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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Ingraham Family Cemetery: Notes

Ingraham cemetery

This family burial plot was mentioned in some correspondence between a researcher and former County Historian Frank Swann. Despite earnest efforts to locate it physically, the compilers were unable to do so, and they now presume it no longer exists.

Nathaniel Ingraham was a cousin of the brothers Elisha and Eleazer Ingraham. All three men with their families came to this area with the followers of the Universal Friend. Nathaniel settled at first in Milo and then, like many others in the Society, came to Jerusalem. He settled here on the West Hill and became the father of a large family, most of whom then continued on west.

His property was adjacent to that of his cousin Eleazer?s son John, who also reared a family here. He and his wife, as well as Nathaniel and his wife and some others of the family, are otherwise unaccounted for and the compilers suggest they may have been buried here.


Ingraham Family Cemetery: Burials

Ingraham David # m Son of Nathaniel & Experience Ingraham
Ingraham Experience # 1830s D in her 80s, wife of Nathaniel Ingraham
Ingraham John # 1849 Feb 13 Son of Elizur & Lydia Gutheridge Ingraham
Ingraham Mary # After Dec 1831 Daughter of Nathaniel & Experience Ingraham
Ingraham Nancy Anna Updegrove # 1850-1855 D ae 81-86, born in Penn.; wife of John Ingraham
Ingraham Nathaniel # 1831 Feb 26 B1747 at Bellingham, Mass.
Ingraham Nathaniel Jr. # 1833-35 D in his 50s, son of Nathaniel & Experience Ingraham

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