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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Bitley Cemetery: Notes

Bitley cemetery There are two cemeteries in the hamlet of Branchport, one very easy to find, on the south side of the Italy Hill Road nearly across from the town hall; the other, at the end of a long driveway on the west side of Rte 54A and invisible from the highway. A small sign marks this driveway, and one has to look sharp not to miss it.

The latter is the Bitley cemetery, an association ground, and like all of them in Yates County, active and very well maintained. It has suffered some damage over time, mostly from simple age and weather. A few stones have fallen, others are broken. Apparently some have been moved or possibly removed.

Many obituaries and town records merely state that a given person was buried in Branchport, and though in most cases it was possible to tell which cemetery was meant, it wasn't always. The rest are listed separately near the end of this book with other persons the location of whose burial is unknown.


Bitley Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m "Mother" [Plot, no surname on stones]
---- ---- m "Father" [Plot, no surname on stones]
---- Harry m [Plot, no surnames]
---- Mary m [Plot, no surnames]
---- Nellie m [Plot, no surnames]
---- Simeon m [Plot, no surnames]
---- Stanley 1908 B1900
Aitchison Pauline 1978 Mar 5 B1889 Oct 29
Allison Archibald 1912 B1863 [Timmerman plot]
Allison [Archie] Eddie [Edward] [1893 Sep 20] D ae 4 months [son of Archie & Kate Timmerman Allison] [Timmerman plot]
Allison Katie 1950 B1874 [Timmerman plot]
Alvord Ira M. 1923 B1840
Andrews Elizabeth A. Smith 1902 B1835 [sic on her gravestone; her second husband was Solomon Weaver; daughter of David W. & Sarah Hazard Smith] [Smith monument]
Andrews George W. 1913 B1854 [son of Silas & Elizabeth A. Smith Andrews] [Smith monument]
Ansley Anna R. Stoddard 1913 B1844; wife of William A. Ansley [daughter of Chester & Catharine VanTuyl Stoddard] [Wm Ansley monument]
Ansley Anna S. McPhearson 1937 B1860; wife of Clarence B. Ansley
Ansley Clarence B. 1910 B1865
Ansley James Ray 1943 B1878 [Wm Ansley monument]
Ansley Joel C. 1945 B1872 [Wm Ansley monument]
Ansley William A. 1903 B1832 [Wm Ansley monument]
Aumick Benjamin H. 1973 B1883 [Aumick / Turner monument]
Aumick Hugh E. 1965 B1875 [adjacent to Aumick / Turner monument]
Aumick Sarah T[urner] 1970 B1888; wife of Benjamin H. Aumick [Aumick / Turner monument]
Ayers James S. 1967 Sep 11 B1893 Mar 30; WWI: NY, sp/4, 7th Field Artillery
Ayers Pearl F. 1961 B1909; wife of James S. Ayers
Beard James E. 1926 B1859
Beard M. Louise [1893 Apr 11] D ae 15 months [daughter of James & Phebe Beard] [Beard/ Prosser monument]
Beard Phebe A. 1953 B1865 [wife of James Beard] [Beard/Prosser monument]
Beddoe James C. 1897 Jun 6 B1840 Mar 16
Beden baby 1901 [Beden plot]
Beden Janet 1923 B1846 [Beden plot]
Beden Nellie C. 1903 B1880 [Beden plot]
Beden Sally 1911 B1818 [Beden plot]
Beden W. Delos 1918 B1848 [Beden plot]
Bell Douglass Lee 1870 B1869 [John Bell monument]
Bell E. Hibbard 1976 B1901 [J. N. Bell monument]
Bell Edward H. 1976 B1901; WWII: U.S. Army
Bell Flora May 1880 B1875 [John Bell monument]
Bell J. Nathaniel 1936 B1873 [I. N. Bell monument]
Bell John 1902 B1833 in Scotland [John Bell monument]
Bell Mary P. 1955 B1873 [J. N. Bell monument]
Bell Sarah A. [Hibbard] 1928 B1841; wife of John Bell [& daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Bitley Hibbard] [John Bell monument]
Benedict Arthur N. 1888 B1887 [son of Clark C. Benedict] [Benedict monument]
Benedict Clark C. 1897 B1842 [Benedict monument]
Benedict Helen I. 1901 B1877 [Benedict monument]
Benedict Nancy H. Slingerland 1878 B1843; wife of Clark C. Benedict [Benedict monument]
Benedict Samantha J. Potter 1926 B1855; [2d] wife of Clark C. Benedict [Benedict monument]
Bergstresser Allen 1965 B1906 [Durham plot]
Bergstresser Florence R. 1989 B1909 [wife of Allen Bergstresser] [Durham plot]
Bishop Helen P. 1949 B1857 [wife of Robert C. Bishop] [adjacent to Potters]
Bishop Robert C. 1917 B1847 [adjacent to Potters]
Bitley Mary J. Laird 1898 Jul 9 B1819 Jun 8 [wife of Peter Bitley & daughter of Benjamin Laird [Peter Bitley plot]
Bitley Peter H. 1888 Aug 12 B1801 Oct 21 [son of Henry & Elizabeth Donaldson Bitley] [Peter Bitley plot]
Bitley Thomas L. 1877 Feb 20 D ae 70/2/3 [son of Henry & Elizabeth Donaldson Bitley] [Thomas Bitley plot]
Bitley William D. 1916 Jun 28 B1852 Jul 3 [Thomas Bitley plot]
Botsford Alice Ansley 1950 Feb 6 B1867 Jun 1 [wife of Frank Botsford] [Botsford/Wightman plot]
Botsford Frank 1944 Apr 8 B1853 Jan 13 [Botsford/Wightman plot]
Botsford Margaret Scott 1984 Oct 28 B1894 Sep 24 [Botsford/Wightman plot]
[Botsford] Myrtle [Maud Wightman] [1890 Jun 26] [D ae 32/6/29; daughter of James C. & Elizabeth M. Wightman] [Botsford/Wightman plot]
Botsford Samuel 1983 B1909
Boyd Jessie A. 1953 B1880 [wife of William A. Boyd] [adjacent to Rynders monument]
Boyd Josephine [Laird] 1925 B1847 [John Laird plot]
Boyd William A. 1941 B1881 [adjacent to Rynders monument]
Burtch Alorine S. 1964 B1889 [wife of Joel A. Burtch]
Burtch E. Wave 1919 B1870 [Joel Burtch plot]
Burtch Emma F. 1933 B1852 [wife of Joel Burtch] [Joel Burtch plot]
Burtch Joel 1885 B1841 [Joel Burtch plot]
Burtch Joel A. 1947 B1885
Burtch Joel Bonney m D ae 2 days [adjacent to Joel & Arloine Burtch]
Burtch Margaret M. 1962 B1880 [wife of Orba Burtch] [Joel Burtch plot]
Burtch Maude 1953 B1872 [wife of Verdi Burtch]
Burtch Orba 1966 B1874 [Joel Burtch plot]
Burtch Verdi 1945 B1868
Burtch Wright 1946 B1879 [Joel Burtch plot]
Burton Donald Edward 1984 Feb 27 B1963 May 5; "Metal Magician"
Burton Lucy A. 1979 May 17 B1907 Aug 24
Bush Harlan P[age] 1900 Jul 6 B1837 Mar 10; GAR [died age 63/3/27; son of Winans & Julia K. Lovins Bush] [Bush plot]
Bush Ralph E. 1941 B1871 [Bush plot]
Bush Samantha L. Ingraham 1928 B1840; wife of Harlan Page Bush [Bush plot]
Bush Warner C., Dr. 1892 Sep 29 B1867 May 31 [Bush plot]
Calhoun Florance A. 1964 B1882
Carr C. Vernon 1881 Jul 24 B1880 Jan 26 [adjacent to Phebe Carr] "Angel Baby" [Carr plot]
Carr James H. 1910 B1832 [Carr plot]
Carr James R. 1880 Jan 30 B1796 Feb 18 [Carr plot]
Carr Lucy M. 1880 May 28 B1806 Dec 28; wife of James R. Carr [Carr plot]
Carr Phebe [Ann] 1907 B1832 [wife of James H. Carr] [Carr plot]
Clute Isabel C. Bitley # 1902 May 10 D ae 63/1/16; daughter of Harry & Julia Bitley [town record]
Cole Charles 1863 Dec 11 D ae 44/6 [two stones; Cole plot]
Cole Ezra A. 1909 Jan 30 B1842 May 21 [died in Penn Yan, son of Charles & Samantha Tubbs Cole] [Cole plot]
Cole George S. 1877 Jun 28 D ae 27/25 days [Cole plot]
Cole Samantha Tubbs 1905 B1822 wife of Charles Cole [Cole plot]
Cole Wolcott 1840 B1810 [stone partially buried, near Dickinsons]
Conklin Charles 19-- B1852 [Conklin plot]
Conklin Charles H. 19-- B1890 [Conklin plot]
Conklin David B. 1938 B1896 [Northup plot]
Conklin Golda 19-- B1895 [Conklin plot]
Conklin Helen M. 1904 B1888 [Conklin plot]
Conklin Sarah E. 19-- B1861 [Conklin plot]
Cook Charley S. 1920 B1852 [C. S. Cook plot]
Cook Evelyn E. 1912 B1908 [C. S. Cook plot]
Cook Harriet I. Ansley 1912 B1852; wife of Charley S. Cook [C. S. Cook plot]
Cook Isaac m Civil War: Co. D, 14th U.S. Infantry
Cook Laurence A. 1975 Mar 15 B1909 Nov 1; WWII: m/sgt., U.S. Army [two stones]
Cook Martha V. 1931 B1914 [C. S. Cook plot]
Cook Mary K. 1979 B1914 [wife of Laurence Cook]
Cook Mary L. 1949 B1887 [C. S. Cook plot]
Cook Roy A. 1964 B1884 [C. S. Cook plot]
Crofoot Grace # 1887 Jan 12 D ae 4 months in Jerusalem, daughter of Oscar & Almira Elliot Crofoot [town record]
Crofoot Lydia A. Lee 1874 Oct 17 B1840 May 20; wife of O[rlando] M. Crofoot [Crofoot monument]
Crofoot Orlando M. 1904 Mar 13 B1838 Mar 15; Civil War: Co. I, 34th NY [Crofoot monument]
Crofoot Sarah J[ane] Conley 1901 Aug 18 B1848 Feb 16; wife of O. M. Crofoot [Crofoot monument; error in death date on stone, says 1801]
Crouch Levi A. 1894 Jan 19 D ae 75/3/12
Crouch Susan A[nn] 1892 Mar 5 D ae 70/3/13; wife of L[evi] A. Crouch
Crouch William 1936 B1872
Davis Jesse H. 1903 B1816 [son of Samuel & Menty Ingraham Davis] [Lewis/Davis monument]
Davis Mary Jane Dorman # 1921 Oct 4 B1822 Oct 2; wife of William C. Davis & daughter of John & Orilla Briggs Dorman
Davis Polly M. Corwin 1907 B1820; wife of Jesse H. Davis [& daughter of John & Elizabeth French Corwin] [Lewis/Davis monument]
Davis William Chalkely # 1914 Jan 16 B1828 May 26; son of Jesse & Huldah Barnes Davis [obituary]
Degraff Bessie 1979 B1890 [wife of Leland Degraff] [adjacent to Strykers]
Degraff Leland 1966 B1890 [adjacent to Strykers]
Dickinson Dwight W. 1903 B1846 [ Dickinson monument]
Dickinson Elizabeth [Durham Cole] 1896 B1816 [wife of Linus Dickinson & daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth Durham; 1st husband was Wolcott Cole] [Dickinson monument]
Dickinson Frances H. 1901 B1846 [wife of Dwight W. Dickinson] [ Dickinson monument]
Dickinson Linus 1881 B1812 [ Dickinson monument]
Donaldson Freddie 1865 Aug 10 D ae 1/4/17; son of Thomas & Prudence Donaldson [Donaldson plot]
Donaldson Gynette H. 1964 B1871 [wife of Lyman C. Donaldson] [Donaldson plot]
Donaldson Louise S[utherland] 1979 B1897 [plot with Sutherlands]
Donaldson Lyman C. 1934 B1869 [Donaldson plot]
Donaldson Prudence [Foster] 1923 B1842 [wife of Thomas Donaldson & daughter of Edward Foster] [Donaldson plot]
Donaldson Thomas L[ittlefield] 1908 B1833 [Donaldson plot]
Durham Hattie 1952 B1864 [ Durham plot]
Durham John W. 1926 B1842; Civil War: Co. I, 33rd NY & Co. F, 179th NY [ Durham plot]
Enos Clarence 1955 B1888
Enos Lucy Hibbard 1968 B1897 [wife of Clarence Enos]
Evans Arthur J. 1927 B1860 [A. J. Evans  lot]
Evans Edwin E., Jr. 1970 B1889 [A. J. Evans plot]
Evans Edwin E. 1945 Mar 31 B1864 Jul 31 [Wm Evans monument]
Evans Eliza A. 1875 Mar 27 D ae 33/1/27; wife of William Evans [Wm Evans monument]
Evans Ethel S. 1967 B1887 [A. J. Evans plot]
Evans Fannie Wightman 1924 B1864; wife of Edwin E. Evans [daughter of James & Elizabeth Wightman] [Botsford / Wightman plot]
Evans Harriet Graham # 1898 Apr 15 D ae 78/15 days, daughter of John & Mary Middleditch Graham [town record]
Evans Hattie 1925 B1862; wife of Arthur J. Evans [A. J. Evans plot]
Evans infant # 1904 Oct 19 Child of Edwin E. & Fanny E. Evans [town record]
Evans William 1877 D ae 54/5/8 [Wm Evans monument]
Fingar Dorothy V. 1964 B1895 [wife of J. Wesley Finger]
Fingar Edna Durham m B1893 [wife of Ernest Fingar] [Durham plot]
Fingar Eugene M. 1937 B1883 [son of Frank & Eliza Fingar]
Fingar Harry L. # 1892 Sep 5 D ae 5 months, son of Frank & Eliza Fingar [town record]
Fingar infant 1940 B1938; "Baby Skippy" [Durham plot]
Fingar J. Wesley 1980 B1897
Finger Edna M. m B1922 [Durham plot]
Finger Emma # m Wife of Eugene M. Finger
Finger George William # 1889 Sep 22 D ae 32/8; son of John & Lucy Finger [town record]
Finger Joan E. 1972 B1913; wife of Roger Finger [ Durham plot]
Finger Roger D. m B1918 [son of Edna & Ernest Finger] [ Durham plot]
Foster Charles # 1907 Feb 4 D ae 21 [town record]
Griffin Gladys R. 1987 B1901; wife of Wallace F. Griffin [Griffin monument]
Griffin Ursula A. 1977 B1886; "His Mother" [Griffin monument]
Griffin Wallace F. 1984 B1908 [Griffin monument]
Grossett Heman M. 1864 Aug 22 B1849 May 10; son of W. & M. Grossett [Thomas Bitley plot]
Grow Elzor H. 1878 Jan 26 B1843 Feb 20 [near Rynders monument]
Guernsey Clark W. 1944 B1857 [Guernsey monument]
Guernsey Deborah 1877 B1833 [Guernsey monument]
Guernsey Elijah 1919 B1824 [Guernsey monument]
Guernsey Frank K. 1930 B1853 [Guernsey monument]
Hallett Carrie B. 1947 B1862; wife of Frank G. Hallett [Hiscock monument]
Hallett Frank G. 1923 B1854 [Hiscock monument]
Harris Mary J. Henderson 1918 B1853; wife of William B. Harris
Harris William B. 1935 B1849
Herries Harriet E. 1901 B1837; wife of Robert S. Herries [Herries monument]
Herries Robert Guy 1927 B1877 [Herries monument]
Herries Robert S. 1920 B1836 [Herries monument]
Henries Vernon P. 1869 B1864; son of Robert & Harriet Herries [Herries monument; his own stone in Branchport Hill Cemetery]
Hibbard --- 1924 B1850; "Mother" [could be Effie, wife of Harvey S. Hibbard] [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard Carl # 1924 Mar 24 D ae 48
Hibbard Casper 1863 Apr 17 D ae 33/7/22 [son of Nathaniel & Mary Bitley Hibbard] [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard Charles 1940 B1863
Hibbard Charles Henry # 1905 Apr 4 D ae 75/1/26; son of Nathaniel & Mary Bitley Hibbard [town record]
Hibbard E. # 1976 B1901
Hibbard Elizabeth M. 1891 Jul 22 D ae 25/7/18; daughter of C[harles] H[enry] & L[ouisa] M. Hibbard
Hibbard Ella N. D. 1941 B1868 wife of Charles Hibbard
Hibbard Harvey S. [1921 Apr 18] [D ae 68] Civil War: Co. E, 194th NY [son of Nathaniel & Mary Bitley Hibbard]
Hibbard Helen R. 1938 Apr 23 D ae 90; wife of Hiram Hibbard
Hibbard Hiram m Civil War: Co. A, 50th NY Engineers [son of Nathaniel & Mary Bitley Hibbard]
Hibbard infant m Son of Hiram & Helen Hibbard
Hibbard Jennie L. Fisher # 1895 Mar 29 D ae 39/7; daughter of William & Sarah McGrady Fisher [town record]
Hibbard Kenneth m B1905
Hibbard Louisa M. 1878 Aug 10 D ae 34; wife of C. H. Hibbard
Hibbard Lulu W. 1964 B1889 [wife of N. Guy Hibbard] [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard Marsha 1948 B1947; "Little Marsha" [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard Martha M. 1979 B1901 [wife of Kenneth Hibbard]
Hibbard Mary [Bitley] 1884 Jul 20 B1810 Sep 17; wife of Nathaniel G. Hibbard [daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Donaldson Bitley] [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard N. Guy 1970 B1888 [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard Nathaniel G. 1880 Sep 13 B1806 Nov 18 [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard P[eter] H. m Civil War: Co. G, 44th NY [son of Nathaniel & Mary Bitley Hibbard] [Nath'l G. Hibbard plot]
Hibbard W. Bowen 1960 B1908
Hibbard W. S. 1915 B1853
Hiscock Eveline 1898 B1823; wife of John H. Hiscock [Hiscock monument]
Hiscock Helena 1851 B1847; daughter of John H. & Eveline Hiscock [Hiscock monument]
Hiscock John H. 1875 B1821 [Hiscock monument]
Holley Richard 1879 Aug 22 D ae 71/5/13 [Kaple plot]
Holley Susan Kaple 1895 Apr 14 B1817 Apr 17; wife of Richard Holley [Kaple plot]
Hollister Alonzo F. 1894 Oct 6 B1823 Feb 15 [Hollister monument]
Hollisthr Catherine M. 1915 Aug 30 B1857 Apr 5; wife of Mortimer L. Hollister [Hollister monument]
Hollister Harriet M. 1873 Jun 14 B1827 Apr 2 [wife of Alonzo M. Hollister]
Hollister Mortimer L. 1924 Jun 13 B1852 Jun 21 [Hollister monument]
Howell Mary E. [Bitley] 1870 Feb 26 D ae 26; wife of Rev H. B. Howell & daughter of Peter H. & Mary J. Bitley [Peter Bitley plot]
Hurlbut Florence L. 1985 B1896 [wife of Gifford G. Hurlbut] [Hurlbut / Lewis plot]
Hurlbut Gifford G. 1982 Oct 23 B1892 Jan 19; WWI: s/sgt, U.S. Army [Hurlbut / Lewis plot]
Hurlbut Gifford W. m B1927 [Hurlbut / Lewis plot]
Hurlbutt Clinton 1928 B1851
Hurlbutt Ella Luther 1938 B1852 [wife of Clinton Hurlbutt]
Hutchins Ann S. 1892 B1813
I--- E--- B--- m [Footstone in Botsford / Wightman plot]
Jackson Frank # 1870 Feb D ae 5 Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Jackson Frank D. # 1941 Sep 16 D ae 71
Jackson Georgia # 1948 Aug 30 D ae 81
Jackson Henry # 1865 Apr 12 D ae 39 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Jackson Leroy # 1865 May 27 D ae 15 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Jackson Luther T. 1913 B1835 [L. T. Jackson monument]
Jackson Marylynn m B1842; wife of Luther Jackson [L. T. Jackson monument]
Jackson William C. 1876 B1873 [son of Luther Jackson] [L. T. Jackson monument]
Kaple Ira 1864 B1785 [Kaple plot]
Kaple L. D. 1916 B1835 [Civil War] [Kaple plot]
Kaple Mary E. Paris 1908 B1839; wife of L. D. Kaple [Kaple plot]
Kaple Polly 1881 B1794; wife of Ira Kaple [Kaple plot]
Kelley C. E. 1923 Aug 14 B1837 Apr 19 [Kelley plot]
Kelley Hattie A. Lynn 1881 May 29 B1846 Aug 13; wife of Chas E. Kelly [Kelley plot]
Kelley John D. # 1905 May 2 D ae 98/7; son of Esek & Susannah Puck Kelley [town record]
[Kelley] Maude m [Kelley plot]
Kennedy Mildred Durham 1975 B1898 [Durham plot]
Kidder Fido 1876 Dec 7 "Our Faithful Friend" [statue of dog surmounts stone] [Peter Bitley plot]
Kidder infant 1873 Feb D ae 2 days, daughter of Frank & Ella M. Kidder [Peter Bitley plot]
Kidder Mary C. 1885 Oct 29 D ae 9/10, only child of Frank & Ella [Rozelle] M. Kidder [Peter Bitley plot]
L--- J--- M--- m [Footstone] [adjacent to M. A. L., could be John Laird]
L--- M--- A--- m [Footstone] [adjacent to JML, could be Margaret, wife of John Laird]
Lafler Anna M. 1899 May 22 B1866 Oct 18; wife of John L. Lafler [Tyler plot]
Laird Benjamin 1860 Dec 4 D ae 82/7/17 [Peter Bitley plot]
Laird Christian 1863 Oct 27 D ae 81/4/24 [Peter Bitley plot]
Laird Helen E. 1890 Nov 14 B1826 Jul 14; wife of John Laird [John Laird plot]
Laird infant 1849 Child of John & Helen E. Laird [John Laird plot]
Laird infant 1851 [Dec 19] Child of John & Helen E. Laird [John Laird plot]
Laird John 1865 Feb 22 B1784 Jun 20 [son of Benjamin Laird] [John Laird plot]
Laird John 1903 Mar 26 B1821 May 26 [John Laird plot]
Laird Margaret 1859 Mar 16 B1785 Mar 16; wife of John Laird [John Laird plot]
Lamb Agnes C. 1935 B1858 [wife of Mercer M. Lamb] [P. J. Stever plot]
Lamb Mercer M. 1919 B1855 [P. J. Stever plot]
Lewis Annie J. 1910 B1892 [Hurlburt / Lewis plot]
Lewis Charles N. 1918 B1883; son of Joseph & Emogene Lewis [Lewis / Davis monument]
Lewis Emogene Davis 1924 B1844; wife of Joseph Lewis [Lewis / Davis monument]
Lewis Erminie E. 1940 B1866 [wife of Frank E. Lewis] [Hurlburt / Lewis plot]
Lewis Frank E. 1924 B1861 [Hurlburt / Lewis plot]
Lewis Glenora 1903 B1872 [Lewis / Davis monument]
Lewis Jessie B[eal] 1972 B1894 [Hurlburt / Lewis plot]
Lewis Joseph 1923 B1840; Civil War: Co. I, 15th NY Engineers [Lewis / Davis monument]
Lewis William E. 1901 B1864 [Lewis / Davis monument]
Lounsberry Cassie V[iolet] 1962 [Dec 24] B1890 [Aug 1]
Lounsberry Charles Albert 1929 [Aug 14] B1845 [Feb 10]; Civil War: Co. F, 179th NY
Lounsberry Jennie C[harlotte] 1971 B1880 [Apr 18]
Lounsberry Sarah O[vina] Brown 1925 [Dec 27] B1846 [Oct 12]; wife of Charles Lounsberry
Luther Elisha 1896 Apr 27 B1824 May 28
Luther Lucretia 1904 Apr 20 B1828 Jun 6; wife of Elisha Luther
Lynn Albert F. 1937 B1862 [A. F. Lynn plot]
Lynn Alice M. # 1903 Dec 21 D ae 47; daughter of Lewis E. & Mary J. Lynn [town record]
Lynn Arthur 1966 B1890
Lynn Daniel 1895 B1818 [Daniel Lynn monument]
Lynn Daniel A. m B1850 Jan 20 [Daniel Lynn monument]
Lynn Elwood C. m B1913 Jul 7 [adj Arthur & Grace Lynn]
Lynn Ernest E. 1925 B1916 [adjacent to Arthur & Grace Lynn]
Lynn Frances J. m B1849 Apr 11; wife of Daniel A. Lynn [Daniel Lynn monument]
Lynn Franklin William 1946 B1909 [A. F. Lynn plot]
Lynn Fred H. 1940 B1874 [A. J. Porter plot]
Lynn Grace M. 1987 B1894 [wife of Arthur Lynn]
Lynn Harriet # 1850 Jan D ae 39 [mortality schedule]
Lynn Inez Cook 1938 Mar 18 B1886 Nov 2 [wife of Oliver C. Lynn]
Lynn Lewis 1964 B1897 [A. F. Lynn plot]
Lynn Marcella A. m B1915 Apr 23 [wife of Elwood Lynn] [adjacent to Arthur & Grace Lynn]
Lynn Mary J. Potter # 1907 May 11 D ae 78/4/13; daughter of Letus & Mary J. Potter [town record]
Lynn Matilda Connelly # 1885 Oct 29 D ae 54/10/2; daughter of Lucas C. & Mariah Gates Connelly [town record]
Lynn Oliver 1896 Dec B1844 Jul
Lynn Oliver C. 1969 Sep 15 B1876 Sep 15
Lynn Sarah 1898 B1820; wife of Daniel Lynn [Daniel Lynn monument]
Lynn Theresa 1947 B1868 [A. F. Lynn plot]
Lynn William # 1897 Apr 2 D ae 91; son of Daniel & Jane Lynn [town record]
Mace Eva Hibbard 1929 B1853; wife of Jerome B. Mace
Mace Jerome B. 1921 B1845
Manning Lida C. # 1915 Apr 6 D ae 59; wife of Tallman Manning
Manning Tallman # 1905 Sep 22 D ae 58
Manning Willard # 1870 Apr D ae 24 in Jerusalem [mortality schedule]
Martin Josephine Kelly Clark # 1931 Feb 23 D ae 83
[Miller?] ---- m [Stone face down adjacent to John & Mary Miller, same style]
M[iller?] ---- m "Mother" [adjacent to Miller plot]
M[iller?] ---- m "Father" [adjacent to Miller plot]
M[iller?] C--- m [Footstone adjacent to Miller plot]
Miller Grace A. T[immerrnan] 1949 B1871 [adjacent to Harold M. Timmerman] [Timmerman plot]
M[iller?] J--- m [Footstone adjacent to Miller plot]
Miller John C. 1883 Nov 13 D ae 72/11
M[iller?] J--- K--- m [Footstone adjacent to Miller plot]
Miller Mary 1875 Jun 29 D ae 55, wife of John C. Miller
Millspaugh Rebecca Ann Cole 1876 B1837; wife of Chauncey Millspaugh
Mitchell John 1868 May 14 B1802 May 10 [John Mitchell monument]
Mitchell Sarah J. 1889 Jul 7 B1812 Mar 13; wife of John Mitchell [John Mitchell monument]
Morse Edwin 1949 B1860
Morse Laura 1947 B1872
Mosch Beth G. 1986 Dec 2 B1919 Apr 19 [wife of Chester L. Mosch]
Mosch Chester L. m B1916 Jan 21
Mosher Ella T. 1991 B1925
Neilson Ella May 1875 Mar 27 D ae 7; daughter of Hiram & Mary Neilson [Thomas Bitley plot]
Neilson Hiram 1916 B1831 [Thomas Bitley plot]
Neilson Mary 1916 B1834 [wife of Hiram Neilson] [Thomas Bitley plot]
Nicholas Carl A. 1942 Jun 20 [WWII:] NY, 27th Infantry, Training Battalion
Nickerson Rexsenia m [B1815] died age 65; wife of John Nickerson [stone broken & repaired]
Northup Irean Conklin m B1866 [wife of James Northrup] [Northup plot]
Northup James 1929 B1864 [Northup plot]
Orton Sarah A. 1885 Oct 7 B1832 Feb 12 [John Mitchell monument; Timmerman plot]
Palmer Jennie Stiles 1914 B1867; wife of Theodore Palmer [Palmer monument]
Palmer Roscoe T. 1906 B1877 [Palmer monument]
Palmer Theodore 19-- B1852 [Palmer monument]
Paris Barney 1875 Jun 8 B1822 May 5
Paris David H. 1912 Aug 26 B1835 Dec 29 [David Paris monument]
Paris Eliza A. 1908 Jul 18 D ae 81; wife of Jacob S. Paris [Jacob Paris monument]
Paris Frederick 1898 Feb 23 B1816 Jan 23 [Frederick Paris monument]
Paris Fremont 1872 Jan 2 D ae 15, son of J. S. & Eliza Paris
Paris Harriet 1891 Sep 26 B1821 Feb 2, wife of Barney Paris
Paris Jacob S. 1899 Jan 3 B1830 Feb 5 [Jacob Paris monument]
Paris Lucinda E. 1916 Mar 3 B1836 Apr 16 [wife of Frederick Paris] [Frederick Paris monument]
Paris Sophia E. 1906 Jun 3 B1841 Aug 23 [wife of David Paris] [David Paris monument]
Paris Willie H. 1875 Jun 19 B1870 Jan 27 [David Paris monument]
Parker Phebe J. 1896 B1821 [Tomer plot]
Pearce Enos F. 1846 Sep 30 D ae 2/6/28; son of Ira & Marinda Pierce [sic]
Pelton Avilla # 1941 Feb 20 B1853 Sep 13 [daughter of James A. Pelton]
Pelton Matilda Hiler 1896 Feb 17 B1828 Dec 28 [wife of James A. Pelton]
Pepper baby m D ae 4 days [Philip Pepper plot]
Pepper Bernyce 1972 B1897 [wife of Philip Pepper] [Philip Pepper plot]
Pepper Betsey 1909 B1830; wife of Thomas Pepper [Thomas Pepper monument]
Pepper Ernest E. 1986 B1920; WWII: s/sgt, U.S. Army Air Corps
Pepper Frederic 1893 B1874 [son of Thomas Pepper] [Thomas Pepper monument]
Pepper John William 1925 B1867
Pepper Philip 1958 B1897 [Philip Pepper plot]
Pepper Ruth Annie 1949 B1866; wife of John William Pepper
Pepper Thomas 1914 B1836 [Thomas Pepper monument]
Pepper William # 1907 Dec 19 D ae 42; son of William & Hannah Mills Pepper [town record]
Pierce Ira 1869 Apr 29 [Broken stone]
Pierce Marinda Look 1868 Feb 6 D ae 62/6/21; wife of Ira Pierce
Pinsker Fred J. 1946 "My Husband" [Frederick Paris monument]
Porter Arthur J. 1915 B1865 [A. J. Porter plot]
Porter Freddie 1899 Aug 27 D ae 2/6/10 [A. J. Porter plot]
Porter Rose 1926 B1872 [wife of Arthur J. Porter] [A. J. Porter plot]
Potter Alva 1898 B1851 [Lewis Potter plot]
Potter Delos 1932 B1847
Potter Lewis 1910 B1826; "Father" [Lewis Potter plot]
Potter Llewellyn # 1891 Nov 5 D ae 42; son of Lewis & Lovina Potter [town record]
Potter Lovina 1896 B1826; wife of Lewis Potter; "Mother" [Lewis Potter plot]
Potter Mary A. 1940 B1850 [Lewis Potter plot]
Potter Sarah 1940 B1861 [Lewis Potter plot]
Potter Udelia 1921 B1846 [wife of Delos Potter]
Poyneer Blanche m [B1872; wife of Seymour Poyneer] [Poyneer plot]
Poyneer Elizabeth 1896 Nov 19 D ae 78 [wife of Reuben Poyneer]
Poyneer Malvina H. 1940 B1850; wife of William H. Poyneer
Poyneer Reuben 1885 Apr 6 D ae 72
Poyneer Seymour m [B1861] [Poyneer plot]
Poyneer Warner R. 1918 B1891; WWI: Co. B, 215th Regt [Poyneer plot]
Poyneer William H. 1896 May 8 B1833 Jan 7; Civil War: Co. A, 50th NY Engineers
Prosser Alice I. 1926 B1862 [Beard / Prosser monument]
Prosser George H. 1948 B1854 [Beard / Prosser monument]
Prosser Ivor J. 1971 May 1 B1891 Mar 23; WWI: NY, Com., 346th Infantry
Prosser Mildred A. 1985 B1897
Purdy Sarah H. 1879 Sep 5 B1852 Aug 1 [Frederick Paris monument]
Randall Marshall E[arl] 1905 B1903 [adjacent to John Bell]
Reilly D. C., Rev.# 1931 Jan 31 D ae 76
Robeson Barbara A. m B1909 [wife of Howard R. Robeson]
Robeson Howard R. 1989 B1907
Roselle Alonzo 1903 B1812 [adjacent to Mary Taylor]
Runner Jane B. 1908 May 9 B1830 Dec 20; wife of John Runner
Runner John 1901 Dec 18 B1821 Dec 19
Russell Carl E. 1911 B1890 [adjacent to Charles & Sarah Lounsberry] [1st husband of Cassie Lounsberry]
Rynders Edwin E. 1919 B1847 [Rynders monument]
Rynders Harry 1945 B1869
Rynders Jennie A. 1968 B1864 [wife of Harry Rynders]
Rynders Rachel [M.] Lent 1889 [Mar 18] B1826 [died age 63/11; daughter of Abraham & Elizabeth Hartwell &] wife of William Rynders [Rynders monument]
Rynders Rosetta Vanwormer 1923 B1847 [wife of Edwin E. Rynders] [Rynders monument]
Rynders William 1892 B1815 [Rynders monument]
[Sanderson] Josephine M. Warren 1945 [May 28] B1869 [wife of Arthur C. Warren and buried with him; wife of James Sanderson]
Shull Ada M. 1966 B1877 [wife of Ralph Shull] [Shull plot]
Shull Claude E. 1876 Sep 5 D ae 7; son of Jesper & Laura Shull [Shull plot]
Shull Eliza A. Laird 1892 Jan 24 D ae 75; wife of Thomas Shull [Shall plot]
Shull Frank T. 1962 B1886 [adjacent to George & Mary Shull]
Shull George W. 1938 B1849 [Shull plot]
Shull Jesper C. 1923 B1852 [Shull plot]
Shull Laura J. 1934 B1856 [Shull plot]
Shull Mary E. P. 1935 B1852 [wife of George W. Shull] [Shull plot]
Shull Ralph C. 1964 B1882 [Shull plot]
Shull Thomas 1881 May 28 D ae 69 [Shull plot]
Sill Clara M. 1970 B1886 [Sill / Ward plot]
Sill Henry Rose 1911 [Sep 26] B1844 [Sill / Ward plot]
Sill Henry Rose 1961 B1883 [Sill / Ward plot]
Sill Mary Cornelia 1895 Jan 26 B1886 Jun 6; daughter of H. R. & M. I. Sill
Sill Mary Ida m [B1856, wife of Henry Rose Sill] [Sill / Ward plot]
Simmons Lucy Mae 1909 B1888; wife of William H. Simmons
Simmons William H. 1953 B1880
Sisson Harry G. 1958 B1883
Sisson Marjorie E[vans] 1963 B1887 [wife of Harry G. Sisson]
Slingerland Henry S. 1884 Dec 10 D ae 44/8; "Husband"
Smart Arlene L. 1983 B1918 [wife of Jayson C. Smart]
Smart Jayson C. m B1921
Smith Avery # 1846 Sep 14 B1843 Sep 29; son of David & Sarah Hazard Smith
Smith David W. 1893 B1810 [son of Avery & Lament Wagener Smith] [Smith monument]
Smith Mary A. # 1848 Aug 8 B1846 Jun 21, daughter of David & Sarah Hazard Smith
Smith M[yron] Avery 1880 B1848, son of David W. & Sarah [Hazard] Smith [Smith monument]
Smith Sarah A[nn] Hazard 1876 B1812; wife of David W. Smith [& daughter of George V & Mariam Potter Hazard] [Smith monument]
Smith Sue H. 1970 Dec 25 B1915 Jan 15
Smith Susan A. # 1841 Aug 23 B1840 Jan 23, daughter of David & Sarah Hazard Smith
Smith Wesley S. 1983 Apr 10 B1916 Jul 6; WWII:U.S. Army
Spears Harrison 1921 B1841
Spears Mary E. Hopkins 1924 B1847, wife of Harrison Spears
Spink Gideon C. m B1841 [Spink monument]
Spink Johnny 1866 B1866, son of Gideon & Mary Spink [Spink monument]
Spink Mary M. Leonard 1914 B1846, wife of Gideon C. Spink [Spink monument]
Squires Anna Belle 1907 B1871; [1st] wife of William H. Squires [Squires monument]
Squires Eva M. 1927 B1877; [2nd] wife of William H. Squires [Squires monument]
Squires William H. 1930 B1873 [Squires monument]
Stebbins Charles # 1899 Sep 15 D ae 73; son of Joel & Mary Stebbins [town record]
Stebbins Kalista I. 1893 Nov 9 B1861 Jun 18 [daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Stebbins]
Stever Alice H[emphill] 1908 B1843 [Geo Stever plot]
Stever Ann 1908 Feb 11 D ae 89/2/19; wife of Peter D. Stever [P. D. Stever monument]
Stever baby 1874 Nov 4 D ae 2 months 5 days, child of J. J. & M. H. Stever [James Stever plot]
Stever Cecilia 1864 Jul 20 D ae 16/13 days [P. D. Stever monument]
Stever Charlie 1870 Sep 28 D ae 1; son of P. J. & J. A. Stever [P. J. Stever plot]
Stever Desire 1881 Mar 31 B1810 Apr 8; wife of James Stever [James Stever plot]
Stever Elbert M. 1928 B1864 [Frederick Paris monument]
Stever Ella A. 1881 Feb 11 D ae 4/8/26; daughter of J. J. & M. H. Stever [James Stever plot]
Stever Fred 1937 B1866 [L. H. Stever plot]
Stever Frederick Joseph 1920 Apr 14 B1920 Mar 24 [L. H. Stever plot]
Stever George S. 1901 B1835 [Geo. Stever plot]
Stever Hannah 1859 Mar 20 D ae 21/4/27 [P. D. Stever monument]
Stever Isadora Tuthill 1966 B1886, wife of Pearle Stever [Geo. Stever plot]
Stever James 1879 Sep 7 B1804 Jun 16 [James Stever plot]
Stever James J. m [James Stever plot]
Stever Jane A. Paris 1913 B1837; wife of Peter J. Stever [P. J. Stever plot]
Stever Joseph G. 1923 B1842 [James Stever plot]
Stever Lena E. Paris 1948 B1867; wife of Elbert Stever [Frederick Paris monument]
Stever Leonard H. 1910 B1831 [L. H. Stever plot]
Stever Mabel L. 1980 B1884; [wife of Fred Stever] [L. H. Stever plot]
Stever Mary C. [1926 Dec] B1850 [wife of Joseph Stever] [James Stever plot]
Stever Mary H. 1894 Sep l B1845 Sep 30; wife of James J. Stever [James Stever plot]
Stever Pearle H. 1920 B1878 [Geo. Stever plot]
Stever Peter D. 1872 Feb 25 D ae 69/10 [P. D. Stever monument]
Stever Peter J. 1915 B1833 [P. J. Stever plot]
Stever Ruth 1858 Jul 1 D ae 19/4/8 [P. D. Stever monument]
Stever Susan M. 1909 B1830 [wife of Leonard H. Stever] [L. H. Stever plot]
Stone Alvin R. 1913 Dec 2 B1842 Sep 9; Civil War: U.S. Navy [adjacent to Clarence & Mary Stone]
Stone Clarence F. 1933 B1870
Stone Mary R. 1958 B1871 [wife of Clarence F. Stone]
Stryker Mary E. 1945 B1866 [wife of William Stryker]
Stryker William 1916 B1865
Sutherland Catherine A. 1990 Aug 25 B1903 May 17 [wife of Ernest W. Sutherland]
Sutherland Emma B. 1964 B1887 [wife of George F. Sutherland]
Sutherland Ernest W. m B1898 Sep 18
Sutherland George F. 1966 B1887
Sutherland Lillian L. m B1917 [wife of Wheldon Sutherland]
Sutherland Wheldon L. 1986 B1914
Swarts George P. 1908 B1841
Swarts Neppie [Penelope] E. [Demary] 1899 Dec 5 B1845 Nov 3; wife of George P. Swarts [& daughter of John & Ruth Demary]
Swift John F. 1875 Nov 28 B1798 Nov 18 [Carr plot]
Swift Lavinia Culver 1861 Mar 3 B1799 May 19; wife of John F Swift [Carr plot]
Swift W. W. m Civil War: Co. H, 5th NY Cavalry [Carr plot]
Taylor Mary A. 1915 B1841 [adjacent to Alonzo Roselle]
Thomas Allen m B1898 [near Fred Thomas, stone partially buried]
Thomas Clinton H. 1912 B1895 [Thomas monument]
Thomas Fred B. 1976 B1887; WWI: U.S. Army
Thomas James E. 1939 B1860 [Thomas monument]
Thomas Orpha H. Conklin 1947 B1865, wife of James E. Thomas [Thomas monument]
Thornton Joeanne 1933 B1836 [Northup plot]
[Thornton] Laura [Northup] 1904 B1889
Tillman Frederick S. 1985 Apr 10 B1919 Oct 2; WWII: t/sgt., U.S. Army Air Corps
Timmerman Agnes Mitchell 1900 Oct 21 B1842 Aug 4, wife of Ransford C. Timmerman [Timmerman plot]
Timmerman David 1896 May 16 B1859 Nov 22
Timmerman David J. 1986 B1896
Timmerman Edna F. 1991 B1906 [wife of David J. Timmerman]
Timmerman Harold M. 1940 B1874 [Timmerman plot]
Timmerman J. Mead 1881 Feb 16 D ae 16/14 days, son of M. E. & Nancy E. Timmerman [Timmerman plot]
Timmerman Lee M. 1870 Mar 30 B1869 May 6, son of Ransford C. & Agnes Timmerman [Timmerman plot]
Timmerman Nancy E. 1909 B1837 [Timmerman plot]
Timmerman Ransford C. 1914 Aug 2 B1840 Apr 15 [Timmerman plot]
Tinney Bertha 1933 B1870 [same stone as Ellis Tinney]
Tinney Ellis 1939 B1868
Tomer Joel A. 1882 Jan 1 D ae 40 [Tomer plot]
Tomer William A. m [Civil War:] Co. A, 50th NY Engineers [Tomer plot]
Townsend John 1881 Nov 4 D ae 64
Townsend Sarah M[ahala Shattuck] [1891 Apr 24] [D ae 64/1/20, daughter of Sewell & Rebecca Updegraff Shattuck & wife of John Townsend]
Turner Flora A. 1943 B1850 [wife of Luther S. Turner] [Aumick / Turner monument]
Turner Isabelle 1899 B1838; wife of M. N. Turner [Aumick / Turner monument]
Turner Luther S. 1935 B1858 [Aumick / Turner monument]
Turner M. N. 1914 B1833
Tuttle Caroline 1936 B1856 [wife of Jacob Tuttle] [Jacob Tuttle monument]
Tuttle E. Maude Smith 1918 B1880; wife of Frank J. Tuthill [Frank Tuttle monument]
Tuttle Frank J. 1941 B1876 [Frank Tuttle monument]
Tuttle Fred 1918 B1891 [Jacob Tuttle monument]
Tuttle Jacob 1930 B1842 [Jacob Tuttle monument]
Tuttle Margaret A. 1956 B1870; wife of Frank J. Tuttle [Frank Tuttle monument]
Tuttle William 1944 B1882 [Jacob Tuttle monument]
Tyler Emma Todd 1923 [Nov 23] B1850; wife of Phineas Tyler [Tyler monument]
Tyler Hattie M[aud] 1891 Mar 3 B1868 Nov 24; daughter of Phineas & Emma Tyler [Tyler monument]
Tyler Phineas 1926 B1833; Civil War: Co. A, 126th NY [Tyler plot]
Underwood Lucille B. m B1903; wife of Stephen L. Underwood, married 1922 Aug 12
Underwood Stephen L. m B1902
Vail Flora Evans 1949 B1867 [wife of William T. Vail] [plot with Wm Evans monument]
Vail W. Carlyle 1917 B1897 [plot with Wm Evans monument]
Vail William T. 1932 B1858 [plot with Wm Evans monument]
Valentine Florence 1938 B1874 [wife of Herbert Valentine]
Valentine Herbert m B1878
Ward Alice M. m [Sill / Ward plot]
Ward John B. m [Sill/ Ward plot]
Warren Arthur C. 1922 B1869
Warren Arthur Dewitt 1907 B1907 [adjacent to Arthur & Josephine Warren]
Warren infant # 1897 Oct 22 Child of Arthur & Josie Warren [town record]
Warren May 1907 B1907 [adjacent to Arthur & Josephine Warren]
Welch Harold E. 1906 Jan 7 B1900 Mar 28
Wetmore Vertie C. 1943 B1869
Whitaker Helen R. m B1924 [wife of Jerry Whitaker]
Whitaker Jerry J. 1978 Sep 11 B1927 Sep 8; WWII: U.S. Army
Whitaker John N. 1983 B1894
Whitaker Vireo B[urtch] 1981 B1897 [wife of John N. Whitaker] [near Jerry Whitaker]
White Charles R. 1966 B1886 [Benedict plot]
White Earl F. 1970 B1904 [with Newell White]
White Ethel Benedict 1973 B1884 [wife of Charles R. White] [Benedict plot]
White Hilda Stever m B1905 Aug 14 [L. H. Stever plot]
White Newell L. 1985 B1945 [same stone as Earl White]
W[ightman] E[lizabeth] M[errill] [1904 Mar 19] [D ae 73/7/28; daughter of Simeon S. & Mercy H. Merrill & wife of James C. Wightman] [footstone in Botsford / Wightman plot]
W[ightman] J[ames] C. [1918 Feb 20] [D ae 89] [footstone in Botsford / Wightman plot]
[Wightman?] Merrill m [No surname, Botsford / Wightman plot]
Wilder Barbara Botsford 1987 B1895 [wife of Hugo Wilder]
Wilder Barbara Snyder 1971 B1931
Wilder Hugo T. 1970 Apr 20 B1895 Nov 19; WWI: ensign, U.S. Navy
Wixom Earl M. 1984 B1899
Wixom Mellie 1933 B1863 [wife of Myron Wixom]
Wixom Myron 1945 B1862
Wootton Celia 1932 B1865; wife of George Wootton
Wootton George m B1865
Wright Arabella 1923 m
Wright Helen B. 1940 B1887 [adjacent to David & Sophia Paris]

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