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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IV: Cemeteries in the town of Italy

Italy Hill Cemetery, Part one: Notes

This is by far the largest cemetery in the town, located in the hamlet of Italy Hill, which once boasted two churches, a tavern, a post office and several businesses including a general store. Because of its closeness to the town line with Jerusalem, many of the people buried here belonged to families who lived in the Green Tract in western part of the latter town, as well as in Italy.

The cemetery belongs to an active association and it is very well maintained, even the older part towards the front. However, many of the inscriptions have almost been obliterated by weathering, especially those at the eastern end, near the road and the eastern entrance driveway. The compilers were forced to depend on earlier readings where available, in order to decipher some of these, and of course many were simply beyond reading.

An undated list of pre-1900 burials in this cemetery was compiled by an Auburn genealogist, Eric Nagle. He called it the Griswold Cemetery; this list was used to confirm some now-difficult readings, and a copy is on file at the office of the Yates County Historian.


Italy Hill Cemetery, Part one: Notes

---- ---- m [Large marble stone, face down]
---- Cathrine m Daughter of Robert S ---- [broken stone]
---- Jonas C. m D ae 8? son of -?- & -?- ---- [stone very worn]
---- Mary Ann m m
Ackerson Arthur m B1924 [son of Charles Ackerson] [Chas J. Ackerson monument]
Ackerson Charles J. 1963 B1884 [Chas J. Ackerson monument]
Ackerson Frances J. 1924 B1897 [wife of Charles Ackerson] [Chas J. Ackerson monument]
Ackerson Ruth 1947 B1934 [daughter of Charles Ackerson] [Chas J. Ackerson monument]
Ackerson Velma M. 1947 B1897 [wife of Charles J Ackerson] [Chas J. Ackerson monument]
Anderson? Mary J. 1850 Feb 11 D ae 10 months and 14 days; daughter of George & Fanny Anderson?
Andrews Cora C. 1939 B1871; wife of John R. Andrews
Andrews John R. 1936 B1861
Andrus Augusta [Lucinda] 1877 Apr 9 D ae 60/4/5; wife of William Andrus
Andrus William 1864 Mar 15 D ae 47/1/9
Angell A[delmer] T. 1929 B1854 [Ira Angell monument]
Angell Elizabeth [Geer] 1905 B1819 [wife of Ira Angell] [Ira Angell monument]
Angell George W. 1847 Mar 5 B1845 Oct 30 [Ira Angell monument]
Angell Ira R. 1882 Oct 2 B1815 Apr 24 [Ira Angell monument]
Angell John W. 1896 Mar 26 B1844 May 15
Angell Rose 1929 B1857 [wife of A. T. Angell] [Ira Angell monument]
Annabel Frederick # 1842 Mar 12 m
Annabel Sarah 1845 Feb 14 D ae 27; wife of Frederick Annabel
Arnold Amos 1856 Mar 21 D ae 66/3/25 [War of 1812]
Arnold Deany T. 1844 Mar 17 D ae 1/4/15; daughter of Amos & Eliza Arnold
Arnold liza [Edson] 1862 Mar 23 D ae 67/11; wife of Amos Arnold [daughter of Rufus Edson Sr.]
Arnold Loiza 1843 Aug 12 D ae 20/1; daughter of Amos & Eliza Arnold
Babcock Catherine Lyons 1883 B1825; wife of Milo S. Babcock [Nathan Babcock monument]
Babcock Horace 1915 B1855 [Nathan Babcock monument]
Babcock Milo S. 1894 B1822 [Nathan Babcock monument]
Babcock Nathan 1879 B1793 [Nathan Babcock monument]
Babcock Phoebe Robinson 1854 B1795; wife of Nathan Babcock [Nathan Babcock monument]
Baldwin Anna [Peck] 1852 B1794 [wife of Daniel Baldwin] [Daniel Baldwin plot]
Baldwin Daniel 1849 [Jun] B1792 [son of Jacob & Hannah Hull Baldwin; War of 1812] [Daniel Baldwin plot]
Baldwin George 1894 B1825 [Daniel Baldwin plot]
Baldwin Lydia 1933 Wife of Orin R. Baldwin
Baldwin Mary 1899 B1821 [Daniel Baldwin plot]
Baldwin Orin R. 1908 B1846
Baldwin Rufus B. m Son of Wilbur D. & Milly Baldwin [stone partially buried]
Baldwin W. D. 1852 Apr 7 D ae 4l/4/23
Bardeen Fred A. 1887 Dec 4 B1861 Jan 20; son of F. & N. A. Bardeen [Smith / Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Freeman 1911 B1824
Bardeen Harriet 1920 Oct 27 B1853 Mar 5 [Smith / Bardeen monument]
Bardeen Nancy A. 1908 B1830; wife of Freeman Bardeen
Barton Catherine 1858 Jun 18 D ae 63/9/2; wife of George Barton
Barton Hannah 1848 Apr 4 D ae 53/2/7; daughter of John & Abigail Barton
Bates Ethel Turner 1956 B1897 [same stone as Howard Turner]
Beeman Wells # 1918 Sep 29 Civil War: Co. E, 194th NY
Bell Cornelius 1900 Mar 27 B1864 May 5; son of Robert & Mary Bell [Robert Bell monument]
Bell Harry N. 1965 B1897
Bell Kathleen A. 1990 B1896; wife of Harry N. Bell
Bell Mary 1893 Nov 20 D ae 72; wife of Robert Bell [Sr.] [Robert Bell monument]
Bell Mary E. 1879 Apr 28 D ae 34/7/8; wife of Robert Bell Jr.
Bell Robert 1865 Mar 25 D ae 39; Civil War [Co. G, 14th NYHA] [Robert Bell monument]
Bellis Sophronia [Cowing] 1847 Oct 15 B1827 Sep 9 [wife of Charles Bellis & daughter of A. R. & Sally Cowing] [Cowing monument]
Benedict Abbie 1866 Mar 13 D ae 21/5/26; daughter of William N. & Huldah Benedict
Benedict Catherine Eliza 1893 May 14 B1835 Jan 10 [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Elisha 1845 Aug 17 B1760 Jul 5; Revolutionary War [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Frank W. m B1881 Mar 2 [died in Canandaigua] [Wm D. Benedict monument]
Benedict Henry M. 1880 May 8 B1878 Mar 30 [Wm D. Benedict monument]
Benedict Huldah Green 1885 Aug 15 B1818 Nov 19 [wife of William N. Benedict & daughter of Clark Green] [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict James Warren 1863 Jun 18 D as 15/4/5; son of William N. & Hulda Benedict
Benedict Martha Booth m B1862 Feb 6; 2nd wife of William D. Benedict [Wm D. Benedict monument]
Benedict Nathan G. 1871 May 24 B1789 Aug 22 [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Nathan Gregory 1892 Sep 13 B1833 Mar 10; buried in Buffalo [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Polly 1844 Jan 29 B1843 Oct 9; daughter of N. G. & Polly Benedict [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Polly Torrance 1867 Jan 20 B1796 Dec 19; wife of Nathan G. Benedict [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Richard Lacy 1848 Dec 14 B1839 May 15; son of N. G. & Polly Benedict [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict Sarah A. 1880 May 15 B1875 May 2 [Wm D. Benedict monument]
Benedict Sarah E[lizabeth] 1902 Jul 20 B1850 Mar 15; wife of William D. Benedict [Wm D Benedict monument]
Benedict Thankful Gregory 1830 Jan 25 B1766 Feb 13; wife of Elisha Benedict [Elisha Benedict monument]
Benedict William D. [1911 Jul 18] B1845 Jan 17; Civil War: Co. G, 15th NY Cavalry [Wm D Benedict monument]
Benedict William N. 1878 Sep 2 B1819 Oct 13 [Elisha Benedict monument]
Bennett Merton C. 1915 B1872
Bennett Olive R. 1962 B1873 [wife of Merton C. Bennett]
Beyea Jonas 1843 Sep 10 D ae 3/10/22; son of J. H. & H. M. Beyea
Blood Carlton L. 1892 Jan 26 D ae 13/8; son of H. C. & Helen Blood
Blood Ernest L. 1881 Jul 2 D as 8/5; son of H. C. & Helen Blood
Blood Helen [VanScoy] 1908 Sep 20 B1844 Oct 26 [wife of Herbert C. Blood]
Blood Herbert C. 1923 Apr 18 B1847 Jul 17 [son of Luther B. & Esther Genung Blood]
Bogart Hannah Titus # 1901 Jun 14 D ae 80/9/3 in Italy; born in Vermont, daughter of John & Jane Henry Titus [town record]
Bogart William # 1903 Jan 17 D ae 83/10/10 in Jerusalem; son of William & Mary Bogart [town record]
Brown Catherine 1975 B1899; wife of Noble Brown
Brown Clarance I. 1856 Sep 14 D ae 6; son of S. H. & J. N. Brown
Brown Flora Francisco # 1894 Aug 1 D ae 21 in Penn Yan; daughter of Eugene & Lucy Francisco [town record]
Brown Glenn # 1893 Aug 3 D ae 15 months in Penn Yan; son of Frank E. & Flora Brown [town record]
Brown James 1930 B1854 in England
Brown Mary 1862 --- -- D ae 8/5/20; daughter of Nathan & [Jemima] A. Brown
Brown Noble 1963 B1894
Brown Sarah Jane Clare # 1893 May 31 D ae 51 in Potter; daughter of John & Adaline Robinson Clare [town record]
Brown William H. # 1893 Mar 19 D ae 61/11/19 in Potter; son of Josiah & Polly A. Vreeland Brown [town record]
Burk David H [Sr.] 1910 B1848
Burk Martha F. 1946 B1851; wife of David H. Burk [Sr.]
Burke Cornelia L. 1940 B1878 [wife of Weld L. Burke]
Burke Forrest K. m B1914 Jan 24
Burke Ralph Pulver 1988 B1910
Burke Rosalind Tooley m B1910; wife of Ralph Pulver Burke
Burke Weld L. 1970 B1876
Burleigh Lee J. 1978 B1914 [adjacent to Richard Lee Burleigh]
Burleigh Richard Lee 1974 B1957
Burns Jessie M. 1929 B1890 [Wykoff plot]
Burr George [1882 Jun 1] Civil War: Co. D, 5th Wisconsin
Campbell Clarence E. 1956 B1869
Campbell Cornelia 1966 B1873; wife of Clarence E. Campbell
Campbell James B. 1888 Mar l D ae 80
Campbell Lewis C. 1913 B1841
Campbell Lydia W. 1927 B1849; wife of Lewis Campbell
Campbell Mary 1894 B1863; wife of Thomas W. Campbell
Campbell Nellie 1902 Jan 31 D ae 87; wife of James B. Campbell
Campbell Thomas W. 1924 B1856
Carr Cyrus M. m Son of -?- & -?- Carr [very worn]
Carr Frances A. [Watkins?] 1892 Apr 4 B1845 Oct 30 [Carr / Watkins plot]
Carr John H. m [Carr / Watkins plot]
Case Charlotte 1929 B1846; wife of Henry C. Case
Case Henry C. 1926 B1842
Champlin A[bner] G[ardner] 1907 B1827 [son of Rowland Jr. & Mary Champlin] [plot with Elisha Champlin monument]
Champlin Araminta [Henderson] 1896 [Mar 1] B1825; wife of George W. Champlin [died in Jerusalem, daughter of William Henderson]
Champlin Elisha m B1843 [son of Rowland Jr. & Mary Ingraham Champlin] [Elisha Champlin monument]
Champlin George W. 1901 B1824 [Civil War; son of Rowland Jr. & Mary Champlin]
Champlin Jonathan J. 1879 May 22 D ae 56/8/10 [son of Rowland Jr. & Mary Ingraham Champlin] [Jonathan J. Champlin monument]
Champlin Julia Ann [Brown] 1883 Oct 7 D ae 60/3/15; wife of J[onathan] J. Champlin [Jonathan J. Champlin monument]
Champlin Livonia 1936 B1855; wife of Melvin Champlin
Champlin Mary Susan 1885 B1872; daughter of Elisha & Sarah Champlin
Champlin Melvin 1929 B1850
Champlin Sarah M. [Sisson] 1909 B1845; wife of Elisha Champlin [daughter of William Sisson] [Elisha Champlin monument]
Champlin Susanna 1867 Jan 29 D ae 31/3/27
Chase Adaline 1881 May 31 D ae 77/10/7; wife of John Chase
Chase Dewitt C. 1852 Jan 29 D ae 8/7?/27; son of John & Ann Chase
Chase Henry 1852 Aug 26 D ae 5/1; son of John & Ann Chase
Chase John 1869 Feb 11 D ae 76/9/8 [War of 1812]
Chissom Israel, Dr. 1871 Apr 14 D ae 67 [Israel Chissom monument]
Chissom Jane [McCallup] 1878 Oct 2 D ae 75; wife of Israel Chissom [Israel Chissom monument]
Chriscaden Hugh 1905 Sep 17 D ae 73; Civil War: Co. A, 50th NY Engineers
Chriscaden James 1911 Jan 23 D ae 79; Civil War: Co. F, 23rd NY
Clark Marion L. 1983 B1895 [Verald Clark plot]
Clark Milan L. 1940 B1926 [Verald Clark plot]
Clark Sarah 1859 D ae 62; wife of John Clark
Clark Verald T. m B1905 [Verald Clark plot]
Clayton Jackie # 1963 B1959; son of John & Patricia Clayton
Cole Donald B. m B1928 Mar 31
Cole Kenneth E. 1977 Jan 21 B1949 Nov 26; son of Donald & Peggy Cole
Cole Peggy M. m B1925 Jan 8; wife of Donald B. Cole
Colegrove Newton # m Civil War: Co. E, 188th NY
Conley Bertha E. Turner # 1920 Jan 25 B1880 Oct 17 [wife of Chester Conley: daughter of John Turner]
Conley Chester # 1955 Jul 23 B1876 Jul 25
Cook Amos 1865 Apr 19 D ae 53/8/1; Civil War: Co. C, 188th NY [Amos Cook monument]
Cook Elah D. 1870 Dec 21 D ae 6/7; daughter of A. & Sarah Cook [Amos Cook monument]
Cook Elizabeth Yoran 1847 Apr 7 D ae 55/2/28; wife of Sebastian Cook
Cook Mary E. 1867 Nov 22 D ae 20/2/2; daughter of A. & Sarah Cook [Amos Cook monument]
Cook Sarah A. 1874 Jan 1 D ae 52/16 days; wife of Amos Cook [Amos Cook monument]
Cookingham Hannah Vail # 1859 Sep 3 D ae 71/7/23; wife of John P. Cookingham
Corey Abigail [Washburn] 1836 May 16 D ae 35/8/15; wife of Christopher Corey [& daughter of Truman Washburn] [Christopher Corey monument]
Corey Christopher 1877 Nov 1 D ae 78/2/18 [Christopher Corey monument]
Corey Francis M. 1863 Aug 14 D ae 24/2 days; son of C. & M. Corey [Christopher Corey monument]
Corey Hannah Squier 1897 Apr 4 B1833 Sep 10; wife of Leman Corey [died in Penn Yan, daughter of Nathaniel & Phebe Wells Squier]
Corey Harriet D. 1942 B1858 [plot with Leman & Hannah Corey]
Corey Joseph R. 1865 Jul 10 B1805 Nov 21
Corey Leman 1906 Aug 14 B1831 Aug 10 [son of Christopher Corey]
Corey Mary W. [Cotton] 1880 Apr 19 D ae 75/6/28; wife of Christopher Corey [Christopher Corey monument]
Corey Olivia 1822 Mar 16 D ae 1/15 days; daughter of C[hristopher] & A. Corey [Christopher Corey monument]
Cowing Albert R. 1884 Jun 5 B1804 Jun 5 [Cowing monument]
Cowing Celinda 1888 B1846 [daughter of Albert R. & Sally Cowing] [Cowing monument]
Cowing Eliza 1856 May 31 B1833 Jan 16 [daughter of A. R. & Sally Cowing] [Cowing monument]
Cowing Sally Torrance 1882 Oct 2 B1806 Mar 4; wife of Albert R. Cowing [daughter of Ezra B. Torrance] [Cowing monument]
Cox Rebecca 1874? Nov 20 D ae 62?/5/20; wife of Isaac Cox
Coyle Bertha 1936 B1920
Coyle Edna A. 1961 B1883
Crofoot Charles 1966 B1874 [same plot as George & Ellen Crofoot]
Crofoot Ellen T. & [Hall] 1910 [Jan 27] B1846; wife of George Crofoot [MWF: born in Ontario Co., died in Jerusalem, age 63/5/1; married, daughter of James and Jane Hall]
Crofoot George 1920 B1842
Daugherty Cora 1947 B1890 [wife of William M Daugherty] [Daugherty plot]
Daugherty Helen Z. [Merrifield] m B1902 [wife of Meck F. Daugherty] [Daugherty plot]
Daugherty Meck F. 1976 B1896 [Daugherty plot]
Daugherty William M. 1958 B1897 [Daugherty plot]
Davenport Charline MacKay 1969 B1894
Dinehart baby 1948 Infant daughter of Clyde & Florence Dinehart
Dinehart Clyde H. m B1904
Dinehart Florence Perry m B1915; wife of Clyde H. Dinehart
Donald Livonia Kennedy 1929 B1876 [with William A. & Ella D. Kennedy]
Doubleday Elisha [Dr.] [1863 Apr 2] D ae 67/20 days [stone partially buried]
Doubleday Evert M. 1863 Feb 26 D ae 5/6/14; son of Gavin & Almira J. Doubleday
Doubleday Florence E. 1863 Apr 4 D ae 6/11/11 only daughter of Gavin E. & Almira Doubleday
Doubleday Jerome M. 1862 May 17 D ae 31, Harpers Ferry, Va.; twin son of Elisha & Sally Doubleday; Civil War: Co. A, 8th NY Cavalry
Doubleday Livonia A. 185? Nov 16 D ae 5; daughter of Gavin E. & Almira J. Doubleday
Doubleday Sally [Stewart] [1858] Sep 23 D ae 61/6/11; wife of Elisha Doubleday
Doubleday Sophia 1825 May 14 D ae 3/6/24; daughter of Elisha & Sally Doubleday
Drew Alida M. [Sisson] 1943 B1885 [daughter of Edward Sisson] [Wm Sisson monument]
Dugan Agnes 1856 Oct 23 D ae 44; wife of Peter Dugan [third side of Smith / Hare / Dugan monument]
Dugan Peter 1863 Oct 8 D ae 59 [third side of Smith / Hare / Dugan monument]
Duncan Agnes 1884 Apr 5 D ae 55
Dunn Jannette D. 1941 B1861 [Dunn plot]
Dunn Robert Drew 1950 B1889 [Dunn plot]
Dunn Robert James 1923 B1854 [Dunn plot]
Dunn William m D ae 59 [Dunn plot]
Edson Elisha B. 1903 B1831 [son of Bazaleel Edson]
Edson Emily Emerson 1906 B1841; wife of Elisha B. Edson
Ellsworth Abigail 1856 Aug 6 D ae 45/10/27; wife of Isaac Ellsworth
Ellsworth Danford P. 1914 May 11 D ae 70/4/8; Civil War: Co. C, 188th NY
Ellsworth Helen M. Smith 1914 Mar 5 B1852 Nov 12; wife of Danford P. Ellsworth
Ellsworth Isaac D. 1888 Mar 19 D ae 78; “Erected by his wife”
Ellsworth Joshua 1841 Dec 4 D ae 58
Emerson Anna Henderson # 1934 Sep 20 D ae 68; wife of Floyd Emerson
Emerson Candis m [Plot with Wm. E. & Hester M. Emerson]
Emerson Charles 1975 B1891
Emerson Deville H. 1884 Jul 18 D ae 8; son of H. & E. Emerson
Emerson Dora Burke m B1916 Mar 30; wife of Forrest K. Burke
Emerson Dorothy L. 1910 Nov 12 B1910 May 23; daughter of Leroy & Izora Emerson
Emerson Eddie R. 1972 B1883
Emerson Edna L. 1975 B1914; wife of Merlyn R. Emerson
Emerson Elizabeth Moon 1924 B1850; wife of Harry Emerson
Emerson Evelyn E. m B1930; wife of Lloyd Emerson
Emerson Floyd # 1937 B1862
Emerson Forrest K. m B1914 Jan 24
Emerson Gertrude 1972 B1894; wife of Charles Emerson
Emerson Harry 1933 B1850
Emerson Hester M. 1925 B1861 [wife of William E. Emerson]
Emerson Izora M. 1943 B1881; wife of Leroy L. Emerson
Emerson J. Edgar m B1945
Emerson John 1888 Feb 11 D ae 88/2/4
Emerson John 1900 Aug 1 B1824 Mar 4
Emerson Leroy L. 1959 B1878
Emerson Lloyd E. m B1926
Emerson Marjorie D. 1991 B1952; wife of J. Edgar Emerson
Emerson Martha 1888 May 19 D ae 88/8/7; wife of John Emerson
Emerson Mary Ann 1920 Aug 14 B1831 Aug 17; wife of Philip Emerson
Emerson Merlyn R. m B1916
Emerson Philip 1896 Aug 27 B1820 Feb 3
Emerson Phyllis Lyonia 1909 Jan 13 B1908 Aug 31; daughter of Leroy & Izora Emerson
Emerson Richard L. 1975 B1953
Emerson Sarah J. Schwingle 1991 B1910
Emerson Unadah D. 1943 B1895; wife of Eddie R. Emerson
Emerson William E. 1938 B1856
Everett C. Andrus 1902 Mar 18 B1878 Feb 11
Everritt Gladys m B1902 [same stone as Henry & Ella Reynolds]
Fenton Leroy C. 1930 B1924
Fisher R[ichard] H. 1908 Jun 22 D ae 85/1/8
Fisher Sarah 1895 Mar 20 D ae 67/9/7; wife of R[ichard] H. Fisher
Fisher W[hitman] O. m Civil War: Co. E, 98th Illinois [adjacent to R. H. & Sarah Fisher]
Fitzwater Cornelia 1895 B1822; wife of David B. Fitzwater [Fitzwater / Hibbard monument]
Fitzwater David B 1872 B1818 [Fitzwater / Hibbard monument]
Fitzwater Frank C. 1973 B1888
Fitzwater Laverne m B1867
Fitzwater Nettie 1950 B1868; wife of Laverne Fitzwater
Fitzwater Zeda D. 1949 Nov 8 B1899 Mar 3
Fox Isaac # 1899 Dec 13 D ae 90 at the County House [town record]
Fox Myra D[oubleday] 1923 [Oct 9] B1871; wife of Vernon M. Fox
Fox Rebecca # 1874 Nov 20 D ae 62/5/20; born in Mass., wife of Isaac Fox [mortality schedule]
Fox Vernon M. 1947 B1867
Gates Rhoda [Cowing] 1885 Dec 12 B1829 Jul 22 [wife of Granger Gates & daughter of A. R. & Sally Cowing] [Cowing monument]
Genung Able 1896 B1815
Genung Eunice 1868 Jan 22 D ae 84/2/29; wife of William Genung
Genung Luther B. 1854 Oct 4 D ae 4 months, son of Abel & Mary A. Genung
Genung Mary A. Servis 1895 B1817; wife of Able Genung
Genung William 1856 Sep 2 D ae 77/6/4
Gibson Emma 1909 B1860 [wife of Fred R. Gibson]
Gibson Evered B1887 1918
Gibson Fred R. 1922 B1855
Griswold Cyrus C. 1839 Dec 12 D ae 8/14 days; son of William & Matilda Griswold
Griswold Emory McKendrie 1852 Jun 13 D ae 16/4/20; son of William & Clarissa Griswold
Griswold Harry 1943 B1878
Griswold Leslie 1955 B1905
Griswold Mary Ann [Burr] [1879] Nov 29 D ae 63/11/7; wife of [Ozias Lyman] Griswold [adjacent to Geo. Burr]
Griswold Matilda Curtis 1884 B1809; wife of William Griswold [& daughter of Truman Curtis]
Griswold Nettie 1863 May 28 D ae 1/11
Griswold Ozias Lyman 1863 Dec 3 D ae 51/2/17 [son of William Griswold Sr.]
Griswold Rosannah M. # 1852 Mar 1 D ae 18/1/3; daughter of Erastus & Mary Squires Griswold
Griswold Timothy 1818 B1744 [first burial in cemetery]
Griswold William 1850 Nov 17 D ae 41/6/22 [son of William Griswold Sr.]
Hare Henry 1857 Apr 1 D ae 86 [second side of Smith / Hare / Dugan monument]
Hare Sarah 1861 May l D ae 84; wife of Henry Hare [second side of Smith / Hare / Dugan monument]
Harris James 1852 Feb 15 D ae 42/9/5; a native of Galloway, Scotland
Harris Jane 1882 Jan 9 D ae 81/29 days; wife of James Harris & a native of Galloway, Scotland
Harris Sarah J. Bell # 1909 Jun 18 D ae 51 in Penn Yan; widow; daughter of Robert & Mary McKie Bell [town record]
Henderson Isabella 1878 B1796; wife of William Henderson
Henderson James [R.] 1898 B1834; son of Wm. & Isabella Henderson [Civil War: Co. A, 126th NY]
Henderson Jane 1843 B1823; daughter of Wm. & Isabella Henderson
Henderson Mary 1909 B1826; wife of Mathew Henderson
Henderson Mathew # 1882 Jan 21 D ae 65/10
Henderson William 1851 B1790
Henry Audrey m B1926; wife of George Henry
Henry Charles 1855 [Feb?] 27 D ae 65
Henry George 1992 B1922
Hibbard Charles T. 1923 B1850 [Fitzwater / Hibbard monument]
Hibbard Henrietta 1924 B1847; wife of Charles T. Hibbard [Fitzwater / Hibbard monument]
Hillebrant Lyle L. 1977 Oct 9 B1918 Jan 13; WWII & Korean War: sgt., U.S. Army
Hillebrant Veryl m B1910 Nov 30; wife of Lyle L. Hillebrant
Homes Hannah Eliza 1841 Jul 20 D ae 2/5/20; daughter of A. & S. Homes
Homes Julia Ann 1841 Jul 19 D ae 6/3/2 daughter of A. & S. Homes
Hopkins Bertie 1884 Dec 18 D ae 10 months & 11 days; son of E. & Anna Hopkins [adjacent to Philip & Mary Emerson]
Hopkins Eliza A. 1923 B1850; wife of William Hopkins [Wm. Hopkins monument]
Hopkins Ellen 1888 Apr 9 B1862 Sep 8; wife of William Hopkins [Wm. Hopkins monument]
Hopkins Howard m B1909 Sep 30
Hopkins James T. 1927 B1860
Hopkins John 1903 B1832
Hopkins John L. 1973 B1899
Hopkins Julia 1910 B1832; wife of John Hopkins
Hopkins Mary A. 1913 B1855; wife of James T. Hopkins
Hopkins Myra S. 1986 B1912; wife of John L. Hopkins
Hopkins William m B1857 Jul 26 [Wm. Hopkins monument]
Hopkins Wilma Hoose m B1913 Mar 23; wife of Howard Hopkins, married 1931 Mar 25
Horton Amsey 1869 Oct 14 D ae 66
Horton Elizabeth 1879 Oct 10 D ae 78; wife of Amsey Horton
Houston Jane 1857 Apr 8 D ae 95; wife of Alexander Houston; “Grandmother” [James Kennedy monument]
Howden James D. Jr. 1987 B1987 [funeral marker]
Howland A. B. S. 1894 Jan 1 D ae 67/2/5
Hughes David # m Civil War: Co. B, 148th NY
Hughes George Henry 1862 Jul 24 D ae 2/2/24; son of David & Caroline Hughes
Hughes Mary Frances 1862 Jul 31 D ae 9/11/22; daughter of David & Caroline Hughes
Hunter Byron William 1919 B1909; son of L. H. & D. B. Hunter
Hunter Charles 1957 B1869; son of George Hunter
Hunter Dora 1972 B1889; wife of Harley Hunter
Hunter Elsie 1986 B1898; wife of George Hunter
Hunter George 1941 B1894
Hunter George 1901 [Oct 2] B1827; Civil War: Co. G, 14th NYHA [Geo. Hunter monument]
Hunter Harley 1971 B1886
Hunter Ida M. 1955 B1874; wife of Charles Hunter
Hunter Isabella 1922 B1835; wife of George Hunter [Geo. Hunter monument]
Hunter Phebe M. 1923 B1862; wife of William Hunter
Hunter Robert J. 1924 B1883; son of William & Phebe Hunter
Hunter Vora A. 1979 Jan 11 B1895 Apr 18; daughter of Charles & Ida Hunter
Hunter William 1934 B1860
Hutchinson Mary J. # 1850 Feb 17 D ae 3 months and 11 days; daughter of George Hutchinson
Johnson Herbert 1937 B1868
Johnson Minnie B. 1955 B1876; wife of Herbert Johnson
Keech Jane 1874 Feb 27 B1828 May 22; wife of Stephen Keech
Keech Stephen 1913 Jul 22 B1828 Mar 20
Keeler S. Helen Johnson 1917 Sep 30 B1899 Mar 12; wife of Fay E. Keeler [plot with Herbert & Minnie Johnson]
Kelts Effie H[unter] 1941 B1865 [Geo. Hunter monument]
Kennedy Agnes 1898 B1896 [Herbert Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Agnes C. 1858 Jul 7 D ae 12/6 days [James Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Anna M. 1957 B1865
Kennedy Bess 1966 B1891 [wife of Walter G. Kennedy] [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Bessie Paris 1958 B1877
Kennedy Blanche E. 1980 B1884 wife of Clarence Kennedy
Kennedy Clarence F. 1950 B1881
Kennedy Claude R. 1950 B1886
Kennedy Daisy 1972 B1899
Kennedy David 1922 [May 30] B1837 [Civil War: Co. C, 189th NY] [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Edwin 1959 B1891
Kennedy Elizabeth McMichael 1923 B1849; wife of David Kennedy [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Ella Doubleday 1904 [Feb 19] B1854; wife of William Alexander Kennedy [died age 49/8/13; daughter of Jerome E. & Mary Kipp Doubleday]
Kennedy Emily S. 1901 B1836; wife of Mathew Kennedy [Mathew Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Emma Perry 1944 B1867 [wife of John Kennedy]
Kennedy Fannie G. 1927 B1889; wife of Claude R. Kennedy
Kennedy Francis E. 1915 Feb 9 B1860 Apr 23
Kennedy Francis M. 1915 B1830 [plot with John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Frank L. 1877 B1859 [Mathew Kennedy monument]
Kennedy George K. m B1865 [Mathew Kennedy monument]
Kennedy George M. 1933 B1873 [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Glenn 1901 B1901 [Herbert Kennedy rnonument]
Kennedy Herbert 1950 B1869 [Herbert Kennedy monument]
Kennedy James 1885 Oct 13 D ae 94/4; “Father” [James Kennedy monument]
Kennedy James M. 1864 Jan 4 D ae 9/6/4; son of F. M. & P. J. Kennedy
Kennedy Jane 1845 Mar 21 B1842 Feb 12; daughter of John & Jane Kennedy [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Jane M. 1896 Aug 11 B1810 Jul 5; wife of John Kennedy [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Jennie G. 1960 B1876 [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Jerome D. 1948 B1874
Kennedy John 1928 B1854
Kennedy John 1878 Aug 12 B1806 Jun 10 [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Johnny A. 1864 Feb 14 D ae 6/8/25; son of F. M. & P. J. Kennedy
Kennedy Johnston 1883 May 23 B1849 Nov 4; son of John & Jane Kennedy [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Leon D. 1968 B1884
Kennedy Lillian 1931 B1851 [plot with John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy [Hannah De]lina [Lamphier] 1893 Jan 11 B1868 Nov 1; wife of James A. Kennedy & daughter of J. A. & P. A. Lamphier
Kennedy Lucelia C. 1922 Oct 20 B1853 Jun 6; wife of Francis E. Kennedy
Kennedy Mabel C. 1965 B1874; wife of Jerome D. Kennedy
Kennedy Margaret 1881 Jun 19 D ae 74/9; wife of James Kennedy; “Mother” [James Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Mary # 1900 Oct 23 D ae 31/6/3 in Italy; daughter of Mathew & Emily Madison Kennedy [town record]
Kennedy Mary B. 1949 B1878 [sister of George M. Kennedy] [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Mary H. 1863 Dec 20 D ae 3/10/12; daughter of J. & E. Kennedy [plot with John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Mathew 1906 B1830 [Civil War: Co. C, 188th NY] [Mathew Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Mathew Jr. 1872 B1872 [Mathew Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Minnie 1881 Feb 13 D ae 2/11; daughter of F. M. & L. L. Kennedy
Kennedy Nellie I. 1919 B1865 [Herbert Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Phebe J. 1861? Feb Daughter of -?- & -?- Kennedy [plot with John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Phebe Jane [Fisher] 1867 Oct 13 D ae 31/7/5; wife of F. M. Kennedy
Kennedy Sarah 1845 Mar 27 B1844 Jun 24; daughter of John & Jane Kennedy [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Sarah A. [Royce] 1871 Aug 25 D ae 41; wife of James Kennedy [Clark Royce monument]
Kennedy Sarah J. 1893 Nov 19 D ae 54/11/29; wife of David D. Kennedy [GAR marker]
Kennedy Spencer # 1898 Nov 23 D ae 14 days in Jerusalem; son of Edward & Carrie B. Kennedy [town record]
Kennedy Viola H. 1936 B1890; wife of Leon D. Kennedy
Kennedy Walter G. 1960 B1888 [Geo. M. Kennedy plot]
Kennedy William Alexander 1929 B1851
Klice Eliza Albro 1882 B1806; wife of William Klice [Wm. Klice monument]
Klice Frederick M. 1865 [Jan 6] B1848; Civil War: Co. L, 20th NY Cavalry [Wm. Klice monument]
Klice Henry L. 1922 B1844 [son of William Klice] Civil War: Co. E, 101st NY [Wm. Klice monument]
Klice William 1880 B1796 [Wm. Klice monument]
Klice William C. 1891 B1841; Civil War: Co. A, 7th Missouri [Wm. Klice monument]
Kunow Sarah A. 1915 B1852 [Wykoff plot]
L--- L--- m [Footstone]
Lafler Benjamin Gay 1963 B1878
Lafler Phebe Ann Emerson 1920 B1887; wife of Benjamin Gay Lafler
Lamphier Charles F. 1931 B1847
Lamphier David A[delbert] 1893 Feb 11 D ae 47/11/19 [Civil War: Co. D, 61st NY]
Lamphier Eliza E[merson] 1936 B1850; wife of Charles F. Lamphier
Lamphier Henry G[iles] 1903 B1807 [Civil War: Co. F, 2nd Mounted Rifles]
Lamphier John A[rmstrong] 1909 Aug 12 B1838 Feb 28; Civil War: Co. A, 161st NY
Lamphier Phoebe A[nn] Ellis # 1906 Nov 8 D ae 62/1 day in Torrey; wife of John Lamphier & daughter of James P. & Hannah Rodman Ellis [town record]
Lamphier Rhoda Ward 1898 Feb 28 D ae 39/7/8; wife of David Lamphier
Lane Charles 1905 Jul 10 B1840 Feb 14; Civil War: Co. I, 107th NY
Lane Eas? F. 1853 --- -- [Broken stone]
Lare Absalom C[ahill] 1899 B1818 [A. C. Lare monument]
Lare Charles H. 1929 [Jan 10] B1854 [Jan 12] [A. C. Lare monument]
Lare Harriet Ann 1854 [Apr 14] B1849 [Nov 12]; daughter of Absalom C. & Phoebe Lare [A. C. Lare monument]
Lare Phoebe A. [Deyo] 1902 B1830; wife of Absalom C. Lare [A. C. Lare monument]
Loomis Permelia Jane 1907 Feb 10 B1827 May 27
Mark Betsey 18?? --- 5 Wife of [Joseph] Mark [stone very worn]
Mark Jacob 1850 Sep 7 D ae 45/7/28
Mark Joseph H 1862 Jun 9 D ae 33
Matteson G. Herman 1925 [Jun 8] B1901 [WWI: U.S. Navy]
Matteson George L. 1946 B1866
Matteson Hazel 1889 Aug 22 D ae 9 days; daughter of William & Emma Matteson [Pierce lot]
Matteson Mary Ellen 1920 B1868; wife of George L. Matteson
Matteson Sarah A. 1969 May 14 B1890 Jul 3
Matteson Sarah E. 1916 B1835; wife of Wilson Matteson
Matteson Wilson 1919 B1838; Civil War: Co. A, 50th NY Engineers
Mayfield Corrine A. 1964 B1869
McCann D Henry 1922 B1850
McCann Eva 1925 B1871; wife of D. Henry McCann
McConnell Anna Dunn 1980 B1894 [Dunn plot]
McGrady Elisha m B1831 Mar 29 [Elisha McGrady monument]
McGrady Elmer J. m B1862
McGrady Isabelle 1949 B1895 [plot with Elmer & Minnie McGrady]
McGrady Lucy 1897 Jan 10 B1836 May 4 [2nd] wife of Elisha McGrady [Elisha McGrady monument]
McGrady Minnie Fisher 1942 B1869; wife of Elmer J. McGrady
McGrady Sarah 1873 Jul 29 B1835 Jul 25; wife of Elisha McGrady [Elisha McGrady monument]
McKie Mary Jane # 1864 Oct D ae 3 in Italy [mortality schedule]
McLoud baby 1968 Aug 3 Infant daughter of Ithiel G. & Dorothy McLoud
McLoud Clarabelle H. 1955 B1886; wife of Grant McLoud
McLoud Della [R.] 1913 B1860; daughter of Smith & Sarah McLoud
McLoud Donald R. m B1926
McLoud Dorothy Keech m B1929; wife of Ithiel G. McLoud
McLoud Douglas Lyle 1967 Dec 6 B1945 Oct 4; Vietnam War
McLoud Eleanor [Reynolds] 1851 Mar 2 D ae 45/2/6; wife of Smith McLoud [Sr.]
McLoud Eliza [Curtis] 1864 Sep 7 B1836 Jun 24; wife of Ensley McLoud & daughter of J. B. & C. Curtis [Ensley McLoud monument]
McLoud Elizabeth B. 1943 B1856; wife of Shannon W. McLoud
McLoud Elizabeth C. 1840 Sep 15 D ae 2/7/3; daughter of Smith & Eleanor McLoud
McLoud Ensley m B1825 Feb 2 [son of Smith Sr. & Eleanor McLoud] [Ensley McLoud monument]
McLoud Florence 1864 May 16 B1863 Sep 21; daughter of Ensley & Eliza McLoud [Ensley McLoud monument]
McLoud Grant 1960 B1867
McLoud Henry 1954 B1870; son of Smith & Sarah McLoud
McLoud Irene D. m B1925 Apr 27; wife of Lindsley G. McLoud
McLoud Ithiel G. 1991 B1932
McLoud Ithiel G. 1969 B1908
McLoud Jennie J. m B1915; wife of Ithiel G. McLoud [remarried Raymond Delano]
McLoud John 1978 B1920
McLoud Lindsley G. 1981 Jun 22 B1919 Jul 16; WWII
McLoud Mildred Hyatt m B1927; wife of Donald R. McLoud
McLoud Nettie S. 1936 B1868; wife of Quincy McLoud
McLoud Quincy 1936 B1858
McLoud Sarah 1883 B1835; wife of Smith McLoud
McLoud Seymour 1965 B1892
McLoud Shannon J. 1985 m
McLoud Shannon W. 1966 B1883
McLoud Smith [Jr.] 1895 B1829; Civil War: Co. C, 188th NY [son of Smith Sr. & Eleanor McLoud]
McLoud Vivian A. m B1932; wife of John McLoud
McMinn Allen S. 1974 B1904
McMinn Edna P. m B1902; wife of Allen S. McMinn
Meek Roxana [Curtis] 1864 Sep 17 B1841 Nov 14; wife of Harrison Meek & daughter of J. B. & C. Curtis [Ensley McLoud monument]
Melucci Benedict F. m B1919
Melucci Dorothy F. 1980 B1923; wife of Benedict F. Melucci
Miller James 1863 Apr 16 D ae 36/2/2; Civil War
Miller May [Cowing] 1873 Nov 15 B1850 Jul 22 [wife of James Miller & daughter of A. R. & Sally Cowing] [Cowing monument]
Miller Robert # 1835 Jan 21 D ae 31
Moon Allie 1927 B1850; wife of William Moon
Moon Clifford L. 1971 B1886
Moon Daniel R. 1921 B1852
Moon Elizabeth M. 1972 B1893 [wife of William M. Moon]
Moon Ella Whitaker 1912 B1854; wife of Daniel R. Moon
Moon Frank 1964 B1882
Moon Harriet # 1896 Sep 18 B1823 Sep 15 [in England]; wife of William Moon
Moon Ida D. 1977 B1890; wife of Clifford Moon
Moon Jennie 1929 B1885; wife of Frank Moon
Moon Lewis R. 1915 B1914; son of Clifford & Ida Moon
Moon William 1927 B1848
Moon William # 1900 Jan 2 B1820 Feb 13 [in England]
Moon William W. 1970 B1881
Moore David Alan 1991 Apr 30 B1956 Apr 4; Vietnam War: U.S. Army [plot with George & Grace Moore]
Moore George H. m B1930 Apr 14, married 1956 Sep 5
Moore Grace I. m B1934 Sep 4; wife of George H. Moore
Morrison Alvira Wilcox # 1906 Jan 2 D ae 29 in Jerusalem; daughter of Isaac & Janett Wilcox [town record]
Morrison Beulah # 1906 Dec 14 D ae 6/3/2 in Jerusalem; daughter of Delbert & Alvira Wilcox Morrison [town record]
Morrison Jesse # 1903 Dec 12 D ae 6 months in Jerusalem; son of Delbert & Alvira Wilcox Morrison [town record]
Morrison Sally 1890 Aug 14 D ae 64/6; wife of Wm. H. Morrison
Morrison Uneda # 1905 Sep 6 D ae 4 in Jerusalem; daughter of Delbert & Alvira Wilcox Morrison [town record]
Morrison William H. 1884 Jan 8 D ae 70/3/3 [Wm. H. Morrison monument]

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