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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton


Merrifield Cemetery: Notes

Merrifield cemetery This small neighborhood burial ground is usually called the Merrifield Cemetery because it was on the Merrifield farm, first settled by Abner Woodworth. It is abandoned and at this writing unmaintained and overgrown.

It is adjacent to the road on a slight knoll, with most of the erect stones far enough back that they are sometimes quite difficult to see. Many of the stones have fallen, but most are quite easy still to read.

At least one earlier reading was done when the ground was on the Watkins farm, and is so listed there.



Merrifield Cemetery: Burials

Beck Mary 1821 Mar 20 D ae 74/6; mother of John Wood
Brown George H. N. 1824 Oct 5 D ae 2/4 days; son of Ebenezer Brown
Brown Henrietta Elizabeth 1828 Jul 30 D ae 1/7/27; daughter of Ebenezer Brown
Brown Martin 1824 Aug 18 D ae 62/10/13
Brown Sarah 1830 Aug 26 D ae 82/8/9; [adjacent to Martin Brown; probably his sister]
Brown Sarah [Hammond] 1852 Apr 17 D ae 88; wife of Martin Brown [stone on its face adjacent to Martin Brown]
Buell Francis H. 1867 Jan 23 D ae 25 [son of Milton & Maria Richards Buell]
Buell Milton S. 1848 May 24 D ae 41
Cole Rachel Amanda # 18?? Jul 3 Only daughter of Alexander & Julia Cole
Curtis Henrietta Amelia [Boyd] 1830 Feb 6 D ae 23/3/7; wife of Samuel F. Curtis [& daughter of Robert & Anna Boyd]
F--- P--- m [Footstone] [may be that of Polly Fargo, who was buried in Penn Yan]
Fargo Fred W. 1852 Jan 4 D ae 2/1/1
Fargo Huram S. 1830 Apr 14 D ae 29 [son of Calvin & Polly Fargo]
Fargo Mary P. [Chapman] 1847 Apr 13 D ae 38; wife of Russell R. Fargo [& daughter of Hugh Chapman]
Fargo Sarah 1813? D ae 3/9/5; daughter of ---- & ---- Fargo
Gregory William M. 1840 Aug 25 D ae 21/11/26; son of [Hubb]ell & Mary Gregory
Hunt Eliza [Parsons] 1892 Feb 7 D ae 73[/3/21; wife of Stephen Hunt & daughter of James Parsons]
[Hunt] Stephen 189- Feb 23 D ae 84 [stone partially buried]
Lucas Mary J. 1842 Jan 19 D ae 15/6/6; daughter of Willard B. & Sally Lucas
Lucas Willard m [Stone partially buried]
Markell William Henry 1835 Mar 17 D ae 4/3/13; son of Henry & Eliza [Mitchell] Markell
Mitchell Esther # 1823 Nov - D ae 25; wife of John Mitchell [slate stone with surname only, the rest obliterated; probably hers] [also recorded in Bellona]
Mitchell Hannah 1833 Sep - D ae 63; wife of William Mitchell
Mitchell Jane 1841 Feb 24 D ae 45/1/23; wife of William L. Mitchell
Mitchell William 1834 D ae 65
Titus Mary Eliza 1848 Nov 9 D ae 22/1/21; daughter of John & Elizabeth Titus
W--- W--- A--- m [Footstone; may be that of William Weed]
Weed Annie [Comer Gamby] 1844 Mar 15 D ae 72/4; wife of John Weed [also wife of Hugh Gamby & daughter of John & Margaret Comer]
Weed Rhoda [Anderson] 1819 May 20 D ae 55; wife of John Weed
Weed William # 1868 B1795 [son of John & Rhoda Weed]
Winans Betsy 1852 Apr 13 D ae 68/1; wife of David Winans
Winans David 1852 May 13 D ae 68/4/23

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