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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part VII: Cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem

Beddoe Cemetery: Notes

Beddoe cemetery John Beddoe came from Wales about 1798 and built a house near the shore in what is now Keuka Lake State Park. He and his family are buried in a plot that was once not too far from their home. Members of the Rose and related Sill families, who later built the nearby mansions Esperanza and Hampstead and owned the extensive surrounding property, were also buried in this small hillside plot.

The cemetery is uphill from the modern parking lot built to accommodate the boat launch and picnic area. A steep path leads from the corner of the parking lot to a point from which the cemetery's monuments and its stone wall can be seen up another steep slope. The state has neglected the cemetery, and some vandalism has occurred. One monument has tumbled down the slope and others are fallen and broken. One or two are no doubt missing altogether.

The cemetery may be referred to by the names of any of the families buried there; it is occasionally also called the Esperanza Cemetery. Earlier readings were used to reconstruct and augment the reading done by the compilers, and the information checked with other sources.


Beddoe Cemetery: Burials

[Beddoe Catharine James] [1815] Jan 15 D ae 34 [wife of John Beddoe] [broken stone]
Beddoe Eleanor Cuyler 1879 May 11 D ae 68; wife of Lynham J. Beddoe [& daughter of Col. Elias Cuyler]
Beddoe John 1834 [Nov] 6 D ae 72 at the [home of] Lynham J. [Beddoe, his son] in the town of Jerusalem [broken stone]
Beddoe Johnstone 1828 Mar 7 D ae 24 after struggling for 9 years with epilepsy; son of John & Catharine Beddoe
Beddoe Lynham J[ames] 1871 Oct 4 D ae 64
Macomb Christina [1841 Aug 24] D ae 67 at Esperanza; wife of J[ohn] N. Macomb of New York City
Rose Henry 1881 Nov 15 B1802 Jan 6
Rose Jane Eliza 1891 Sep 10 B1809 May 15 in New York City, died in Branchport; wife of John Nicholas Rose
Rose John Nicholas 1876 Nov 7 B1799 Dec 18 in Stafford Co., Virginia; died at Esperanza
Rose Sarah Livingstone 1875 Feb [26] B1799 Oct 11; wife of Henry Rose & oldest daughter of John Navarre Macomb of New York City
Sill [Frederick] Rose 1857 Feb 20 B1848 May 16; adopted son of Henry & Sarah Rose
Stafford Charlotte H. [Beddoe] 1833 Jun 28 D ae 28 at Geneva, only daughter of John [& Catherine] Beddoe [& wife of George Stafford]
Stafford George [1832 Jan 15] [D ae 34] [broken stone]
Stafford John Beddoe # 1908 May 11 D ae 79

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