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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Davis Cemetery: Notes

Davis cemetery This is usually called the Conklin Cemetery, as the Conklin graves are among the few that still remain in a large plot that very obviously once held many more burials, and served the entire neighborhood.

Some of the area's earliest settlers carved out farms along the road up this hillside, which once served as an important stage route between Penn Yan and Prattsburg via Italy Hill.

The ground is in a hedgerow a short distance from the bank of the creek, on property that was apparently first settled by Jesse Davis, who came to what's now Yates County in 1791 with the family of David Wagener. Jesse?s father William Davis came up from Montgomery County, Pa. in time to be listed on the first tax roll taken of what was then the town of Jerusalem in 1792. At that time he seems to have been in what's now Milo, probably in the Himrod neighborhood where his first cousin Malachi settled a little later with his numerous family.

The compilers have suggested several other possible burials in this ground, not entirely arbitrarily, of persons known to have lived nearby whose burials cannot otherwise be accounted for.


Davis Cemetery: Burials

--- --- m [A pair of uninscribed fieldstones and a single in a row adjacent to David Dains]
--- --- m [A single uninscribed fieldstone adjacent to the Conklins]
--- --- m [Three single uninscribed fieldstones in a row]
--- --- m [Two uninscribed fieldstones in a row]
--- --- m [Two adjacent pairs of uninscribed fieldstones outside fence]
Barnes Elizur # 1836 B1772
Barnes Experience Ingraham # 1873 Aug 18 B1782 Aug 8 at New Milford, Conn., died at Italy Hill; daughter of Nathaniel Ingraham & wife of Elizur Barnes
Barnes Ira # m Son of Elizur & Experience Barnes
Barnes Mary # m Daughter of Elizur & Experience Barnes
Barnes Parmelee # 1820 Son of Samuel & Abigail Barnes
Barnes Rachel Meek # m Wife of Samuel Barnes Jr.
Barnes Samuel Jr. # m Son of Elizur & Experience Barnes
Cole Allen # 1829 Dec 8 D ae 34 in Jerusalem, son of Joseph & Hannah Cole
Cole Hannah Whitaker # 1819 B1775 May 22 in Rhode Island, wife of Joseph Cole
Cole John # 1862 B1797, son of Joseph & Hannah Cole
Cole Joseph # 1861 Jan 19 B1770 Sep 26 at Swansea, Rhode Island, son of Esau & Mary Chase Cole
Cole Rebecca Multer # before 1847 First wife of John Cole
Conklin Elizabeth 1873? Jun 19 D ae 61/16 days, wife of John Conklin
Conklin John 1872 Jun 22 D ae 80/3/26 [double stone with his wife]
Cortwright Jacob W. 1841 Oct 29 D ae 25/5/28, son of Frederick & Maria Cortwright
Dains David 1834 Mar 3 D ae 51/7/29 [son of Jesse & Chloe Thompson Dains]
Davis Huldah Barnes # 1900 Aug 8 B1807 Oct; 2nd wife of Jesse Davis & daughter of Elizur & Experience Ingraham Barnes
Davis Jesse # 1862 D ae 84, son of William & Nancy Davis
Davis Nancy Davis # m Wife of William Davis; sister of J. W. Davis
Davis William # 1818 B1748

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