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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Cole Cemetery: Notes

Cole cemetery This is the family burial ground of Matthew Cole. It is on private property and unmain­tained. It is in a clump of trees in the middle of a large open field and clearly visible from the road, though perhaps 100 yards east of it.

Like many small family plots, this one was called on earlier lists after the name of the people who owned the farm. It has been referred to as the Arnold, Hugh Porter and Stewart farm cemetery, depending on when the list was made.


Cole Cemetery: Burials

Cole Martha [Whitehead Gregory] 1841 Mar 2 D ae 74/8/12; wife of Mathew Cole
Cole Mathew 1841 May 16 D ae 65/6/29
Lewis Anthony H.
[Born about 1790] War of 1812: U.S. soldier
Lewis Mary A. 1833 May 11 D ae 1 month 27 days; daughter of Anthony H. & Polly Lewis
Lewis Mary C. 1860 Dec 13 D ae 24/1/5; daughter of A[nthony] H. & Polly Lewis
Lewis Polly [Cole] 1857 Nov 12 D ae 59/11/19; wife of A[nthony] H. Lewis [& daughter of Matthew & Martha Cole]
Twitchell Edward E. 1858 Mar 2 D ae 3 months 27 days; son of William L. & L[ydia] P. Twitchell

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