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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Benjamin Stoddard Cemetery: Notes

Benjamin Stoddard cemetery

This is a family cemetery, surrounded by a stone wall and situated in one of the prettiest locations of any of the County?s many burial plots. It is well-maintained, presumably by one of the neighbors.

The Stoddards were early settlers of the part of western Jerusalem called the Green Tract because it was developed by Henry and Orin Green, originally of Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. There were several family plots of this type scattered around the area, but this is the only one that survives more or less intact. The neighborhood was once much more heavily settled than it is now, and even some of the roads have disappeared.


Benjamin Stoddard Cemetery: Burials

--- --- m [Pair of fieldstones without inscriptions]
--- --- m [Pair of fieldstones without inscriptions]
Ingraham Sally 1857 May 28 D ae 67/11/17; wife of Nathaniel Ingraham
Ingraharn Sarah A 1863 May 31 D ae 3 & 2 days; daughter of S. M. & M. Ingraham
Rogers Martha 1849 Oct 2 D ae 73/8/11; wife of Andrew Rogers
Stoddard Benjamin Capt 1878 [Jun 4] B1795 [in Cherry Valley]
Stoddard Benjamin F 1839 Jul 25 D ae 3/11/29; son of Benjamin & Hannah Stoddard
Stoddard Candace 1832 D ae 68; wife of Cyrenius Stoddard; "Our Mother"
Stoddard Cyrenius 1833 Oct D ae 70; ?Our Father? [born 1762]
Stoddard Hannah [Kelly] 1890 B1799; wife of Capt. Benjamin Stoddard
Stoddard Henry B # m Husband of Orra Stoddard & son of Candace & Cyrenius Stoddard
Stoddard Jennie [D] 1860 Jul 2 D ae 3/6; daughter of Chester & Catherine Stoddard [also recorded in Italy Hill cemetery]
Stoddard Kate G 1862 Mar 8 D ae 1 month & 8 days, daughter of Thomas F. & Frances Stoddard
Stoddard Survina H 1847 Oct 15 D ae 3 months & 5 days; daughter of Chester & Catherine Stodddard [also recorded in Italy Hill Cemetery]

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