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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem



Cahoon cemetery

This is one survivor of what must formerly have been a very large number of individual and very small burial grounds in the town. Since so much of the once-open pasture and orchard land on the hill slopes has been abandoned to second-growth woods, nearly all of them have been lost or obliterated.

The Cahoon stones listed here are under the spreading branches of a large tree that was once at the edge of an open field, probably in a hedge row. It appears that a lane led down the hill past them; they were very difficult to find, even with a good description of their location, obtained by town historian Jane Davis. She and the compilers searched the circumference of a great many trees on the hillside before finding them, and yet once there must have been a working farm here with a house and barns, and a lane leading uphill beside the pasture.


Cahoon Edwin A. 1842 Oct 12 D ae 2/7/11; son of Charles & Emily Cahoon
Cahoon Emily S. 1840 Sep 20 D ae 20/7; wife of Charles Cahoon

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