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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IV: Cemeteries in the town of Italy

West River Cemetery: Notes

West River Cemetery This small neighborhood cemetery is the oldest remaining in the town, and is located in the area of the town’s first settlement, along the old road to Canandaigua that became Route 245.

It has been sporadically maintained but is essentially neglected, so trees and brush are starting to encroach and there has been much damage from age and weather. The list that follows was much enhanced by notes assembled by Frederick Harter.

The cemetery is adjacent to the highway and access is easy.

Some of the old lists call it the Lee Cemetery. Elias Lee, who is buried here, was one of the first white people to settle in the area.

West River Cemetery: Burials

Beard Earl 1958 B1898 [Reynolds plot]
Beard Lillian 1943 B1874 [mother of Earl Beard] [Reynolds plot]
Bolster George H. 1901 Dec 15 B1867 Nov 7 [Bolster monument]
Bolster Jennie A. 1903 [Feb 24] B1867; wife of George H. Bolster [MWF: born and died in Middlesex, age 35/3/27; funeral charged to O. S. Reddout] [Bolster monument]
Catterson Thomas # 1902 Jun 20 D ae 80 in Middlesex; son of John & Elizabeth Anderson Catterson [town record]
Chaffee Ephraim # 1856 B1803
Chaffee H. B. 1851 Oct 26 D ae 52/8/1 [brother of Ephraim Chaffee]
Chaffee Helen S. Clark 1909 B1837; wife of Orville H. Chaffee [& daughter of Erastus G. & Hannah Green Clark] [Orville Chaffee monument]
Chaffee Jane Blair 1876 Apr 8 D ae 67/6/18; wife of [Ephr]aim C. Chaffee
Chaffee Jane M. 1845 Dec 17 D ae 2; daughter of E. C. & J. Chaffee [stone partially buried]
Chaffee Orville H. 1910 [Mar 31] B1834 [died in Middlesex, age 75/11/9; son of Ephraim & Jane Blair Chaffee] [Orville Chaffee monument]
Chaffee Willy C. 1858 Aug 29 D ae 1 month and 23 days; son of Orville & Helen Chaffee [Orville Chaffee monument]
Clark Erastus G. 1863 Jan 11 D ae 50/5 days [son of William Clark Sr.]
Clark Frances [Metcalf] 1845 Apr 8 D ae 69; wife of William Clark [Sr.]
Clark Hannah [Green] 1851 Aug 9 D ae 60; wife of William Clark [she married 2nd to Silas Wiley] [buried with Farnams]
Clark Ithamer 1896 Mar 31 B1826 Oct 18 [son of Charles & Vesta Watkins Clark]
Clark Lucia Ann Griswold 1903 May 12 B1830 Jul 23; wife of Ithamer Clark [& daughter of Jason Griswold]
Clark William Jr. 1829 Apr 27 D ae 28 [son of William Sr. & Fanny Clark]
Clark William [Sr.] 1851 Dec 27 D ae 81/5
Cole Leon 1900 Sep 27 B1899 Sep 21; son of Frank Cole
Dunton A[aron] B[ingham] C[lark] 1901 B1834 [son of William & Judith Dunton] [A. B. C. Dunton monument]
Dunton Ada 1863 Mar 12 D ae 2/2 days; daughter of Bingham & Ellen Dunton
Dunton Chauncey S. 1873 B1825
Dunton Cretie [Lucretia] P. 1903 Mar 16 B1854 Feb 8; wife of Frank A. Dunton
Dunton Elizabeth C. [Whitney] 1891 B1834; wife of Chauncey Dunton
Dunton Ellen M. Raymond 1916 B1836; wife of A. B. C. Dunton [A. B. C. Dunton monument]
Dunton Essie 1864 Mar 6 D ae 2/8/7; daughter of L. W. & E. J. Dunton
Dunton Floyd Charles # 1922 Feb 27 [MWF: born 17 May 1902 in West Italy, died in Italy age 20/9/10; single, son of Charles A. (born in Michigan) and Emma Ellerington (born in West Italy) Dunton]
Dunton Frank A. m B1852 Aug 18
Dunton Fred B. 1896 B1868 [son of A. B. C. & E. Dunton] [A. B. C. Dunton monument]
Dunton Judith [Slayton] 1880 Nov 15 B1802 Mar 16; wife of William Dunton [Jr.] [Wm Dunton monument]
Dunton Libbie 1868 Aug 18 D ae 4/5/26; daughter of [A.] Bingham [C.] & Ellen Dunton
Dunton Lorenzo 1899 B1826 [son of William & Judith Dunton] [Wm Dunton monument]
Dunton Maggie m Infant daughter of C. S. & C. E. Dunton
Dunton William [Jr.] 1883 Sep 3 B1796 Jul 12 [son of William & Lucina Kibbee Dunton] [Wm Dunton monument]
Ellerington Harold Alfred 1946 B1857
Ellerington Jennie E. Catterson 1917 B1857; wife of Harold Alfred Ellerington
Elwell Elizabeth 1886 Sep 18 D ae 63; wife of Thomas Elwell
Elwell Thomas 1902 Nov 14 D ae 82
Farnam Joshua 1846 Jun 28 D ae 75
Farnam Julia Ann 1869 Mar 16 B1815 Aug 18; wife of Martin Farnam
Farnam Martin 1888 Jan 6 B1812 Feb 27
Fires Frank D. 1963 B1884 [son of George & Judie Dunton Fires] [Fires monument]
Fires George C. 1938 [Jun 26] B1858 [MWF: born and lived in Middlesex, died at Willard, age 80/1/3; married] [Fires monument]
Fires Judie E. [Dunton] 1938 B1860 [Fires monument]
Flint Adolphus R. 1872 Mar 26 D ae 55
Flint Dewitt C. 1851 Dec 30 D ae 2/7; son of A. R. & S. W. Flint
Flint Jerome 1889 B1847
Flint Jerome C. 1846 Dec 16 D ae 2/5/10; son of A. R. & S. W. Flint
Flint Letitia 1927 B1852 [wife of Jerome Flint]
Getsinger Christopher 1921 B1853
Getsinger [Edith] 1885 Jan 2 D ae 5/7 [daughter of Christopher & Sabrina Getsinger]
Getsinger Sabrina 1937 B1857; wife of Christopher Getsinger
Gilbert Minerva Ingraham Dunton # 1888 Apr 27 D ae 60; born in Bristol, Ontario Co., NY; daughter of Benjamin Ingraham, wife of Lorenzo Dunton & of Stephen B. Gilbert
Gilbert William S. # 1888 Jan 23 D ae 21/9 in Middlesex; son of Stephen & Manervy Gilbert [town record]
Griswold Fisher W. 1907 B1825 [son of Jason Griswold] [F. W. Griswold monument]
Griswold Jason [1842 Sep 2] D ae 45/22 days [broken stone]
Griswold Jason S. 1860 B1846; son of Fisher & Mary J. Griswold [F. W. Griswold monument]
Griswold Mary J[ane Styles] 1879 B1823; wife of Fisher Griswold [F. W. Griswold monument]
Griswold Patty [Lee] 1875 Jun 21 D ae 74/10; wife of Jason Griswold [& daughter of Elias & Patty Lee]
H--- E--- m [Fieldstone with scratched initials]
Harrington Thomas # 1904 Jun 8 D ae 38 in Michigan [town record]
Hilts Clarisa E. Whitney # 1891 Apr 24 D ae 57 in Middlesex; widow; daughter of Benjamin & Caroline E. Whitney [town record]
Hooker Pedy [Watkins Metcalf] 1864 Nov 17 D ae 79 [wife of Richard Hooker; she married 1st to Fisher Metcalf]
Hooker Richard # 1833 Jul 1 D ae 61
Jones Martha Shepherd # 1911 Dec 16 D ae 46 in Middlesex; married; daughter of Elleck & Sally Slayton Shepherd [town record]
Karnes Beulah L. 1885 Mar 24 B1885 Jan 28; daughter of James [& Mary Jane] Karnes
Karnes Carrie [Dunton] 1928 Apr 4 B1856; wife of Taylor Karnes; died in Italy [Taylor Karnes monument]
Karnes Howard J. 1897 Mar 7 B1896 Apr 17; son of James [& Mary Jane] Karnes
Karnes James 1920 B1848
Karnes Mathias 1906 B1820
Karnes Susannah Blank 1907 [Mar 3] B1824; wife of Mathias Karnes [died in Middlesex age 83; daughter of John & Catharine Blank]
Karnes Taylor [1932] B1844 [Taylor Karnes monument]
Karnes William D. [1960] B1874; son of Taylor & Carrie Karnes [Taylor Karnes monument]
Kunes Ella S [Griswold] 1886 B1848; wife of Frank Kunes [F. W. Griswold monument]
Kunes Frank E. m [Plot with F. W. Griswold monument]
Leach Elsie 1912 Dec 31 B1911 Jun 12
Leach Elva 1911 Jun 27 B1911 Jun 12
Leach Helen # 1925 Aug 25 [MWF]
Leach infant # 1905 Jul 1 D ae 19 days in Potter; a child of William & Florence Jones Leach [town record] [MWF: born in Potter, child of William and Hattie Leach, both born in Yates Co.]
Leach Lizzie 1900 Aug 24 B1900 Aug 7; daughter of Edgar & E. A. Leach
Lee Elias 1825 Feb 1 D ae 45? [inscription weathering off]
Lee Huldah [Mower] 1833 Sep 21 D ae 24; wife of William D. Lee [& daughter of John & Polly Williams Mower]
Lee Mary 1847 0ct 1 D ae 2/11/11; daughter of W. D. & E. Lee
Lee Patty [Watkins Whitney] 1849 Jun 2 Wife of Elias Lee [she married 1st to Fisher Whitney]
Lee Pedy L. 1838 Apr 12 B1820 Dec 23
Lee Roxanna Clark 1850 Jun 15 D ae 30/2/24; [1st] wife of Roswell Lee [& daughter of Charles Clark]
Lee Rozetta Jane # 1865 Oct 19 D ae 6 months & 6 days; daughter of Roswell & Jane Shay Lee [marker “Our Little Rosie” in Lee plot]
Leeman Ola G. # 1900 Oct 23 D ae 1 month in Italy; a child of Joseph & Nellie Leeman [town record]
Lockwood Harriet [Delameter] 1894 [Apr 2] B1820 [died age 74/ 13 days; wife of Stephen Lockwood & daughter of Abram & Olive Delameter]
Lockwood Mary m [Daughter of Stephen & Harriet Lockwood]
Lockwood Stephen 1893 B1817
M--- ---- m [Broken footstone; possibly a Mower]
M--- F--- m [Footstone; possibly Fisher Metcalf]
Mabie Almond 1844 Jul 28 D ae 1 month and 1 day; son of J. G. & S. Mabie
Mabie Elias 1855? Jan 18 D ae 85
Mabie Eunice 1847 Jan 8 D ae 71; wife of Elias Mabie
Meade Irvin m D ae 2 months [Meade children plot]
Meade Lena m D ae 1 week [Meade children plot]
Meade Lora B. m D ae 2 months [Meade children plot]
Meade Mimie m D ae 3 months [Meade children plot]
Metcalf Jabez 1859 Nov 3 D ae 78
Metcalf Nancy Torrey 1843 Mar 26 D ae 60; wife of Jabez Metcalf
Mills Helen Dunton 1922 Aug 25 [Wife of Alfred Mills]
[Mower?] --- 18-- Jan 1 D ae 36 [broken stone; possibly Anna Watkins, 1st wife of John Mower, died 1802 age about 30]
Mower Byron Harvey 1844 Apr 2 B1841 Sep 2 [Mower monument]
Mower Elizabeth Folston 1907 Mar 14 B1814 Nov 27; wife of John Warner Mower [Mower monument]
Mower John 1855 Jan 21 [B1771] [broken stone]
Mower John Warner 1887 Oct 24 B1811 Jan 18 [son of John & Polly Mower) [Mower monument]
Mower Mary [Williams] [1813 Feb 11] [D ae 36; 2nd wife of John Mower] [broken stone]
Mower Richard 1832 Sep 1 D ae 61/2/21
Mower William Henry 1854 Jul 20 B1838 May 14 [son of John W. & Betsy Mower] [Mower monument]
Nellis Delphine [Whitman] 1877 Aug 6 D ae 21/4/21; wife of Marshall Nellis & daughter of George & Sarah Whitman; mother of Herbert J. & Anna Nellis
Nellis Willie 1891 May 31 D ae 4/4; son of M. & O. Nellis
Powers Susan Karnes 1909 B1877; wife of Guy Powers & daughter of Taylor & Carrie Karnes [Taylor Karnes monument]
Reddout Daniel A. 1898 B1869 [Reddout monument]
Reddout Mary Chaffee 1922 B1843; wife of Orrin S. Reddout [Reddout monument]
Reddout Orrin S. 1925 [Aug 27] B1845 [Civil War: Co. E, 161st NY] [Reddout monument]
Reynolds Grover C. 1927 B1885 [Reynolds plot]
Reynolds Judith A. Tyler 1935 B1855; wife of Myron E. Reynolds [Reynolds plot]
Reynolds Leon 1981 B1895 [Reynolds plot]
Reynolds Myron E. 1912 B1849 [Reynolds plot]
[Shay] --- 18-- Nov 26 D ae 82/1/2 [wife of] Da[niel Shay] [broken stone]
Shay Daniel H. 1862 Feb l B1795; died age 66/9/6
Slover William # 1912 Feb 1 D ae 85/5 in Middlesex [town record]
Snyder George E. # 1864 Oct D ae 3/3 in Italy [mortality schedule]
Snyder Jenett 1898 B1831; wife of Reuben Snyder
Snyder Reuben 1889 B1813
Standish Alice E. M. 1918 Jun 21 B1843 Aug 19 [Mower monument]
Standish Alice Elizabeth [May] 1881 Sep 17 B1881 May 26; “Little Lizzie” [Mower monument]
Standish Edna 1889 B1854 [wife of John W. Standish] [Standish monument]
Standish John W. 1901 B1844 [Civil War: Co. E, 188th NY] [Standish monument]
Standish Jonathan B. 1890 B1810 [Standish monument]
Standish Polly Hogue 1890 B1811; wife of Jonathan B. Standish [Standish monument]
Starkweather Dora 1914 B1858 [wife of Eugene Starkweather] [Starkweather plot]
Starkweather Eugene 1916 B1853 [Starkweather plot]
Starkweather Maggie B. 1883 Nov 20 D ae 4/9/10; daughter of Eugene & Dora Starkweather [Starkweather plot]
Starkweather Walter 1897 B1877 [Starkweather plot]
Watkins Jason 1844 May 13 D ae 76/10 days
Watkins Nancy [Clark] 1841 Aug 5 D ae 45; wife of Jared Watkins [& daughter of William & Fanny Clark]
Watkins Polly [Ide] 1833 Apr 28 D ae 63/11/20; wife of J[ason] Watkins
Wheat Mary Bolster 1921 B1897 [daughter of George H. & Jennie Bolster] [Bolster monument]
Whipple Daniel [1904 Apr 28] B1821 Jul 1 [MWF: died in Potter, age 86]
Whipple Hannah 1888 Jan 11 D ae 71; wife of Daniel Whipple
[Whitney?] Betsy L. 1848 Dec 18 D ae 36/10; wife of --- [Whitney?] [broken stone]
Whitney Fisher 1805 Dec 19 D ae 29
Williams Oliver S. 1881 Sep 2 B1793 Sep 5 at Petersburg, Rensselaer Co., NY; died in Naples
Williams Patty 1863 Mar 10 D ae 69/9/14; wife of Joseph P. Williams
Williams Sally [Mower] 1836 Jul 16 D ae 39; wife of Oliver Williams [& daughter of John & Anna Mower]

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