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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Joshua Stoddard Cemetery: Notes

Joshua Stoddard cemetery

This plot contains just two stones, that of Joshua Stoddard and his wife, and there?is no evidence of any others ever having been there. The ground is well off the road, on private property, in some trees near the top of the knoll.

The place is sometimes referred to as the Henry Hyatt farm. It belonged to Joshua Stoddard early in the 19th century, and straddles the town line; the old farmhouse was north of the road and located in the town of Potter.


Joshua Stoddard Cemetery: Burials

Stoddard Abigail 1836 Aug 4 D ae 64, wife of Joshua Stoddard
[Stoddard Joshua] 1825-30 [Broken stone adjacent to his wife?s]

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