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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Cemeteries: Burials from the record, location unknown

This project has made it fairly clear to the compilers that there are a great many more unmarked burials in the County than exist with gravestones. Either there never was a marker, or perhaps only an uninscribed one; or what was once put up to mark a grave has since disappeared, through neglect, the hazards of lime or in some cases deliberate destruction. Where cemetery records exist, they only need to be compared with remaining stones to make this disparity evident.

In the case of the town of Jerusalem, perhaps because it is so large a town in physical size, and so much of it that was once farmed is now grown up to woods, this disparity is much larger than in the County's other towns. That is to say, many persons are mentioned on one record or another as having been buried in the town, but nowadays there is no marker to prove it.

The compilers placed as many of these people as possible with known relatives, or in the neighborhood where they are known to have lived. The following list is of people for whom this could not, for one reason or another, be achieved. There are no doubt many others, in this town and of course in the others as well, who are unmen­tioned on any record and so have escaped our attention entirely. Realizing this, the compilers felt compelled to list at least those whose burial in the town was noted on various written records, even though the exact location could not now be determined.


Unknown Location: Burials from the record

Ansley Frances # 1875 Apr 19 D ae 1/4 in Jerusalem, daughter of James Ansley [mortality schedule]
Babcock Eleanor M. C. # 1889 Feb 15 D ae 1/3, daughter of Marcus E. & Caroline Babcock [town record]
Baker Phineas # 1907 Jan 23 D ae 69/2/9, son of Hector & Julia Stephens Baker [town record]
Boyd James # 1860 Mar D ae 2 months [mortality schedule]
Brown Philip M. # 1875 May 1 D ae 9 months in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Campbell William # 1890 Nov 30 D ae 75 in Jerusalem [town record]
Cartwright Eugene E. # 1909 Sep 2 D ae 59 in Potter, son of Constant & Lavilla Rockwell Cartwright [town record]
Chilson Rhoda J. # 1893 Mar 16 D ae 36; widowed daughter of Noah & Polly Baker [town record]
Coleman John # 1850 Feb D ae 71 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Conklin Daniel # 1890 Apr 20 D ae 64/4/15 [town record]
Conklin infant # 1875 Mar 6 D ae 1 month in Jerusalem son of Calvin & Elsie Conklin [mortality schedule]
Conklin Libbie # 1899 Jan 20 D ae 53, daughter of John & Martha Conklin [town record]
Conklin Martha Carington # 1898 Jan10 D ae 76 on Bluff Point, daughter of Evert & Mary Carington [town record]
Davis Frank # 1860 Mar D ae 2 months [mortality schedule]
Finger Ruby A. # 1890 Dec 15 D ae 8 months 5 days, daughter of J. Elwin & Ella M. Finger [town record]
Finney Hiram # 1906 Nov 26 D ae 74, son of Chester Finney [town record]
Hall infant # 1902 Mar 28 D ae 1 day, child of Byron & Addie Hall [town record]
Harris Esther Ann # 1849 Feb D ae 1 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Hayes Cynthia Edwards # 1899 Oct 17 D ae 92, daughter of Alanson & Elizabeth McKee Edwards & mother of Alfred E. Harris [town record]
Holmes Mary # 1850 Feb D ae 1 month [mortality schedule]
Hopkins George W. # 1895 Jan 16 D ae 82, husband of Hannah Hopkins & father of Ezra B. Hopkins [town record]
Howe George # 1869 Aug D ae 65 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
James Nathaniel # 1849 Dec D ae 46 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Jensen infant # 1892 Sep 5 D ae 7 months, child of Jens & Redima Jensen [town record]
Kennedy Guy # 1901 Aug 12 D ae 14 days, son of Edward & Isabella Kennedy [town record]
Kenyoun Goldie # 1874 Sep 30 D ae 1 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Lang Louisa Ada Tanner # 1887 Jul 3 D ae 28, daughter of Whiting H. & Catherine E. Tanner [town record]
Lang Phebe # 1860 May D ae 43 in Jerusalem, wife of Josephus Lang [mortality schedule]
Lydia Tadus # 1850 May D ae 28 in Jerusalem; male, born in Ireland [mortality schedule]
McKelsey Francis # 1850 Jan D ae 12 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Miller Joseph B. # 1892 Jul 8 D ae 76/4/15 [town record]
Northup Frances E. # 1859 Aug D ae 4 months in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Parker Beverly W. # 1849 Jul D ae 2 months in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Peckins Benjamin # 1850 Nov D ae 20 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Peterson Ruth # 1850 May D ae 72 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Phillips Gilbert Haven # 1885 Dec 27 D ae 6/3/16, son of Robert D. & Jennie A. Phillips [town record]
Pierce Irene # 1904 Mar 11 D ae 2 days, daughter of William & Lotty Bush Pierce [town record]
Potter John # 1850 Jan D ae 2 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Pulver Byron # 1849 Jun D ae 3 months [mortality schedule]
Purdy T. Joshua # 1865 Mar 4 D ae 2 days [mortality schedule]
Race infant # 1899 Oct 7 Child of George & Fanny Race [town record]
Rarrick Delia # 1849 Jun D ae 2 months [mortality schedule]
Raymond Anna # 1860 Feb D ae 1 month [mortality schedule]
Raymond Lamania # 1850 Jan D ae 11 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Rhodes Harriet # 1860 Apr D ae 42 [mortality schedule]
Rice John # 1905 Jul 5 D ae 65 in Jerusalem; son of Vicius & Syntha Richardson Rice [town record]
Richards Ethel A. # 1900 Sep 28 D ae 8/6/10; daughter of James & Lena A. Shepard Richards [town record]
Richards Lilly M. # 1891 Jan 30 D ae 1/8/19; daughter of James & Lena Richards [town record]
Riegel Ray # 1896 Apr 2 D ae 14 days; son of Philip H. & Nettie H. Riegel [town record]
Rogers Helen # 1850 Mar D ae 6 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Russel Francis # 1850 May D ae 7 months in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Sanderson John # 1892 Sep 6 D ae 19 [town record]
Sheppard Isabella # 1849 Aug D ae 3 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Shiek Charles # 1859 Dec D ae 13 in Jerusalem, son of James V. & Emeline Shiek [mortality schedule]
Shiek George # 1859 Dec D ae 15 in Jerusalem, son of James V. & Emeline Shiek [mortality schedule]
Shults Henry G. # 1860 Jan D ae 68 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Snyder Ellen # 1864 Sep 2 D ae 9 in Jerusalem, daughter of John & Phebe Snyder [mortality schedule]
Snyder Floyd # 1909 Mar 23 D ae 51, son of John M. & Phebe Scofièld Snyder [town record]
Snyder Willie # 1864 Aug 21 D ae 2 in Jerusalem, son of John & Phebe Snyder [mortality schedule]
Steel Adelaide # 1864 Sep 18 D ae 12 [mortality schedule]
Stickles Martin # 1892 Jul 14 D ae 64 in Jerusalem; husband of Helen Jane Stickles, father of Annette Stickles [town record]
Tanner Whiting # 1888 Sep 23 D ae 60 [town record]
Thomas Edwin Leander # 1869 Dec D ae 5 in Jerusalem, son of Richard F. & Mary E. Thomas [mortality schedule]
Vandoren infant # 1864 Dec 31 D ae 2 months; born in Ontario Co., NY [mortality schedule]
Vansickle Henry # 1875 May 27 D ae 39 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Vernon infant # 1869 Sep D ae 2 months in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Wert Mary A. # 1864 Nov 7 D ae 6 in Jerusalem, born in Wisconsin [mortality schedule]
Williams Martha # 1875 Mar 12 D ae 75 in Jerusalem; widow; born in Tenn. [mortality schedule]

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