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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem


Branchport Hill Cemetery: Notes

Branchport Hill cemetery This is the larger of the two cemeteries in the hamlet of Branchport, and by far the easier to find, on the south side of the Italy Hill Road nearly across from the town hall.

Like the Bitley cemetery, this one is an association cemetery, active and very well maintained. A few stones have fallen, others are broken. Weather and age have done the most damage.

The compilers have made use of a map of the Branchport Hill Cemetery (sometimes called the Millspaugh Cemetery) which shows the plots and owners. Many obituaries and town records merely state that a given person was buried in Branchport, and though in most cases it was possible to tell which cemetery was meant, it wasn’t always. The rest are listed separately as "Jerusalem unknown" along with other persons the location of whose burial has been lost.


Branchport Hill Cemetery: Burials

---ll? Charlie E. m [Child’s stone, very worn]
Ackerman Jane m B1918 [wife of Wesley Ackerman]
Ackerman Wesley 1969 B1916
Adams Angeline 1890 Oct 17 B1809 May 28 [wife of Isaac Adams] [Adams monument]
Adams Caroline 1892 Dec 26 B1832 May 5 [Adams monument]
Adams Henry 1852 Aug 29 D ae 9/4/8, son of Abram & Susan Adams [stone partially buried]
Adams Isaac 1865 Jan 3 B1808 Feb 19 [Adams monument]
Alexander Mabel Burk 1989 B1894 [wife of Robert S. Alexander]
Alexander Robert S. 1977 B1892
Allen Eliza 1948 B1862 [Kenneth Fingar plot]
Allen George 1985 B1910 [funeral marker]
Allen Rosa 1986 B1921 [wife of George Allen] [funeral marker]
Alley Lois E. 1990 Jan 20 B1918 Dec 28 [wife of Richard Alley]
Alley Richard C. 1988 Jan 3 B1915 Jun 17
Almy Allie 1881 Sep 29 D ae 5 months 18 days, daughter of John W. & Jennie Almy
Andrews Abigail [Nash] 1838 Oct 1 D ae 62/7/11, wife of Benajah Andruss
Andrus Hattie A. 1881 B1857 [wife of Jerome Andrus] [Andrus monument]
Andrus Jerome E. 1925 B1848 [Andrus monument]
Andrus M. Elizabeth 1921 B1842 [Andrus monument]
Andruss Almira G[arlick] [1866 May 21] [D ae 27] wife of Zebina Andruss [stone broken]
Andruss Almira 1861 May 26 D ae 11/11/26, daughter of Miles B. & Mary A. Andruss
Andruss Benajah 1838 Jul 24 D ae 68/7/11
Andruss Mary Ann [Cole] 1891 Jul 18 B1818 Jun 1, wife of Miles B. Andruss [& daughter of Erastus Cole Sr.]
Andruss Miles B. 1906 May 3 B1819 Oct 23 [son of Zebina C. & Almira Andruss]
Andruss Zebina C. 1868 Sep 30 D ae 24/1/18 [son of Benajah & Abigail Andruss]
Angus Mary Ann 1851 Dec 21 D ae 22/10/5, wife of A. B. Angus
Angus Susan V. 1853 Sep 30 D ae 26/3/16, 2nd wife of A. B. Angus
Ansley Anna E. 1970 B1885 [wife of Charles Ansley]
Ansley Byron 1943 B1873
Ansley Charles E. 1942 B1875
Ansley Charles L. m B1927 [brother of Edith M. Ansley]
Ansley Edith M. 1992 B1904 [sister of Charles L. Ansley]
Ansley Joel 1881 Feb 12 B1804 Feb 14 [Joel Ansley monument]
Ansley Louisa S. 1890 Sep 24 B1807 Dec 10, wife of Joel Ansley [Joel Ansley monument]
Ansley Minnie 1966 B1877 [wife of Byron Ansley]
Ardell Pearl May # 1889 Feb 17 D ae 14/2/8, daughter of Richard & Agnes Cole Ardell [town record]
Armstrong Albert 1926 B1846
Armstrong Ann Eliza Haire 1928 B1878 [wife of C. Frank Armstrong]
Armstrong C. Frank 1958 B1875
Armstrong Margaret M. 1979 B1917 [wife of Vincent Armstrong]
Armstrong Rowland C. 1966 B1904
Armstrong Sarah Ruth 1968 B1906 [wife of Rowland C. Armstrong]
Armstrong Sarah Tyler m B1843 [wife of Albert Armstrong]
Armstrong Vincent A. 1974 B1919
Armstrong Walter F. 1985 Oct 10 B1910 Nov 28
Artley Lena Y. [Davenport] 1937 [Feb 3] B1879 [MWF: born 18 April 1879 in Barton N.Y., died at home in Potter, age 57/8/19; married to William Artley, daughter of Andrew and Martha Marvin Davenport, both born in N.Y. state]
Babcock Benjamin F. 1914 Sep 22 D ae 80; Civil War: Co. A, 171st Pa. Militia
Bather Lillian m B1915
Barrett Emily 1974 Nov 24 B1972 Aug 20
Bartash Gen 1976 B1908
Barton E. Caleb 1952 B1867
Barton May F. 1962 B1875 [wife of E. Caleb Barton]
Beddoe Charles G. # 1901 Nov 21 D ae 75/4/28 in Penn Yan; born in Wales, son of Charles & Maria Beddoe [town record]
Beden Abigail [Sturdevant] 1858 Oct 2 D ae 73/8, wife of A[lpheus] P. Beden & daughter of John & Joanna Sturdevant
Beden Alpheus P. 1860 Jun 20 D ae 75
Belknap James A. 1906 B1816 Mar 26 [son of Briggs & Miama Drake Belknap]
Belknap Submit C. [Green] 1885 Mar 19 D ae 68/7/16, wife of James A. Belknap
Blakesley Walter G. 1929 B1895
Blend Ethel Townsend 1968 Jan 7 B1893 May 29 [Townsend plot]
Blunt Esther J. 1914 B1830 [Joel Ansley monument]
Booth Mary Frances 1857 Jul 22 D ae 20
Booth Susan Calista [1843] D ae 38, wife of Spencer Booth
Borden Addie J. 1948 B1871 [wife of James M. Borden]
Borden James M. 1922 B1857 [son of Jonathan Borden]
Botsford Anna A. # 1860 Feb D ae 1 [mortality schedule]
Botsford Elijah 1829 [May 1] B1766 [son of Jonathan Botsford] [Botsford monument]
Botsford Esther C. [Spangler] 1894 B1826 [daughter of Levi & Maria Miller Spangler] [Botsford monument]
Botsford Margaret [Scott] 1871 B1774 [wife of Elijah Botsford] [Botsford monument]
Botsford Samuel 1888 B1809 [son of Elijah & Margaret Scott Botsford] [Botsford monument]
Botsford Wade 1894 B1855 [Botsford monument]
Botsford Walter 1862 B1854 [Botsford monument]
Boyd Rebecca A. 1865 Sep 3 B1817 Feb 29, wife of Tomkins W. Boyd [Boyd / Taylor monument]
Boyd Tomkins W. 1879 Sep 17 B1807 Aug 26 [Boyd / Taylor monument]
Breed Beatrice 1969 B1927 [wife of Clifford Breed]
Breed Clifford 1988 Oct 1 B1919 May 30; WWII: U.S. Army
Breed Laura C. 1990 B1896 [wife of Ralph W. Breed]
Breed Ralph G. 1966 B1917
Breed Ralph W. 1957 B1891
Brockway Isaiah D. 1864 Aug 11 D ae 20 at Alexandria, Va., son of J. Wiley & E. Honer Brockway; Civil War: Co. L, 14th NY Heavy Artillery
Bronson Amelia V. Bush # 1890 Jan 9 D ae 59, daughter of Joseph & Susan Arnold Bush [town record]
Bronson J. L. m Civil War: Co. I, 15th NY Engineers
Bronson M. Albina # 1904 Feb 6 D ae 86
Bulpin Jane E. 1864 Apr 27 B1837 Jan 10, wife of Charles G. Bulpin [Dunning monument]
Burk Charles A. 1968 B1896
Burk Della M. Martin 1922 Feb 2 B1877 Aug 4 [wife of Fred J. Burk]
Burk Fred J. 1955 Jul 11 B1874 Mar 16
Burk Kenneth C. 1977 B1919
Burk Mary P. 1989 B1897 [wife of Charles A. Burk]
Burk Persie Ann Dean # 1897 Jul 3 D ae 52 in Italy; married daughter of Benjamin & Persis Ann Dean [town record]
Bush Julia A. 1898 Oct 5 B1805 Jul 9, wife of Dr. Wynans Bush
Bush Wynans, Dr. 1889 Mar 14 B1799 Jun 24
Campbell Frances R. 1966 B1910 [wife of Harold J. Campbell] [Campbell plot]
Campbell Harold J. 1957 B1907 [Campbell plot]
Campbell Henry C. 1915 B1834
Campbell Samantha D. 1929 B1841, wife of Henry C. Campbell
Canning Mary S. 1862 Feb 8 D ae 2 months 20 days, daughter of James & Maryann Canning [worn]
Carpenter Helen 1944 B1894 [wife of William Carpenter]
Carpenter Mable G. 1970 B1897
Carpenter William 1958 B1890
Chapell Emeline 1834 Dec 26 D ae 22/6/6, wife of Francis S. Chapell
Charles Maud M. 1944 B1877 [wife of Oscar Robert Charles]
Charles Oscar Robert 1956 Nov 25 B1877 Jul 23; WWI: NY, 1st H. Dental Corps
Chase Allen B. 1893 B1834 [plot with Wm Genung monument]
Chase Christopher C. 1884 Jan 27 D ae 80/17 days [son of Judah & Hannah Baker Chase]
Chase Elias 1883 Mar 24 B1805 Aug 5 [son of Judah & Hannah Baker Chase] [Elias Chase monument]
Chase Fred J. 1953 B1877
Chase Josiah 1849 Jul 10 D ae 54/3/6
Chase Letha D. 1982 B1911 [wife of Morrison C. Chase]
Chase Mae B. 1951 B1886 [wife of Fred J. Chase]
Chase Mary E. 1943 B1924
Chase Morison C. 1978 B1908
Chase Morrison L. 1904 B1839 [Elias Chase monument]
Chase Phebe Townsend # 1893 May 6 D ae 90/10 Italy; wife of Columbus Chase & daughter of John Townsend [town record]
Chase Rebecca [Davis] 1897 B1808 [daughter of Samuel & Menty Ingraham Davis] [Elias Chase monument]
Chase Sarah M. Genung 1916 B1834 [wife of Allen B. Chase & daughter of William & Bethana Genung] [plot with Wm Genung monument]
Cheeseman Fay R. 19-- B1917
Cheeseman Mable G. 1970 B1917 [wife of Fay R. Cheeseman]
Cheney Anna Elizabeth 1859 Apr 6 D ae 1, daughter of Geo N. & Helen Cheney [plot with Weaver monument]
Cheney George N. 1863 Jun 12 D ae 36 [Weaver monument]
Cheney Helen Weaver 1865 Jun 12 D ae 36 [Weaver monument]
Cheney Mary Cornelia 1861 Aug 7 D ae 3/11/3? At Rochester, NY; daughter of Rev. Geo N. & Helen Cheney [plot with Weaver monument]
Chidsey ---- m [Stone face down next to Capt. Wm Chidsey; his wife?]
Chidsey Freddie B. 1863 Sep 23 D ae 13, youngest son of W. H. & S. P. Chidsey
Chidsey J. W. Irwin 1863 Nov 26 D ae 20/8, 2nd son of W. H. & S. P. Chidsey; Civil War: fell in battle at Mine Run, Va.
Chidsey William H., Capt. 1870 Aug 30 D ae 72 in Branchport
Clark Elisha 1853 Feb 22 D ae 83/10/26
Clark Phebe 1837 May 22 D ae 67/10/9, wife of Elisha Clark
Cleaveland Helen A. 1888 Jul 6 D ae 43 [next to Nathan & Catherine Dickerson]
Cogswell Mary [Davis] 1869 Jun 24 D ae 68, wife of Joseph Cogswell [& daughter of Jonathan & Rachel Updegraff Davis] [Jonathan Davis monument]
Colburn Charles A. 1852 Feb 18 D ae 1/10, son of J. F. & C. M. Colburn
Colburn Charlotte M. 1861 Nov 15 D ae 41/7/13, wife of John F. Colburn
Cole Almeellia 1860 Dec 17 B1850 Sep 27, daughter of Simeon & Jane Cole
Cole Byron 1862 Jun 23 B1858 Jul 4, son of Simeon & Jane Cole
Cole David G. # 1893 Feb 25 D ae 38 in Penn Yan, son of Simeon & Jane Cole [town record]
Cole Dewitt C. # 1874 Aug 7 D ae 39 in Jerusalem, son of Simeon & Jane Cole [mortality schedule]
Cole Edgar 1863 Sep 28 B1839 Mar 11
Cole Edward # 1875 May 13 D ae 36 in Jerusalem, son of Simeon & Jane Cole [mortality schedule]
Cole Ella R. 1859 Dec 3 D ae 5/6/4, daughter of Erastus & Sarah A. Cole [adjacent to the Larzeleres]
Cole Erastus 1860 Jul 31 B1781 Sep 24 [son of Mathew Cole]
Cole Erastus 1903 Feb 18 D ae 83, son of Erastus Cole [town record]
Cole Frank A. 1957 B1878
Cole Frank Henry # 1886 Sep 24 D ae 3 months in Jerusalem, son of David G. & Kate Laura Cole [town record]
Cole Harris 1892 B1823 [son of Erastus & Lois Cole] [Harris Cole monument]
Cole Henry 1911 B1855, son of Harris & Mary Cole [Harris Cole monument]
Cole James P. 1857 Jul 1 D ae 1/9/5, son of Harris C. & Mary Cole
Cole Jane Albro # 1885 Oct 2 D ae 70/8/15, daughter of Samuel E. & Esther Albro & wife of Simeon Cole [town record]
Cole Julia V[ail] 1966 B1886 [wife of Frank H. Cole]
Cole Lois [Dickinson] 1865 Jan 29 D ae 77/7/15, wife of Erastus Cole
Cole Mary E. 1898 Feb 1 D ae 53, daughter of Erastus & Sarah A. Cole [town record]
Cole Mary Emma 1906 B1859, daughter of Harris & Mary Cole [Harris Cole monument]
Cole Mary H. Dunning 1865 B1832, wife of Harris Cole [Harris Cole monument]
Cole Simeon # 1888 Jul 29 D ae 84/2/7, son of Joseph & Hannah Whitaker Cole [town record]
Cole Wolcott 1847 Jun 7 B1844 Jul 9, son of Simeon & Jane Cole
Colegrove Eddie E. 1875 Feb 24 D ae 1/5 days, son of James H. & Josie L. Colegrove
Colegrove Josie L. 1875 Mar l D ae 30/4/11, wife of James B. Colegrove
Colegrove Sarah 1862 Apr 21 D ae 73, wife of Eliphalet Colegrove
Conklin Fred 1956 B1868
Conklin Ida M. 1940 B1885
Conklin Laura # 1904 May 31 D ae 15, daughter of Samuel Conklin [town record]
Conklin Samuel 1945 B1860
Corwin Elizabeth [French] 1847 Oct 21 D ae 56/3/2, wife of John Corwin [born in NJ] [John Corwin plot]
Corwin Elizabeth L. 1908 B1860 [John J. Corwin monument]
Corwin Emma 1884 B1860 [John Corwin plot]
Corwin Eunice 1839 Apr 28 D ae 41/6/15, wife of Noah Corwin
Corwin Hannah 1902 B1825; “Mother” [John Corwin plot]
Corwin John 1879 B1786; “Father” [born in N.J. son of Stephen & Betsy Drew Corwin] [John Corwin plot]
Corwin John J. 1906 B1832 [John J. Corwin monument]
Corwin Judson L. 1851 Aug 3 D ae 2/5/14, son of Amos & Eliza J. Corwin
Corwin Martha 1887 B1850 [John Corwin plot]
Corwin Naomi Ruth 1920 B1916 [John J. Corwin monument]
Corwin Olive A. 1894 B1834 [wife of John J. Corwin] [John J. Corwin monument]
Corwin Stephen 1849 Nov 22 D ae 85
Cowing James 1840 Sep 7 D ae 72
Crane William B. 1852 Apr 27 D ae 5/6/25, son of M. J. & G. A. Crane
Crouch Iva # 1901 Jan 6 D ae 15/2/1, daughter of Spencer & Lizzie B. Crouch [town record]
Curtis Bessie R. 1976 B1884
Curtis Charles A. 1960 B1906
Curtis Floyd E. 1958 B1874
Daco Lena # 1888 Jan 9 D ae 17/5/2 at Bluff Point, born in Wisconsin; daughter of Crist & Fredrica Daco [town record]
Daggett Earl W. 1963 B1895
Daggett Jennett B. 1947 B1892 [wife of Earl W. Daggett]
Daggett Lyle A. 1945 Mar 20 B1924 Apr 17; WWII: NY, sgt., 505th Parachute Infantry
Daggett Malcolm E., Sgt. 1984 Oct 16 B1918 Mar 28; WWII
Daines Arnold 1866 B1822
Daines Emily R. 1908 B1832; wife of Arnold Daines
Dains Eben B. 1863 Mar 2 D ae 23; son of S. & C. Dains
Dains Ester 1851 Jul 19 D ae 26/7/7 [adjacent to Sarah Dains]
Dains J. Byron 1843 Mar 17 B1842 Dec 1, son of Joel & Sarah Dains
Dains James H. 1848 Feb 14 D ae 13, son of S. & C. Dains
Dains Sarah [1867 Mar 11] [D ae 83] wife of David Dains [stone broken]
Dains Volney 1843 Sep 30 B1843 Jul 30, son of Joel & Sarah Dains
Darby Almira 1869 B1818, wife of M. E. Darby
Darby Elizabeth 1846 Jan 23 Daughter of John & Hannah Darby [stone partially buried]
Darby Esther A. 1876 Mar 6 D ae 4 [daughter of James & Mary Ansley Darby] [Joel Ansley monument]
Darby G. Eugene 1860 B1858, son of G. W. Darby [G. W. Darby monument]
Darby George W. 1868 B1826 [G. W. Darby monument]
Darby Georgia A. 1863 B1862, daughter of G. W. Darby [G. W. Darby monument]
Darby Hannah 1866 D ae 81, wife of John Darby
Darby Harry 1841 Dec 13 D ae 25/26 days, son of John & Hannah Darby
Darby John 1855 Apr 16 D ae 74/8/20
Darby Mary Ansley 1876 Apr 13 D ae 31, wife of James Darby [Joel Ansley monument]
Davis Adaline B. 1929 Jul 26 B1844 Nov 26 [wife of Melvin J. Davis]
Davis Clarence C. N. 1956 B1876
Davis Edgar Emery 1925 Mar 26 B1839 Apr 12
Davis Eleanor # 1926 Nov 1 D ae 84
Davis Evelyn 1922 [Jul 26] B1916 [Nov 26] [adjacent to Melvin & Adaline Davis]
Davis Fannie L. 1927 B1854 [wife of George D. Davis]
Davis Florence L. 1972 B1874, daughter of Edgar & Frances Davis
Davis Frances L. Sherwood 1941 Apr 14 B1852 Jul 1, wife of Edgar Davis
Davis George D. 1917 B1851
Davis George W. # 1895 Oct 24 D ae 95, son of Samuel & Martha Ingraham Davis [town record]
Davis Guy M. 1944 B1878
Davis Hannah 1885 Mar 17 B1836 Jul 9
Davis Harriet I. 1974 Sep 8 B1885 Apr 11 [wife of Howard Davis]
Davis Harriett J. 1963 B1887, daughter of Edgar & Frances Davis
Davis Hattie H. 1966 B1883 [wife of Clarence Davis]
Davis Howard G. 1985 Nov 18 B1886 Mar 26
Davis Inez 1889 Sep 10 D ae 1/8/17, daughter of George D. & Frances L. Davis
Davis Isaiah 1870 Nov 22 D ae 68 [son of Jonathan & Rachel Davis] [Jonathan Davis monument]
Davis J. Clinton 1971 B1881, son of Edgar & Frances Davis
Davis Jonathan 1870 Feb 4 D ae 92 [Jonathan Davis monument]
Davis Joseph N., Rev. 1890 Oct 18 B1809 Dec 20 [son of Samuel & Menty Davis]
Davis Leah 1880 Dec 29 D ae 75 [daughter of Jonathan & Rachel Davis] [Jonathan Davis monument]
Davis Levi Nelson 1858 Feb 15 [D ae 4] son of Jesse H. & Polly H. Davis [stone partially buried]
Davis Loretta # 1888 Jan 30 D ae 62/11/27 on Bluff Point, wife of George W. Davis; born in Columbia Co., NY [town record]
Davis Lottie M. 1943 B1876 [wife of Guy M. Davis]
Davis Lucinda Adelia 1858 Feb 17 D ae 8/1/8, daughter of Jesse H. & Polly H. Davis
Davis Melvin J. 1929 Dec 27 B1845 Jan 14 [plot with Howard & Harriet Davis]
Davis Menty [Ingraham] 1862 Dec 31 D ae 77/7/4, wife of Samuel Davis [& daughter of Eleazer Ingraham]
Davis Miles A. 1923 B1843; “Historian - Author” [son of Joseph N. & Rachel Corwin Davis]
Davis Rachel [Corwin] 1894 Dec 9 B1815 Mar 3 [wife of Rev. Joseph N. Davis & daughter of John & Elizabeth French Corwin]
Davis Rachel [Updegraff] 1858 Mar 15 D ae 80, wife of Jonathan Davis [Jonathan Davis monument]
Davis Samuel # after 1870 B1784 in Pa., son of Malachi & Catharine Gilkerson Davis
Dean Abram V. 1875 May 9 D ae 36 [son of Alexander & Lois Griswold Dean]
Dean Alexander 1876 Mar 20 B1805 Mar 30 [son of Zebulon & Sarah Brown Dean]
Dean Amanda 1913 May 23 D ae 72 [daughter of Benjamin & Fanny Mariner Dean] [Benj. Dean monument]
Dean Anna V. 1920 May 19 D ae 79, wife of Abram V. Dean
Dean Benjamin 1869 Apr 16 D ae 71/3/5 [son of Zebulon & Sarah Brown Dean] [Benj. Dean monument]
Dean Benjamin G. 1931 B1877 [Benj. G. Dean monument]
Dean Elizabeth 1863 Aug 8 D ae 27/3
Dean Ezra V. 1912 B1832 [son of Alexander & Lois Griswold Dean]
Dean Fanny [Mariner] 1877 May 4 D ae 72; [2nd] wife of Benjamin Dean [Benj. Dean monument]
Dean Grace E. 1968 B1883 [Benj. G. Dean monument]
Dean Harriet S. Tinney 1902 Jan 18 B1831 Feb 17, wife of Julius Z. Dean
Dean Julius Z. 1916 Oct 4 B1830 Jul 9
Dean Lois K. Griswold 1883 Nov 9 B1807 Sep 19, wife of Alexander Dean
Dean Miranda Corwin # 1894 Mar 27 D ae 81, daughter of John & Elizabeth Corwin [town record]
Dean Sophia A. 1880 B1835; [1st] wife of Ezra V. Dean
Dean William E. 1921 B1904 [Benj. G. Dean monument]
Decker Anna E. 1865 Mar 31 B1847 Aug 15, daughter of Wm H. & L. C. Decker
Decker Charles Durham 1923 Mar 26 B1855 Feb 4 [son of William H. & Lucy C. Durham Decker]
Decker Jahleel B. S. 1850 Mar 20 D ae 33/4/6, son of L. C. & T Decker
Decker L. C. 1849 Aug 28 [Broken stone]
Decker Lucy Caroline Durham 1904 Jul 29 B1819 Nov 28 wife of William H. Decker; “Last Survivor of Benjamin Durham Family” [daughter of Benjamin & Mary K. Bates Durham]
Decker William H. 1885 Oct 31 B1813 Feb 4
Defriest Sarah # 1888 Jun 5 D ae 34, daughter of Myron H. & Chloe Dean Durham [town record]
Dickerson Nathan 1888 Jun 8 D ae 86/3/18
Dickinson Catherine 1905 Nov 30 D ae 97 [wife of Nathan Dickerson; sic]
Dillon Charles Sr. 1939 B1875
Dillon Fannie J. 1950 B1881 [wife of Charles Dillon Sr.]
Dillon Henry J. 1937 B1902
Dinehart Doris M. m B1920 [wife of Forrest M. Dinehart]
Dinehart Forrest M. 1977 Jun 20 B1911 Nov 14; WWII: tec/5, U.S. Army
Disbrow David Pete 1989 Oct 27 B1927 Jun 22; WWII
Disbrow Louise M. Chase m B1935 Feb 11; wife of David Disbrow, married 1951 Nov 29
Donaldson Peter G. 1858 Dec 20 D ae 35/8/11, son of Gerardus & Elizabeth Donaldson
Dorman Ida Corwin 1926 B1870 [John Corwin plot]
Douglas Earl m B1915
Douglas Lela Dillon m B1910 [adjacent to Henry Dillon]
Downs Norman C. 1978 B1916; WWII: U.S. Navy
Dugas Elizabeth G. 1970 B1879, wife of Jean J. Dugas
Dugas Jean J. 1937 B1877
Dugas Paul 1939 B1867
Dunham David A. m B1936 [Dunham monument]
Dunham Gladys M. 1976 B1892 [Dunham monument]
Dunham Royal J. 1971 B1895; WWI [Dunham monument]
Dunning Alanson S. 1890 Jun 10 B1810 Jul 1 [Dunning monument]
Dunning Eliza Cole 1896 May 6 B1813 May 10, wife of Alanson Dunning [Dunning monument]
Dunning Lois A. 1864 Mar 30 B1850 Feb 7 [Dunning monument]
Durham Albert R. 1877 Jun 13 D ae 63/5 [son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Durham] [Albert Durham monument]
Durham Annette 1938 B1851
Durham Chloe [M. Daines] 190? May 8 Wife of Myron H. Durham [& daughter of David Daines] [stone partially buried; Myron Durham monument]
Durham George A. 1911 Feb 17 D ae 70 [Albert Durham monument]
Durham Henry C. 1849 Oct 31 D ae 5/7/27, son of M. H. & C. M. Durham [Myron Durham monument]
Durham Henry L. 1843 Feb 2 D ae 2/7/18, son of A. R. & L. M. Durham [Albert Durham monument]
Durham James H. 1862 May 6 D ae 17/6/8 in Prince St. Hospital, Alexandria, Va.; son of A. R. & L. M. Durham; Civil War: Co. A, 50th NY [Albert Durham monument]
Durham Lucinda M. [Sciples] 1893 Feb 1 D ae 76/4, wife of Albert Durham [Albert Durham monument]
Durham Mary C. 1849 Nov 5 D ae 2/6/18, daughter of M. H. & C. M. Durham [Myron Durham monument]
Durham Myron H. 1895 Sep 29 D ae 74 [son of Benjamin & Mary K. Bates Durham] [stone partially buried; Myron Durham monument]
Durkee Catharine Augusta 1836 Dec 25 D ae 4 months 25 days daughter of William & Sophia Durkee
Eckerson Edward P. m D ae 94 [stone broken]
Eckerson Hetty 1865 Jan ? D ae 86, wife of Edward P. Eckerson [broken stone]
Edson Delano J. 1863 Jul 13 B1836 Jun 30 [Samuel Taylor monument]
Edson Jane M. 1921 Feb 22 B1837 Mar 21, wife of Delano J. Edson [Samuel Taylor monument]
Edson Jennie B. 1880 Apr 12 B1861 Jul 20 [Samuel Taylor monument]
Egburtson James C. m B1901
Egburtson Lena J. 1964 B1902 [wife of James Egburtson]
Egburtson P. M. 1992 B1965
Enos Julia L. m B1928 Apr 4 [wife of Ronald G. Enos]
Enos Ronald G. 1991 Jan 23 B1927 Nov 3; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army Air Corps
Evans Catharine 1847 May 9 D ae 26/4/5, daughter of R[ichard] & E. Evans [Richard Evans monument]
Evans Donald Matteson 1972 Nov 24 B1932 Nov 23; Korean War: sgt., U.S. Army
Evans Elizabeth 1877 Feb 12 D ae 91/6/15, wife of Richard Evans [Richard Evans monument]
Evans Mary Matteson 1965 B1898
Evans Richard 1861 May 15 D ae 75/11/20 [Richard Evans monument]
Evans Thomas # 1896 Apr 16 D ae 81, son of Richard & Elizabeth Evans [town record]
Evans William M. 1858 Apr 5 D ae 21 [Richard Evans monument]
Finch Lucy Catharine Beckwith # 1908 Apr 22 D ae 78/5/17, daughter of Elisha & Anna Erwin Beckwith [town record]
Fingar Elden 1934 Feb 12 B1933 Oct 14 [Kenneth Fingar plot]
Fingar Kenneth M. 1962 Jan 26 B1911 Aug 23; WWII: cpl., 23rd Air Depot Group, Army Air Force [Kenneth Fingar plot]
Fingar Mildred M. m B1911, wife of Kenneth M. Fingar [Kenneth Fingar plot]
Fingar Robert 1974 B1908
Finger Marie G. 19-- B1908 [wife of Robert Finger]
Fitzwater Clara P. 1990 B1900, wife of Clarence J. Fitzwater
Fitzwater Clarence J. 1961 B1902
Fitzwater Cora A. 1939 B1870 [wife of Herbert G. Fitzwater]
Fitzwater Herbert G. 1953 B1867
Forsling Dorothy D. 1972 B1909 [wife of George C. Forsling]
Forsling George C. 1954 B1904
Fowler Elijah m Civil War: Co. D, 194th NY
Frarey Sidney 1985 B1903
Frederick Forrest C. 1975 B1899
Frederick Mae 1983 B1904 [wife of Forrest Frederick]
French? ---- m D ae ?/9 [broken stone adjacent to John & Rebecca French]
French A. Church 1844 Dec 13 D ae 2 [S. L. French monument]
French Adaline C. 1938 B1849 [wife of Samuel French]
French Chester 1868 Mar 31 D ae 54/5/22 [son of John & Rebecca Ansley French]
French Eunice [Brown] 1864 Apr 11 D ae 52, wife of Philemon French
French J. Ensley 1877 Jan 2 D ae 45/11/15 [S. L. French monument]
French John 1861 Jul 26 D ae 82/10/8 [brother of Philemon French]
French Lewis M. 1944 B1871
French Mary Ann 1881 Jan 31 D ae 76/9/19, wife of S. Lewis French [S. L. French monument]
French Nelia 1960 B1879 [S. L. French monument]
French Rebecca [Ansley] 1851 Feb 2 D ae 78/5/2, wife of John French
French S. Lewis 1862 May 25 D ae 58/7/20 [S. L. French monument]
French S. Martin m B1839 [S. L. French monument]
French Samuel 1913 B1839
French Smith L. 1884 B1834 [S. L. French monument]
Fritz Adam # m D ae 65
Fritz Jennie # 1928 Feb 15 D ae 53
Frost Earl J. 1987 B1895
Fullagar Benjamin 1971 B1908
Fullagar Myrtle D. 1982 B1910 [wife of Benjamin Fullagar]
Gage Gilbert M. 1982 Nov 12 B1929 May 28
Gage Timothy T. 1981 Aug 16 B1966 Jun 29
Gamby James H. 1875 Apr 20 D ae 66/4/17
Gamby Mary E. French 1915 May 28 B1839, died age 78/9; wife of James H. Gamby [S. L. French monument and own stone]
Gankowski Anna Schipars 1979 Jun 23 B1885 Oct 10
Gankowski Romvald 1953 B1883
Gaylord Elijah 1840 Sep 24 D ae 58
Geertson Ann R. 1992 May 17 B1928 Feb 22
Genung Catharine J. 1849 Sep 24 B1847 Mar 10 [Wm Genung monument]
Genung William Jr. 1863 Jan 5 B1807 Aug 17 [Wm Genung monument]
Gillmor Lucy J. 1850 Jun 21 D ae 2 months 9 days, daughter of R. & -?- Gillmor
Gilmore Elenor E. 1908 B1848
Goff George 1860 Feb -5 Son of David H. & Ann Goff [stone partially buried]
Goodsell Joseph 1852 Apr 28 D ae 86/2/23
Green Abigail [Williams] 1872 Feb 17 D ae 79, wife of Clark Green [& daughter of Joseph H. Williams; remarried to Dr. Harvey Pettebone] [Belknap / Green monument]
Green Clark 1835 Mar 9 D ae 44 [Belknap / Green monument]
Gridley Roberta m B1912
Gridley Roy E. 1968 B1901
Griffin George W. 1890 B1822 [Griffin / McElroy monument]
Griffin Jane M. 1903 B1828, wife of George W. Griffin [Griffin / McElroy monument]
Griswold Alice M. 1934 B1856 [wife of George W. Griswold]
Griswold Ann [Durham] 1878 Jul 10 D ae 81, wife of Samuel Griswold [& daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth Durham]
Griswold Charles # 1884 Jan 14 B1820 Sep 23
Griswold Eliza # 1904 Apr 28 D ae 82, wife of Charles Griswold
Griswold Flora Bush # 1909 Mar 12 D ae 46 in Penn Yan, wife of George W. Griswold daughter of Joseph Bush
Griswold George W. 1936 B1854
Griswold Jehiel C. 1870 Oct 5 D ae 79
Griswold Leon C. 1888 Sep 2 B1887 Dec 26 son of George W. & Alice Griswold
Griswold Pursis A. [Dean] m Wife of William Griswold [daughter of Benjamin & Fanny Mariner Dean]
Griswold Rhoda [1879 Nov 28] [D ae 83] wife of Jehiel C. Griswold [stone broken]
Griswold Samuel 1874 May 1 D ae 73
Griswold William [1893 Apr 24] [D ae 54, son of J. C. Griswold]
Grossman Karoline L. Kubel 1980 B1895
Haight Malinda 1836 May 14 D ae 1/3/6, daughter of James & Eunice Haight
Haire Elwyn 1917 B1846 [Ezra Haire monument]
Haire Esther 1900 B1825, wife of John Haire
Haire Ezra 1873 B1811 [Ezra Haire monument]
Haire Jennie Pulver 19-- B1883 [wife of Vernon W. Haire]
Haire John m B1828
Haire Levi 1869 B1852 [Ezra Haire monument]
Haire Malinda 1929 B1847 [Ezra Haire monument]
Haire Robert 1846 Apr 11 D ae 75
Haire Roby 1833 Apr 10 D ae 20/10/6, wife of James Haire
Haire Thomas # 1907 Jul 5 D ae 86/9/8, son of Thomas & Catharine Haire [town record]
Haire Vernon 1943 B1891
Haire William 1835 Mar 29 D ae 68
Hall Carrie Campbell 1963 B1878 [Campbell plot]
Hall Ida 1974 B1912 [wife of Ralph T. Hall]
Hall Ralph T. 1980 B1902
Harris Emeline Chase 1919 B1831 [wife of Henry W. Harris]
Harris Henry E. 1885 Apr 26 B1884 Oct 21, son of W. B. & M. J. Harris
Harris Henry W. 1869 B1821
Harris Mathew 1897 Mar 16 B1878 May 11, son of Wm B. & Mary Harris
Hayes Claude S. 1879 Mar 13 B1878 May 13, son of A. E. & M. M. Hayes [Herries plot]
Heath Orpha A. French m B1848 [S. L. French monument]
Heath Willie 1884 B1883 [S. L. French monument]
Hedden Mary E. 1845 Aug 13 D ae 26/23 days, wife of Lewis Hedden
Hemenway Hazel H. # 1904 Jul 23 D ae 9, daughter of Alfred & Alice Hemenway
Henderson Libbie Ann 1869 Aug 1 D ae 30/11/7, daughter of Rev. S. M. & Elizabeth Henderson
Herries Grant 1866 Aug 8 D ae 1, son of John & Mary A. Herries
Herries Jane Simpson # 1892 Feb 20 D ae 89, daughter of John & Margaret Johnson Simpson & wife of William Herries [town record]
Herries Vernon 1868 Jan 12 D ae 4/1/6, son of Robert F. & Harriet E. Herries [also on Herries monument in Bitley Cemetery]
Herries William 1898 May 12 D ae 88, son of John & Mary Herries [town record]
Herries William Jr. 1863 Apr 26 D ae 22/7/10 at Baltimore Hospital, Md.; Civil War: Co. A, 126th NY
Hewit Elizabeth 1893 Dec 3 D ae 74; [2nd] wife of Solomon Hewitt; “Mother” [Hewit plot]
Hewit Marget 1848 Mar 22 D ae 56, wife of Solomon Hewit [Hewit plot]
Hewit Solomon 1879 Sep 7 D ae 84; “Father” [Hewit plot]
Hibbard Amelia H. 1848 Jan 1 D ae 7 months 8 days, daughter of W. P. & B. A. Hibbard
Hibbard Betsey A. 1889 B1818, wife of William Hibbard [Wm P. Hibbard monument]
Hibbard Carlton 1988 Apr 28 B1927 Oct 28; WWII: U.S. Army Air Corps
Hibbard Harold H. 1970 B1908
Hibbard James R. 1863 Apr 14 D ae 22/8/25 at Centreville, Va.; Civil War: Co. A, 126th NY
Hibbard Lillian M. m D ae 55 [Stanley Hibbard monument]
Hibbard Mary E. 1984 Nov 19 B1934 Sep 5
Hibbard Sarah E. 1906 B1838 [Wm F Hibbard monument]
Hibbard Stanley W. m D ae 58 [Stanley Hibbard monument]
Hibbard William P. 1872 B1811 [Wm P. Hibbard monument]
Hicks Charles B. 1841 Mar 16 D ae 1/1/6, son of Henry & Eliza Hicks
Hicks Laura T. 1843 May 10 D ae 1, daughter of Henry & Eliza Hicks
Hillman Charles C. 1985 Nov 22 B1909 Jan 23; WWII: momm/3, U.S. Navy
Hillman Margaret H. 1985 Nov 11 B1912 Dec 28 [wife of Charles C. Hillman]
Himmanen Henry R. Hank 1989 B1941
Himmanen Violet I. 1957 B1907 [same stone as Jeannette Hines]
Hines Jeannette H. 1988 B1934 [same stone as Violet Himmanen]
Hinsdell Jerome B. 1838 Sep 20 D ae 7/28 days, son of Asahel B. & Eliza I. Hinsdell
Hollister Charles # 1909 May 23 m
Hollister George 1957 B1872 [Hollister monument]
Hollister Nina 1977 B1892 [Hollister monument]
Hollister Ruth 19-- B1926 [Hollister monument]
Hoose Durwood J. 1979 Jul 21 B1920 Aug 22; WWII: U.S. Army
Hoose Katherine S. m B1925 [wife of Durwood Hoose]
Hopkins Gertrude E. [Dinehart] 19-- B1913 [wife of William F. Hopkins]
Hopkins William F. 1978 B1907
Houghtailing Daniel m Civil War: Co. D, ---- [worn]
Houghtailing Sarah Jane Jackson # 1892 Nov 8 D ae 56, daughter of John J. Jackson [town record]
Hulse Hetty Maria 1894 B1825, wife of William Y. Hulse
Hulse William Youngs 1874 B1809
Hunt Charles # 1917 D ae 46
Hunt Lillian G. # 1915 Jan 15 D ae 75, wife of Norman Hunt
Hurd Amanda French 1901 Oct 8 B1824 Oct 8 [wife of Ferris Pierce Hurd] [Ferris Hurd monument]
Hurd Bertie L. 1871 B1868 [Wm T. Hurd plot]
Hurd Duane H. 1934 B1858 [Ferris Hurd monument]
Hurd Edith D. 1952 B1880 [wife of William P. Hurd]
Hurd Elizabeth V. 1976 B1913 [wife of Robert Hurd]
Hurd Ferris Pierce 1890 Aug 26 B1823 Sep 13 [son of Abner & Lucy Thomas Hurd] [Ferris Hurd monument]
Hurd Freddie H. 1871 B1866 [Wm T. Hurd plot]
Hurd Gracia S. 1965 B1870 [wife of Schuyler Hurd]
Hurd Mary Camman 1936 B1850 [Ferris Hurd monument]
Hurd Phebe A. [Hibbard] 1915 Mar 21 B1845 Feb 17 [wife of William Hurd & daughter of William P. Hibbard] [Wm T. Hurd plot]
Hurd Robert Camman 1874 Oct 4 B1874 Jun 16 [Ferris Hurd monument]
Hurd Robert E. 1975 B1914
Hurd Schuyler 1943 B1872
Hurd William P. 1938 B1878
Hurd William T. 1915 Oct 4 B1835 Dec 3 [son of Abner & Lucy Thomas Hurd] [Wm T. Hurd plot]
Ingraham Abigail # m Daughter of Eleazer Ingraham
Ingraham Eleazer 1844 Jan 31 D ae 34/30 days
Ingraham Elisha # 1907 Jun 24 D ae 71/2/29, son of Eleazer & Esther Boyd Ingraham [town record]
Ingraham Esther [Boyd] 1893 Aug 10 D ae 77/4/23 [wife of Eleazer Ingraham]
Ingraham Harvey # 1889 Sep 4 D ae 2/22 days, son of Elisha L. & Mary O. Corwin Ingraham [town record]
Ingraham Helen Margelia 1893 Apr 10 D ae 2/11/8, daughter of Charles & Glenna R. Ingraham [town record]
Ingraham Jennie 1865 Dec 26 D ae 3/5/2; daughter of M. J. & D. Ingraham [Benj. Dean monument]
Ingraham Mary J. 1868 Feb 12 D ae 20/3/16; wife of D. Ingraham [Benj. Dean monument]
Ingraham Nellie # 1918 D ae 45
Ingraham Warren # 1925 Oct 21 D ae 7, son of Ray Ingraham
Jackson John J. 1869 Jun 14 Civil War: Co. I, 148th NY
Jaggad Matthew m [Stone partially buried]
Johnson Carrie E. Sherwood 1891 Jun 20 B1866 Mar 27, wife of Frank L. Johnson [Cyrus Sherwood monument]
Johnson Catherine 1863 Jan 9 D ae 55/3/21, wife of Daniel Johnson
Johnson Chauncey 1861 Sep 13 D ae 5/6 days
Johnson Cyrus S. 1976 Aug 27 B1888 Jun 7, son of F. L. & C. E. Johnson [Cyrus Sherwood monument]
Johnson Daniel 1871 Jan 30 D ae 65/5
Johnson Daniel Jr. 1851 Jun 17 D ae [18]/3/17, son of Daniel & Catharine Johnson [stone broken]
Johnson F. B., Rev. 1935 B1870
Johnson F. Roger m B1904
Johnson Francis # 1872 m
Johnson George m m
Johnson Grace Campbell 1991 B1901 [wife of F. Roger Campbell]
Johnson Louise R. 1970 B1881 [wife of Rev. F. B. Johnson]
Johnson Samaria Smith 1887 Aug 14 D ae 55, wife of George Johnson
Johnson William G. 1863 Sep 11 D ae 6/9/23
Jones Clara Belle 1975 B1889 [wife of Elmer E. Jones]
Jones Davis 1838 Dec 26 D ae 63
Jones Elmer E. 1970 B1894 [WWI]
Jones Ephraim m Civil War: Co. B, 105th NY
Jones Leo Arden 1984 Oct 26 B1930 May 7; Korean War: U.S. Army
Jones Sarah 1856 May 2 D ae 78
Jones Sylvester 1850 Jul 8 D ae 42
Jurka Alma 1981 B1889

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