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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Townsend Cemetery: Notes

Townsend cemetery This early burial ground is on the old Lawrence Townsend farm, near the site of one of the first taverns in the area, where the Jerusalem town meetings were held when that town included all of what is now Benton, Milo and Torrey, in addition to a largely uninhabited Jerusalem.

The cemetery is abandoned, and despite its importance and sporadic attempts to clean it up, unmaintained. The stones are in a dense thicket of sumac and briars, very few of them intact and standing. Some earlier lists contain mention of burials now removed to Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan.

The Townsend Cemetery has several alternative names. It is sometimes referred to as the Head Street Cemetery, from the old name for North Avenue, which runs along the town line inside the limits of the village of Penn Yan. North Avenue is actually an extension of what is now Stiles Road and is in fact one of the county's earliest, an old stage route between Geneva and Bath via Hopeton and Penn Yan. On tax-exempt lists the cemetery is usually referred to as Southeast Benton Rural Cemetery, and the neighborhood is called variously Whitford's, Winship's or Shaw's Corners.

Sometimes this ground is even called the Hazen or Hazens Corners Cemetery; the Hazen farm straddled the town line, and the family's burying ground was in Milo, south of Stiles Road, and the corners in question was at its intersection with Townsend Road, which runs south from Stiles Road a very short distance west of the Preemption Road. The Hazen gravestones are now in Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan.

Townsend Cemetery: Burials

Andrews Helen Maria 1831 Aug 30 D ae 3; daughter of Dr. Jeremiah & Mary [Way] Andrews
Bennett Abraham H. 1842 May 13 D ae 45
Bennett Desdemona 1846 Jul 28 D ae 45/10; wife of Abraham H. Bennett [& daughter of Ephraim Jr. & Mary Kidder]
K[idder]Bennett William W. 1870 Nov 1 D ae 30 [buried in Kidder Plot]
Bigelow John W. 1833 Jul 30 D ae 8/6/13; son of Samuel L. & Katharine Bigelow
B[riggs] S[arah] [1844 Mar 5] [D ae 62/2/9; wife of Jeremiah Briggs] [footstone]
Brooks Lovina P. 1856 Jun 28 D ae 28; daughter of [John &] Mary Brooks [adopted daughter of Mrs. Mary Brooks]
Brooks Mary [Phelps] 1861 Nov - D ae 66 [wife of John Brooks & daughter of Luman & Lovina Phelps] [broken stone]
Brunskill Elle 1862 Sep 4 D ae 3/7 daughter of Thomas & Jane Brunskill [stone partially buried]
Chase Dikens 1829 Dec 9 D ae 30 [marble stone next to his wife's, too worn to read]
Chase Rhoda Ann 1829 Nov 20 D ae 2; daughter of Dikens & Sabra Chase
Chase Sabra [Townsend] 1829 Nov 23 D ae 24; wife of Dikens Chase [& daughter of Henry & Anna Townsend]
Enos Emily E. 1864 Oct 4 D ae 31/6; wife of Albert A. Enos
Ford Charles S. 1849 Jun 29 D ae 1 month 18 days; son of M[orris] M. & Laura S[pencer] Ford
Ford Frank 1850 Sep 29 D ae 1 month 17 days; son of M. M. & Laura Ford
Hicks Eliza A. [Spencer] 1852 Jun 22 D ae 45/7/5 wife of Henry Hicks [daughter of Martin & Sybil Spencer]
Hodge Esther Ann 1840 Aug 3 D ae 1/4/9; daughter of George R. & Mary Hodge
Jacobs Arthur William # 1899 Dec 17 D ae 8 months; son of Peter & Tina Jacobs [town record]
Kendig Martin [Jr.] 1839 Sep 30 D ae 67/3/4 [son of Martin Kendig Sr.]
Kendig Martin Sr. 1826 Mar 1 D ae 76
Kendig Mary 1831 Dec 18 D ae 82; wife of Martin Kendig Sr.
K[idder] D[avid] [1853 Nov 17] [B1778 Jan 29; son of Ephraim Sr. & Sarah Kidder] [footstone]
Kidder Elizabeth [Bell] 1862 Jun 3 B1796 Mar 21; died ae 66/2/12; wife of Samuel S. Kidder
Kidder Ephraim Jr. 1838 Nov 15 D ae 82; Revolutionary War: NY Line; 1754-1836
Kidder Ephraim S. 1807 May 19 D ae 29 [son of Ephraim Sr. & Sarah Kidder]
Kidder [John Edwin] 1832 Mar 28 D ae 2/15 days [son of Cyrus &] Maria Kidder [broken stone]
Kidder Maria [Waldron] 1858 Feb 10 D ae 57/10 wife of Cyrus Kidder
K[idder] M[iriam Stanton] [1856 May 2] [B1776 Jul 2; wife of David Kidder] [footstone]
Kidder Nathan L., Dr. 1847 Jul 3 D ae 65/1/4 [son of Ephraim Sr. & Sarah Kidder]
Kidder Olive 1820 Jul 21 D ae 16/4/25; daughter of David & Miriam Kidder
Kidder Phoebe # 1839 Aug 17 D ae 1/4/18; daughter of David & Elizabeth Kidder
Kidder Sarah [Spencer] 1821 Mar 27 D ae 62/1/8; wife of Ephraim Kidder Sr.
[Kidder?] ---- m D ae 52? /12 days [broken stone in Kidder plot]
Lampson Francis 1853 Jul 1 D ae 1/6/27; son of Zebulon & Susan Lampson
Lapham James 1841 Mar 4 D ae 9/1/12; son of John & Louisa Lapham
Lawrence [Anna?] [1830] [Broken stone in Lawrence plot]
Lawrence James Henry 1842 Dec 15 D ae 5 months; son of James & Mary A. Lawrence
Lawrence John [Jr.] Major [1833 Sep 16] [D ae 37/7/12] [broken stone]
Lawrence Polly [Kidder] 1852 May 30 B1777 Mar 25; married 24 Jun 1810; wife of Samuel Lawrence; died Washington D.C., ae 75
Lawrence Samuel 1841 Aug 13 D ae 63
Lawrence William C. 1830 Jul 5 D ae 4/9/5; son of John & Hannah Cornwell Lawrence
Miller Mary [Lawrence Stoakes] 1834 Apr 30 B1776 May; died ae 58; wife of [James Stoakes &] Hendrick Miller, [& daughter of John Lawrence Sr.]
[Perkins George W.] 1839 Jul 1 D ae 3/11/17 [son of Simeon & Sarah Perkins] [broken stone]
Phelps Lovina [Spencer] 1843 Jul 29 D ae 71/2/1; wife of Luman A. Phelps [daughter of James Sr. & Anna Spencer]
P[helps] L[uman A.] [1819 Feb 27] [D ae 45] [stone next to his wife's, inscription gone; footstone]
Phelps Rhoda 1859 Aug 6 D ae 62/3/8 [daughter of Luman & Lovina Phelps] [broken stone]
P[helps] T[homas] J. [1817 Aug 8] [D ae 15 son of Luman A. & Lovina Phelps] [footstone]
Pierson Abigail 1841 May 28 D ae 52/4/2; wife of Rev. Martin Pierson
Pierson Maria E. 1831 Aug 10 D ae 21/3/25; daughter of Martin & Abigail Pierson
Ray Laura S. Vanderlip 1855 Mar 11 D ae 25 [wife of Michael Ray &] daughter of Lewis & Angeline Vanderlip
Roff Philip 1833 Feb 9 B1753 Mar 12; [d ae 79/10/27]; Revolutionary War: Albany Co. Militia [inscription gone from stone; bronze marker only]
Shepherd Joseph 1831 Mar 25 D ae 40
Shepherd Ruth [Spencer] 1860 Apr 16 D ae 59; wife of Joseph Shepherd [& daughter of Justus P. & Ruth Pritchard Spencer]
Spencer Angelina 1801 Apr 10 D ae 25; daughter of James Spencer Sr.
Spencer Anna 1806 May 3 D ae 64; wife of James Spencer Sr.
Spencer H[orace] Rev. 1851 Feb 19 D ae 43/2/13 [son of Martin & Sybil Spencer]
Spencer James 1805 Nov 17 B1736 Jun 14; d ae 70; Revolutionary War: NY Continental Line
S[pencer] J[ames] Jr. [1801 Apr 4] [D ae 34 son of James Sr. & Anna Spencer] [footstone]
Spencer Simeon 1805 Oct 7 D ae 25 [son of James Spencer Sr.]
Spencer Sybil [Richmond] 1859 Jan - D ae 76; wife of Martin Spencer [buried Spencertown, Columbia Co., NY]
Squier Edwin 1832 Mar 25 D ae 1/10; son of John W. & Mary Squier
Stevens Berintha # 1836 Aug 6 D ae 1/9/11; daughter of Oliver & Abigail Stevens
T[efft] C[atherine] [1847] [B1830] [footstone]
Tefft Robert K. 1848 Jun 11 D ae 4/5/11; son of James S. & Abigail Tefft
Townsend Abraham 1824 Jun 5 [D ae 35/8] [son of Lawrence & Phoebe Townsend] [broken stone]
Townsend Hannah [Fox] 1824 Jun 9 D ae 43/7/15; wife of John Townsend
Townsend Henry H. 1811 Sep 31 D ae 3/24 days; son of Henry Townsend
Townsend [James] Hathaway 1889 Dec 26 D ae 75 [son of Henry Townsend]
Townsend James S. 1811 Aug 25 D ae 1/1/6; son of Henry Townsend
Townsend John 1843 Apr 22 D ae 69/1/14 [son of Lawrence & Phebe Townsend]
Townsend Sabra [Lawrence] 1819 Aug 12 D ae 25/4/1; wife of Abraham Townsend [& daughter of John Sr. & Anna Lawrence]
Vanderlip Angelina [Phelps] 1848 Apr 24 D ae 50/8/1; wife of Lewis Vanderlip [& daughter of Luman & Lovina Phelps]
Vanderlip Lewis # 1845 B1820 [son of Lewis & Angelina Vanderlip]
Vanderlip Lewis B. 1847 Mar 18 [D ae 55/6/3] [broken stone]
Vanderlip Lovina 1819 Dec 12 D ae 4 months and 6 days; daughter of Lewis Vanderlip
Vanderlip Sarah E. 1844 Jun 7 D ae ?/4/2 daughter of Lewis & Angelina Vanderlip [stone partially buried]
Way John 1801 Mar 29 D ae 3 months; son of Joshua & Reliance Way
Way Joshua 1832 Apr 6 D ae 62
Way Melatiah [Lawrence] 1812 Feb 21 D ae 1/6; son of Joshua & Reliance Way
Way Reliance [Lawrence] 1811 Feb 20 D ae 28 [daughter of John & Anna Lawrence &] wife of Joshua Way
Winters Myron 1846 Dec 31 D ae 11/6/23; son of Henry & Nancy [Kidder] Winters [also recorded on the Winters monument in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Torrey]

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