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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Friends' Burying Ground: Notes

Friends' Burying Ground

This cemetery served the community that surrounded the last home of the Universal Friend, which is within sight of it across the open farm fields south of Friend Hill Road. The cemetery is of course no longer in use; it belongs to the town of Jerusalem but has no public right of way for access.

It is said that the first burial took place here in 1806. The Universal Friend herself lived in the valley of Sugar Creek 20 years, from her removal there from City Hill in 1794 until her third and final home was finished in 1814. A few of her followers were laid in the vault by her home in the valley after their deaths, and were presumably buried nearby, but they are listed here to make sure they are included somewhere.

Many of the graves are either entirely unmarked, or marked only with uninscribed fieldstones. A few inscribed stones remain. All other names listed here are from records, especially the list copied by Arnold Potter from a memo prepared by Peter S. Oliver, second husband of Maria Clark, the widow of James Brown Jr.

Brown was the Friend's steward and heir, and Potter's grandfather; it was from him that Potter acquired many of the Friend's personal possessions, now to be found at the Oliver House Museum in Penn Yan. Potter stated that his list of the Friend's followers was based on his grandfather's information, which came straight from the Friend herself. The list contains the purported burial place of many of the Society, and those said to have been buried in the Friend's Burial Ground are on the present list. Further information about dates of death, age and relationships were gleaned where possible from other sources. A few names were added of people known to have been associated with the Society whose graves could otherwise not be located.

It should perhaps be noted here that the Universal Friend herself was apparently not buried in this ground, but in a place known only to (it is said) two of her followers, who have passed the information down to two persons in each generation since. Her death occurred 1 July 1819; the entry in the Society's Death Book says: "25 minutes past 2 on the Clock, The Friend went from here. --"  Her followers were unwilling to bury her at first, awaiting perhaps a second reanimation, but a few days later they laid her in a secret grave, fearing desecration.


Friends' Burying Ground: Burials

---- ---- m [Pair of fieldstones, no inscriptions]
---- ---- m [Pair of fieldstones, no inscriptions]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone and footstone, no inscription]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone and footstone, no inscription]
---- ---- m [Pair of fieldstones, no inscriptions]
---- ---- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
Allen Patience # 1833 Single; came from New London, Conn.
Baldwin Hannah # 1844 Single; born in Conn., died at a very advanced age
Barnes Abigail Daines # 1842 B1750, wife of Samuel Barnes
Barnes Elizabeth Mills # m Second wife of Henry Barnes, widow of David Mills
Barnes Henry # 1873 B1789 May 28; son of Samuel & Abigail Barnes, last surviving male member of the Universal Friends
Barnes Sarah Whitney # m First wife of Henry Barnes; sister of David Whitney
Barnes Samuel Sr. # 1809 B1743, father of Henry Barnes
Bean Mary # 1840 D ae 60+, single; came from Philadelphia, related to the Supplees
Beard Eunice # 1819+ Single
Botsford Mary # 1831 Mar 31 D ae 80
Briggs John Jr. # 1825 D ae 70, husband of Audrey Place Briggs
Briggs Sarah 1840 Nov 10 D ae 80/6 [date of death written as 10th Day of 11th Month; sister of Peleg Briggs Jr.]
Briggs Mary # 1835 m
Brown Anna # m D ae 10, daughter of George & Martha Luther Brown
Brown Asa # 1877 Jan 9 D ae 96/9 days, son of Micajah Sr. & Hannah Brown
Brown Clarissa A. # 1834 Nov 30 D ae 34, daughter of Jesse Brown
Brown Lucy 1826 Jan 5 B1759 Apr 11; died age 65/25 days, sister of Daniel Brown
Brown Patience [Ingraham] 1850 Mar 21 D ae 66, wife of Asa Brown [& daughter of Eleazer & Lydia Gutheridge Ingraham]
Brown Temperance # 1852 B1763 Apr 14, sister of Daniel Sr. & Lucy Brown
Cahoon Sinah Davis # m Daughter of John Davis & wife of Stewart Cahoon
Carr Elizabeth # 1833 Widow; related to Havens family of Benton
Clark Elizabeth Malin # m Wife of Thomas Clark
Clark Thomas # m m
Cogswell Lydia # 1796 Jul 7 D ae 56 in Milo, single sister of Phebe Cogswell
Cogswell Phebe # 1819+ D ae 100, single
Cogswell Sarah # m Widow, resided with Hannah Baldwin
Dains Castle # 1842 Nov 11 D ae 96 in Jerusalem; Revolutionary War
Dains Joanna Barman # m Wife of Castle Dains
Dains Jonathan # m D ae 93 at East Hill in Jerusalem
Dains Lavina # 1850 Oct 15 D ae 86, daughter of Jonathan Dains
Dains Mary # --- Jun 15] Wife of Jonathan Dains Sr., died at East Hill in Jerusalem [second burial here, probably unmarked]
Davis Fear # m Wife of Jesse W. Davis & sister of William Davis
Davis John # m Came from Penn.
Doolittle Samuel # 1838? D ae about 70, came from Penn.
Gifford Peleg # 1830-35 B 1770s in Mass.
Gifford Ruth Briggs # 1830-35 B1770s, daughter of John Sr. & Elizabeth Briggs & wife of Peleg Gifford
Goodspeed Lucinda # 1845 Feb Unmarried, died at an advanced age
Hartwell Rebecca # m D ae 90, mother of Samuel Hartwell
Hathaway Eunice # 1819+ Died at Thomas Hathaway's house in Jerusalem
Hathaway Mary # 1819+ Wife of James Hathaway
Hathaway Thomas Sr. # 1795 Aug 25 D ae 66; probably removed here from first burial in the valley
Holmes Mary # 1829 Sep 21 m
Ingraham Lydia 1850 Nov 18 D ae 70 & 22 days [daughter of Eleazer & Lydia Gutheridge Ingraham]
Ingraham Lydia Gutheridge # m Wife of Eleazer Ingraham & mother of Rachel & Lydia Ingraham & Patience Ingraham Brown
Ingraham Rachel # 1873 Jan 16 D ae 91/8/2, daughter of Eleazer & Lydia Ingraham
Ingraham Solomon # 1815 Dec 16 Son of Nathaniel Ingraham
Kinne Elizabeth # 1816 Dec 18 Widow; mother of Israel & Ephraim Kinne
Kinyoun Elizabeth # 1808+ Wife of Remington Kinyoun
Kinyoun Remington # 1807 Came to Yates Co. in 1798
Malin Abigail # 1819+ D ae 80
Malin Margaret # 1842 Jun 23 m
Malin Rachel # 1847 Jan 2 m
Reynolds Martha # 1844 Single sister of Hannah Card, Mary Gardner, Sarah Shearman & John Reynolds
Richards Sarah # 1793 Fall D in Milo, body removed from City Hill and buried here
Robinson William # 1806 D ae 80 at the house of William Davis, came from Philadelphia and resided in Milo with John Supplee [first burial here, probably unmarked]
Smith Nancy [Clark] 1846 Mar 17 B1785 Oct 30; wife of John J. Smith [& daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Malin Clark]
Stone Asahel 1834 Nov 25 D ae 75/1/8
Styer Anna # 1815 Related to Wageners & Supplees; resided with Lucina Goodspeed [David Wagener's mother was Gertrude Steyer, born in 1725; daughter of Stephen Steyer]
Sutton Lament Ingraham Pierce # 1870-75 B1792, daughter of Elisha Ingraham & wife of William Pierce & Daniel Sutton
Towerhill Cloa # 1800 about D ae 70
Updegraff Jacob # 1800 about Father of Rebecca Shattuck, Eleanor Updegraff, Rachel Davis & Nancy Ingraham
Wagner Anna 1831 Aug 25 D ae 75 [sister of David & Jacob Wagener]
Wagner Jacob 1817 May 26 D ae 63/3/13 [brother of David & Anna Wagener]
White Catherine # 1817 --- 28 Widow from Penn., died at East Hill in Jerusalem

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