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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Keuka Park Cemetery: Notes

Keuka Park cemetery This is the burial ground associated with Keuka Park, the hamlet that surrounds and includes Keuka College. The college was founded in 1890 with the construction of Ball Hall, and the area now occupied by the cemetery was a grove of trees used for outdoor lectures and other activities.

The entrance road is slightly obscure at its lower end, but once through the opening in the trees and across the bridge, the way is clear and makes a very pretty walk through the woods. The cemetery is now active and maintained by an association, though it was somewhat neglected for several years because of its difficult access.

Though universally called the Keuka Park Cemetery, on the local tax map this is called Oak Knoll.


Keuka Park Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Empty foundation near Hawks]
---- ---- m [Empty foundation near Byork]
Africa Catherine C. 1970 B1922
Albertson Charles Stuart 1909 Nov 10  
Alexander Esther L. m B1930 [Alexander / Gould rnonument]
Alexander William Lee m B1934 [Alexander / Gould monument]
Ambler Priscilla Emily [Hallan] 1905 Jan 7 B1858 Feb 28 [daughter of E. C. B. Hallan &] wife of George Ambler
Barrus Carrie I. 1987 B1917; wife of Leigh H. Barrus, married 1940 Jul 7
Barrus Dudley C. 1954 B1885
Barrus Leigh H. 1991 Jan 14 B1912 Jan 21; WWII: qm/3, U.S. Navy
Barrus Mona G. 1972 B1887 [wife of Dudley C. Barrus]
Beach Charles R. 1980 B1928; Korean War: U.S. Navy [adjacent to Miriam Beach Clark]
Bloomquist Earl W. Jr. 1994 Feb 10 B1920 Feb 7
Bloomquist M. Camilla m B1917 Apr 1 [wife of Earl W. Bloomquist Jr.]
Byork Annie W. 1947 B1879; wife of Rev. John Byork
Byork John, Rev. 1935 B1869
Clark Miriam Beach 1991 Jun 20 B1924 Jul 1 [adjacent to Charles R. Beach]
Gould Earl F. 1992 B1913 [Alexander / Gould monument]
Gould Wilma S. m B1917 [Alexander / Gould monument]
Griffin Libbie C., Rev. 1927 B1851 [wife of Rev. Zebina Griffin] Missionary in India 1873-1909
Griffin Zebina F., Rev., DD 1938 B1844; Missionary in India 1883-1909
Hawks Blanche L. 1965 B1879 [wife of Clarence L. Hawks]
Hawks Clarence L. 1950 B1864
Henderson Bessie G. 1942 B1867 [Henderson monument]
Henderson George, Rev. 1941 B1862; Missionary in India 46 Years [Henderson monument]
Henderson Mabel G. 1940 B1869 [Henderson monument]
Mack Ernest Herman 1927 B1848 [Mack / Sutfin plot]
Mack Susan D. Smith 1916 B1848; wife of Ernest Herman Smith [Mack / Sutfin plot]
Merson Ellen Elizabeth 1993 B1912; "Daughter" [same stone as Frankie Merson]
Merson Frankie Griffin 1973 B1882; "Mother"
Miller Frances R. 1904 B1871 [wife of Frederick W. Miller]
Miller Frederick W. 1918 B1874
Ringer Clarence 1945 B1876 [Ringer plot]
Ringer Frank V. 1940 B1882 [Ringer plot]
Ringer Ida M. 19-- B1873 [Ringer plot]
Ringer Joseph V. 1904 [B1832; town record gives date of death as 29 Dec 1905, ae 74] [Ringer plot]
Ringer Mira L. 1929 B1846 [Ringer plot]
Seymour Billie M. 1976 B1903 [wife of George W. Seymour]
Seymour George W. 1982 B1893 [WWI]
Stevens Lillie L. Gelatt 1946 B1853; wife of Thomas A. Stevens
Stevens Thomas A. 1912 B1837
Sutfin John C. 1941 B1865 [Mack / Sutfin plot]
Sutfin Nina L. Mack 1955 B1876; wife of John C. Sutfin [Mack / Sutfin plot]
Sutherland Earl L. 1982 Mar 29 B1895 Apr 23; WWI: cpl., U.S. Marine Corps
Sutherland Elaine V. 1937 B1897 [wife of Earl L. Sutherland]
Wood Abel Sweet, Rev. 1922 B1836 [Wood plot]
Wood Gardner Weeks 1958 B1872 [Wood plot]
Wood Genevieve Smith 19-- B1895 [wife of Gardner W. Wood] [Wood plot]
Wood Sarah Weeks [1903 Jun 16] B1832 Jun 14 [stone partially buried; Wood plot]

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