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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Daniel Brown Cemetery: Notes

Daniel Brown cemetery The two Daniel Browns, father and son, were among the very earliest of Jerusalem's settlers and devout followers of the Universal Friend. The old house immediately west of the sharp turn in County House Road was built by Daniel Brown Sr., adjacent to a fabulous natural spring.

A family cemetery was sited at the back of the field behind the house, near the edge of the ravine. The markers are all uninscribed fieldstones set on edge, consistent with the practice followed by some of the Universal Friends. The following list suggests family members the location of whose burial is otherwise unknown.

This ground is mentioned in one or two old lists. It was located for the compilers by Jerusalem historian Jane Davis.


Daniel Brown Cemetery: Burials

--- --- m [Three pairs of uninscribed fieldstones]
--- --- m [Five single uninscribed fieldstones]
Brown Anna York # 1817 Apr 27 B1755 Jul 17 at Stonington, Conn., wife of Daniel Brown Sr.
Brown Daniel Jr # 1828 Oct 13 B1773 Jun 1 in Conn.; son of Daniel Sr. & Anna York Brown
Brown Daniel Sr # 1822 Oct 4 B1751 Feb 5 at Stonington, Conn.
Brown George # 1820 B1775 Mar 14 at Stonington, Conn., son of Daniel Sr. & Anna York Brown
Brown Russell # m Son of Daniel Sr. & Anna York Brown; died young
Brown Sarah Potter # 1832 May 17 B1771 Dec 13 at South Kingston, Rhode Island; wife of George Brown & daughter of William & Penelope Hazard Potter; died in Torrey

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