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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

County House Cemetery

County House cemetery During the period between 1831 and 1922, while the old County House was used as such, persons who died there without family members to bury them elsewhere were buried in a plot at the rear. The area used for these burials may still be faintly discerned, but there have never been any markers. The property has been a private residence since the County House moved to Esperanza in 1922.

The County House served as a combination poorhouse, orphanage, nursing home and asylum. Inmates well enough to work operated the farm and to some extent supported themselves and cared for each other. Inspectors' reports filed each year with the County Legislature reflect nearly unanimous shock at the wretched conditions the people who lived here were forced to endure.

Jerusalem vital records show County House deaths after 1886, and a Milo town record also exists for some deaths there of people credited as residents of Milo in the 1870s.


County House: Burials

Anderson John # 1874 Mar 7 [Milo record]
Baldwin Otis # 1906 Oct 13 D ae 65 at the County House; son of J. Baldwin [town record]
Ball ---  Mrs. # 1876 Jan 6 Buried beside her husband [Milo record]
Beard Mary J. # 1904 May 16 D ae 77 at the County House; single [town record]
Bosworth Joseph # 1909 May 17 D ae 83 at the Poorhouse [town record]
Bull Charles # 1870 Aug D ae 38 at the County House, born in England [mortality schedule]
Cobb Mamie # 1903 Feb 23 D ae 68 at the County House; widow [town record]
Cole Lucy J. # 1902 Nov 24 D ae 83 at the County House [town record]
Cohoon Charles # 1874 May 19 D ae 19, son of Mrs. Jane Parshall of Syracuse [Milo record]
Ellis Joseph # 1875 Jan 29 [Milo record]
Fenno Ezra Ray # 1909 Mar 27 D ae 78 at the Poorhouse [town record]
Foster Jeremiah # 1899 Oct 14 D ae 71 at the County House [town record]
Fowler Daniel # 1870 Apr D ae 71 County House, born in Ireland [mortality schedule]
Gould Ann # 1874 Mar 10 [Milo record]
Heller John # 1905 Oct 23 D ae 91/1/20 at the CountyHouse, born in England [town record]
Herron Julia Monroe # 1907 Mar 16 D ae 57/2 at the County House, daughter of R. & ---  Havens Monroe [town record]
Hopkins Edd # 1903 Jun 1 D ae 81/1 at the County House [town record]
Johnston George # 1898 Dec 27 D ae 69 at the County House [town record]
Ketchum Nathaniel N. # 1905 Nov 9 D ae 88 at the County House; saloon keeper [town record]
Leclaire F. J. # 1874 Apr 25 [Milo record]
Pease John # 1906 Oct 22 D ae 83/4/2 at the County House, born in England [town record]
Perkins Stephen # 1875 May 22 [Milo record]
Pruner --- # 1874 Nov 11 Child of Adam Pruner [Milo record]
Rarrick David # 1905 Jan 25 D ae 66 at the County House; married [town record]

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