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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IV: Cemeteries in the town of Italy

Barkers Cemetery

This is a former neighborhood cemetery now owned and maintained by an association. A Methodist Church once stood adjacent, but like many of the county's rural cemeteries, this one was older than the church that was built beside it. The church building burned to the ground some years ago, and was replaced by the present structure, a Christian school. Entry to the cemetery is between the gateposts and uphill.

This is sometimes called the Italy-Naples Townline cemetery because of its location, also occasionally the County Line cemetery. The oldest part is on the knoll, which now appears at first glance to be empty because the stones have been laid down; many have grown over and no doubt at least a few have simply weathered away or otherwise disappeared. The association mows the whole cemetery but no real effort has been made to keep up the older stones.

Barkers Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Base of large broken headstone]
---- ---- m [Large slate stone, adjacent to Freelove Crouch, no remaining inscription] [stone on ground]
---- ---- m [Large slate stone, adjacent to Freelove Crouch, no remaining inscription] [stone on ground]
---- Carrie m [Adjacent to 'Minnie']
---- Minnie m [Adjacent to 'Carrie']
Ackley Charles E. 1899 Dec 29 D ae 55; Civil War: Co. A, 56th NYSNG
Ackley Clarissa 1886 Aug 11 D ae 79; wife of Jesse W. Ackley
Ackley infant
B1886 Sep 27; son of C. E. & M. E. Ackley [same stone as Otto Ackley]
Ackley Jesse W. 1874 Oct 20 D ae 64/8/13
Ackley Otto 1894 Oct 4 B1891 Nov 27; son of C. E. & M. E. Ackley
Albright Phylance T. Dean 1893 Jan 7 B1823 Jun 10; wife of William C. Albright
Albright William C. 1893 Jan 8 B1819 Jan 18
Anable Isabel R. 1974 B1891 [Anable plot]
Anable Kenneth R. 1970 Jan 8 B1913 Nov 16; WWII: NY, sgt., 12th Bomb Squad AAF [Anable plot]
Anable William A. 1962 B1887 [Anable plot]
Babcock Alta E Gleason 1930 B1879; wife of Leman C. Babcock
Babcock Anna R. 1934 B1868; wife of Herman A. Babcock [Babcock plot]
Babcock Eliza 1890 Jan 5 B1839 May 12; wife of J[ohn] F. Babcock [very worn] [Babcock plot]
Babcock Glenn W. 1965 B1890 [Babcock plot]
Babcock Herbert 1956 B1867 [Babcock plot]
Babcock Herman A. 1948 B1861 [Babcock plot]
Babcock John F. 1892 Mar 18 B1840 Dec 12 [Babcock plot]
Babcock Katie M. 19(83?) B1898; wife of Glenn W. Babcock [Babcock plot]
Babcock Leman C. 1934 B1872
[Barclay] Charles 1841 Feb 5 D ae 8/?/?; son of [ ] [stone on ground]
Barclay David 1854 Mar 30 D ae 60/8/10; [stone on ground]
Barclay Jerusha
[Stone broken and on the ground; adjacent to David Barclay]
Bardeen Adella M. 1871 Aug 15 D ae 5 months, 4 days; daughter of C. G. & E. Bardeen [Cyrus Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Alfred R. 1929 B1854 [Alfred Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Cyrus G. 1916 Apr 26 B1846 Oct 17; Civil War: 2nd NY Mounted Rifles [Cyrus Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Elva L. 1923 B1884 [Alfred Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Emma Webster 1952 B1890 [wife of William R. Bardeen] [Alfred Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Emogene 1896 Apr 11 B1848 Aug 15; wife of C[yrus] G. Bardeen [Cyrus Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Frank G. 1956 B1877 [Sherman Edson plot]
Bardeen Lennora E. 1934 B1869 [Alfred Bardeen plot]
Bardeen Leon L. 1904 B1873 [Cyrus Bardeen plot]
Bardeen William R. 1974 B1887 [Alfred Bardeen plot]
Barker --- [18--] Dec 21 D ae 8/3/15 [broken slate stone]
[Barker?] ---
[Slate stone with no remaining inscription]
Barker Agness 1847 Jan 20 D ae 3 days daughter of [ ] & Mary? Barker
Barker Alice Coons 1932 B1854; wife of C. Elmer Barker [Elmer Barker monument]
Barker Alida 1846 Jan 17 D ae 2/3/13; daughter of George H. & Weltha Barker [stone on ground]
Barker Alta 1864 Nov 17 D ae 16/8; daughter of Elisha D. & Clarrissa H. Barker
Barker Ann [Barker]
Wife of Samuel Barker [broken stone]
Barker Anna [Clark]
Wife of Charles Barker
Barker C. Elmer 1925 B1849 [Elmer Barker monument]
Barker Carl M. 1912 Apr 15 B1911 Aug 16 [Dana Barker plot]
Barker Charles 1863 Sep 19 D ae 51 [son of Samuel Barker Sr.]
Barker Clarissa H. [Fisher] 1883 Jun 8 B1819 Sep 19; wife of Elisha Barker [& daughter of Jeremiah Fisher]
Barker Dana E. 1944 B1884 [Dana Barker plot]
Barker Edwin C.
[Edwin Barker monument]
[Barker? Elisha?]
Revolutionary War [slate stone with no inscription left, adjacent to Thankful Barker]
Barker Elisha D. 1901 Nov 11 B1818 Dec 22 [son of Elisha & Thankful Barker]
Barker Ervin 1867 Sep 26 D ae 10 months, 22 days; son of E. C. & Ida Barker [Edwin Barker monument]
Barker Frank 1912 B1856
Barker Fred E. 1941 B1860
Barker George 1843 Mar 11 D ae 3/2/17; son of George H. & Weltha Barker [stone on ground]
Barker Grace L. 1948 B1861 [wife of Fred E. Barker]
Barker Harriette A. 1943 B1889 [wife of Dana E. Barker] [Dana Barker plot]
Barker Henry [1842 Dec] 29 [D ae 31; son of] Samuel Barker [stone on ground]
Barker Ida [Barker] 1887 Aug 15 D ae 42; wife of Edwin C. Barker [daughter of Elisha D. & Clarissa Barker] [Edwin Barker monument]
Barker Isaac 1843 Apr 17 D ae 62/10/19 [brother of Elisha Barker]
Barker Nellie May 1887 Sep 2 B1876 May 5; daughter of C. E. & A. L. Barker [Elmer Barker monument]
Barker Orrin 1874 Jan 8 D ae 49/9
Barker Rhoda S. 1860 D ae 30/?/25; daughter of Samuel & Ann Barker [broken stone]
Barker Samuel 1851 Nov 29 D ae 84/6/10 [brother of Elisha Barker] [stone on ground]
Barker Thankful [Strong] 1850 Mar 4 D ae 76/10/18; wife of Elisha Barker
Barker Weltha [Tyler] 1853 Dec 14 D ae 38/6/23; wife of G[eorge] H. Barker [stone on ground]
Bates Sharlot 1854 B1820 [adjacent to Nancy Dean]
Beeman Abel 1862 Mar 4 [Broken stone]
Beers Mahettabel [Minor] 1841 Oct 18 D ae 26/15 days; [1st] wife of George Beers
Bergman Bertha Leona # 1937 Apr 15 [MWF: born 6 October 1920 in Italy, lived in Gorham and died age 16/6/9 at the Memorial Hospital; single, daughter of Clarence (born in Cohocton, Steuben Co.) and Hazel (born in Italy) Bergman]
Bergman Fred 1947 B1863
Bergman Mary 1946 B1872 [wife of Fred Bergman]
Blanchard Laurel 19-- B1901 [wife of Stephen Blanchard]
Blanchard Stephen 1973 B1895
Borden Aaron P. 1894 Apr 16 D ae 62
Borden Cynthia R. 1899 Jan 18 D ae 58; wife of Aaron R. Borden
Briglin Catherine Deyo 1926 B1840 [wife of George Draper Briglin] [plot with Walker monument]
Briglin Franklin Fayette 1949 B1860 [plot with Walker monument]
Briglin George Draper 1920 B1837 [plot with Walker monument]
Briglin Georgianna Wetherby 1944 B1868; wife of Franklin Fayette Briglin [plot with Walker monument]
Brown Mary J. 18-- Mar 20 D ae 1/?; daughter of [ ] & Mary Brown
Buck Eliza Smith 1934 B1858 [adjacent to Charles A. Smith]
Burk Joshua H. 1905 B1817 [son of David Burk]
Burk Mary J. [Mack] 1898 B1830; [2nd] wife of Joshua H. Burk
Burke Albert m B1862
Burke Dolly S. 1903 B1862; wife of Albert Burke
Carey Alice S. 1958 B1870 [wife of John H. Carey; same dates]
Carey Hazel 1991 B1902 [wife of John L. Carey]
Carey John L. 1945 B1902
Carey John H. 1958 B1870
Carey Marcella R. 1925 Daughter of J. L. & H. B. Carey
Clark Barbara A. m B1933 [same stone as Grace Clark]
Clark Grace D. 1988 B1898 [same stone as Barbara Clark]
Clark Patricia Joyce 1926 Mar 15 Infant
Clute Angeline E. 1988 B1914 [wife of James W. Clute] [C. W. Clute plot]
Clute Clarence W. 1945 B1885 [C. W. Clute plot]
Clute Ephraim 1896 B1828
Clute Genevieve M. 1951 B1893 [wife of Clarence W. Clute] [C. W. Clute plot]
Clute James W. 1973 B1916 [C. W. Clute plot]
Clute Kate J. 1928 Jul 21 B1859 Aug 19 [Mansel Potter plot]
Clute Malissa 1914 B1831; wife of Ephraim Clute
Carey Clute Merritt D. 1922 B1851 [C. W. Clute plot]
Clute Neil 1925 B1924 [C. W. Clute plot]
Cole Helen Fisher 1951 B1880 [wife of William H. Cole]
Cole William H. 1960 B1880
Compton Albert 1864 Jun 23 Son of Garret? & Rebecca Compton [Civil War] [broken stone]
Conklin Charles W. 1925 B1839
Conklin Elizabeth Townsend 1888 Feb 5 B1805 Jul 19; wife of George Conklin [& daughter of John & Hannah Fox Townsend]
Conklin George 1868 Nov 10 B1802 Jun 23
Conklin George L. [1896 Dec 1] B1836 Aug 7 [Civil War; son of George & Elizabeth Townsend Conklin] [stone partially buried]
Conklin Libbie Bell 1876 Sep 7 D ae 2/4/24; daughter of P. A. & C. F. Conklin
Conklin Mary E. 1871 B1844 [wife of Charles W. Conklin]
Conklin Percival A. 1907 B1852 [adjacent to George L. Conklin]
Conklin Philo H. # 1907 Dec 29 D ae 66/9/13 in Penn Yan; son of George & Elizabeth Townsend Conklin [town record]
Coons Andrew 1907 Feb 24 B1819 Jan 20
Coons Charles O. 1911 B1883 [R. C. Coons monument]
Coons Frances G. 1889 B1889 [R. C. Coons monument]
Coons George Nelson 1915 B1855 [funeral marker]
Coons George R. 1908 B1891 [R. C. Coons monument]
Coons Hannah J. 1895 Feb 14 B1826 Jul 12; wife of Andrew Coons
Coons Henry Jason 1949 B1887
Coons Jessie M. m B1912 Oct 23; wife of Robert W. Coons, married 1935 Nov 28
Coons John L. 1949 B1876
Coons Lela Mae 1967 B1890 [wife of Henry J. Coons]
Coons Leora C. m B1919 [wife of Lorentus B. Coons]
Coons Lester I. 1906 B1880 [R. C. Coons monument]
Coons Lorentus 1887 Jan 27 B1846 Jan 3 [Civil War: Co. B, 188th NY]
Coons Lorentus B. 1973 B1915
Coons Lottie L. 1931 B1852
Coons Mary A. 1928 B1859 [R. C. Coons monument]
Coons Robert C. 1906 B1857 [R. C. Coons monument]
Coons Robert W. 1993 May 20 B1912 Feb 25
Coons Rose B. 1952 B1879 [wife of John L. Coons]
Coons Sally 1891 Dec 18 B1812 Apr 21; wife of William Coons
Coons Walter M. 1966 Mar 2 B1905 Feb 20
Coons William 1891 Jul 21 B1809 May 12
Cooper Elwood M. 1993 Jul 12 B1924 Nov 18; WWII: Army [Melvin Manning plot]
Cooper Erwin G. 1968 Sep 5 B1926 Jun 20; WWII: NY, sgt., Army [Cooper plot]
Cooper Laurence W. 1975 B1904 [Cooper plot]
Cooper Virgie C. 1934 B1908 [Cooper plot]
Covel Alice M. 1869 Feb 20 D ae 1/7/4; daughter of S. N. & M. J. Covel [adjacent to S. N. Covel monument]
Covel Elmer Francis 1900 Sep 2 B1899 Jun 19; son of Waid B. & Margaret Covel [H. P. Covel monument]
Covel Emela C. 1869 Dec 9 B1833 Jun 29; wife of Henry P. Covel [H. P. Covel monument; also own stone in Italy Valley Cemetery]
Covel Henry P. 1893 Sep 20 B1836 Mar 16 [H. P. Covel monument]
Covel Margaret J. 1934 Feb 20 B1873 Jul 7; wife of Waid B. Covel [H. P. Covel monument]
Covel Martha J. 1900 Jan 22 B1837 Mar 21; wife of Samuel N. Covel [S. N. Covel monument]
Covel Samuel N. 1916 B1833 Mar 15; Civil War: Co. C, 140th NY [S. N. Covel monument]
Covel Waid B. 1910 Feb 26 B1865 Apr 1 [H. P. Covel monument]
Crouch Freelove 1855 Mar 17 D ae 48/6/23; wife of Joseph Crouch
Daines Pearl 1890 Sep 9 D ae 1/10/4; daughter of A. & Belle Daines
Darling Martha # 1845 Nov 17 D ae 72
Davis Lillian M. 1963 [Dec 10] B1897 [Mar 26]
Davy Minnie Ferguson 1947 B1888 [wife of William Dexter Davy] [A. J. Ferguson plot]
Davy William Dexter 1950 B1885 [A. J. Ferguson plot]
Dean Adelbert H. 1863 Aug 21 D ae 3/2 days; son of Dillis & Calista Dean
Dean Amy M. 1891 B1849 [Davis Dean monument]
Dean Calista F. 1896 May 17 B1843 Feb 26; wife of Dillis Dean [Dillis Dean monument]
Dean Cora E. 1895 Oct 22 B1863 Sep 16; wife of Frank A. Dean [Dillis Dean monument]
Dean Davis 1874 [Nov 1] B1803 [son of Samuel Davis Sr.] [Davis Dean monument]
Dean Dillis 1912 Jan 1 B1834 Mar 2 [Dillis Dean monument]
Dean Frank A. 1935 Sep 22 B1862 Sep 7 [Dillis Dean monument]
Dean Freeman H. 1895 B1829 [Davis Dean monument]
Dean Hannah Bradish 1886 B1803; wife of Davis Dean [& daughter of Josiah Bradish] [Davis Dean monument]
Dean J Laurence 1904 Apr 4 B1902 Mar 23; son of Frank A. & Rose B. Dean
Dean Laura F. 1894 B1834 [Davis Dean monument]
Dean Luther D. 1906 B1842 [Davis Dean monument]
Dean Martha 1881 Feb 12 D ae 78/2/24; wife of Samuel Dean
Dean Nancy 1851 B1828
Dean Rose B. 1934 Oct 13 B1868 Aug 25; wife of Frank A. Dean [Dillis Dean monument]
Dean Samuel 1906 B1842
Dean Samuel 1840 Aug 28 D ae 46/8/16
Dewick Joseph W. 1942 B1866 [Dewick monument]
Dewick Nellie Kunes 1941 B1869 [wife of Joseph W. Dewick] [Dewick monument]
Dexter Ella W # 1915 B1828
Donley Ethel R. 1987 B1892 [wife of Ralph E. Donley]
Donley Jill Elise 1968 B1968 [same stone as Peter Alex Donley]
Donley John D. 1917 B1847
Donley Lettie Haynes 1923 B1857; wife of John Donley
Donley Peter Alex 1963 B1963 [same stone as Jill Elise Donley]
Donley Ralph E 1974 B1896
Donnelly Abigail MacDonald 1898 Mar 16 D ae 71/9 days; wife of William Donnelly
Donnelly Anna P. 1871 May 24 D ae 13/6/5
Donnelly William 1882 Aug 12 D ae 69/5/7
Donnelly William Jr. 1856 Apr 17 D ae 15/3/15 [also a stone in Wolven Cemetery]
Drake Earle L. 1973 B1892
Drake Florence F. 1973 B1896 [wife of Earl L. Drake]
Dye Frankey H. 1863 Dec 2 D ae 1/2/7; son of H.? V. & H.? E. Dye
Dye Harriet A. Littel 1920 Nov 27 B1827 Sep 30; wife of Milo B. Dye [Dye monument]
Dye Hellen 1863 Oct 6 D ae 25/8/16; wife of Martin Dye [stone on ground]
Dye Ida M[ay] 1962 Dec 23 B1867 Feb 24 [Dye monument]
Dye Milo B. 1911 Feb 14 B1822 Jan 17 [Dye monument]
Dye Rosette Allbright 1905 May 26 B1855 Oct 15; wife of Russell M. Dye [Dye monument]
Dye Russell M. 1938 Apr 17 B1853 Dec 20 [Dye monument]
Eddy Doris M. 1947 B1908 [wife of Russell A. Eddy]
Eddy Helen Cole m B1913; wife of Lewis P. Eddy, married 1935 Sep 18 [Lewis Eddy plot]
Eddy Ira H. 1924 B1856 [Ira Eddy plot]
Eddy Lewis P. 1986 B1913 [Lewis Eddy plot]
Eddy Mary Wykoff 1963 B1885; wife of Oren E. Eddy [Ira Eddy plot]
Eddy Oren E. 1927 B1883 [Ira Eddy plot]
Eddy Russell A. 1982 B1905
Eddy Zelda Barker 1927 B1863 wife of Ira H. Eddy [Ira Eddy plot]
Edson Alice M. 1904 B1888 [Sherman Edson plot]
Edson Alma M. 1965 B1884 [wife of Arthur Edson]
Edson Arthur 1981 Oct 11 B1932 Dec 19
Edson Arthur C. 1963 B1886
Edson Bezaleel # 1859 Jan D ae 48 in Italy; born in Vermont, son of Rufus Edson Sr. [mortality schedule]
Edson Clarence m B1923 [Walter Edson plot]
Edson Doris R. 1973 Mar 30 B1927 Nov 12 [wife of Arthur Edson]
Edson Edna K. m B1939 [wife of Walter C. Eddy] [Walter Eddy plot]
Edson Ida S. 1937 B1864 [wife of Sherman F. Edson] [Sherman Edson plot]
Edson Martha R. 1851 Dec 20 B1849 May 18; daughter of Wesley & Rosanna Edson [Wesley Edson monument]
Edson Mary E. 1885 Jun 27 B1838 Jun 6; 2nd wife of Wesley Edson [Wesley Edson monument]
Edson Mortimer J. 1910 B1841; Civil War: Co. H. 13th Michigan
Edson Nina 1980 B1901 [Walter Edson plot]
Edson Rosanna 1868 Apr 20 B1827 Dec 11; wife of Wesley Edson [Wesley Edson monument]
Edson Sherman F. 1953 B1865 [Sherman Edson plot]
Edson Walter C. 1975 B1921 [Walter Eddy plot]
Edson Wesley 1907 Dec 1 B1827 Oct 8 [Wesley Edson monument]
Elwell Addie C. 1990 [Floyd Elwell monument]
Elwell Alfred 1874 Mar 31 D ae 53/4/15 [stone on ground]
Elwell Alice L. 1941 [Floyd Elwell monument]
Elwell Clara 1934 B1860 [wife of Ishmael Elwell] [Ishmael Elwell monument]
Elwell Floyd H. 1940 [Floyd Elwell monument]
Elwell Floyd O. m [Floyd Elwell monument]
Elwell Gladolia 1921 B1900 [Ishmael Elwell monument]
Elwell Ishmael 1934 B1857 [Ishmael Elwell monument]
Elwell Oscar D. 1950 [Floyd Elwell monument]
Faulkner Edith L. 1986 B1917 [wife of Willard B. Faulkner]
Faulkner Willard B. 1974 B1906
Ferguson Andrew J. 1915 B1828 [A. J. Ferguson plot]
Ferguson Ella A. 1927 B1860 [wife of Andrew J. Ferguson] [A. J. Ferguson plot]
Ferguson Mary A. 1855 Apr 1 B1792; wife of Benjamin Ferguson
Fisher --- m [Too worn to read; adjacent to Ida A. Fisher]
Fisher Alta 1863 Apr 4? D ae 4/1/16; daughter of Richard? H. & Sarah Fisher
Fisher Alva W. 1938 B1856
Fisher Arletta 1923 B1849 [wife of Byron Fisher]
Fisher Betsey 1896 B1818; wife of S. J. Fisher
Fisher Byron 1925 B1844
Fisher C. Winnie 1941 B1871 [Winnie Fisher monument]
Fisher Celestia C. Wetherby 1901 May 26 D ae 79/9/29 in Italy; daughter of Philip C. & Phebe Wetherby [town record]
Fisher Claude H. m B1909 [Winnie Fisher monument]
Fisher Della P. 1860 Dec 13 D ae 3; daughter of H. & C. C. Fisher [stone very worn]
Fisher Elizabeth 1867 May 28 D ae 76/8; wife of Jeremiah Fisher
Fisher Eunice 1887 Jun 30 B1821 Sep 26; wife of John Fisher
Fisher Fanny 1892 Jan 31 D ae 71/2/9; wife of James Fisher
Fisher Fanny S. m B1882 [Winnie Fisher monument]
Fisher Glenn B. 1962 B1889 [Glenn Fisher monument]
Fisher Ida A. 1893 Apr 13 B1859 Feb 24; wife of Alva W. Fisher
Fisher Ida B. 1912 B1874
Fisher Ida E. 1986 B1895 [Glenn Fisher monument]
Fisher J. Brainard 1910 B1840 [J. B. Fisher monument]
Fisher James 1850 Feb D age 58 in Italy [mortality schedule]
Fisher James 1892 Jan 22 D ae 77/10/18
Fisher Jeremiah 1868 Apr 18 D ae 87/16 days
Fisher John 1902 Sep 11 B1817 Aug 10
F[isher?] L. D. m [LAF plot]
F[isher?] L[ester] A. [1927] [B1897 [LAF plot]
Fisher Rebecca J. 1909 B1845; wife of J. Brainard Fisher
Fisher S. J. m B1818
F[isher?] S. R m [LAF plot]
Fisher Sarah Eliza 1887 Jul 30 D ae 40/3/7; wife of Milan D. Fisher
Fitzwater Charles L. 1947 Apr 10 [Only one date on stone]
Fleming Florence Briglin 1973 B1883 [wife of John Laine Fleming] [plot with Walker monument]
Fleming John Laine 1972 B1885 [plot with Walker monument]
Flowers []urcy S. P. V. [Thorp] 1870 Nov 13 D ae 29; wife of [ ] Flowers & daughter of [Benjamin & Harriet] Thorp [broken stone]
Flowers Eloisa A. [Parsons] 1882 Jan 29 D ae 72/8 [wife of Martin N. Flowers]
Flowers Martin N. 1877 Oct 5 D ae 74/1/27
Foehner ---- m B1911 [surname and date only]
Foehner ---- 1976 B1905 [Surname and dates only]
Fox Charlotte L. m B1926 [wife of Leonard J. Fox]
Fox D. Herbert 1990 Oct 15 B1913 Jul 26
Fox Effie 1904 B1865 [Holden Fox monument]
Fox Elizabeth 1849 Apr 10 D ae 44; wife of John Fox [stone on ground]
Fox Ella 1881 B1870 [Holden Fox monument]
Fox Ella M. Babcock m B1922 Jan 13; wife of D. Herbert Fox, married 1937 Apr 20
Fox George F. 1925 [Jan 15] B1866 [Sep 24] [MWF: born, lived and died in Italy, age 58/3/22; married, son of James F. (born in Italy) and Hannah Taylor (born in Seneca) Fox]
Fox Hannah R. 1909 B1844; wife of James F. Fox
Fox Holden 1898 B1836 [son of Amos D. & Mary McConnell Fox] [Holden Fox monument]
Fox James F. 1912 B1843; Civil War: Co. H, 102nd NY
Fox John E. 1849 Sep 24 D ae 3 months, 21 days; son of John & Elizabeth Fox [stone on ground]
Fox John Jr. # 1883 Aug 13 D ae 86/2/16 in Italy, born in Vermont; son of John Sr. & Mary Glenn Fox [town record]
Fox John Sr. # 1841 Jun 10 D ae 74
Fox Leonard J. 1992 B1923
Fox Leonard Jr. 1973 Sep 11 B 1956 Sep 22
Fox Mary 1873 Feb 23 D ae 88 [wife of John Fox Sr.]
Fox Pearl Dewick 1913 B1893 [Dewick monument]
French Clarke D. 1930 B1869 [adjacent to Roxana French]
French Roxana Dean 1923 B1839; wife of Peter French
Garlinghouse Maria 1845 Apr 17 D ae 77
Gelder Bernard F. 1961 B1884 [Glenn Fisher monument]
Gelder Maude N. 1981 B1884; wife of Barnard F. Gelder [Glenn Fisher monument]
Gillett Breman D. 1867 Mar 18 D ae 3 months 19 days; son of Joel T. & M. E. Gillett
Gillett Daniel D. 1960 B1882
Gillett Elizabeth 1939 B1848 [wife of William H. Gillett] [Frank Stone monument]
Gillett Gertrude C. 1981 B1894 [wife of Hyland Gilett]
Gillett Hannah 1850 May 29 D ae 87/2/27; wife of Jabez Gillett
Gillett Hyland S. 1965 B1888
[Gillett?] infant m [Too worn to read, in Gillett plot]
Gillett Jabez 1839 May 25 B1761 Apr 13; Revolutionary War
Gillett Joel T. 1908 B1832
Gillett Kittie R. m B1866; daughter of Milo & Sarah Gillett [Milo Gillett monument]
Gillett Lillian H. 1914 B1854 [Lillian Gillett plot]
Gillett Maria P. 1892 Nov 3 B1811 Jan 11; wife of Seymour Gillett
Gillett Mary E. Fox 1883 B1846; wife of Joel T. Gillett
Gillett Milo 1905 B1837 [Milo Gillett monument]
Gillett Sarah Bartholomew 1867 B1845; wife of Milo Gillett [Milo Gillett monument]
Gillett Seymour 1889 Oct 4 B1796 Oct 5
Gillett Seymour A. 1858 Oct 8 D ae 20; son of [ ] Gillett
Gillett William H. 1930 B1844 [Frank Stone monument]
Gorton Frank E. 1898 Jan 1 B1878 Nov 5
Gorton Martha [M. Flowers] 1925 [May 11] B1850 [MWF: born 2 August 1849 in Italy, lived and died in Potter, age 76/9/9; married, daughter of Martin and Mary Townsend Flowers, born in N.Y. state; funeral held at home of P. Gorton]
Gorton Theresa Fox 1912 B1885 [funeral marker; adjacent to George F. Fox]
Graham Adilaide M. 1904 B1843 [wife of Martin P. Graham] [Martin Graham monument]
Graham Elisha D. 1916 B1841
Graham Herbert E. 1940 B1864 [Martin Graham monument]
Graham Jeremiah # m m
Graham Laura S. 1905 Sep 27 B1842 Aug 28; wife of Laurimore A. Graham
Graham Laurimore A. 1894 Jan 22 B1840 Jun 16; Civil War: Co. H, 102nd NY
Graham Martin P. 1898 B1839 [son of Valentine & Fanny Pierce Graham] [Martin Graham monument]
Graham Mary E. 1946 B1868 [Martin Graham monument]
Greenfield Catherine m B1887? [one date on stone] [Greenfield monument]
Greenfield Charles m B1882? [one date on stone] [Greenfield monument]
Greenfield Lester m B1898? [one date on stone] [Greenfield monument]
Greenfield W. A. 1947 B1874 [Greenfield monument]
Grow Danforth C. 1885 Mar 25 B1810 Jan 8 [Grow plot]
[Grow Hannah] [1862 Oct 25] [D ae 52; wife of Danforth C. Grow] [stone face down next to his] [Grow plot]
Grow Rachel D. [1877] May 15 D ae 30/?; wife of D[anforth] C. Grow [very worn] [Grow plot]
Gurney Oneta H. 1957 B1913 [funeral marker]
Hammond Ann C. 1928 B1854 [wife of John D. Hammond]
Hammond John D. 1897 B1845
Hansen Otto C. 1963 Aug 27 B1928 Mar 8; WWII: NY, U.S. Army
Harrington Clyde H. 1979 Jan 3 B1887 Feb 23; WWI: U.S. Army
Harrington Hazel Graham 1979 B1894 [wife of Clyde H. Harrington]
Hatch Adah D. 1986 B1891 [wife of Earl E. Hatch]
Hatch Cass H. 1917 B1884 [Lillian Gillett plot]
Hatch Earl E. 1972 B1888
Hatch Guy A. 1905 B1882 [Lillian Gillett plot]
Hatch Pearl G. 1885 B1875; buried in Michigan [Lillian Gillett plot]
Hayes Alton E. 1972 Dec 4 B1912 Oct 23; WWII: sgt., USAAF [Hayes plot]
Hayes Melody Anne 1972 Dec 4 B1958 Apr 18 [Hayes plot]
Hayes Nancy Ellen 1972 Dec 4 B1956 Jun 20 [Hayes plot]
Hayner Eugene m B1858 Sep 2
Hayner Imelda O. 1911 Nov 7 B1854 Mar 19 [wife of Eugene Hayner]
Haynes Charles A. 1921 B1847 [Chas Haynes monument]
Haynes Eugene M. 1926 B1859 [same stone as William F. Haynes]
Haynes Jessie I. 1896 B1882 [Chas Haynes monument]
Haynes Nancy Vanriper 1895 B1852 wife of Charles Haynes [Chas Haynes monument]
Haynes William F. 1904 B1862 [same stone as Eugene M. Haynes]
Hiler Alwilda Barker 1931 B1841 [wife of Francis G. Hiler & daughter of Elisha D. & Clarissa Barker] [Hiler plot]
Hiler Francis G. 1912 B1839 [Hiler plot]
Hiler Grover 1955 B1868 [Hiler plot]
Hiler Nora 1938 B1871 [wife of Grover Hiler] [Hiler plot]
Horton Hazel B. 1984 B1887 [wife of R. Earle Horton]
Horton R. Earle 1969 B1887
Hubbell Pearl M. # 1973 B1911
Hulbert Georgia Almina # 1899 Sep 6 D ae 1/11/2 in Italy; daughter of Elmer Hulbert [town record]
Hunt Sophia 1877 Dec 10 D ae 64/3; wife of Thomas Hunt
Hunt Thomas 1876 Sep 15 D ae ?/10 [broken stone]
Huntone Milford H. m B1926 Aug 23 [Cooper plot]
Huntone Wilma Cooper 1983 Sep 25 B1929 Oct 30; wife of Milford Huntone, married 1946 Oct 23 [Cooper plot]
Johnson Alexander A. 1878 B1804 [Johnson plot]
Johnson Caroline Carr 1895 B1823 [Johnson plot]
Johnson George H. 1872 B1867 [Johnson plot]
Johnson Harry M. # 1892 Mar 30 D ae 3 months & 21 days in Italy; son of Charles & Cora B. Johnson [town record]
Joseph Leona L. m B1916 [wife of Leonard Joseph]
Joseph Leonard W. 1991 Mar 31 B1916 Jul 7; WWII: Army
Kennedy Carlton C. 1959 B1912 [Robt Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Charles H. 1930 B1879 [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy Clifford J. 1982 Dec 16 B1902 Dec 22 [Robt Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Cora 1961 B1879 [wife of Niram Kennedy]
Kennedy Emerett [Barker] 1891 B1840; wife of John Kennedy [& daughter of Elisha D. & Clarissa Barker] [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy John 1923 B1836 [John Kennedy monument]
Kennedy John Robie 1966 B1881 [Robt Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Mary R. 1957 B1884 [wife of Robert M. Kennedy] [Robt Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Miriam A. 1939 B1907 [wife of Clifford J. Kennedy] [Robt Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Niram 1940 B1877
Kennedy Olive J. 1931 B1869 [wife of William H. Kennedy]
Kennedy Robert M. 1966 B1875 [Robt Kennedy plot]
Kennedy Velma 1980 B1904
Kennedy William H. 1937 B1871
Kesel Beatrice Burdick 1983 B1912 wife of Henry F. Kesel, married 1934 Apr 6 [Kesel plot]
Kesel Donald H. 1993 B1935 [Kesel plot]
Kesel Henry F. 1983 B1909 [Kesel plot]
Kesel Janet M. m B1937 [wife of Donald H. Kesel] [Kesel plot]
Kettlebar Lucille E. 1972 B1910 [wife of William T. Kettlebar]
Kettlebar William T. m B1910
Kilpatrick Daniel F. 1958 B1889 [son of Frederick E. Kilpatrick] [Frederick Kilpatrick monument]
Kilpatrick Ellen A. 1950 B1862 [wife of Frederick E. Kilpatrick] [Frederick Kilpatrick monument]
Kilpatrick Frederick E. 1930 B1859 [Frederick Kilpatrick monument]
Kilpatrick William C. 1965 B1883
Kohlman Leonard m [Same stone as Merle Kohlman]
Kohlman Merle C. 1982 B1915
Kunes Adam 1918 B1830; Civil War: Co. L, 16th NYHA
Kunes Melissa Flowers 1918 B1835; wife of Adam Kunes
Lacey Cora E. 1956 B1879; wife of Henry Lacey
Lacey Henry 1953 B1876
Lafler Benjamin 1875 B1792
Lafler Clark E. 1919 B1856
Lafler Eliza Crouch 1888 Dec 15 B1836 Aug 6; wife of Jeremiah Lafler
Lafler Finetta N. 1931 B1849
Lafler Jeremiah 1902 Dec 1 B1819 Feb 27
Lafler Levi L. 1869 Sep 11 D ae 2/5/23; son of J. & E. Lafler
[Lafler?] Lucena Lee 1891 B1800 [adjacent to Benjamin Lafler]
Lamphier Everett H. 1908 Sep 6 B1908 Mar 2
Lamphier Mary E. [Thompson] 1881 Apr 21 D ae 23/1/3; wife of R[ussell] P. Lamphier & daughter of G. & M. Thompson
Lamphier Russell P. 1928 B1850
Lamphier Sarah 1930 B1864 [wife of Russell P. Lamphier]
Lewis Beals E. m [Lewis monument]
Lewis Emma V. 1911 Mar 2 B1857 Mar 8; wife of Beals E. Lewis [Lewis monument]
Liddiard Emily J. m B1914 [wife of Stewart W. Liddiard]
Liddiard Stewart W. 1976 B1909
Lunneville Tammy Jo 1973 B1972 [funeral marker]
Manning Alonzo 1899 B1829 [Alonzo Manning plot]
Manning Cora 1944 B1878
Manning [Eula?] 18[77] Aug 1 D ae 4/5/? [daughter of Benjamin Manning]
Manning Glen 1986 Apr 8 B1900 Feb 3 [Melvin Manning plot]
Manning Grace R. 1955 B1880 [wife of Melvin Manning] [funeral marker, Melvin Manning plot]
Manning Hiram S. 1903 B1849 [Alonzo Manning plot]
Manning Lydia R. 1906 B1828 [wife of Alonzo Manning] [Alonzo Manning plot]
Manning Melvin A. 1949 B1880 [funeral marker, Melvin Manning plot]
Manning Richard B. 1934 B1860 [Alonzo Manning plot]
Manning Roy B. 1961 B1882
Martin Pearl R. 1964 B1894 [same stone as Ruby Martin]
Martin Ruby E. m B1912 [same stone as Pearl Martin]
McConnell Alexander 1849 Aug 2 D ae 39/9/29
McConnell Alta M. 1953 B1870 [wife of Wesley M. McConnell [Wesley McConnell plot]
McConnell Barbara A. Kennedy 1908 Feb 26 B1839 Apr 2; wife of Joseph G. McConnell [J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell Edward A. 1939 B1863 [Edwd McConnell plot]
McConnell Ella 1895 B1879; daughter of James & Lydia McConnell [J. B. Fisher monument]
McConnell Frankie 1880 Dec 12 D ae 2/1/8; son of Joseph G. & Barbara A. McConnell [plot with J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell Ira A. 1884 Dec 25 B1838 Jan 14 [Ira McConnell monument]
McConnell Ira C. 1929 B1889 [plot with J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell James 1898 B1822 [J. B. Fisher monument]
McConnell John # 1897 Apr 19 D ae 77 in Potter [town record]
McConnell John 1909 B1819
McConnell Joseph G. 1933 Sep 13 B1834 Jan 19 [J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell Loren E. 1897 B1886 [Edwd McConnell plot]
McConnell Lydia 1906 B1824; wife of James McConnell [J. B. Fisher monument]
McConnell Minnie L. 1943 B1864 [Edwd McConnell plot]
McConnell Phoebe S. 1905 B1830 [wife of John McConnell]
McConnell Robert E. 1890 Mar 16 D ae 20/5 [J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell Rosa Jane 1864 Mar 4 D ae 2/8/7; daughter of Joseph G. & Barbara A. McConnell [plot with J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell Rosannah J. 1872 Jun 12 B1843 Apr 5; wife of Ira A. McConnell [Ira McConnell monument]
McConnell Rosina [ ] D ae 70/27 days; wife of Alexander McConnell [broken stone]
McConnell Roy E. 1978 B1888 [Edwd McConnell plot]
McConnell Ruth M. 1973 B1892 [Edwd McConnell plot]
McConnell Sandy Alexander 1945 B1866 [plot with J. G. McConnell monument]
McConnell Virginia 1887 Apr 7 B1842 Oct 5; wife of I. A. McConnell [Ira McConnell monument]
McConnell Wesley M. 1925 B1867 [Wesley McConnell plot]
McCormick John G. 1984 Dec 2 B1915 Jan 22 [Kesel plot]
McFarlin Eliza A. Such # 1895 Nov 27 D ae 34 in Italy; daughter of William & Polly Such [town record]
McGregor Vernon A. 1988 B1918
McPherson Naomi Ann [Peck] 1848 Mar 26 D ae 30/8/23; wife of George McPherson & daughter of Rev. Thomas & Naomi Peck [stone on ground]
Miller Lawrence 1955 B1954
Miller Lula Eddy m B1909 [Lewis Eddy plot]
Nash Jon C. A. 1993 May 15 B1973 Sep 15
Olney E. Harley m B1915 [Walter Olney plot]
Olney Frances B. m B1918 [wife of E. Harley Olney] [Walter Olney plot]
Olney Pearl 1971 B1897 [wife of William Olney] [Wm H. Olney plot]
Olney Rowene 1992 B1934 [funeral marker, Wm H. Olney plot]
Olney Viola E. 1981 B1891 [wife of Walter Olney] [Walter Olney plot]
Olney Walter 1966 B1890 [Walter Olney plot]
Olney William H. 1966 B1895 [Wm H. Olney plot]
[Olney] Wilmont 1933 [First name and one date only] [Wm H. Olney plot]
Palmanteer Emily Dean 1894 B1824; wife of L. C. Palmanteer
Palmanteer L. C. 1892 B1820
Palmanteer Mary 1863 Mar 13 D ae 40/?/21; wife of M. H. Palmanteer
Palmer Bessie M. 1969 B1870 [wife of Fred Palmer]
Palmer Fred B. 1950 B1873
Palmer Thelma M. 1986 B1899 [adjacent to Fred & Bessie Palmer]
Parsons Carrie 1893 B1864 [wife of Richard Parsons] [Richard Parsons monument]
Parsons Emma 1887 B1885; daughter of Richard & Carrie Parsons [Richard Parsons monument]
Parsons Florence Wheaton Chichester 1936 B1906
Parsons Mary 1920 B1896; wife of Richard Parsons [Richard Parsons monument]
Parsons Mary Ann m B1823 Aug 12; wife of Richard Parsons [Wm Parsons monument]
Parsons Richard m B1862 [Richard Parsons monument]
Parsons Richard 1887 Jan 25 B1818 Mar 22 [Wm Parsons monument]
Parsons William 1880 Jan 25 B1851 Sep 15 [Wm Parsons monument]
[Peck?] --- m [Slate stone with no remaining inscription; adjacent to Naomi Peck; might be her husband, Rev. Thomas Peck]
Peck Naomi 1845 Aug 27 D ae 53; wife of Rev Thomas Peck [stone on ground]
Perry Flora A. 1984 B1894 [wife of Oliver Perry]
Perry Oliver H. 1949 B1888
Phillips Edwin 1909 B1822 [Edwin Phillips plot]
Phillips J. Dana 1880 B1874 [R. C. Phillips plot]
Phillips Lena C. 1896 B1881 [R. C. Phillips plot]
Phillips Olive B. Covel 1886 B1822; wife of Edwin Phillips [Edwin Phillips plot]
Phillips R. Estelle 1923 B1869 [Edwin Phillips plot]
Phillips Rhoda 1932 B1844; wife of Richard Phillips [R. C. Phillips plot]
Phillips Richard 1935 B1843; Civil War: enlisted in [Co. C.] 44th NY; 1st lieutenant, 43d USCT [R. C. Phillips plot]
Phillips Rosina O. 1926 B1869 [R. C. Phillips plot]
Phillips S. Triphena 1918 B1849 [Edwin Phillips plot]
Pierson Elvira # m m
Pierson George M. 1853 Dec 30 D ae 12/1/8, son of David S. & Caroline Pierson [stone on ground]
Plumley Harry R. m B1926
Plumley Louise M. 1989 B1928 [wife of Harry R. Plumley]
Polmanteer Arden 1942 B1866
Polmanteer Edward A. 1951 B1900 [Lewis Eddy plot]
Polmanteer Lillian 1938 B1873 [wife of Arden Palmatier]
Potter Alvira [N. Dean] 1893 [Sep 11] B1821; wife of Edwin R. Potter [died age 71/9/9; daughter of Samuel & Martha Dean] [E. R. Potter monument]
Potter Burton H. 1923 B1850 [B. H. Potter plot]
Potter Burton Ward 1991 B1911 [B. W. Potter plot]
Potter Donald J. 1915 Sep 25 B1914 Dec 21 [Mansel Potter plot]
Potter Edwin R. 1867 B1816 [E. R. Potter monument]
Potter Erva E. 1958 B1864 [B. H. Potter plot]
Potter Evelyn L. m B1915
Potter Gladys Strong 1987 B1914; wife of Burton Ward Potter [B. W. Potter plot]
Potter Hazel C. 1976 B1887 [wife of Leon A. Potter] [Mansel Potter plot]
Potter Jack S. 1955 B1934; "Son" [of Burton W. & Gladys Potter] [B. W. Potter plot]
Potter Kenneth H. 1962 B1934
Potter Leon A. 1933 B1887 [Mansel Potter plot]
Potter Lester B. 1941 B1875 [B. H. Potter plot]
Potter Mansel H. 1929 B1856 [Mansel Potter plot]
Potter Mary Ann 1848 B1821; wife of Edwin R. Potter [E. R. Potter monument]
Potter Nancy M. 1931 B1856 [B. H. Potter plot]
Potter Ora S. 1962 B1876 [same stone as Lester B. Potter] [B. H. Potter plot]
Potter Shirley E. m B1937 [wife of Kenneth H. Potter]
Powell Catherine K. 1972 B1909 [wife of Frederick Powell] [Robt Kennedy plot]
Powell Frederick W. 1964 B1908 [Robt Kennedy plot]
Preston Carrie A. James # 1896 Jan 13 D ae 35 in Italy; widow; daughter of Daniel & R. James [town record]
Pyrtle Edith R. 1966 B1906 [wife of John Pyrtle]
Pyrtle John W. 1979 B1897
Randolph Alvin S. 1931 B1877
Randolph Sarah A. m B1882 [wife of Alvin Randolph]
Rawleigh Ella P. m [Adjacent to Charles Ackley]
Rector Clair W. 1948 B1906
Rector Ida I. m B1909 [wife of Clair Rector]
Robinson Edith P. m B1939 [wife of Ronald E. Robinson]
Robinson Ronald E. 1974 B1939
Schlesing Josef Levi 1982 Jul 7 B1982 Jun 30 [adjacent to Warren Schlesing]
Schlesing Warren 1981 Nov 16 B1934 Feb 10
Schraenkler Harold E. 1968 B1942
Schraenkler Linda C. m B1942 [wife of Harold E. Schraenkler]
Seamans Howard 1901 B1900 [Alonzo Manning plot]
[Seamans?] Lulu m B1870 [adjacent to Howard Seamans; Alonzo Manning plot]
Shay David A. 1972 B1906
Shay Frances C. 1994 B1906 [wife of David A. Shay]
Shenberger Morgan L. 1994 B1902 [B. H. Potter plot]
Shenberger Ruth Potter 1991 B1901 [wife of Morgan Shenberger] [B. H. Potter plot]
Shepard Jerome # 1951 B1868
Shepard Milton W. 1932 B1892; [WWI:] Co. F, 111th Infantry
Shepard Mina 1938 B1872; wife of Jerome Shepard
Shepard Sarah A. # m B1882
Shepherd Emma 1870 Oct 19 D ae 27/1/2; wife of William Shepherd
Simmons Emma H. 1863 Jul 23 B1863 Apr 15; daughter of Henry J. & [ ] Simmons [stone very worn; Simmons monument]
Simmons Mary E. 1860 Dec 2 B1859 Jun 15; daughter of Henry J. & [ ] Simmons [stone very worn; Simmons monument]
Simmons William H. 1869? Apr [17] B1860 Sep 16; son of Henry J. & Mary? Simmons [very worn; Simmons monument]
Simmons Willis A. 1862 Feb [8] B1862 Jan 24; son of Henry J. & Mary? Simmons [very worn; Simmons monument]
Smalley Laura E. 1980 B1908
Smith Aletha G. m B1917 [Selby Smith plot]
Smith Alfred 1873 Apr 16 D ae 35/5/3
Smith Alta # 1867 D ae 2; daughter of Richard & Sarah Smith
Smith Charles A. 1941 B1878
Smith James W. [ ] D ae 11/2 days; son of William & Rachel Smith [broken stone]
[Smith?] Laura Ellen 1966 B1963; "Granddaughter"; daughter of Paul & Janice [Smith?] "Laurie Ellen" [Selby Smith plot]
Smith Lois # 1932 B1879; wife of Oliver Smith
Smith Lyle # 1974 B1911
Smith Mary 1916 B1852 [wife of Myron Smith]
Smith Myron 1931 B1835; Civil War: Co. G., 140th NY
Smith Norman N. 1913 B1909
Smith Oliver # 1955 B1879
Smith Selby Jr. 1985 May 16 B1915 Apr 15; Army [Selby Smith plot]
Snyder Eugene A. 1966 B1931 [adjacent to Lewis & Nellie Snyder]
Snyder George 1927 B1880; son of James M. & Mary Jane Snyder [WWI] [J. M. Snyder monument]
Snyder Howard # 1977 Nov 18 D ae 80
Snyder James M. 1929 B1854 [J. M. Snyder monument]
Snyder Lewis 1951 B1900 [Lewis Snyder plot]
Snyder Mary Jane 1940 B1859; wife of James M. Snyder [J. M. Snyder monument]
Snyder Nellie 1994 B1912 [wife of Lewis Snyder] [Lewis Snyder plot]
Snyder Sylvester 1962 B1882 [Walter Edson plot]
Steinbaugh Carrie Aleine Stone 1990 B1895 [adjacent to Nelson & Alta Stone]
Stoddard Calistia L. 1881 B1835 [wife of Horace W. Stoddard] [Stoddard monument]
Stoddard Frank[lin] H. 1864 B1861; "Our Son" [Stoddard monument]
Stoddard Horace W. 1900 Apr 21 B1827; Civil War [Co. C., 188th NY] [Stoddard monument]
Stone Alta H. 1935 B1866 [Nelson Stone plot]
Stone Frank L. 1949 B1879 [Frank Stone monument]
Stone Giles 1883 Aug 5 D ae 42 [Civil War: 2nd Penn. Cavalry]
Stone Nelson O. 1931 B1877 [Nelson Stone plot]
Stone Nevada 1965 B1868 [Frank Stone monument]
Stone Ola M. 1938 B1879 [Lillian Gillett plot]
Strong Alice M. [Perry] 19-- B1918 [wife of Clarence S. Strong]
Strong Clarence S. 1947 B1907
Suter Hattie Lewis 1946 B1868; wife of Harry Suter [adjacent to Lewis monument]
Suter Sarah 1935 B1868
Swingle Virginia A. 1981 B1906 [wife of Walter Swingle]
Swingle Walter W. m B1904
Taylor Mary M. 1913 B1830; wife of Rev William Taylor
Taylor William, Rev. 1896 B1823
Teal Elizabeth 1886 Jun 28 D ae 63/10/28; wife of Thomas W. Teal
Teal Henry Granger 1864 Apr 22 D ae 17/1/26; son of Thomas & Elizabeth Teal [T. W. Teal monument and his own stone]
Teal Mary # 1869 Oct D ae 84 in Italy; born in England [mortality schedule]
Teal Thomas W. 1877 Jul 3 D ae 60 [T. W. Teal monument]
Teneyck --- 1849 [ ] D ae 1 [Teneyck plot; stone on ground]
Teneyck Jacob 1851 Aug 29 D ae 7 months [Teneyck plot; stone on ground]
Teneyck John C. 1857 May 29 D ae 16/6/15; son of Jacob C. & Eva Teneyck [Teneyck plot; stone on ground]
Thompson Charles [1896] [B1822] [stone partially buried]
Thompson George A. 1935 B1862 [G. A. Thompson plot]
Thompson Grover 1963 B1886 [G. A. Thompson plot]
Thompson Martha Hulett 1928 B1832; wife of Charles Thompson
Thompson Mary R. Fox 1911 B1864; wife of George A. Thompson [G. A. Thompson plot]
Thompson Minnie 1987 B1887 [wife of Grover Thompson; remarried to ---- Ballard] [G. A. Thompson plot]
Travis Calista Rose 1988 B1895
Turner Ida 1873 B1855; daughter of C. C. & L. A. Turner
Turner Laura A. 1890 B1837; wife of C. C. Turner [same stone as Ida Turner]
Vanhousen Mabel Smith # 1974 B1901
Vanriper Edgar 1931 Jan 26 B1855 Sep 21 [Vanriper plot]
Vanriper Jane 1944 Apr 25 B1856 Dec 21 [Vanriper plot]
Vanriper Jeremiah 1891 Nov 29 B1816 Dec 24 [son of Garret Vanriper] [Vanriper plot]
Vanriper Laurilla [Fox] 1896 Dec 10 B1827 Mar 15 [wife of Jeremiah Vanriper & daughter of John Fox] [Vanriper plot]
Vanvechten Carl 1884 B1882; 'Our Son' [Stoddard monument]
Vanvechten Josephine A. 1898 B1855 [wife of William L. Venvechten] [Stoddard monument]
Vanvechten William L. 1886 B1852 [Stoddard monument]
Vanvoorhees Daniel 1902 Feb 3 D ae 71/4/8
Vanvoorhees Susan 1900 Mar 12 D ae 65/9/18 [wife of Daniel Vanvoorhees]
Walker Bertha B. 1954 B1880 [Walker monument]
Walker Edith S. 1994 B1906 [wife of Jerome Walker] [Walker monument]
Walker Jerome F. 1973 B1902 [Walker monument]
Walton Emma Coons 1944 B1854 [funeral marker; adjacent to Geo. N. Coons]
Weller Alonzo [1895 Sep 10] Civil War: Co. K., 50th NY Engineers
Weller Sylvia Hancock # 1913 Apr 12 D ae 79/3 in Middlesex; daughter of Jeremiah John & Polly Sabina Gorham Hancock [town record]
Wells James N. m B1842 Apr 24
Wells Mary L[ouisa] 1897 Oct 31 B1846 Mar 25; wife of James N. Wells
Wheeler Charles M. 1918 B1837; Civil War: Co. M., 22nd NY Cavalry
Willer Almerin 1923 Jan 25 D ae 83 [Willer plot]
Willer Anna # 1865 Jan 24 D ae 66 Italy b MA [mortality schedule]
Willer Henry T. 1929 B1864 [Willer plot]
Willer Jesse [1870] Sep 16 [D ae 73] [broken stone]
Willer Margaret M. 1901 Mar 16 D ae 61; wife of Almerin Willer [Willer plot]
Wood Alice Gardner 1906 B1847 [wife of Charles E. Wood] [Chas Wood plot]
Wood Charles 1921 B1846 [Chas Wood plot]
Wood Charles E. 1935 B1911 [Edgar Wood plot]
Wood Edgar A. 1969 B1883 [Edgar Wood plot]
Wood Estes J. 1918 B1848 [Chas Wood plot]
Wood Hazel M. 1973 B1917; wife of Walter E. Wood [Edgar Wood plot]
Wood Levi S. 1851 Aug 29 D ae 51/11 [stone on ground]
Wood Ruth F. 1983 B1886 [Edgar Wood plot]
Wood Sarah 1883 Sep 21 D ae 88/10 days; wife of Levi S. Wood [stone on ground]
Wood Walter E. m B1911 [Edgar Wood plot]
Wood Wilder M. 1885 Jan 28 D ae 61/1/16
Wykoff Adell Albright 1934 B1858; wife of Horatio P. Wykoff
Wykoff Horatio P. 1929 B1853
Wykoff Lewis A. 1912 B1894; son of Horatio P. & Adell Wykoff
Wykoff Rexie 1961 B1882 [wife of Roland J. Wykoff]
Wykoff Roland J. 1953 B1889

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