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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Ketchum Cemetery: Notes

Ketchum cemetery This is a neighborhood cemetery located on what was once the Joseph Ketchum farm. It is abandoned and unmaintained, and only accessible now across private property.

At one time what is now called the Simonsen Road extended all the way east to Flat Street. The boundary between farms once belonging to two of the Ketchum heirs is still marked by a hedgerow in which the plot is located. It is barely visible from the dead end, and even though it is much closer to Flat Street it is invisible from that direction. Before the road was abandoned it would have been very accessible.

Some old lists call this the Randall cemetery. The late Fred Eggar spent many years trying to convince the town to clear and maintain the plot. The cemetery is in reasonable condition despite years of neglect, but many of the stones have fallen and a few are broken.

Ketchum Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m D ae 9 [months or years?] 11 days [broken child's stone, near Sprague plot]
---- ---- m [Broken marble stone]
---- ---- 1820 [Fieldstone with date scratched in]
---- ---- 1840 [Fe]b 21 1820 [Broken marble stone]
---- ---- m [10 pairs of uninscribed fieldstones]
---- ---- m [21 uninscribed single fieldstones]
---- ---- 1802? [Fieldstone with date scratched in: 1802]
---- ---- m [Base for child's marble stone, matching footstone, no initials]
Boyd Anna [Randall] 1828 Feb 12 D ae 46/11/10; [1st] wife of Robert Boyd [& daughter of John & Elizabeth Randall] [Boyd plot]
Boyd Celina 1828 Jul 24 D ae 25/4/18; daughter of Robert [& Anna] Boyd [Boyd plot]
Boyd Deborah 1834 Aug 4 D ae 53/2/17; [2nd] wife of Robert Boyd [Boyd plot]
Boyd Lemira [Peck] 1846 Apr 16 B1799 Jan 21; died ae 47/2/26 3rd wife of Robert Boyd [& daughter of Abel & Elizabeth Peck] [Boyd plot]
Boyd Merritt 1839 Nov 7 D ae 24/3/22 [son of Robert & Anna Boyd] [Boyd plot]
Boyd Robert 1853 Apr 18 D ae 73/7/6 [son of Ebenezer Boyd] [Boyd plot]
Burtch Anna 1838 Nov 30 D ae 81/6/26; wife of Daniel Burtch
Burtch Daniel 1832 Dec 8 D ae 80/9/2
Clark Achsah Burtch # 1878 Apr 13 B1790; died ae 88/1/1; wife of Amos Clark [on back side of fallen Clark monument]
Curtis Amelia [Boyd] 1829 May 13 D ae 24; wife of Samuel F Curtis [& daughter of Robert & Anna Boyd] [Boyd plot]
Clark Amos # 1837 Nov B1787; died ae 50/5/7; War of 1812 [back side of fallen Clark monument]
Clark Amos W. 1873 Nov 27 D ae 63/6/16; [son of Amos & Achsah Clark] died Hillsdale Mich. [Clark monument]
Cushman Consider # 1818 Dec 10 Born at Duxbury, Mass.; died Benton; father of Matilda Ketchum [estate inventory]
Dains Polly m B1817 Apr 10; wife of Richmond Dains
Dains Richmond 1880 Jan 29 B1812 Dec 23
Ganung Esther [Randall] 1829 May 30 D ae 57/6/23; wife of John H. Ganung [& daughter of John & Elizabeth Buckbee Randall] [Ganung plot]
Ganung John H. # 1830 B1769 [probably actually buried inOntario Co.]
Ganung Lewis 1830 Apr 21 D ae 25/2/21; son of John H. & Esther Ganung [Ganung plot]
Ganung Lovisa 1831 Apr 23 D ae 27/10/23; daughter of John H. & Esther Canung [Ganung plot]
K[etchum?] D--- m [Footstone in Jonathan Ketchum plot]
Ketchum George R. # 1896 Sep 2 D ae 72 son of Joseph & Mary Randall Ketchum [town record]
Ketchum Harriet 1815 Jul 20 D ae 1/3/13 [Joseph Ketchum monument]
Ketchum Jane 1843 Jan 1 D ae 26/3/6 [Joseph Ketchum Monument]
Ketchum John L. 1825 Apr 22 D ae 6/7/2 [Joseph Ketchum monument]
Ketchum Jonathan 1857 Nov 8 D ae 68/8 [son of Locey & Susannah Scofield Ketchum] [broken stone] [Jonathan Ketchum plot]
Ketchum Joseph 1860 Jan 13 D ae 69/2/28 [son of Locey & Susannah Ketchum] [Joseph Ketchum monument]
Ketchum Madison 1828 Sep 13 D ae [11]/18 days [Joseph Ketchum Monument]
Ketchum Mary Ann 1828 Sep 27 D ae 11/11/27 [Joseph Ketchum monument]
Ketchum [Matilda Cushman] 1872 --n 6 [B1789] wife of Jonathan Ketchum [& daughter of Consider Cushman] [broken stone] [Jonathan Ketchum plot]
Ketchum Mercy # 1875 Apr 2 D ae 75 in Benton; born Putnam Co., NY [mortality schedule]
Ketchum Norman 1857 Jan 13 D ae 36/5/7 [son of Joseph & Mercy Ketchum] [plot with Joseph Ketchum monument]
Ketchum Oliver J. 1861 Feb 13 D ae 28/4/26 [son of Joseph & Mercy Ketchum] [plot with Joseph Ketchum monument]
L--- D--- m [Fieldstones scratched with initials D.L.; two of them, not close together]
Lovejoy Charles Madison 1839 Aug 21 Son of Isaac & Rachel Lovejoy [child's stone; broken]
McIntyre Daniel Jr. m D ae 1 day; son of ---- & ---- McIntyre [broken stone adjacent to Daniel & Anna Burtch]
Moon John W. 1838 Sep 3 D ae 47/--/--
Peck Abel 1859 Aug 11 D ae 83 [Peck plot]
Peck Eliza 1854 Mar 16 D ae 39; daughter of Abel & Elizabeth Peck [Peck plot]
Peck Elizabeth [Randall] 1856 Apr 26 D ae 80 wife of Abel Peck [& daughter of John & Elizabeth Randall] [Peck plot]
Randall John # 1813 Oct 16 [Estate inventory]
Sprague Arabella 1838 Sep 6 D ae 3/10; daughter of Eli & Bethiah Sprague [Sprague plot]
Sprague Jeremiah 1837 Aug 22 D ae 64/3/3 [Sprague plot]
Sprague Mary E. 1832 Aug 14 D ae 5 months 18 days; daughter of J. & Priscilla Sprague [Sprague plot]
Sprague Mercy 1835 Jun 29 D ae 57/1/27 wife of Jeremiah Sprague [Sprague plot]
[Spra]gue [Me]rcy Jane 1843 D ae ?/?/3; only daughter of [Jeremi]ah & [Prisc]ilIa [Spra]gue (broken stone]
Sprague Oliver 1830 Aug 22 D ae 3 months; son of J. & Priscilla Sprague [Sprague plot]
Sprague Oliver, Rev. 1858 Jul 31 D ae 39/5/2 [Sprague plot]
St. John Mary # 1823 B1778; wife of Moses St. John
St. John Moses # 1841 B1776
Taylor Elizabeth [Thompson] 1840 Mar 2 D ae 81?; wife of James Taylor [broken stone]
Taylor James 1832 Jan 8 B1752 Nov 7; Revolutionary War: 2nd Regt., Ulster Co. Militia [bronze marker]; [broken stone: died ae 82]
Tow[nsend] Joh[n] R. [1825] Dec 20 D ae 41 (broken slate stone]

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