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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Benton Rural Cemetery: Notes

Benton Rural cemetery

Benton Rural Cemetery is owned and beautifully maintained by an association whose records begin early in the 20th century. These were used to correct and augment this listing and are denoted thus: [reg: ] followed by whatever the burial register could add to the information on the gravestone.

The cemetery is a large one, with the oldest burials up front near the road. The Yates County Chronicle of 14 February 1923 states that early records of burials at Benton Center were found if among old papers belonging to the late Robert Edmonds." These burials were transcribed and are included here.

The cemetery was originally on the property of Levi Benton, after whom the town was named. Almost all the remaining old gravestones are legible, but a few have fallen and broken, others are being overgrown by the grass. No doubt many of the very earliest have disappeared over the two centuries the place has been in use. All known earlier readings have been used to correct this one.

This cemetery, like all those for which written burial records were used, reveals a great many unmarked graves. No attempt was made to determine whether persons whose dates of death have not been carved on their stones are actually deceased; as in all active cemeteries, there will be many cases where they are not.

The cemetery is now known by the name of the association that owns it, but in earlier times it was often called the Benton Center Cemetery after the hamlet a short distance to the west.


Benton Rural Cemetery: Burials

---- ---- m [Fieldstone, no inscription]
---- ---- m [Large fieldstone, no inscription]
---- ---- m [Slate headstone, no inscription]
---- ---- m [Small fieldstone, no inscription]
---- ---- # 1801 about Died a young man, a relative of Jonathan Pearce
---- ---- 18?? Dec D ae 1/4/21 [stone cut down for Ichabod Buel's footstone]
---- Ernest 1902 B1895 [adjacent to Mallory monument]
---- Freddie m D ae 3 months & 3 days; "Our Darling Baby"
---- Roland 1898 B1897 [adjacent to Mallory monument]
----William m [Stone partially buried; near Mariners]
Adams Jerome J. 1979 Feb 16 B1919 May 27; WWII: sgt., U.S. Army
Adams Ruth B. m B1921; wife of Jerome J. Adams
Allington George 1932 B1856 [Dean plot]
Allington Kittie Dean 1926 B1854 [Dean plot]
Andersen Albert 1952 B1875 [Andersen/Wright monument]
Andersen Andrew 1965 B1881 [Andersen/Wright monument]
Andersen August 1919 B1843 [Andersen/Wright monument]
Andersen Chris 1937 B1885
Andersen Martine 1933 B1847; wife of  August Andersen [Andersen/Wright monument]
Andersen Mathilda 1952 B1884; wife of  Chris Andersen
Anderson Ellen 1981 B1903
Anderson Glen A. 1987 B1902
Anderson Glenn A. III 1966 Aug 30 [Martin Anderson monument]
Anderson Martin A[ntonius] 1922 B1861 [Martin Anderson monument]
Anderson Petrea M[ary] 1937 B1865; wife of  Martin Anderson [Martin Anderson monument]
Andrews Eliza 1877 Jan 23 D ae 61/10/10; wife of  James Andrews
Andrews Ida E. 1870 Aug 24 B1870 Apr 8 [daughter of Richard & Vesta Andrews] [Andrews monument]
Andrews James 1877 May 30 D ae 64
Andrews Richard 1896 Apr 7 B1844 Feb 12; Civil War: Co. E, 11th Pa. Cav. [Andrews monument]
Andrews Vesta A. Norton 1893 Feb 3 B1844 Apr 26; wife of  Richard Andrews [Andrews monument]
Armstrong Charlie 1873 Dec 10 D ae 4/11/19 [Armstrong monument]
Armstrong David 1879 Jan 9 D ae 60 [Armstrong monument]
Armstrong Emma Reynolds 1881 Mar 22 D ae 57;  wife of  David Armstrong [Armstrong monument]
Armstrong George W. 1931 B1875 [next to Armstrong monument]
Armstrong M. Edith 1895 Jun 23 D ae 47 [Armstrong monument]
Arnold George B. m [Arnold monument]
Arnold Israel 1839 Nov 7 B1785 Oct 25 in Warwick, R.I.; died in Potter, NY, ae 54 [Arnold monument]
Arnold Israel C. 1888 Apr 13 B1843 Aug 6 [Arnold monument]
Arnold Israel H. 1881 May 25 B1816 Dec 3 [Arnold monument]
Arnold John C. 1865 Jan 9 B1845 Sep 18, son of I. H. & S. A. Arnold [Arnold monument]
Arnold Mary Lloyd 1890 Nov 2 D ae 37; wife of George B. Arnold [Arnold monument]
Arnold Penelope Brown 1834 Nov 24 B1793 Nov 22 in Benton, NY; died in Potter, NY, ae 41; wife of Israel Arnold [Arnold monument]
Arnold Sally Earle 1839 Feb 8 B1832 Dec 30 in Potter; died in Potter, ae 6 [daughter of  Israel H. & Susan A. Arnold] [Arnold monument]
Arnold Susan A. Cleaveland 1861 Feb 28 B1816 Dec 16;  wife of  Israel H. Arnold [Arnold monument]
B---- A---­ m [Footstone]
B---- J---- 1813 [Etched fieldstone, initials and date only]
Baker Della S. 1916 B1847 [wife of  Henry G. Baker]
Baker Henry C. m B1847
Baley Earl W[illiam] 1958 B1882
Ball James S. 1909 B1831 [Ball/Guthrie monument]
Ball Jane J. [Mills] 1894 B1834; wife of James S. Ball [Ball/Guthrie monument]
Barber Addison G. 1891 May 2 B1820 Jun 24 [Barber/Coons monument]
Barber Cornelia Demund 1904 Mar 2 B1816 Dec 23; wife of Addison G. Barber [Barber/Coons monument]
Barber G[eorge] M., MD 1888 Sep 4 B1840 May 10
Barber Mary J. Haines 1904 Feb 29 B1843 Dee 17; wife of G. M. Barber, MD
Barden Elmira Southerland 1863 Mar 1 B1817 Apr 3; wife of George R. Barden [Barden/Pangborne monument]
Barden Florence Clarke m B1903
Barden George Bryce m B1907
Barden George Llewellyn 1966 B1881
Barden George R. 1899 Mar 30 B1812 Aug 17 [Barden/Pangborne monument]
Barden Grace Lown 1964 Jun 9 B1888 Jan 21 [wife of Harold Barden] [Lown monument]
Barden Harold H. 1985 B1889
Barden Harriet R. 1965 B1917 [wife of John K. Barden]
Barden Jane Wilkinson 1902 Oct 15 B1829 May 16; [2d] wife of George R. Barden [Barden/Pangborne monument]
Barden [Jane] Jennie E[liza] 1947 Jun 20 B1853 Jan 12; wife of Llewellyn J. Barden [Barden/Pangborne monument]
Barden John Kingsley 1980 Dec 22 B1914 Apr 11; WWII: lieut., U.S. Army
Barden Llewellyn J. 1938 Jul 12 B1853 Apr 15 [Barden/Pangborne monument]
Barden Luella B. m B1905
Barden Marguerite Risley  1962 B1881; wife of George Llewellyn Barden
Barden Martha Johnson m B1906; wife of George Bryce Barden
Barden Ruth M. Gage 1860 Jun 24 B1832 May 7; wife of T. C. Barden [Gage monument]
Barringer Catharine 1896 Dec 13 B1804 Mar 17; wife of William Barringer [Barringer monument]
Barringer Elias 1905 Mar 28 B1830 Jun 30
Barringer Hannah   1911 Jun 3 B1837 Apr 15; wife of Elias Barringer
Barringer Harrison 1839 Oct 30 B1836 Nov 3; son of William & Catharine Barringer [Barringer monument]
Barringer infant m D ae ?/9/?; son of Elias & Hannah Barringer
Barringer Mary Jane # 1923 [Reg: died ae 81 in Gorham, buried 27 Jul]
Barringer Seilem 1853 Nov 15 B1842 Jun 22; child of William & Catharine Barringer [Barringer monument]
Barringer William 1888 Jul 27 B1805 Mar 26 [Barringer monument]
Bates Linus 1878 Nov 29 B1792 Aug 20 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Ct.; died ae 86/6 [Linus Bates monument]
Bates Lydia Ann 1844 Mar 13 D ae 19/4; daughter of Linus & Wealthy Bates [Linus Bates monument]
Bates Mattie A. 1858 B1858 [Solomon Bates monument]
Bates Patience E. 1883 Apr 20 B1833 Apr 3; wife of Solomon Bates [Solomon Bates monument]
Bates Sarah A. 1875 B1875 [Solomon Bates monument]
Bates Solomon P. 1901 Mar 15 B1829 Dec 23 [Solomon Bates monument]
Bates Wealthy [Pettit] 1878 Dec 2 B1797 May 25 in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Ct.; wife of Linus Bates; died ae 81/6 [daughter of Solomon & Lovina Pettit] [Linus Bates monument]
Baxter Henrietta Florine Smalley # 1884 Nov 23 D ae 30/9; daughter of Cyrenus & Louisa A. Lewis Smalley [town record]
Baxter Purlina Downs # 1898 Jun 4 ae 76/8/27; daughter of Morris & Sarah Davis Downs [town record]
Baxter Thomas # 1923 [Reg: died ae 68 in Benton; buried 8 Jul]
Bayard ---- # m From Sharpsburg Md., died in Benton; wife of Aaron Bayard
Bayard Aaron # 1800 about From Sharpsburg Md., died in Benton
Beardsley Albert M. 1955 B1877
Beardsley Bertha M. 1952 B1871; wife of Albert M. Beardsley
Becker Alfred D. 1950 B1887 [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker Alfred S. 1900 B1838 [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker Anna Durry 1938 B1858 [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker Aurilla M. 1868 [Jan 2] D ae 53/7/2; wife of William Becker
Becker Caroline L. 1958 B1888; wife of Ralph C. Becker [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker Catherine L. Best 1881 B1840;  wife of  Alfred S. Becker [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker David L. 1875 Sep 15 D ae 66/7/25 [Becker monument]
Becker Edward L. 1895 [Mar 17] B1873; son of Alfred & Catharine Becker [died in PY ae 23/1/25] [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker Emily W. 1912 Mar 29 B1841 Oct 3; wife of  Walter W. Becker
Becker Franklin D. 1862 Sep 17 D ae 17/2/2; son of David Becker; Civil War: 148th NY [Becker monument]
Becker James W. 186? D ae 4 months; son of W. W. & E. W. Becker
Becker Ralph C. 1951 Feb 10 B1891 Mar 31; WWI: Pa., capt., 326 Inf 82 Div [Alfred Becker monument]
Becker Ruth A. 1862 Sep 29 D ae 51/11/2;  wife of  David Becker [Becker monument]
Becker Walter W. 1913 Feb 18 B1836 Sep 26; Civil War: Co. I, 148th NY Regt.
Becker William 1882 Nov D ae 69
Bennett Anna M. 1929 B1855 [Bennett plot]
Bennett Carrie F. 1965 B1878 [Bennett plot]
Bennett Lee 1907 Jul 2 B1880 Nov 1 [Bennett plot]
Bennett Myron G. m [Bennett plot]
Bennett Norman N. # 1884 Aug 12 D ae 71; son of David J. Bennett [town record]
Best Lydia Cornell 1901 B1828; wife of  William Best [Best/Cornell monument]
Best William 1881 Apr 29 D ae 68/6/4 [Best/Cornell monument]
Bishop Clarence 1875 [Feb 15] B1874; son of Thomas & Susan Bishop
Bishop Fannie W. 1962 B1879
Bishop Jennie E. 1938 B1873
Bishop Lenora M. 1963 B1901 [wife of  Stuart Bishop Sr.]
Bishop P. Richard 1985 Mar 30 B1930 Jan 8; Korean War: U.S. Army
Bishop Stuart Sr. 1972 B1892
Bishop Susan 1922 B1849; wife of  Thomas W. Bishop
Bishop Thomas W. 1927 B1846
Bishop Wilma J. m B1931 Jun 21; wife of P. Richard Bishop
Blake John 1845 Jan 12 D ae 52/9/22
Blankenberg Helen Louise # 1921 [Reg: died ae 3 days in Manchester; buried  5 Nov]
Blankenberg John 1966 B1890 [funeral marker]
Blankenberg Mary 1967 B1890; wife of John Blankenburg [funeral marker]
Bliss Albert G. 1942 B1894 [Bliss monument]
Bliss Albert Henry 1951 Mar 19 B1927 Jan 2; WWII: NY, Y3, USNR
Bliss Alfred N. 1976 B1926; buried at Greensboro N.C. [Bliss monument]
Bliss Carlton G. 1946 B1938
Bliss Edna C. 1983 B1898 [Bliss monument]
Bliss Missouri G. 1942 B1941 [Bliss monument]
Bliss Paul W. 1964 B1934
Blood Eva 1904 B1901
Blood H. Eugene 1924 B1858
Blood Jennie S. 1958 B1860 wife of H. Eugene Blood
Bloss Alma D. 1972 B1887 [Hyatt/Dean monument]
Bloss John # 1887 May 8 D ae 17/6; son of John & Sophia Eagle Bloss [town record]
Bloss Sophia # 1875 Mar 8 D ae 38; born in England [mortality schedule]
Bootes Fenton E. 1956 Feb 11 B1911 Dec 9 [Burton lot]
Bootes Thelma E. Burton m B1913 Nov 20; wife of  Fenton E. Bootes [Burton lot]
Boughton Lewis J. 1972 B1888
Boughton Lillian 1979 B1895; wife of  Lewis J. Boughton
Bradley Hannah 1853 Jan 8 D ae 83/5/25; wife of  Samuel Bradley
Brinson Ivory # 1959 [Reg: died ae 61 in Rochester; buried  4 Jun]
Brinson Liller 1976 B1905; "Mother" [near Blisses]
Brown Anna 1813 Mar 29 D ae 39/8/26; [1st] wife of Daniel Brown
Brown Daniel 1849 Mar 7 B1759 Dec 14; died ae 89/2/23; Revolutionary War: cpl, Vt. Rangers
Brown Helen [R.] Schofield 1975 B1898 [Schofield plot]
Brown Samuel S. 1857 Oct 16 B1791 Jan 23
Brown Sarah 1854 Apr 1 [B1774] died ae 80/2/24; 2d wife of Daniel Brown
Buel Cyrus 1835 Nov 13 D ae 70; Revolutionary War: NY Levies [son of Samuel Buel Sr.]
Buel Ichabod 1851 May 8 [B1772 Jul 10; son of Samuel Buel Sr.]
Buel Jane A. [Mariner] 1881 Nov 29 B1806 Jan 4; wife of Samuel Buel
Buel Phoebe Butler # m B1782; wife of Ichabod Buel
Buel Samuel 1809 Sep 26 D ae 69; Revolutionary War: capt., NY Militia
Buel Samuel 1883 Nov 10 B1800 Nov 30 [son of Ichabod & Phoebe Buel]
Burke Jennette McAlpine m B1909; wife of  John James Burke
Burke John James 1986 B1904
Burton Charles M. 1916 B1857 [Burton monument]
Burton Ethel M. 1959 B1872; wife of  Harry S. Burton
Burton Frances A. 1920 B1900; daughter of Harry & Ethel Burton
Burton Harriet C. 1913 B1887; wife of  William O. Burton [Burton monument]
Burton Harry S[eward] 1951 B1872
Burton Louise L. [1944] B1859; wife of  Charles Burton [Burton monument]
Burton Mary Elizabeth 1884 B1881; daughter of Charles & Louise Burton [Burton monument]
Burton William O. 1912 B1832 [Burton monument]
Bush Fred J. 1942 B1876
Bush Juliana 1903 B1828; wife of  Peter Bush [Bush/ Cogan monument]
Bush Lacy V. 1934 Mar 17 B1847 Apr 1 [Bush monument]
Bush Peter 1913 B1826 [Bush/Cogan monument]
Bush Susan H. 1918 Dec 23 B1847 May 14; wife of  Lacy V. Bush [Bush monument]
Bushnell David 1881 Mar 19 D ae 72
Bushnell Flora 1902 Apr 13 B1818; wife of David Bushnell [d ae 84/1/3, daughter of Theron & Sally Wheeler Squires]
C--- J--- L---­ m [Footstone]
C--- M---­ m [Footstone]
Caldwell Alice 1903 B1876
Calhoon Ethel M. # 1959 [Reg: died ae 76 in PY; buried  1 Aug]
Carey Mildred L. # 1969 [Reg: died ae 58 in PY; buried  Sep]
Carlsen baby # 1972 [Reg: died in PY; buried  23 Jul]
Carlsen Barbara [Coons] [1982] B1931; wife of  Victor Carlsen [Victor Carlsen monument]
Carlsen Carrie N. 1974 B1888; wife of  Walter Carlsen
Carlsen Christian H. 1945 Jan 19 B1916 Jun 1; WWII: NY, rec. 4, U.S. Army [Carlsen/Pederson plot]
Carlsen Henry S. 1960 B1908
Carlsen Jean Arlean 1966 B1962; "Our Baby" [Victor Carlsen monument]
Carlsen L. Walter 1961 B1880
Carlsen May Elsie 1910 Sep 28 B1910 May 1
Carlsen Peter C. 1975 B1884; "Father" [Carlsen/Pederson plot]
Carlsen Victor m B1919 [Victor Carlsen monument]
Carlsen Yuliane 1979 B1885; wife of  Peter Carlsen; "Mother" [Carlsen/Pederson plot]
Carlson Eliza K. 1921 B1914
Carlson Jens K. M. 1934 B1913
Carroll Harriet [J.] 1855 Sep 11 D ae 21
Cavanaugh Helen Sowers # 1889 Jun 13 D ae 45/1/6; daughter of Ralph & Amanda Ramdell Sowers [town record]
Chaffee Meta A. 1974 Aug 25 B1888 Nov 9 [Hyatt plot]
Chambers Ida M. # 1952 [Reg: died ae 71 in PY; buried 8 May]
Chapman Alson C. 1889 Jul 31 B1850 Sep 12
Chapman Eula 1883 B1882; daughter of Russell Y. Chapman [Chapman monument]
Chapman Fanny T. # 1892 Nov 12 D ae 73/6/7; daughter of Russel & Anna Buell Young [town record]
Chapman Frances J. Scofield 1931 B1859; wife of Russell Y. Chapman [Chapman monument]
Chapman Henry O. 1849 Apr 28 D ae 1/3/28; son of H. & Fanny T. Chapman
Chapman Lena M[ary] 1883 Sep 10 B1877 Aug 30; daughter of Alson C. Chapman
Chapman Lara L. 1881 B1881; daughter of Russell Y. Chapman [Chapman monument]
Chapman Russell Y. 1932 B1852 [Chapman monument]
Chapman Samuel H. # 1885 Apr 16 D ae 70/2/4; son of Calvin Chapman [town record]
Chilvers Amelia m B1865 [Chilvers monument]
Chilvers Donald H. 1895 B1895 [Chilvers monument]
Chilvers Ernest 1881 B1867 [Chilvers monument]
Chilvers Horace E. m B1869 [actually buried and also recorded at Bellona Cemetery] [Chilvers monument]
Chilvers John 1891 B1822 [Chilvers monument]
Chilvers Lillian L. 1927 B1869; wife of Horace E. Chilvers [Chilvers monument]
Chilvers Martha J. 1873 [May 3] B1834 [Chilvers monument]
Chissom John # 1793 summer D ae 2 or 3 of scarlet fever; son of Robert & Susannah Wheeler Chissom; buried adjacent to Wheeler children
Chissom Robert # 1806 Jun 16 m
Christensen Ane Marie 1948 B1857 [Christensen plot]
Christensen Catherine C. Jensen 1989 B1898 [Christensen plot]
Christensen Ida M. 1962 B1894; wife of Laurence Christensen
Christensen Jeanette m B1932; wife of Ronald F. Christensen
Christensen Lars C. 1950 B1868
Christensen Laurence 1965 B1886
Christensen Marie 1947 B1873; wife of Lars C. Christensen
Christensen Peter 1939 B1861 [Christensen plot]
Christensen Ronald F. 1978 B1931
Chrysler Alphonso O[rlando] 1919 B1869
Chrysler Carrie M. [Peck] 1969 B1887; wife of Menzo W. Chrysler [Chrysler/Peck plot]
Chrysler Diana [A.] 1919 Jul 3 D ae 76; wife of Stephen B. Chrysler
Chrysler Mary E. Fires # 1896 Nov 18 D ae 63; daughter of James & Sarah Fires [town record]
Chrysler Menzo W. 1968 B1883 [Chrysler/Peck plot]
Chrysler Sarah E. Tears # 1892 Mar 29 D ae 21/5/19; daughter of Daniel & Mary E. Moon Tears [town record]
Chrysler Stephen B. 1919 May 3 D ae 78; Civil War: Co D., 148th NY
Chrysler Thomas J. # 1918 [Reg: died ae 79 in Geneva; buried 11 Sep]
Clark Arthur W[illiam] 1950 B1879
Clark Mary Jane [1831] Daughter of Ezekiel & Polly Clark
Clark Muriel [Swayze] 1984 B1888; wife of Arthur Clark
Cleaveland Charles D. # 1896 Apr 21 D ae 78/11/29 in PY; son of John L. & Sabra Cole Cleaveland [town record]
Cleaveland Emily 1825 Jan 18 D ae 1/7/13; daughter of John L. & Sabra Cleaveland
Cleaveland G. W. m Civil War: Co. K., 3rd NY [next to Arnold monument]
Cleaveland John L. Dr. 1876 Sep 7 D ae 81
Cleaveland Margaret 1821 May 24 D ae 4 months 27 days; daughter of John L. & Sabra Cleaveland
Cleaveland Sabra [Cole] 1855 [Apr] 6 D ae 58/6/16; wife of Dr. John L. Cleaveland [& daughter of Ezra Cole]
Cody Alverton J. 1890 Aug 9 D ae 31 [Cody monument]
Cody Jennie A. 1894 Jun 1 B1860 Jun 22; wife of Alverton J. Cody [Cody monument]
Cody Mary S. 1972 B1885; wife of Stuart Cody [Cody monument]
Cody Stuart A. 1959 B1887 [Cody monument]
Cogan Alice A[nn] [1942] B1856; wife of Charles Cogan [Bush/Cogan monument]
Cogan Charles W. 1932 B1854 [Bush/Cogan monument]
Cole Caroline 1845 Aug 1 D ae 34/1/14; daughter of N. P. & S. H. Cole
Cole Elisha W. # 1893 Sep 15 D ae 84 PY; son of Nathan P. & Sarah Woodworth Cole [town record]
Cole Ezra 1821 Apr 30 B 1751 May 7; died ae 69/11/23; Revolutionary War: Col. Waterbury's Ct. Regt.
Cole Nathan P. 1852 Jun 1 B1782 Mar 4
Cole Sally m [Rest of carving is obliterated]
Cole Sally [Sprague] 1836 Mar 22 D ae 46; [1st] wife of Asa Cole
Cole Samuel # 1897 Nov 9 D ae 75; [son of Ezra M. & Anna Cole] [town record]
Cole Sarah H. [Woodworth] 1844 Sep 28 D ae 61/2/12; wife of Nathan P. Cole [& daughter of Elisha Woodworth]
Collin Frank M. 1944 Jan 1 B1859 Sep 17 [Collin monument]
Collin Frank M. Jr. 1906 Jun 27 B1906 Jan 21 [Collin monument]
Collin George 1887 Jul 8 B1854 Feb 3 [Collin monument]
Collin George F. 1957 B1892
Collin Henry 1835 Oct 8 B1792 Mar 15 [Collin monument]
Collin Henry Clark 1904 Mar 26 B1818 Sep 2 [Collin monument]
Collin Madeleine P. m B1895; wife of  George F. Collin
Collin Margaret E[lizabeth] 1940 Feb 25 B1880 Mar 1 [Collin monument]
Collin Maria Park 1904 Feb 10 B1820 Mar 13; wife of  Henry Clark Collin [Collin monument]
Collin Nancy 1882 Aug 4 B1793 Aug 7; wife of  Henry Collin [Collin monument]
Conklin Chad Michael 1982 Apr 29 Infant son
Coons James H. 1889 Jan 24 B1840 Nov 3; Civil War: Co. B, 148th NY [Barber/Coons monument]
Coons Lee D. # 1939 [Reg: 67 in Benton; buried 10 May]
Coons Minnie # 1925 [Reg: died ae 74 in PY; buried  22 Jul]
Cooper Elsie E. 1947 B1879; wife of  Walter G. Cooper
Cooper Walter G. 1940 B1876
Cornell Philip 1916 B1830; Civil War: Co. B., 24th Mich. [Best/Cornell monument]
Cornwell John B. # 1849 Sep D ae 18 [mortality schedule]
Costello Mary E. Lloyd 1920 B1859; wife of Timothy Costello [& daughter of  Martha & Charles LIoyd] [Lloyd/Holmes monument]
Costello Timothy [1936 Jun 22] B1857 [Lloyd/Holmes monument]
Coveney Clara A. Pool 1918 B1873; wife of  Henry Coveney [John Pool monument]
Covey George F[ullerton] 1930 B1887
Crane Catharine Chissom 1872 Feb 2 B1793 Sep 29; wife of  Horatio Crane & daughter of Robert Chissom; died ae 78/4; "Was the first child born in what is now PY" [Crane monument]
Crane Daniel 1813 Apr 2 B 1756 May 15; died ae 56; Revolutionary War: 2d Co., 3d Regt Ct. Troops [Crane monument]
Crane Dorcas E. Wheeler 1877 May 13 D ae 46/3; wife of Wemple H. Crane & daughter of George S. & Elizabeth Wheeler [Crane monument]
Crane Hamilton 1816 Oct 30 D ae 2/7; son of Horatio & Catherine Crane [Crane monument]
Crane Horatio 1867 Jun 18 D ae 81/3 [Crane monument]
Crane Sylvia 1808 D ae 47; wife of  Daniel Crane [Crane monument]
Crane Wemple H., MD 1884 Dec 30 B1824 Jun 29, son of Horatio & Catherine Crane; died ae 60/6 [Crane monument]
Croller Floyd L. 1953 B1875 [Wright/Croller monument]
Croller Mabel E. 1960 B1875 [Wright/Croller monument]
Crosier Elizabeth 1822 Feb 20 B1821 Dec 12, daughter of Adam & Amy Crozier [Crozier monument]
Crozier ­---- 1850 Dec 25 Son of D. S. & D. W. Crozier [Crozier monument]
Crozier Adam 1874 Mar 8 B1797 Jun 24 [Crozier monument]
Crozier Amy Southerland 1872 Feb 10 B1805 Mar 5; wife of  Adam Crozier [Crozier monument]
Crozier David S. 1893 Jul 1 B1828 Jul 28 [Crozier monument]
Crozier Dolly Witter 1912 Feb 11 B1826 Jul14; wife of  David S. Crozier [Crozier monument]
Crozier Emma Armstrong 1878 May 1 D ae 21; wife of  Frank W. Crozier [Armstrong monument]
Crozier Fannie H. 1875 Jul 29 B1837 Oct 15; wife of  George Crozier [Crozier onument]
Crozier Frank W. 1887 Jan 29 B1857 Jan 6 [Crozier monument]
Crozier George E. 1896 Aug 24 B1833 Sep 4 [Crozier monument]
Crozier John W. 1825 Aug 23 B1824 Oct 23; son of Adam & Amy Crozier [Crozier monument]
Crozier Satie [Sarah A.] 1885 Dec 19 B1874 Jul 12 [adopted daughter of William Sutton] [Crozier monument]
D--- H?---­ m [Footstone]
D--- P---­ m [Marble footstone]
D--- S­--- m [Footstone]
Davis Anna Belden 1966 B1878
Davis Charles Lee 1943 B1903
Davis Charlie 1980 B1889
Davis Franklin Nye # 1900 Apr 14 D ae 6 months; son of Charles & Anna Belden Davis [town record]
Davis Sarah E. Best 1949 B1851; wife of  Thomas N. Davis
Davis Thomas N. 1935 B1848
Dean Benjamin 1815 Nov 19 D ae 65; Revolutionary War: 2d Regt NY Militia
Dean Charles Z[immerman] 1938 B1867 [Dean plot]
Dean Evelyn Bush 1907 B1831; wife of  Harvey C. Dean [Dean plot]
Dean Harvey C. 1907 B1826 [Dean plot]
Dean Irwin 1901 B1884; son of Mary Dean Hyatt [Hyatt/Dean monument]
Dean Martha 1821 Jun 9 [B1764] died ae 57; wife of Benjamin Dean
Delano Eujene m D ae 7 months; only son of William H. & ---- Delano [adjacent to Ezekiel & David Holmes plots]
Demund Andrew 1902 Feb 9 B1821 Oct 27
[Dennison?] Mary Deyo 1892 Apr 1 B1808 Oct 12; wife of Samuel Dennison
Dennison Samuel  1893 May 13 B1810 Mar 14
Denton Mary 1839 Dec 4 D ae 7/2/5; daughter of Lewis & Julia Denton
Denton Paulina 1839 Dec 3 D ae 8/10/22; daughter of Lewis & Julia Denton
Depew Bertha Covell 1917 B1848; wife of  Romano Depew [Depew plot]
Depew Edith M. 1947 B1876 [Depew plot]
Depew Romano 1924 B1846 [Depew plot]
Disbrow Samuel #  1857 Oct 10 B1791
Dixon Marie [Louise] Collin Gardner 1962 B1889
Draper Amy C. 1896 Dec 24 D ae 90/3; wife of Friend Draper [Draper monument]
Draper Caroline Mary 1846 Sep 8 D ae 1/11/22; daughter of Friend & Emma [Amy] Draper [Draper monument and own stone]
Draper Friend 1863 Jan 4 D ae 91/1/6 [Draper monument]
Draper Gideon B. 1863 Jan 20 D ae 23/7; son of Friend & Amy Draper [Draper monument]
Duell Edith [V.] 1964 B1893  wife of  William K. Duell
Duell William K. 1957 B1898
Durham James Rev. 1861 Mar 2 D ae 61/7/2
Earl Daniel 1817 Nov 29 D ae 85/4/15
Earl Dorcas 1819 Jul 18 D ae 79; wife of  Daniel Earl
Earl Mary 1835 Aug 30 D ae 4/4/6; daughter of Daniel & ---- Earl [also recorded at Bellona]
Eberly Gertrude 1950 B1871  wife of  James Eberly [Eberly plot]
Eberly James N[oble] 1942 B1868
Eberly Maude I[rene] 1920 B1898 [Eberly plot]
Eberly Paul F.[, Rev.] 1943 B1901
Eberly Peter W[ilson] [1933] B1933 [Eberly plot]
Eberly Ruth F. 1984 B1904; wife of Paul F. Eberly
Edmonds Aaron 1868 May 15 D ae 70 [Edmonds/Sherwood monument]
Edmonds Florence m B1904; wife of Robert Edmonds [Edmunds/Sherwood monument]
Edmonds Harriet 1885 Sep 14 D ae 87; wife of  Aaron Edmonds [Edmunds/Sherwood monument]
Edmonds Robert M. 1980 B1903 [Edmunds/Sherwood monument]
Elling Fred O. 1978 B1892
Elling Helen H. 1989 B1896; wife of Fred O. Elling
Elling Laura 1975 Jul 24 B1873 Feb 5 [Elling plot]
Elling Maria 1911 Jun 13 B1871 Sep 22; wife of  Otto H. Elling [Elling plot]
Elling Oscar J. 1911 Feb 4 B1895 Apr 27 [Elling plot]
Elling Otto H. 1962 Jun 1 B1871 Feb 2 [Elling plot]
Ellis Jemima 1834 Aug 23 D ae 65/10/19; wife of William Ellis
Ellis William 1839 Mar 13 D ae 75
Ellsworth ---- Mrs. # 1794 about Grandmother of George Bennett, died very old
Feagles Byron K. 1864 Feb 19 D ae 18/4/19; Civil War: Co. G, 126th NY; son of Darius & Dillah Feagles
Feagles Darius 1869 Jul 19 D ae 55/10
Feagles Elkanah 1862 May 5 D ae 75
Feagles Henrietta # 1932 [Reg: died ae 86 in PY; buried  10 Dec]
Feagles Rachel 1895 Jan 20 B1819 Jun 16 [wife of Darius Feagles]
Feagles Susan 1861 Feb 23 D ae 64; wife of  Elkanah Feagles
Fenton Gladys Newman 1989 B1910; wife of Warren E. Fenton
Fenton Violet Hayes m B1934 May 16; wife of William C. Fenton
Fenton Warren E. m B1904
Fenton William C. 1990 Jul 27 B1932 Apr 15
Fiero Michael John # 1954 [Reg: died ae 5 months in Seneca Co.; buried  7 Mar] [also recorded at Bellona]
Finch Charles C. m B1885
Finch Florence N. [1961] B1894
Fisher infant # 1890 Mar 24 D ae 2 days, child of Floyd H. & Mary Fisher [town record]
Flint Charles M[ilton] 1927 B1864 [Flint monument]
Flint Henry M[ilton] 1957 B1897 [Slater/Flint plot]
Flint Ida A[ugust] 1960 B1868; wife of  Charles M. Flint [Flint monument]
Flint Nellie M. 1890 B1889 [daughter of  Charles M. Flint] [Flint monument]
Flint Veta S. 1977 B1902; wife of Henry Flint [Slater/Flint plot]
Fox Clifford Ernest 1976 Feb 3 B1914 Mar 15; WWII: U.S. Army
Fox Marjorie E[velyn] 1973 B1920; wife of Clifford Fox
Fullagar George # 1900 Jun 20 D ae 62/3/7; son of Samuel & Sarah Ann Fullagar [town record]
G--- R--- M­--- m [Footstone]
Gage Arthur L. 1865 Jan 11 D ae 2/4; son of S. B. & Louisa Gage [Gage monument]
Gage Buckbee 1837 Mar 13 D ae 72/7/7
Gage Eleanor Caroline # 1916 [Reg: died ae 68 in Benton; buried  5 Jan]
Gage Erma Edmonds 1877 Oct 31 B1851 Jul 4; wife of S. Granger Gage [Gage monument]
Gage Francis Granger 1837 Apr 6 B1836 Oct 30, infant son of S. G. & Martha Gage [Gage monument]
Gage Ida L. 1863 Mar 24 D ae 8/3; daughter of Samuel B. & Louisa Gage [Gage monument]
Gage John 1813 B1776
Gage Louisa A. [Bennett] 1888 Feb 25 B1833 Nov 28; wife of  S[amuel] B. Gage [& daughter of  Thomas & Cynthia Bennett] [Gage monument]
Gage Martha Cole 1880 Feb 18 B1801 Jan 10; wife of S. G. Gage [daughter of Matthew & Martha Cole] [Gage monument]
Gage Matilda 1820 Aug 25 D ae 5/6/15; daughter of Aaron & Delilah Gage
Gage Moses 1812 Jun 29 B1729 Apr 9; died ae 83/2/18; Revolutionary War: NY Militia
Gage Ruth 1856 Jan 13 B1769 Dec 23  wife of  Buckbee Gage
Gage Samuel B. 1905 Apr 9 B1833 Nov 23 [son of Samuel G. & Martha Cole Gage] [Gage monument]
Gage Samuel G. 1867 Nov 4 D ae 72/6/17 [Gage monument]
Gage Samuel Granger # 1929 [Reg: died ae 76 in Benton; buried  20 Sep]
Gage Sarah [Buckbee] 1813 Feb 2 D ae 86/3/27; wife of Moses Gage
Gage Stella # 1935 [Reg: died ae 74 in PY; buried  25 Jun]
Gardner Hiram Albert # 1917 [Reg: died ae 31 in Benton; buried  19 Dec]
Gardner Irving Scott # 1917 [Reg: died ae 38 in Benton; buried  10 Mar]
Gardner J. B. m [Flat stone in Gardner plot]
Gardner J. R. m [Flat stone in Gardner plot]
Gardner John # 1926 [Reg: died ae 74 in PY; buried  24 Feb]
Gardner L. E. m [Flat stone in Gardner plot]
Gardner Lillian # 1937 [Reg: died ae 78 in Willard; buried  2 Jan]
Gardner Robert E. 1971 B1877 [Gardner plot]
Gilbert Daniel # 1822 May 28 First husband of Emily Patchen; died in Benton [estate inventory]
Gilbert Emeline 1845 B1820; wife of  Rodney Gilbert [McAlpine monument]
Gilbert Robert A. 1983 Mar 4 B1924 Jan 27; WWII: sgt, U.S. Army
Gilbert Ruby C. m B1931; wife of Robert A. Gilbert
Gillett Ariel 1835 Apr 22 D ae 20/3/4; eldest son of Charles & Mary Jillett
Gillett Mary 1839 Feb 19 D ae 46/20 days; wife of  Charles Jillett
Green John 1844 Jan 6 [B1755] died ae 89
Guthrie Edward F. 1937 B1867 [Ball/Guthrie monument]
Guthrie Jane E. 1891 B1890 [Guthrie monument]
Guthrie John A. 1862 B1851 [Guthrie monument]
Guthrie John C. 1851 May 26 D ae 20/3/24; son of Joseph & Rhoda Guthrie
Guthrie Joseph 1861 B1784 [Guthrie monument]
Guthrie Lillian A. [1944] B1866; wife of Edward F. Guthrie [Ball/Guthrie monument]
Guthrie Mary P. 1903 B1807 [Guthrie monument]
Guthrie Oliver P. 1900 B1824 [Guthrie monument]
Guthrie Rhoda 1882 B1802 [Guthrie monument]
Haigh Harmon P. 1882 May 16 D ae 67/4
Haigh Lovina Crandall 1880 Mar 5 D ae 70/9/16; wife of Harmon P. Haigh
Haines Lizzie L. Robbins 1875 Sep 30 D ae 18/4/12; wife of John W. Haines [& daughter of Eber & Elvira Robbins][Lovejoy/Robbins monument]
Hall Ernest [Henry] 1950 B1894 [Hall monument]
Hall Judy # 1950 [Reg: died ae 1 day in PY; buried 5 May]
Hall Lavern [Edwin] 1935 B1932 [Hall monument]
Hall Mary [B.] Cooper 1960 B1908; wife of Ernest Hall [Hall monument]
Ham Henry # 1890 Jun 13 D ae 74 [town record]
Hamm Arthur Breford # 1823 [Reg: died ae 70 in Geneva; buried  27 Oct]
Hamm George Barnes # 1933 [Reg: died in Geneva; buried 18 Jan]
Hanson Hans Paul 1953 Sep 10 B1931 Aug 14; Korean War: NY, Co A., 38th Recon Bn [Hanson monument]
Hanson Marie m B1900 [Hanson monument]
Hanson [Neils] John 1950 B1888 [Hanson monument]
Harris John 1823 Nov 18 D ae 66/1
Haus Sally Ann Carroll # 1894 Sep 1 D ae 77 [town record]
Havens Charles H. 1947 B1867 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens Frances L[ouise] 1945 B1872 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens Frank W. 1859 Feb 22 B1858 Nov 9 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens Georgiana 1936 B1854; wife of  Emmett Havens
Havens Irving E. 1986 B1909
Havens Irving M. 1903 Feb 2 B1890 May 17 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens J. W. H. 1906 Jul 15 B1815 Dec 19 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens Jane C. m [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens Leilar 1989 B1909
Havens Louisa W. 1896 Dec 10 B1825 Dec 20; wife of  J. W. H. Havens [Havens/Hunt monument]
Havens Mary M. 1935 B1854 [Havens/Hunt monument]
[Havens?] Mildred M. 1922 Sep 11 [Havens/Smith monument]
[Havens?] Warren H. 1988 Oct B1921 May 13 [Havens/Smith monument]
Havens [W.] Emmett 1930 B1850
Hilligus Rachel Ann # 1974 [Reg: infant; buried  9 Aug]
Hilton Daniel 1831 May 31 D ae 52/1
Hilton Eli # 1814 Jul 15 Son of William & Ruth Butler Hilton; killed during War of 1812; probably not actually buried  here [estate inventory]
Hilton Elizabeth 1813 May 6 D ae 29; wife of  Daniel Hilton
Hilton Herbert B. # 1911 B1890
Hilton Ruth [Butler] 1826 Nov 6 D ae 73/11/3; wife of William Hilton
Hilton William 1828 Mar 18 B1742 Jul 2 [CT]; Revolutionary War: NY, drummer, Capt. Wendell's Co. [fought at Bunker Hill]
Hollett Charles F. 1840 Sep 22 D ae 8/9/13
Hollett John D. 1840 Son of J. J. & Sophia Hollett
Holliday Samuel # 1859 Dec D ae 69; husband of Nancy Holliday [mortality schedule]
Holmes Alice E. 18?? Jul 21 D ae 3/7/23; daughter of Lewis P. & Helen M. Holmes
Holmes Bradley # 1886 Oct 20 D ae 21/4/23 in PY; son of Lewis P. &. Susan A. Gage Holmes [town record]
Holmes David. 1841 Mar [8] D ae 53/11/3
Holmes Ezekiel B. 1844 Sep D ae 22/9/12
Holmes Harriet E. 1933 B1851; daughter of Norman & Emily Holmes [LIoyd/Holmes monument]
Holmes Helen M. Gage 1858 Feb 9 B1825 Dec 3; wife of  L[ ewis] P. Holmes [& daughter of  Samuel G. & Martha Gage] [Gage monument]
Holmes Henry R. 1849 -?- 3 D ae 6/11; son of Ezekiel B. & Rachel L. Holmes
Holmes Jane Guthrie 1895 B1807 [Guthrie monument]
Holmes Joshua N. # 1887 Apr 23 D ae 74/11/11; son of Joshua & Mary Goff Holmes [town record]
Holmes Lewis B. 1862 Dec 17 D ae 19/7/17; son of Lewis P. & Helen M. Holmes; Civil War: Co. I, 33rd NY
Holmes Mary A. 1869 Jul 23 D ae 5/8/21; daughter of Lewis B. & Susan Holmes
Holmes Norman 1853 Jan 20 B1820 Jul12 [son of Joshua Holmes] [1st husband of Martha E. Stanton] [LIoyd/Holmes onument]
Holmes Rachel L. 1843 [Mar 10] D ae 26/3/5; wife of Ezekiel B. Holmes
Holmes Susan A. # 1884 Jun 30 D ae 56/10/1; daughter of Jesse T. & Mary Hazard Gage [town record]
Hoose Emogene H. 1985 Mar 19 B1907 Jul 3 wife of Lyle H. Hoose
Hoose Lyle H. m B1912 Jun 26
Hudson Ada Irene # 1904 Oct 30 D ae 22 PY; daughter of Robert & Eliza Smith Hudson [town record]
Hudson Earl T. 1964 Jun 25 B1906 Jan 7
Hudson Ethel Ledgerwood m B1908 Nov 1; wife of Earl T Hudson
Hudson Grace Elizabeth 1958 Aug 31 B1948 Dec 20; daughter of Earl T & Ethel Hudson
Hudson infant 1899 [May 6] B1899; "Our Baby" [d ae 17 days, son of James & Mary Hurrin Hudson] [same stone as Mary A. Hudson]
Hudson James R[obert] 1939 B1865; "Father"
Hudson Laura Bloss 1954 B1873
Hudson Mary A. 1957 B1875; wife of  James R Hudson; "Mother"
Hudson Percy G. # 1986 [Reg: died ae 66 in Bath; buried  2 May]
Hughs Michael # 1890 Dec 19 D ae 28; son of Ed & Catherine Hughs [town record]
Hull Polly # 1794 spring D of consumption; wife of Salmon Hull
Humphreys Clara [Bush] 1966 B1889; wife of  Harland Humphreys [Bush monument]
Humphreys Harland 1977 B1896 [Bush monument]
Hunt Eleanor M. 1957 B1913 [Hunt/Turpin monument]
Hunt Ella Butler 1971 Mar 16 B1882 Mar 15 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Hunt George Gordon 1926 Apr 26 B1846 Mar 16 [Havens/Hunt monument]
Hunt Goldie Turpin [1978] B1888 in Va. [Hunt/Turpin monument]
Hunt Henry Ross 1951 B1876 [Hunt/Turpin monument]
Hunt Matilda R. 1928 B1855 wife of  George Gordon Hunt [Havens/Hunt monument]
Hurrin Anna M[ae] 1963 B1887 [Hurrin plot]
Hurrin Arthur 1873 B1871 [Hurrin plot]
Hurrin Arthur L. 1939 B1873
Hurrin Belender 1915 B1845 [Hurrin plot]
Hurrin Charles C. 1959 B1878
Hurrin Edward J. 1938 B1880
Hurrin George 1911 B1845
Hurrin George W. 1955 B1870 [Hurrin/Moon monument]
Hurrin James 1888 B1802 [Hurrin plot]
Hurrin Jennie 1895 B1884 [Hurrin plot]
Hurrin Jennie [Pearl] Palmatier 1941 B1885; wife of  Charles Hurrin
Hurrin Mary A[nn] Nichols 1927 B1847;  wife of  George Hurrin
Hurrin Nettie 1904 B1867;  wife of  George W. Hurrin [Hurrin/Moon monument]
Hurrin Sarah 1877 B1801 [Hurrin plot]
Hurrin Sarah J[ane] 1952 B188; wife of  Edward J. Hurrin
Hurrin William 1919 B1843 [Hurrin plot]
Hyatt Edgar H. 1925 Apr 23 B1864 Sep 21
Hyatt Ethel D. 1924 Sep 4 B1884 Nov 19; wife of  William F. Hyatt
Hyatt Eugene 1922 B1850 [Hyatt/Dean monument]
Hyatt Hannah Scofield 1887 Jan 3 B1815 Sep 22; wife of  Harrison Hyatt
Hyatt Harrison 1892 Apr 2 B1814 Mar 22
Hyatt James 1877 Mar 6 D ae 94
Hyatt Margaret A. 1870 Nov 15 D ae 77; wife of  James Hyatt
Hyatt Mary Dean 1937 B1858; wife of  Eugene Hyatt [Hyatt/Dean monument]
Hyatt Mary J. 1937 Nov 10 B1862 Oct 16
Hyatt William E. 1950 Jul 25 B1886 Jan 11
Jacobsen Alfred M. 1954 Aug 19 B1888 Dec 25; WWI
Jacobson Erma # 1951 [Reg: died ae 62 in Hopewell; buried  11 Apr]
Jacobus [Permelia] Amelia 1891 May 10 D ae 78
Jacobus Charles C. 1855 Sep 25 D ae 18/5/29; son of Henry & Permelia Jacobus
Jacobus Henry 1885 Feb 22 D ae 74; born in N.J.
Jacobus John L. 1854 [Mar 1] D ae 9/9/11; son of Henry & Permelia Jacobus
Jacobus William H. 1854 Apr 6 D ae 9 months 20 days; son of Henry & P. Jacobus
Jennings Clara # 1935 [Reg: died ae 69, Elmira; buried  21 Apr]
Jennings Cynthia Kirkham # 1890 Sep 6 D ae 55/3/1; daughter of Adonijah & Clarissa Murray Kirkham [town record]
Jennings Ralph C. # 1947 [Reg: died ae 60 in Elmira; buried 19 Dec]
Jensen Anna P. m B1889; wife of  Carl B Jensen
Jensen Arthur H. 1982 B1929; Korean War: U.S. Army
Jensen Carl B. 1971 B1909
Jensen Emil 1929 B1897
Jensen Emma m B1897; wife of  John N. Jensen
Jensen Ethel M. 1978 [Dec 22] B1906; wife of  Herbert Jensen
Jensen Hilbert 1962 B1899
Jensen John N. 1972 B1895
Jensen Mabel m B1899; wife of  Emil Jensen
Jenson Justina C. 1949 May 13 B1889 Apr 13; WWI: NY, Army Nurse Corps
Jillett Charles 1848 Apr 8 B1790 Sep 17
Johnson Elizabeth 1832 Mar 3 D ae 25/3/13; wife of  William [G.] Johnson
Johnson Henry 1925 B1844
Johnson John N. 1972 Apr 14 B1895 Oct 21; WWI: cpl., U.S. Army, NY
Johnson [Olive] Augusta 1933 B1844; wife of  Henry Johnson
Jolly John 1885 Feb 7 D ae 87
Jones Carl E. m D ae 5 months; son of E. L. & H. B Jones
Jones Clarence Howard 1979 Jun 8 B1913 Jun 20; WWII: tec5, U.S. Army; "Bucky"
Jones Edmond L. 1945 B1857
Jones H[attie] Belle 1944 B1865; wife of Edmond L. Jones
Jones Jennie Hobart Cody # 1894 Jun 1 D ae 33/10; daughter of Charles H. & Polly Wells Hobart [town record]
Jordan Clarence A. 1976 B1903 [Jordan monument]
Jordan Mabelann 1973 B1934; wife of  Samuel D. Jordan [Jordan monument]
Jordan Samuel D. m B1932; [Jordan monument]

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