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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Old Bellona Cemetery: Notes

Old Bellona cemetery

This is the cemetery used by the Bellona settlers before the present cemetery was established after about 1870. It appears that most of the stones were moved to the new cemetery, but these few were left behind, perhaps because they had no family left here to care for their graves.

The plot is adjacent to the road but so overgrown it is extremely difficult to see any of the stones from the highway. It is adjacent on the south to the pasture fence at the top of the hill leading out of Bellona hollow.

The cemetery is abandoned and unmaintained. Some of the stones are broken, some fallen. Most are intact and can be read. It is sometimes called the North Hill Cemetery because of its location.

Old Bellona Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m D ae 13/3 [fragmentary stone]
Beeden Ann # 1835 May 14 B1759
Beeden Thomas # 1813 Apr 30 B1760
[Bridges Allen] [1831 Sep 18] [D ae 3/?/]15; son of James H. & Joanna Brid--- [broken stone]
[Bridges Caleb] [1831 Sep 18] D ae 1/5/?; son of James H. & Joanna Bri[dges] [broken stone]
Gage Eliza Ann 1843 --- 16 D ae 1; daughter of Anthony & Rhoda Ann Gage
Huie James # 1860 B1800
J[ackson] A--- [1812 Feb 12] [B1773; wife William J. Jackson] [footstone]
J[ackson] W[illiam] J. [1836 Feb 2] [B1767] [footstone]
Lester John, Sgt. [1821 May 10] [B1750] Revolutionary War: 2nd NY Regt.
Millard Charlotte 1822 Mar 12 D ae33/7/15; wife of Timothy A. Millard
Millard John B. 1822 Apr 28 D ae 1/7; son of Timothy A. Millard
Rodney Charles 1816 Sep 10 D ae 14/7/13; son of William & Martha Rodney
Waite Fanny # 1850 Jan D ae 21; born in Penn. [mortality schedule]
Wells John # 1836 B1786; son of Peter Wells
Wells Peter [1839] [B1756] Revolutionary War: 5th NY Regt.
Wells Sarah 1826 Jun 2 D ae 35; wife of John Wells

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