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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Kashong Cemetery: Notes

Kashong cemetery In this old burying ground was interred the body of the Cayuga chief Tesmoines, whose daughters married the Montreal traders Dominic DeBartzsch and Joseph Poudre. These two men received land grants from New York state on behalf of their wives, and were the successors to the inhabitants of the Seneca village of Kashong (the much-simplified "Anglo" spelling of the place name), destroyed by Sullivan's men in 1779.

They were still here in 1787 when scouts sent out by the Universal Friend found them and were persuaded to bring their fellows to the Seneca Lake country, thus founding the first permanent white settlement in western New York.

The traders' house, and the much larger structure built in 1795 by Benjamin Barton, still stand on the north side of the old road. Another owner of the Kashong farm, the late Benton historian Fred Powers, wrote that he saw Tesmoines' body with a silver cross around his neck during an archaeological dig at the burial site. Cleveland mentions the burials of several white settlers here as well. Nowadays there is no trace of any stone or other evidence of burial here, though the state has erected an historical marker nearby, along Route 14.



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