monument and his own stone]
Corey Maty [Briggs] 1883 Apr 4 B1802 Jun 3, wife of Charles Corey
Corey Velura Clark 1929 B1872, wife of Fred Isaac Corey [I. P. Corey monument]
Cornelius Edgar P. [1908 Sep 10] [D ae 70/3/1]
Cornelius Isadore [E.] [Bennett] [1906 Aug 7] [D ae 67, daughter of Robert Bennett &] wife of Edgar Cornelius
Criss Ernest E. 1880 Oct 2 D ae 2/2/5, son of A. J. & S. A. Criss
Daines Steven W. # 1899 Mar 25 D ae 47, son of George & Mary Daines [town record]
Dinehart ---- m “Father”
Dinehart Abby 1884 Mar 18 B1862 Jul 7, wife of C. E. Dinehart [P. M. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart baby 1884 Jul 17 B1884 Mar 17, daughter of C. E. Dinehart [P. M. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Charlotte 1901 Apr 26 B1842 Jan 14, wife of P. M. Dinehart [P. M. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Edwin W. # 1916 B1908; son of William T. & Pearl M. Dinehart
Dinehart Homer W. 1972 B1920
Dinehart Lois E. m B1929, wife of Homer W. Dinehart
Dinehart Mary E. 1869 Feb 25 B1869 Feb 11; daughter of P. M. & C. C. Dinehart [P. M. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Nellie 1892 May 10 B1880 Feb 2, daughter of P. M. & C. C. Dinehart [P. M. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Norah J. # 1860 Jan D ae 9 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Dinehart Pearl M. 1957 B1881
Dinehart Peter J. # 1916 B1904 son of William T & Pearl M. Dinehart
Dinehart P[eter] M. 1904 Jan 3 B1827 Mar 21 [P. M. Dinehart monument]
Dinehart Sarah 1979 Dec 21 “Mother”
Dinehart Ward # 1903 May 4 D ae 1 month 7 days, son of Burt & Lillian Dinehart [town record]
Dinehart William T. 1927 B1866
Dunn Jane E. Rhodes 1914 May 21 B1845 Dec 6, wife of L. J. Dunn
Dyer Homer # 1896 Oct 24 D ae 30 at Shermans Hollow in Jerusalem, son of Samuel & Mary Dyer [town record]
Eldred Fannie M. 1954 B1890, wife of William C. Eldred
Eldred William C. 1960 B1885
Fingar Hiram A. 1935 B1863
Fingar Maggie B. 1913 B1869, wife of Hiram A. Fingar
Finger Mary Ann Barnes # 1896 Jul 31 D ae 74 in Jerusalem, wife of Peter Finger & daughter of Samuel Jr. & Rachel Meek Barnes [town record]
Fitzwater Caroline James 1875 B1843, wife of Geo W. Fitzwater [G. W. Fitzwater monument]
Fitzwater Elijah D. 1891 Apr 10 B1826 Jul 18
Fitzwater Elizabeth Howard 1913 B1848, wife of Geo W. Fitzwater [G. W. Fitzwater monument]
Fitzwater Esther J. m B1830 May 30, wife of Elijah D. Fitzwater
Fitzwater George 1897 B1821 [G. W. Fitzwater monument]
Fitzwater Olive Hazelton 1863 Wife of Geo. W. Fitzwater [G. W. Fitzwater monument]
Fitzwater Susan Dewick 1938 B1875, wife of William J. Fitzwater
Fitzwater William J. 1924 B1873
Gardner Myrt B. Rhodes # 1901 Feb 27 D ae 60/2/8, wife of William F. Gardner & daughter of James M. & Anna Rhodes [town record] [MWF: born in Jerusalem, died in Potter, age 60/2/8; funeral charged to F. Gardner]
Gardner William Frank # 1916 Sep 5 B1839, son of Robert B. & Eunice Gardner [town record]
Griswold Harry # 1904 Jul 29 D ae 3 months, son of Harry & Isabell Turner Griswold [town record]
Griswold M. Isabelle [Turner] 1942 B1882
Hall Artalissa # 1895 Jun 4 D ae 69, daughter of William & Esther Hall [town record]
Hall Hannah Moon 1906 Oct 21 B1830 Mar 27, wife of William R. Hall
Hall Mary J. [Barton] 1868 Feb 16 D ae 74, wife of William Hall; “She was a Protestant of Irish Descent, Emigrated in 1812” [adjacent to Michael Barton]
Hall William R. 1895 May 28 B1827 Aug 18
Harris Charles B. 1878 Sep 8 D ae 38/7/15 [son of John B. & Abigail Brown Harris]
Harrison B. E. 1911 Apr 23 B1911 Jan 2, son of T? R. J. & R. S. B. Harrison
Hazelton Charles A. 1860 May 13 D ae 65/13 days
Hazelton Charles A. 1907 Dec 27 D ae 75/4/27
Hazelton David 1854 Dec 2 D ae 26/11/12, son of Charles A. & Roxsena Hazelton
Hazelton Roxsena [1871] [B1801], wife of Charles A. Hazelton [broken stone]
Hazelton Samuel 1856 Jun 20 D ae 68/7
Hedger Leroy Sunderland? 1843 Mar 28 D ae 1/4 days, son of Charles & Jane? Hedger
Henderson Phoebe 1889 Jun 11 D ae 51/24 days, wife of Walter Henderson
Henderson Walter 1906 Jan 14 B1829 Jul 17
Henshaw Ebenezer 1873 Oct 4 D ae 83
Henshaw Epha J. 1865 Mar 30 B 23 Mar 1844, died age 21/7 days; wife of Flavius Henshaw [James Huey monument]
Henshaw Martin # 1901 Sep 10 D ae 81 [town record] [MWF: died in Friend]
Henshaw Rachel Shearman # m Wife of Martin Henshaw & daughter of Isaac Shearman
Henshaw William G. 1865 May 8 D ae [2/3/3?], son of Flavius & Epha J. Henshaw; “Willie” [James Huey monument]
Hoose Elizabeth 1884 B1820, wife of Martin Hoose [Hoose monument]
Hoose Esther 1877 B1844 [Hoose monument]
Hoose John 1876 B1848 [Hoose monument]
Hoose Martin 1894 B1812 [Hoose monument]
Horton Jennie? # 1922 Oct 30 [MWF: born and died in Jerusalem, age 56; single]
Hotchkiss Gaminer 1894 Sep 19 B1817 May 16, wife of Levi S. Hotchkiss [Hotchkiss monument]
Hotchkiss Levi S. # 1902 May 17 B1848 Aug 5 [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 54] [Hotchkiss monument]
Hotchkiss L[uman] P. 1898 Dec 4 B1817 Mar 3 [Hotchkiss monument]
Howard George W. 1850 Jun 8 D ae 2 months, son of Jesse & Sarah Howard [between Lynn children]
Howard James F. 1850 Jul 13 D ae 8 days, son of Jesse & Sarah Howard [between Lynn children]
Huey Charles E. 1889 Apr 5 B1850 Apr 13
Huey David M. 1860 Jan 3 B1846 Sep 10 [James Huey monument]
Huey Elizabeth [Corey] 1900 Oct 8 B1825 Aug 26, wife of James W. Huey [born in Rhode Island, daughter of Charles & Waity Bates Corey] [MWF: born and died at Friend, age 75; funeral charged to Mrs. Wright] [James Huey monument]
Huey James W. 1900 Sep 18 B1813 Dec 10 [born in Orange Co., NY, son of Samuel & Susan Millspaugh Huey] [MWF: died in Jerusalem, age 87; funeral charged to Mrs. Wright] [James Huey monument]
Huey Mary J. [Shearman] 1886 Dec 31 B1859 Feb 3; [1st] wife of Charles E. Huey [also recorded on Bartleson Shearman monument]
Hunter Grace # 1892 Dec 30 D ae 8, daughter of Thomas & Irena Hunter [town record]
Ingraham Mary m Wife of Samuel Ingraham
Ingraham Samuel M. 1881 May 12 D ae 57/5/2
Johnson Celia # 1903 Oct 23 D ae 50; her mother’s maiden name was Jones [town record]
Johnson Stanley G. # 1905 Jul 9 D ae 6/11/8, son of Fred & Celia Edgett Johnson [town record]
Kilpatrick Ida [Dewick] 1908 [Nov 14] B1879 [MWF: born and died in Italy, age 29/4, of childbirth; daughter of William and Elizabeth Dewick, both born in England]
Lynn Charles O. 1848 Mar 23 D ae 7/4/8, son of James & Mary Lynn
Lynn Martha 1848 Sep 4 D ae 8 months 12 days, daughter of James & Mary Lynn
Martin Emily Stebbins 1901 Mar 22 B1824 Feb 10 [wife of George W. Martin & daughter of ---- & Sally Parker Stebbins] [Garrett Martin monument]
Martin Garrett 1878 Mar 27 B1799 Apr 4 [Garrett Martin monument]
Martin George W. # 1907 Jun 2 D ae 81/11/24, son of Garrett & Laura Clark Martin [town record]
Martin Laura Clark 1873 May 31 B1799 Oct 9, wife of Garrett Martin [& daughter of Samuel & Sarah Newman Clark] [Garrett Martin monument]
Martin Sarah E. 1890 Mar 7 B1831 Dec 21 [Garrett Martin monument]
Mathews Sarah J. 1817 May 11 D ae 1/9/11, daughter of Simon & Phoebe Mathews
Matteson Ernest 1893 Jun 22 B1890 Mar 17, son of W. H. & L. Matteson [Matteson monument]
Matteson George W. 1901 [Feb 9] B1827 [MWF: born in N.Y. state, died at Friend, age 72] [Matteson monument]
Matteson Josephine? m [Inscription very worn; Matteson monument]
McCann Lottie Robeson 1961 B1877, wife of Herbert Robeson [& ---- McCann
McCormick Ardalissa Hall # 1895 Mar 8 D ae 30 in Jerusalem, married daughter of William R. & Hannah Hall [town record]
Newman Arthur J. 1974 B1900
Newman Lucy B. 1972 B1902, wife of Arthur J. Newman
Niles Mahala [Drake] 1904 [Jan 21] B1839 [died age 64/7/25, daughter of Cornelius & Polly Drake &] wife of Samuel Niles [MWF: died in Potter; funeral charged to sons]
Niles Samuel 1906 [Jul 4] B1832 [MWF: died in Jerusalem, age 76]
Orr George T. [1902 Feb 16] Civil War: Co. G, 54th NY
Orr Hannah J. 1868 Dec 21 D ae 31, wife of George T. Orr
Potter Samantha # 1908 Mar 1 D ae 74/3/5, daughter of John & Sarah Smith Potter [town record]
Powers Adaline 1844 Sep 12 D ae 34/10/5, wife of B. W. Powers
Powers John 1892 Jul 3 B1816 Aug 23 [John Powers monument]
Powers Mary A. 1845 Sep 19 B1844 Mar 29 [John Powers monument]
Powers Phebe 1908 Dec 24 B1818 Sep 9, wife of John Powers [John Powers monument]
R--- W--- B--- m [Footstone]
Randall C. Myron 1914 [May 27] B1846 [MWF: died in Potter, age 68; married, son of William and Louise Drake Randall, both born in N.Y. state]
Randall Ethel 1882 B1878, daughter of Frank & Adell Randall
Randall Etta 1882 B1880, daughter of C. Myron & Mary Randall
Randall Harold # 1901 Apr 29 [MWF: born in Potter, died in Gorham, age 1 and 2 months; funeral charged to John Randall]
Randall infant # 1897 Dec 4 D ae 7 days, child of John & Sarah Hall Randall [town record] [MWF: born and died in Potter, age 4 days; funeral charged to John Randall]
Randall Mary M. Hoose 1927 B1852, wife of C. Myron Randall
Randall Purdy B. 1854 Jul 14 D ae 29/9
Rhodes James M. 1874 B1815
Rhodes Waty A. 1903 B1813, wife of James M. Rhodes
Rice John 1877 Ju1 24 D ae 76
Robeson Abram L. 1882 Mar 22 D ae 70/6/12
Robeson Anna 1875 Nov 4 D ae 62/9/22, wife of Abram L. Robeson
Robeson Charles S. 1877 Jul 11 D ae 23/5/18, son of Abram L. & Anna Robeson
Robeson George W. 1910 [Jan 28] B1836 [MWF: born in N.Y. state, died in Jerusalem, age 73/4/11; married, son of William and Anna Hall Robeson, both born in N.Y. state] [G. W. Robeson monument]
Robeson Hannah 1863 Apr 20 D ae 5/2/16, daughter of Abram L. & Anna Robeson
Robeson Herbert 1914 B1874
Robeson Joel 1853 Jan 11 D ae 6 months 23 days, son of Abram L. & Anna Robeson
Robeson Mary 1836 Aug 11 D ae 3/11/21, daughter of Abram L. & Anna Robeson
Robeson Mary I. 1864 May 27 B1862, daughter of George W. & Nancy Robeson
Robeson Nancy 1926 B1839, wife of Geo. W. Robeson [G. W. Robeson monument]
Robeson Walter T. 1929 B1861, son of George W. & Nancy Robeson
Robeson William A. 1863 Jun 12 B1859, son of George W. & Nancy Robeson [G. W. Robeson monument]
Rugg Eddie # 1891 Apr 15 D ae 3/4 in Jerusalem, son of William & Eva Dusenbury Rugg [town record]
Rugg Leroy # 1891 Mar 7 D ae 9 in Jerusalem, son of William & Eva Dusenbury Rugg [town record]
S--- C--- S--- m [Footstone]
S--- J--- 1861 [Fieldstone with initials & date]
S--- M--- 1842 [Fieldstone, initials & date only]
Salisbury Elmer H. 1962 May 6 B1903 Mar 30; WWII: NY, M/1 U.S. Naval Reserve
Salisbury John E[lmer] 1979 Jul 26 B1927 Mar 14; WWII: U.S. Army [son of Elmer & Ellen Salisbury]
Sample Mary # 1895 Sep 8 D ae 70; widow [town record]
Sample Nora # 1904 Sep 6 D ae 5/5/12, daughter of Hugh & Fanny Smith Sample [town record]
Sanderson Elizabeth [Faulkner] Dewick 1905 [Mar 20] B1839 [died age 65/10/10, daughter of ---- & Elizabeth Faulkner]
Schofield Freddie 1890 B1873 [son of Lorenzo D. & Martha Schofield] [Lorenzo D. Schofield monument]
Schofield Lorenzo D. 1908 B1824 [son of Aaron & Sally Clark Scofield] [Lorenzo D. Schofield monument]
Schofield Martha [Walker] 1896 B1844 [wife of Lorenzo D. Schofield] [Lorenzo D. Schofield monument]
Schofield Mary 1842 Sep 29 D ae 7/7/6, daughter of Avon & Sally Schofield
Schofield Olive 1854 Feb 21 D ae 8/6/19, daughter of Avon & Sally Schofield
Shearman Bartleson 1882 Nov 30 B1797 Oct 12; War of 1812: 2nd lieut., 103d NY Militia [son of Ezekiel & Mary Shearman] [Bartleson Shearman monument]
Shearman Charles # 1866 Mar 31 D ae 9/1, son of Bartleson & Hannah Shearman
Shearman Ezekiel 1824 Mar 3 D ae 63/6/4
Shearman Hannah Potter 1870 Dec 23 B1819 Jul 5, wife of Bartleson Shearman [Bartleson Shearman monument]
[Shearman?] John m Son of E. J. [Shearman?]
Shearman Mary J Huey 1887 Dec 31 B1849 Feb 3, daughter of Bartleson & Hannah Shearman [Bartleson Shearman monument; also named on her own stone as Mary J. Huey]
Shearman Mary [Supplee Bartleson] 1843 May 23 D ae 81/5/21, wife of Ezekiel Shearman [& sister of John Supplee; her first husband was John Bartleson]
Shearman Uriah # 1920 Jun 25 D ae 69, son of Bartleson & Hannah Shearman
Sherman Susan [Prentiss] 1861 Jul 8 B1796, wife of Isaac Sherman [& daughter of Thomas Prentiss] [broken stone]
Snyder Phebe # 1903 Mar 13 [MWF: born in Yates Co., died in Gorham, age 73]
Steele Casper # 1903 Oct 1 D ae 42, son of John & Mary Steele [town record] [MWF:born in Wayne Co., died in Jerusalem, age 43; funeral charged to Mrs. Matteson]
Stevens P. C. m Civil War: cpl., Co. I, 1st NY Veteran Cavalry
Thomas Alice Matteson 1886 B1869, wife of Edward H. Thomas [E. H. Thomas monument]
Thomas Allen 1889 B1888 [E. H. Thomas monument]
Thomas Charles F. m B1857 [C. F. Thomas monument]
Thomas Eddie 1889 B1888 [E. H. Thomas monument]
Thomas Edward H. 1908 B1848; Civil War: Co. E, 194th NY [E. H. Thomas monument]
Thomas Emily 1909 B1825 [C. F. Thomas monument]
Thomas Forest E. 1898 [May 5] B1895 [MWF: died at Friend, age 2 and 6 months; son of Charles Thomas; funeral ordered by and charged to O.E. Newman] [E. H. Thomas monument]
Thomas Loren T. # 1875 Mar 9 D ae 55 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Tilley Ellen Dora # 1986 Dec 8 B1890, wife of John T Tilley
Tilley John Thomas # 1961 Sep B1881
Torrey Homer 1811 Apr 11 D ae 6 months 4 days, son of Hiram 2nd & Mary C. Torrey
Wheeler Charles m Civil War: Co. E, 194th NY
Wilcox Jesse W. 1892 Feb 1 B about 1800 in Orange Co., NY; brother of Stewart Wilcox & husband of Jane Wilcox
Wilcox Judson 1857 Nov 20 D ae 21/2
Wilcox Steward 1881 Mar 16 B1806 Apr 3, died age 73
Wilcox Steward 1877 Oct 17 D ae 23/8/16
Wright Anna Mae 1922 B1881, wife of Warren S. Wright
Wright Charles 1922 B1909 [adjacent to Warren & Anna Wright]
Wright Fidelia 1903 B1847, daughter of Jackson & Maria Wright [Jackson Wright monument]
Wright Jackson 1892 B1807 [Jackson Wright monument]
Wright Maria 1897 B1815, wife of Jackson Wright [Jackson Wright monument]
Wright Warren S. 1954 B1884
Young Abraham 1885 Dec 28 D ae 86 [Abraham Young monument]
Young Almira 1837 Nov 10 D ae 36 [Abraham Young monument]
Young Elizabeth 1818 Mar 30 D ae 76/4, wife of Jacob Young
Y[oung] J[acob] [1836] [B1762] [slate stone, inscription obliterated; footstone with initials]
Young Samantha 1892 Jul 8 D ae 85, wife of Abraham Young [Abraham Young monument]

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